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The Multiverse


The Cosmora Archipelago is a sparsely populated, Arid Aschen world that is home to much of the Aschen ship building industry.

The Cosmora Archipelago is an arid world, but is rich in mineral wealth and a rare ore required in the production of Kanvium.

In orbit all around the planet itself are thousands of massive shipyards, designed to construct a wide range of naval assets for the Imperial Aschen Navy, because it is so crucial to the Aschen shipbuilding industries, this world is considered heavily fortified, via a Watchtower-Planck System, as well as an Aegis field defense system.

In addition to these defenses, there are ground and orbital based defensive installations, including Singularity Cannon arrays, ground based missile systems, and orbital Magnetic Acceleration Cannons.

Cosmora's Planck Field extends out to the star systems' Heliopause, forcing any potential invader to approach at Sublight speeds, giving the Defenses time to dial in.
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Cosmora Archipelago

The Cosmora Archipelago is a fairly arid world home to a sparsely populated Aschen Settlement, known for their shipyards.


Cosmora Archipelago is a part of The Aschen Core.

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U-87 Centurion [13] Prototype Aschen Machine soldier, outfitted for combat, standing at 6'6" feet and weighing roughly half a ton.
Sigan [13] Sorcerer lord aligned with the crimson slaughter- truely a greater daemon of tzeentch
Thanatus [6] WIP
United Dark Worlds [4] The politic known as the UDW, thought lost in the destruction of their systems.
March Sighelm [0] What do you need fixed Darlin'? Hmm the darlin thing? Oh I call everyone I fix that.
Aliah [0] Aliah is a neko (cat/human)

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To Raphael’s dismay the Daemon engines he tried to banish, wouldn’t, they were from the materium after all.
Sigan who had been watching on the command deck of his ship that vrosh had taken, would sigh and reach out with his mind linking it with that of the so called crazy man getting in the way and with the full power of the warp rend his soul into nothing, before dragging him into the warp with himself, the two stood on a small peninsula and Sigan watched as the mad man likely healed the damage done. Thrice damned chains burst from the rock tying the man down to the ground and pinning him, with nary a flinch from the space marine. He walked over towards the man and with a piece of burning wood carved the mark of tzeentch into the man’s forehead.

The agony would be nothing to what came next as the chaos god, Tzeentch, took his gift ripping this poor bastard’s already ‘mad’ mind to sunders and feeding off the powers, with a crack of lighting a shadow covered the floating lump of land and what was sigan seemed to be a giant humanoid bird headed and winged creature nearly two stories tall. “If you’ll excuse me fool, i have an empire to usurp” returning back aboard his ship, his connection to the warp.

The fool cut off from his ship and the drones they were quickly dealt with. Vrosh glanced to Sigan before looking out at the ensuing battle, the void shields powering to life and the 20km ship’s hull regenerating from the multitude of daemons bound to it to cut the need for crew by a large margin.

The battle below upon the planet was grueling, and it was a slaughter for both sides. However it was only the lucky shots from the disruptor rifle shots that put down any of the marines while the disruptor fire slaughtered the cultists by the dozens, bolters slaughtering anyone hit by the mass reactive RPGs that were essentially the ammunition of bolters the forgefiends firing balls of ectoplasma, these daemonic energies slaughtering even tanks with each shot.

And the maulerfiends and hellbrutes, armoured monstrosities that they are tearing into the lines followed by depraved maddened possessed space marines, monster’s that had allowed themselves to become one with the daemon. But what was worse, the fear, the unmissable terror on the air, the very presence of the crimson slaughter causing even the most stalwart defender to quake in their boots, with more and more drop pods raining down from the heavens above, and the swarms of heldrakes taking control of the skies the air itself thickened and the ghosts began to form, charging ahead of the advancing Crimson slaughter marine ranks, the ghosts would dive onto and begin stabbing out throats in maddened glee as the crimson slaughter left nothing to survive.

Emplacements were greeted with the rage of orbital bombardment as more and more of the crimson fleet broke away from the fight, by now the Armageddon gun had fully recharged, the ship twisted its way around and aimed for a capital ship, its prow opening but its shields only lowering to ten active.

The escorts that remained began to guard the capital ship as it lined up its shot, as did the two battleships acting as the bodyguards.

One bunch of maddened crew rammed their escort frigate into the ship that had caused a nuisance for the Armageddon and detonated their warpdrive, zealously ripping a warp rift open and dragging their damned selves and the ship into the warp with them. However the warp was relative to the materium, so wherever Raphael was, his ship was elsewhere. Being smashed into some new space hulk.

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Character Portrait: Raphael E. McGregor Character Portrait: Vrosh tattersoul Character Portrait: Sigan Character Portrait: Classis IV Sector Cosmora
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It wasn't so much to his Dismay, as more of a curiosity, and oddly enough he went willingly with Sigan as he pulled him into what seemed to be some kind of strange reality.

It was without his mortal body and the interference of the others in this new plane that he was truly able to stretch his mind.

Sigan would quickly learn there was no mortal soul to flay, and his attempts to rend the soul even with the full power of the warp did little, and Raphael was before Sigan on the peninsula not as a man cowering in fear, but a strange light, radiating feather like tendrils out in every direction.

Thrice damned chains came up, but with no limbs to bind, they seemed to pass right through the strange being that stood before Sigan.

The burning wood was incinerated as Sigan moved it towards the strange being, but something seemed off, the entity before Sigan wasn't interested in Sigan, no it was Tzeentch that it was interested in.

Two omniscient entities, meeting each-other for the first time would write compelling drama. It wouldn't be Tzeentch ripping Raphael's mind asunder and feeding off his power, but the two enveloping one another in a game of mental chess beyond mortal comprehension, infinite dimensions played all at once between Raphael and the Chaos God Tzeentch.

A Curiousity that would keep the ascended being entertained for some time. A millenia? A few hours? Eternity? Only the guiles of Tzeentch and the vast knowledge and understanding of the ascended Raphael could tell. What might have been seconds for them in their game of mental fisticuffs could sunder entire dimensions. While Raphael could not influence the warp alone, neither could the warp corrupt him, leaving him ample time to study these entities and the raw chaotic energies that created them.

Two omniscient beings trying to learn something they didn't know.


Back in Realspace, the Aurora had vanished, with Raphael having left, the ship left as well, slipping out of phase and vanishing to some unknown dimension, leaving the Aschen alone to contend with the Crimson Slaughter once more.

"We need to take out that capital ship if we're going to turn the tide of this battle in our favor." Admiral Grayson called out, as the entire rapid Conversion shuddered from weapons fire impacting it's shields.

Looking to the tactical readout, he checked several holographic icons. The two other Reverence IIs, the Twlight Compunction and the Revenant were both operational, their task groups holding out against the Daemonic fleet that was gunning their way for the planet.

He drew up plans, the two Aschen ships would sandwich the large 20km vessel, with size and firepower slightly erred on the side of the Reverences, being 30km in length, Grayson figured they could sandwich the Armageddon, and pummel it until it succumbed.

He plotted FTL Jumps, the spacial displacement of a jumping ship was theorized to be capable of consuming anything in it's way, as evidenced by chasms being carved out in mountains when a ship's jump was miscalculated near a planet.

The resulting spatial shockwaves would wreak havok on the Armageddon's Void Shields, and Grayson could have two Reverence IIs concentrate all their batteries on one side of the Armageddon.

Two on the side, one on top shelling with Turbodisruptors and Energy Projectors, while redirecting the Aegis Cruisers to envelop the entire formation in an Aegis field, to keep out the incoming fire of a redirected fleet.

"Sir, The cannon fired again, we lost one of our Iconoclast Battleships, and two Hastati cruisers in the firing line." A Lieutenant reported.

Growling; Grayson transmitted the tactical data to the other two Reverence IIs; it was one last ditch effort to turn the tide of the battle.

"Execute battle plan, Jump!" Grayson called out.

All three Reverence IIs immediately winked out from their respective engagements, leaving their task forces to fend against enemy cruisers, and Capital ships, but as quickly as they disappeared, they winked in, danger close within a scant 50 Kilometers from the Armageddon.

Aschen Reverence IIs winked in both on the port and starboard sides of the Armageddon, with the third jumping in above them. The resulting spatial shockwave washed out in every direction, stretching void shielding to it's maximum.

The instant the ships appeared, they began opening fire, with the pair of Reverence IIs opening fire with every weapons battery they had, concentrating everything in a sustained bombardment of the Armageddon's Void Shields. 1,500 massive Dual-Barreled Turbodisruptor banks unleashed their withering firepower, slinging massive bolts of green that struck like a drum against the Armageddon's Void shields.

The fire didn't let up.

Above the Armageddon, the Revenant jumped in, unleashing all seven-hundred fifty Turbodisruptor batteries in a sustained bombardment, on top of all six energy projectors unleashing a steady stream of energy against the void shields, pummeling them with a sustained broadside. It would only be a matter of time before the void shields collapsed on three sides, exposing the hull to massive sustained fire, that did not let up.

"Sir, weapons capacitors are beginning to deplete, we're discharging more than main engineering can replace." The weapons officer reported.

"Keep firing!" Grayson ordered.

With the sustained, concentrated fire of not one, not two, but three 30km long Reverence IIs, it would only be a matter of time before the void shields of the Armageddon gun collapsed, exposing it's hull.

The two Battleships, if they weren't consumed in the spatial distortion of the jumping ships weren't spared either, as every single weapons battery on the quadrant of the ship facing them were concentrated on them, thousands of powerful Turbodisruptor batteries pummeling their void shields without respite.

Nearly a million km away, a quantum plasmid warhead went off, enveloping millions of Helldrakes in what amounted to a supernova, as an Athena cruiser, at full burn collided with a Crimson Slaughter cruiser, detonating it's missile payload in a brilliant explosion.


On the surface, the denizens of the Cosmora Archipelago held strong, despite staggering losses in the face of what was nearly a limitless swarm of Daemons, ghosts, traitors, and cultists.

Entire cities were slowly beginning to fall, but the Aschen defenders held every city block, forcing the Daemonic invasion to earn every block of planet.

A blinding flash, and a mushroom cloud surged upwards, as a nuclear missile detonated in the sky, consuming thousands of Helldrakes in Nuclear fire; while thousands of Stormbringer AA Emplacements locked on, and pummeled anything in the air, though it seemed to make little difference.

Another flash, this time in an area almost totally under Daemonic control; a last ditch effort to cut a hole in the hoardes as a Thalaron warhead detonated, everything within hundreds of kilometers of the flash were instantly petrified as the cascading biogenic pulse attacked organic matter at the molecular level, anything with flesh was destroyed in an instant, even if it only meant that they were replaced by more invaders.

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The thalaron warhead would in its mass destruction would slaughter the millions of culitists wading through, however the warhead likely went off over a front line, the crimson slaughter a slow advancing wall of ceramite power armour and the bestial hulled creatures that made the daemon engines. Leaving blood soaked blocks and ruins in their wake.
However, the blast would not only damage and destroy the cultists but cause damage to many of the flesh and machine constructs that were the damned daemon engines, only the battle brothers of the crimson slaughter who were fully clad in their power armour was protected from the blast.

Those wounded but surviving the blast in some merciless effect from the gods of chaos grew even more rabid, gibbering maniacs dragging their half dead bodies only to be shot down.
As for the soon as it began to take such quantities of firepower its warpdrive flared into life and the ship would ‘blink’ after a four second charge time, resulting in all but four of its void shields two be decimated, with a bright white flash of light, abandoning the two disabled battleships for dead amongst the three aschen fleet command ships and leaving them to fire upon one another. For the briefest of seconds possibly. Its new position 2.5 V.Us away, it was prow facing the two capital ships that had settled beside it. and the remaining void shields dropping to fire the Armageddon gun getting two capital ships for the price of one shot. The blast rippled through space lighting up the void once more.

Overloading the AEGIS shields in six seconds, void shields collapsing in the blink of an eye, and then vaporizing the central mass of both ships, the residual bleed off energies of the beam melting the hulls of the two bodyguard ships, the beam than began to draw upwards towards the final ship, as the Armageddon fired its forward pivoting engines to push the prow towards the third and final Reverence II.

The Husk that had been safely sitting itself under the Armageddon within it’s void shields. would release another pulse of scrapcode enveloping the entirety of the final Reverance II, even if it escaped… it wouldn’t be long before the ship itself delt with the aschen aboard. The two battleship’s, the critical damage they having taken would also cause their warp drives to detonate, ripping open rifts into the warp, the gravitational forces pulling on. shredding anything unprotected as if they were black holes. The husk would extend tendrils spiking them into the hulls of the destroyed ships and drag them through into a rift with it, effectively bored of the battle.

Four other battleships that were within ten VUs would then blink to aid and guard the Armageddon, on all sides. The firing of Nova cannons began once more now that many were reloaded, the shots point blank on Aschen terms and would wipe out millions of lives that of aschen or that of their own, nova shots ripping down shields and then much larger ships ramming the smaller aschen ships alongside full broadside Salvos.

Th armageddon’s shields slowly restored and two of the four new guards, would weaken their own shields, ‘sharing them’ to charge the admiral ship’s shields.
As for the mental tap dance and chess going on in the warp, Tzeentch found it interesting and amusing that such a being existed, though as the Fateweaver, he knew even the plans and plots of all his minions, and now in the presence of a being of the wider multiverse, his power was allowed to bleed forth, watch, but not manipulate, the power of other gods blocking him. No matter, right now, he would learn as much as he could from this Alteran.
And for those crimson slaughter on the ground war they continued even in the midst of heavy losses to weapons of mass destruction, damaged daemon engines getting back up from their wounded state and pressing forward in frenzied rage, however as more crimson slaughter flooded the planet Aschen defences began to be crushed in multiple directions in slow pincer attacks. Those that surrendered in this butchery of war the crimson slaughter out of characteristics for the renegades allowed them to live. Though wounded were left for dead, they weren’t needed.

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The Necron Shroud cruiser sent to the Aschen space soon picked up on the warp storm and moved to examine it.

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The instant the energies required to make the warp jump built up within the Armageddon, the three Reverence II's concentrated even more, but stopped the instant the Armageddon jumped, and then immediately jumping away themselves to pre-determined coordinates.

The Highly sophisticated AI Banks within each ship were linked with the wider fleet, using the computational power to calculate all possible variables, and act on them much faster than the human command structure could keep up.

With the tactical plan loaded, the AI's could execute contingencies and changes much faster than the human crew. And now the three Reverences had winked away almost in synchronicity with the Armageddon.

The instant the Armageddon exited the warp into realspace, the three Reverence IIs winked back in danger close, unleashing their torrent of fire once more in a game of cat and mouse with the 20km super-weapon. With only four void shields left, it would be a matter of time before the shields themselves were depleted, and concentrated weapons fire was striking the hull itself.

Nurgle's husk wasn't forgotten about either, in a carefully but speedily executed command from the Reverence's AI systems, a single Punisher class battleship, running in autistic mode to prevent viral intrusions winked in directly below the Armageddon, unleashing every single forward gun battery into the void shields protecting the hulk, and the hulk itself.

Massive 12,000 ton ferric-tungsten slugs the size of school buses were hurled towards the void shields and the hulk in a staggered salvo, along with dozens of concentrated Turbodisruptor batteries opening fire at once, concentrating the staggering firepower of the Aschen battleship on a single point within the Hulk, a jackhammer technique to bring the void shields down, and pummel the ship with everything it had.

"We need to keep up the pressure, keep pace and don't let them breathe, all ships regroup and press the attack on the command ships!" Grayson ordered, and the Aschen fleet regrouped and executed just that. Four new battleships were picked out from the fleet, with six Hastati cruisers, two Gemenon class cruisers, and a handful of Mercury Class Battlestars jumped in, surrounding the Battleships on all sides, with new tactics to surround the largest ships with what Aschen vessels remained, using point defense weaponry and powerful shields to withstand the attacks from the smaller units.

On top of the fighter screen.

Drones that weren't effected by the previous use of the Scrapcode continued to fill the void, along with those piloting Apollo, Raptor Talon, and Viper class starfighters, but there was something else, the AI banks aboard the Reverences were working on data samples from the previous scrap-code, the hyper-intelligent AIs working tirelessly to devise a vaccine, but a Vaccine was several minutes away.

They could only hope to neutralize the husk before the Scrapcode was used again, but even if it was, the effect on the Reverences wouldn't be the desired one, as their AI systems operated on a much different tier than the dumber AI systems on the Drone Carriers and the smaller ships.

These Aiyanna-Platform AIs were capable of isolating and purging hostile data in real time, before it could rend the code to serve it's purposes, as it seemed. The Scrapcode was not unlike Aiyanna-A's intruder program, thus with a common ground formed, these AI's could self-vaccinate against the hostile code.

But despite these small victories; the Aschen had taken losses, with nearly a third of the fleet lost to the onslaught, and the battle effectively at a stalemate with the Aschen holding the line by their eyeteeth, every commander knew at the back of their minds that those on the planet were likely not faring any better.

The reports were coming in that most of the smaller settlements had been overrun, or had fallen with the main defense force retreating to the larger settlements on the planet.

But the closer the Chaos Space Marines, Cultists, and Daemon engines got to the central cities, the fiercer Aschen resistance had become.

Aschen soldiers among the buildings continued to pepper the hoarde with disruptor fire, they began to draw the lines outside the major cities, especially in the capital city of Lyra, where a Thalaron warhead detonated beyond the outskirts, clearing out millions of Chaos troops, giving the Aschen just enough breathing room to push back, aided now by the Adepts of War, whom had begun to mobilize.

Fighting almost on equal footing to the Chaos Space Marines, the Adepts of War were ministers of death praying for war, fighting with the tenacity, and stubbornness of an Aschen Marine, but with the super strength, and powered armor of an Astartes, indeed the Adept's Power Armor functioned on many ways the same way as an Astartes, but offered a few advantages, such as integrated hard light shielding, thicker Kanvium armor, and a somewhat more efficient power system.

The Heavy Magnetron was also comparable to the Bolter, hurling 20mm slugs into the enemy, and when they closed in, they enjoyed intense melee combat, fighting almost on par with the Chaos Space Marines, using plasma swords, Heavy pistols, and hardened trinnium-carbide blades.

It was hopeful these Adepts in Lyra could turn the tide of the battle, but it was unlikely.

In the Warp, the mind games continued, as an Ascended Raphael was closely studying the warp, and the raw psychic energies it seemed to be comprised of.

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Any warp born virus, for machine or flesh, wasn’t as easily killed, changing its very nature faster than the A.Is could defeat it, meaning they weren’t minutes away, they were millenia, it beat them at their own game and continued to leave them nought. Once infected, one could not save itself A.I or fleshlife.

“we’ve wasted enough time with the aschen, bring in the rest of the fleet” Sigan nodded and went into a trance, the servitors and daemons that made up much of the crew calmly kept about their duties, and just as the void shields began to regenerate popping back up even under the sustained fire the aschen flagships.

sixty thousand more crimson slaughter ships would begin breaking from the warp engaging directly onto the reverence II ships however slowly from the tears came three massive 100KM diameter stations, the blackstone fortresses were brought to bear, their warp cannons charging up in seconds and firing in up to four directions at any one time, the ancient constructs, a crowning achievement from a bygone age, the warp cannons were on the same grounds as the armageddon cannon but worked in a refined less brutish way.

However the nigh indestructible Blackstones would require the full capabilities of the aschen fleet to bring down one and even then it wouldn’t just die like any other ship. The armageddon on the other hand winked out again reappearing within the safety of the reinforcing fleet, again shields sharing to bring the armageddon’s shields to full power.

The hull smoking from the gunfire that got through, and the warp disturbances grew even more so, throwing off calculations, with the arrival of the rest of the full fleet, the Husk had returned, returning to its guardian position with the armageddon.

Well over a million guns firing on and only on the three Reverence II’s and with the sustained beams of warp energies from the fortresses focusing on the one that was above the crimson capital ship.< Vrosh sat in boredom aboard, he hadn’t engaged in the ground war because it was a show of his power that he didn’t need to and secondly he grew ever cautious, bringing all power away from the main destroyer weapon of the ship and to those of the shield and other systems.

As for the ground war

The Aschen adepts could only wish they were on the same footing as the crimson slaughter marines, power blades cut through power armour as if it was nothing no matter what material it was made up of or even the barrier surrounding, because the blades phased through, secondly the Crimson slaughter had experienced warfare for six thousand years, some marines just that old, space marines were functionally immortal, the sorcerers on the ground began the chantings and so did the dark apostles, screaming maddened preachings to the dark gods driving all crimson slaughter into zealous frenzies of gore, however it was a grind but the sheer volume of the crimson slaughter began to push against them like a vice.

And from orbit more drop pods and teleportarum’s flared to life bringing down more troops, for the most part the 20mm shots of the aschen adepts would bounce off and ricocheted from the power armour but direct hits into weaker points would have bloody effect, khorne berserkers wielding twin chain axes barreled from the lines and into the ranks of the Adepts bringing the favored weapon of their kind to bare, the chain weapons biting in and ripping limbs off in bloody fountains even in their armour,

Then the scrapcode kicked in, on the Adept’s armour, shields shutting down and the armour locking up to receive killing blows, the gates of the city even opening up, Noise marines had joined the fray, their sonic cannons and blastmasters rendering the Adepts bloody paste inside their armour, the blastmasters even releasing sound based shockwaves so powerful rocks exploded.
And in the warp Tzeentch did the same studying his new acquaintance. The warp was also made up from the emotions of every living being, even more so now it was allowed to weed its way between the realities of the multiverse.

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#, as written by Lobos
Throughout the local region, amidst the detonations of vessels and munitions, the maelstrom of weapons batteries hurling their fury, and the seething energies of the warp, isolated ripples of exotic particles entered realspace in minute amounts. Insufficient on their own to warrant significant attention by those inexperienced with them, these particles marked a looming presence, a breach of a portion of a realm of non-space. Probes slipped through these minor linkages between the material universe and a dimension of alternate physical properties. Readings were taken, imagery was established, and positions marked, before these ruptures ceased.


Within the confines of Tunnel Space, a host nearly unimaginable. Vessels in the hundreds of millions resided within the white void, midnight imperfections hanging among the swirling energies and seething particle storms, the full armada of an entire nation disposed of it's anchoring moors. Trillions of souls resided aboard the armada that was the United Dark Worlds, maintaining a state of existence within a form of security that was nigh impregnable. From cruise liners to agri-ships, manufactorums to virtual flying cities, to the lurking fist within the formations that was the entirety of the UDW's naval arm. A selection of these was now shifting their positioning, responding to a hail across the militarized channels.

Realspace had been probed, in response to the anomalous churning within Tunnel Space. The Aschen were having...difficulties.

A task force was being assembled. 80 Bahamut supercarriers, with their attendant Kraken parasite supercruisers, a core fist of capital vessels numbering 400. Three strike wings of Shrike cruiser and their escorts, Hellkyte destroyers augmented by a formation of Mjolnir missile carriers. Hundreds of Fists, a subformation of Barghast frigates with a pair of Raven corvettes. In total a representative fleet of only 6,000, a number not approaching numerical parity with the forces observed in realspace.

A number that the Aschen's experience with the UDW would enable immediate understanding that the incursion was being treated with deadly seriousness.

Across the taskforce, crew entered heuristic linkage with the AI systems, men and women and machine becoming one mind, solidifying their intervessel communications and synchronizing their translation times down to the nanosecond. One second before departure, a drone was launched ahead, bearing a simple message for a single combatant force in realspace. A single word both offered in the sake of hope, and warning.



Six thousand TD footprints erupted like a barrage of thunder, high energy detonations of extradimensional particles and signals that spoke of an emergence that could not be ignored. Yet in the same breath that rode Taskforce Elient's arrival, targets were sighted, locked, and fired upon.

Tens of thousands of Hellbores spoke as one. The light of a dozen stars erupted through the region as the ravening bolts of encapsulated nuclear reactions tore apart the darkness of space at 0.9c like a shredded veil, each carrying the force of gigatons per second titanic power funneled into focused streams of devastation a mere meter across, at least three targeting every enemy ship larger than 100 meters in length in sight. Such coordination of the alpha strike was appalling, virtually impossible. Yet entirely within the grasp of the UDW fleet, enmeshed into a state of awareness that held human consciousness in synch with supercomputer precision and speed of thought.

The second wave of fire came from the launch of mass drivers, gauss cannons, and missile and torpedo fire, a scourging barrage from the lighter secondary and tertiary weapons platforms across the six thousand warships dispatched into the fray. Supermaterial slugs, armor piercing and mass-reactive explosive cannon shells, anti-fighter fragmentation missiles and multiple warhead fusion torpedoes howled in silence through space on their paths to deliver a reckoning to beggar the Reaper, but scarcely had they launched through space than the lighter Hellbores finished their cycle times, a horrifyingly short six seconds before those monstrous primary armaments of the UDW warships flashed with solar brilliance once again, fire control given free command to fire at will into the enemy.

The formation of the taskforce was disconcertingly tight, yet none of the destruction that flowed from it like a brutal tide came near enough to threaten a friendly hull, each wreathed in its battlescreen. Further defenses flowed within the UDW fleet, the onboard psionics woven into a chorus of psychic might, withholding from the unrelenting offensive as a reserve against the inevitable backlash.

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Admiral Grayson grit his teeth when the Armageddon seemed to be resisting all of it's firepower, the concentrated firepower of three of the Aschen Empire's most powerful classes of ship.

While it was proving difficult to write a vaccine, the highly sophisticated AI Systems of the Reverence IIs were able to at the very least hold the spread of the Scrapcode at bay, isolating and purging entire key systems in real time before the code could take hold.

Perhaps it was an absolute where Sigan and Vrosh came from, that those subject to the scrapcode were doomed, but Aschen AIs were unlike anything encountered in their part of the Multiverse. The scrapcode was viciously analyzed, and purged from it's systems.

It wasn't the scrap-code that had the Aschen concerned, it was the now Sixty-Thousand Chaos warships that jumped into the system, while Aschen FTL did not in any way interact with the warp, and was thus unaffected by the warp storms, the rest of the Empire was still mobilizing it's counterattack, and Grayson knew that Aschen reinforcements were hours, if not days away. The Aschen did not anticipate the battle moving with such swiftness. But they also didn't anticipate help.

There was a collective gasp as UDW Ships began to jump in, opening fire on the Chaos Warships, but the concentrated fire on the three Reverence IIs quickly silenced that, in the split second they had to make peace with death.

Or did they?

It was Andromeda to the rescue...

The Matokey were known as an ancient, and extremely powerful race, one not to be trifled with by the Andromeda superpowers, a race of gifted mystics in tune with nature. It seemed the incursion of the Crimson Slaughter, and the warp disturbances they brought attracted the attention of one such creature.

And he had decided to intervene.

All the combined power of the Crimson Slaughter, leveled against three lone Aschen ships was halted in an instant by a power far beyond even the mightiest Chaos god, channeling the energy of the Chousin into a physical manifestation of the wings of the Light Hawk, a flowing, shimmering barrier of light between the Crimson Slaughter and the three battered Aschen ships appeared out of nowhere. Blinded by the sheer firepower wrought fourth by the Blackstone Fortresses no doubt likely blinded the Crimson Slaughter to the new alien vessel that seemed to appear from nowhere.

A construct that was roughly 100 kilometers in length, from bow to stern, that appeared grown rather than built stood between the unstoppable Daemons of the Crimson Slaughter, and the battered, beaten Aschen fleet.

There was a psychic calm emanating from the alien ship, a becalming signal that was actually taming the roiling energies of the warp, pushing them out and away from the nearly routed Aschen vessel.

Despite the firepower that should have left nothing, this lone alien vessel remained, the moment the fire died down, the shimmering barrier also slowly vanished, as the massive vessel came about, the becalming signal silencing the warp as it grew. Sigan would be unable to rend the soul of whomever was aboard this vessel like he did Raphael, as the vessel and it's inhabitant were cut off from the influences of the warp, here the immaterium existed separate, like water from air.

That lone ship's inhabitant was 'Taanz 'Velzzmkt, the Mt'kee ship-master dispatched to the Milky way to further peace and prosperity in the Galaxy, and protect AXIS Interests.

The Encompassing threat of Chaos was enough to force him to intervene, while not entirely aligned with Aschen interests, for now they sought similar ends.

A Single psionic transmission was whisker-beamed to the UDW crews on the other side of the system.

"These are the forces of a dimension known as the Immaterium, they are as evil as they are ancient; conventional warfare only serves to worsen the situation, we must stem this tide at it's source, and slam shut the jaws of the warp."

The sudden appearance of the Matokey fleet bought the Aschen mere seconds to retreat, abandoning the Cosmora Archipelago to it's fate, 500 ships down from 3,500.

One by one the fleet began to execute their jumps, winking out through wormholes, bypassing the warp storms entirely.


This battle was now in the hands of the remaining Aschen, Matokey, and UDW.

Positioning itself between the advancing Crimson Slaughter, and the planet Cosmora itself, the Matokey Vessel began acquiring targets, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands all simultaneously acquired.

An energy surge that could be described as akin to the big bang itself erupted in the bowels of the Matokey vessel, and searing beams of white light flashed out in every direction, beams that contained enough energy to vaporize entire star systems condensed in a beam the width of a few meters, there were thousands of these individual beams, of which void shields would be powerless to resist.

In an instant, tens of thousands of Crimson Slaughter vessels would likely be impaled, gutted by these beams of light at once. Even the mightiest void shield patterns would be overwhelmed in the first split second of impact, and the beam sustained itself until full contact through the ship was made.

A moment later, thousands of wooden like pods were fired towards the planet, streaking through the atmosphere to visit untold power upon the Crimson Slaughter planet-side.


The Aschen defense across hundreds of cities had collapsed, and people were now being evacuated via the planet's Bifrost hub, the Crimson Slaughter had almost total control of all but the cities of Isca, Eger, and Lyra, where the Aschen defenses were barely holding them at bay.

Where the pods landed, they seemed to disintegrate into a primordial goo, before reforming into millions of bio-mechanical insectoid creatures.

They spread like wildfire, balefire, bolter fire, psionics did little to stop them, as the began to consume everything they could reach, cultists, daemon engines, even the Chaos Space marines would be swarmed and consumed as the creatures consumed and replicated, they were completely indiscriminate in their consumption of those on the surface, but they also differentiated between the Aschen humans, and the mutated daemons of the Crimson Slaughter.

Even the power armor was useless, as these creatures swarmed, consumed, and replicated, like a cancer these strange creatures began to spread out in every direction. There was no Helldrake, Transport, or even any frigates that got too low that could escape these creatures, as once an infestation started it spread rapidly.

It would be mere hours before these creatures consumed the whole of the Cosmora Archipelago planet, as they multiplied exponentially.

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With the introduction of two different fleets, Vrosh applauded himself, the slaughter that had been unending throughout the system meant for its complete demise, Sigan however had other plans raising his hand and with the click of his gauntleted hand, time throughout the sector slowed to a stand still, he turned and left the bridge, his ship the armageddon tied to his very being also seemed to be unaffected, the hull regenerating once more and the void shields going back to full power, the warp storms grew blocking navigation to the system in its entirety. And disrupting any chance of safely escaping, to jump through a warp storm through the warp or not, is to risk madness and possession. It’s just worse in the warp.

While his mind was busy plotting the intricate different fates of the crimson slaughter and his foes, he’d arrive at his sanctuary, and there his ritual began, one other was unaffected, Vrosh, his mark of khorne shielding him from the effects of the psyker. He knew this was beyond ‘Sigan’s’ power, but he needed to stop whatever was going to happen.

However as time returned the armageddon, a golden beam of baleful energies linked the armageddon to the blackstone fortress’ the prow ram reopening and the armageddon gun recharged would fire, into the retreating aschen fleet.

The crimson slaughter fleet suffered the attack of the UDW assault fairly well, the void shields going up in brilliant flashes of light, however new targets, the blackstone fortresses fired upon them as they fired on the aschen, the four main guns the stations bore spinning slowly as the shields of these ancient constructs seemed to not falter. The warp cannons never needing more than a couple seconds to obliterate a ship. And with the three linked the power of their shots were tenfold,

However Vrosh over his subvocal mic ordered the fleet to retreat, they’d been played for fools, manipulated. Vrosh drew his weapons and kicked in the door to the sanctuary where the greater daemon of tzeentch had shed its disguise, the beast turned and without a second’s hesitation released azure flames upon the Khorne champion, and so battle between the two would commence.

The crimson slaughter on the planet accepted their coming doom, free from the voices that drove them mad, the planet had been saved at a great cost and at the great pleasure of the blood god khorne.

The crimson slaughter fleet in great droves warp jumped blindly through the storms, they didn’t care, they didn’t have navigators anyway. The fleet in its entirety exited while it had the chance, though the last ship that remained was the Armageddon, warp sorceries circling the ship and to attack it would risk the wrath of gods.

Neither beast would break but he fate weaver retreated back into the warp and in his moment of clarity Vrosh destroyed the sanctuary freeing the ship from the daemon’s plans, and so the ship after but a few scant moments would exit system with its sole passenger.

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Having seen more than enough the Necron ship vanished from the system recalled back home.

Marcus Ruben has arrived, coming from The Aschen Core.
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