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ImageA barren wasteland to most, this icy landscape has bred a hardened people with a fierce resolve matched by few. Cryo once served as a place of exile to send unwanted criminals under the guise of terraforming and habitating the system. Hard-bitten and with a vicious independent streak, Cryo natives are often hostile to outside influence and are rarely receptive to government officials from the central systems. Only distance and a lack of desire from the rest of the allied systems to expend resources on the barren planet has kept an outright civil war from breaking out. Equally content to their barren stretch of space, the natives of Cryo hold little interest in expanding to 'softer' worlds. Even the most wanted of criminals can typically find safe haven on Cryo, and only the most resilient of lawmen would brave pursuing their quarry to Cryo.

Cryo natives that are descended from the original settlers are characterized by their iron fortitude, high metabolism, enhanced senses, and physical prowess in both strength and agility. These traits are only marginally superior to that of non-native humans, but serve to give an edge in this hardy climate. Immigrants largely consisting of convicts and criminals who are on the run from the law also make their home on Cryo and are typically readily accepted by the locals. Though these people are often marked by their own brand of fortitude for making their home on such an inhospitable planet, they do not share the same evolved physiology as the natives.

This is most apparent in the effects of Cryo's atmosphere which is notoriously poor and suffering low oxygen levels. The physiology of the original settlers' descendants is well suited for coping with the low oxygen levels, but later immigrants and foreign arrivals are more subject to the effects of oxygen deprivation. The oxygen levels are enough to sustain human life, but strenuous physical activities that burn up ones reserves of oxygen can result in fatigue and exhaustion. This is typically countered by the use of portable oxygen tanks to help maintain a healthy oxygen level.

The local 'sport' of choice largely revolves around the highly illegal practice of mech fighting. Though mechs are illegal outside of military use, the practice has become something of a local culture on Cryo and these prized machines are a status symbol among the locals.

Most of Cryo's economy revolves heavily around the trafficking of illegal goods and slavery. Local mining and mercenary work also lend support to the economy.
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A barren wasteland to most, this icy landscape has bred a hardened people with a fierce resolve matched by few.


Cryo is a part of The Cryo System.

2 Places in Cryo:

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Maya Winter [17] Quiet, shy, has the ability to bring about certain weather patterns.
Jack Krutz [16]
Next [11]
Everett Avenell [11] Street Rat
Kilo Four [10] The latest in arctic warfare
Mitsuko Miyako [6] Why am I here?
Erebus Typhus [6] Chaos Chosen from the Word Bearers Legion
Kamen Justice [6] A masked fighter who fights for justice, his righteous fists shall never surrender.

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Star Gate materializes from the void.
Star Gate vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.


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Agarran Magthulia was resting peacefully in the depths of a cave dug out by his servants during the early days of the colonization. The Acorn stood a few hundred feet away from the opening to this place, essentially having become a center tower in a grand palace that now housed the entirety of the Tarragon collectives colony inhabitants. The colony has been mostly successful, and a great number of different species of the collective now inhabited the place.

His sleep was disturbed by a Cantur, who delivered to him a message sent by the Aschen defense tower in orbit above the planet.

"Tarragon Colony, this is the Cryo Watchtower. Our sensors detected an energy signature consistent with a ship that attacked Molecay a few days ago. I'm transmitting everything we have on this enemy. We'll need you to assist us in mounting a response. You are clear to engage enemy assets."

Mmmm… How annoying, It would appear the aschen are not as self sufficient as I had originally hoped. The Escion mused to himself. Well, I suppose it can't be helped. Send them a reply, inform them that, though it will take a moment for us to prepare a proper engagement force, we'll be to their aid shortly.

The Cantur acquiesced to her master's wishes, and scurried away to prepare and send the response to the tower. Agarran then stood and stretched his body out, shaking the dust from his scales as he departed his cavern and moved to ready the necessary forces.