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The Multiverse


Crystal Nexus of Gaia

One can choose to avoid the long days, weeks, or even months of travel across Gaia by using a Transport Crystal.
The Transport Crystal uses the rare magic of spacial manipulation. Anyone who can master the magic of spacial
manipulation can make use of Gaia's Crystal Nexus, which serves as a crossroads to the several destinations to choose from.
The Crystal needs direct sunlight to work, so it cannot be used at night. Upon entering, one will notice a set of archways
leading to multiple destinations, all over Gaia. Enter an archway, and let your destiny unfold!


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Crystal Nexus

Welcome to Gaia's Crystal Nexus! One can choose to avoid the long days, weeks, or even months of travel by using a Transport Crystal. The Crystal needs direct sunlight to work, so it cannot be used at night.


Crystal Nexus is a part of Gaia.

4 Places in Crystal Nexus:

4 Characters Here

Arch-Demon Gaelwing [4] Gaining Power From The Underworld, Gaelwing Is Fierce And can Snap It's Opposer With It's Powerful, Herculean Incatation Devilry And At Haphazard Times Can Disable One's Blood Or being Sorcery.
Zyriah [3] Zyriah Albion: The Wandering Alchemist
Prince Kurln Highmourne [2] First in line to the Throne, General of the Alnehian Military forces
The Leystone [2] Only known of in legend, the Leystone is rumored to be transcendent of all reality.

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The alternate dimension within the space of the transport crystals, can only be reached through a transport crystal, Transport crystal shard (which only works for 1 person), Or under the magic of an Extremely powerful wizard with abilities of spacial manipulation.

Upon entering one will notice a set of archways leading to the multiple destinations, including Port Fate, LionsGate City, Naleri, W. Tochen, E. Tochen, Il'Raíd, and Fort stern. The crystal nexus is able to hold up to 200 hundred people at a time, and that is why the maximum limit of people per group in transport is 20, except for military situations.

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Eloise Porenia Edenhelm has arrived, coming from Transport Crystal Station, Port Fate.
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  1. Please edit post to reflect entrance requirements as outlaid in the very first post of this location!

    by Remæus

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After many days of traveling from the frigid northern Viking kingdom at Iskjerne Bay, over the icey snow-capped Weargtooth Mountains, battling the frozen dangers and unknown threats on the continent of Ellaria, and the wider world of Gaia, the small gang of Viking explorers led by Hrafn-Floki, Halfdan the Black and Erik the Red finally reached their destination: the Crystal Nexus of Gaia.

There had been other, easier ways to get off the planet, but those options were limited to the gods and spirits, and to people who had the capability of space-faring ships. The only way for Hrafn-Floki and his gang to get to the red moon was to take the harder, longer, more treacherous journey by land and sea in hopes of reaching the Nexus, where Floki the Vitki had a plan. It was a long shot in the dark, but worth a try, as Floki the raven master and his band of hardened Vikings arrived at the Nexus, being led by their gods and the spirits of their dead ancestors, guided by the titans and celestial beings like Sigurd Hring, and motivated by their own will-power and determination. The journey was tough, the weather was harsh and the terrain was rugged. But the Vikings arrived, nevertheless, conquering the trials before them just as they had done time and time again in their distant past.

Once they reached the portal at the top of the highest mountain peak, the gang would all but collapse, taking a moment to sit on the rocks and rest their wearisome feet, regaining their breaths. Each of them had provisions, walking sticks and backpacks or knapsacks which they set beside them as they sat in a circle, planning their next move. It was winter time again. For veterans like Hrafn-Floki, this would be their third consecutive winter on the planet. For others like Halfdan Halfdansson, this would be their second winter. But for the newcomer, Erik Thorvaldsson, this would be his first winter, and he would have to rely heavily on the wisdom and experience of the gang's leader Floki in order to survive on Gaia during these perilous and desperate times.

This small band of diehard Viking pagans had a dream, and were inspired by a blind faith in the belief that there would be something greater in store for them on the red moon. Hrafn-Floki had served Sigurd the Ringtaker with loyalty and honor, right up until the day that the great king and founder of Iskjerne Kingdom had died. Floki had fought in dozens of battles; against the Christian crusaders under Erling Snake, against spectral Deathweaver ghost pirates led by Robert the Butcher, against the Taiyou Empire and their emperor Shimizu Takayama, against the towering jotunn Asvith Thrym, and even against his own Norse Pagan fellowmen. Hrafn-Floki was now a legend in his own right, having lost his only daughter Angrboda to the freezing cold pestilence at Iskjerne Bay under the neglectful but temporary rule of Ivar the Boneless, who had also succumbed to the wrath of the titans and eventually died.

So much death, so much pain, so many memories lingered in Floki's mind as he sat on the rocks, looking out over the mountaintop to all of the lands below. This was not the same place he remembered. Everything just looked so gloomy to him now, and Floki couldn't wait to leave Gaia and make a new home for himself elsewhere, with his faithful wife Helga, starting a fresh slate and perhaps, just maybe, having more children before they got too old. Hrafn-Floki fiddled with the small milky white transparent sunstone in his pocket, contemplating whether or not it would work, as his small group started to setup camp, pitch their weatherproof portable tents in a circle and build a small fire pit within a ring of stones.

Halfdan the Black was on another mission. His brother, Harald Finehair, had been married to the former shield-maiden Queen Lagertha and was now competing against Duke Rollo for control of Iskjerne Bay, following the death of Ivar the Boneless, and the consequential raid of Thorvald the Great and Fulgor's leidang. Halfdan the Black had fought beside Ivar the Boneless against many foreign powers involving elves, vampires, werewolves and other human races. Halfdan was also a good friend of Floki, and at one time he had been friends with Hrollaug the Walker, before Duke Rollo had converted to Christendom and been baptized. This political and religious division among the Iskjerne Vikings was more than Halfdan could bear. So rather than butting heads with his old friend Duke Rollo, or with his own brother King Harald, he had decided to join Floki the Ghostslayer's expedition instead, and was planning to part ways with him once they reached their destination on Colossa, the red moon.

Erik Thorvaldsson, similar to Halfdan Halfdansson, had his own personal ambitions. Unlike the others around him who had been former Iskjerne Vikings, however, this young red-headed exile had come from somewhere else across the sea. Erik the Red had been banished to Iskjerne Bay on the continent of Ellaria by the Empyrean Norse konung, King Halfdan Svensson, the ruler of the Empyrean Sea Beach to the far south of Iskjerne Kingdom across the open waters. Erik the Red had killed one of his fellowmen at the local tavern over a board game, and would have been sentenced to hang if it had not been for the fact that Erik's father, Thorvald Asvaldsson had been on good terms with the king and delivered errands for him. Erik's father Thorvald Bloodyfist was also a convicted murderer who had been exiled to the Empyrean Norse Kingdom when Erik was just a boy. Thorvald settled down eventually and became a farmer, and a respectable member of Empyrean Norse society.

Following in his father's footsteps, however, Erik the Red had gotten himself banned from the flourishing tropical golden kingdom, and upon arriving at the plagued and freezing cold political disarray in Iskjerne Bay, the red-headed Empyrean outcast had decided to follow Hrafn-Floki and make a new name for himself. Erik knew that if he could start his own colony somewhere else, then he could regain the respect of the Empyrean Norsemen, and perhaps even return some day to conquer the throne for himself. Erik the Red was a very ambitious young man, filled to the bones with hatred, fury and suppressed hidden agendas. He found himself in good company, though, as a young Gaelic girl named Thódhilda seemed to be taking a liking to the foreign red-haired exile.

Thódhilda was a thrall, a Celtic Irish servant girl who had been captured by Halfdan the Black during the time of Ivar the Boneless, and was now a sort of slave or paid servant who was hoping to earn back her freedom by serving her master well. Thódhilda gathered wooden sticks for the camp, going up and down the mountain, accompanied by a small clique of 3-5 other thralls that Hrafn-Floki and his party had brought with them. Floki himself was opposed to slavery, and had promised to free his own servants once they had reached the moon. Halfdan the Black, however, had made no such promises, and was actually hoping to make a profit by selling Thódhilda and the other thralls to someone else who could afford them once they reached their destination. Erik the Red, having already accumulated a handsome sum of silver dinarii from Livia the Argosian Legata, was already beginning to think about buying Halfdan's thralls to aid him on his own quest after they had arrived on the red moon.

Even now, in the midst of the small Viking gang of travelers at the Crystal Nexus, far away from the politics of the Iskjerne Viking Kingdom, and the expansion of the Empyrean Norse Kingdom, even here there was a lot of ambitious behavior, and much to be left to their imaginations as they all sat around the camp fire, enjoying each other's food and company, passing the mead horn around while talking and telling stories, getting to know each other better. It wasn't very often when any of them were able to sit in one place for very long. The Vikings were always traveling, always raiding or fighting, it seemed, and although Hrafn-Floki and Halfdan had been familiar with each other for many years, they had never really spoken much with each other until now. It was a great opportunity for them to get to know each other better, and to discuss their individual plans and ideas with one another. Thódhilda sat next to Erik the Red after her chores were finished, smiling to him silently as Erik listened to the former jarl's conversations over the crackling and sizzling campfire.

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The following morning, the Vikings awoke from their slumbers and arose from their tents near the campfire, which by now had died, leaving behind only a pile of burnt charcoal and ash. Floki collected some of the charcoal fragments in a glass jar, mixing it with animal dung and a handful of salt before adding some water from the melting ice and dew drops collected from his tent. He then opened a different jar of deep Prussian Blue powder he made using iron, copper, crushed rock salts and other natural minerals which he then added into the first jar. He closed the lid on his jar and shook it up, mixing all of the contents together, creating some nasty dark blueish green mixture. Erik watched curiously, not entirely sure what Floki was doing, but he wasn't about to ask or question anything as the weird thin eye-shadow wearing war veteran poured the contents on to a metal plate and set it out in the sun to dry. It seemed he had a plan.

"So now what?" Halfdan asked as he stretched and yawned, blowing his nose and washing his face in a wooden bowl of water before handing it over to the next person in line.

"Now we go there," Floki said, pointing to a set of archways arranged in a particular pattern almost like Stone Henge, each one actually containing a hidden portal to another location.

This was the Crystal Nexus, a place that Floki had only ever heard tales about. He was very excited to see it in person for the first time, and he couldn't wait to figure out if it still worked. Hrafn-Floki fumbled with the small transparent sunstone in his pouch pocket before gazing up at the peak of the mountain just in front of him, and at the magnificent archways which rose above it in a circle. It was absolutely beautiful, he thought to himself, but he also knew that the journey wasn't finished yet. There were other obstacles his band had to overcome in order to make it work.

But, being undaunted, Floki had a plan. He gathered everyone up at the top of the mountain for a small meeting after breakfast to explain the situation, and the strategy he had invented to overcome the challenges ahead. Because the Vikings were so few in number, getting all of them in at one time wouldn't be a problem. But Floki only had one crystal, and secretly he knew that all of the Norsemen were going to need their own crystals if he was to get all of them through the portal and into the other side. Suddenly this became a major problem for the diehard spiritual leader.

Or did it? As the clever Floki started discussing his plans with the camp, it became clear to Erik Thorvaldsson what Floki had been doing with the plate of blueish green charcoal clumps. Apparently, he had somehow discovered a way to grow his own crystals using charcoal, salt, animal dung and a metallic blue colloidal powder he had used to make ink and dye. Although he wasn't entirely sure how it worked, what Floki didn't know yet is that the animal waste contained ammonia, a key ingredient used to synthesize rock crystals. He was already ahead of the game, but it would take a little bit of patience before the others caught on.

As the days passed, slowly the crystals began to form. All the while, they had been left outside and exposed to the elements, being charged naturally by Gaia's suns and the bright red moon, a process which helped the synthetic crystals to grow faster. To the others who followed Floki, it must have seemed like wizardry, but the clever old fool wasn't done yet. He still had to trick the system, somehow, and re-direct the portal from one location to another if he was going to get his party on to the surface of the red moon Colossa, a destination that the Crystal Nexus wasn't entirely designed to take them. Once again, it seemed that the Vikings were faced with a major problem.

But once again, Hrafn-Floki the Ghostslayer had a clever trick up his sleeve. His former king, Sigurd Hring, who had long ascended and was now One with Gaia, was certainly aware of everything that Floki and his Viking explorers were up to. Sigurd had taught Floki how to use a sunstone, and how to bend light through a prism to form a rainbow. In life, Sigurd had taught Floki that if there was a will, then there must be a way. Floki just had to think deeply, and discover it. Floki the Vitki slowly scratched his partially bald head, standing before the archways and studying their alignment intently. He started to wonder if he couldn't somehow bend the space within the portal, just as he had once bent the sunlight through a prism to form multiple other pathways and colors of light.

"That's it!" He shouted. Floki just couldn't control himself, as his fingers and muscles twitched, causing him to spasm with excitement as he let out a childish chuckle, smiling as he gritted his teeth and looked again.

"Floki you fool. Why didn't you see this before?" He criticised himself before walking over to one of the archways and examining it more closely. Slowly, clouds started to block the sunlight. After a moment of staring at the gate, he chuckled again softly, then walked through the archway and around it, studying every inch of its design before looking up at the overcast skies.

It was at that moment that Hrafn-Floki figured out what he was going to do. He would bend space-time, and re-direct the portal's wormhole from one destination to another by arranging the crystals in a certain way that would trick the mechanism into sending his party to the moon. But in order for his plan to work, his Vikings were going to need some kind of divine assistance from their gods. He began to call out quietly to Sigurd Hring, and to the great mother Gaia herself, asking for a sign.

At that moment, as if by pure coincidence, there was a break in the clouds. A single ray of sunlight beamed down over the mountain, lighting up a small area within the center of the archways. Floki watched silently for a moment, awestruck at what he was seeing. He took it as an answer from the gods, and soon, Floki was yelling at everyone else in the camp to hurry up and join him as he bit down on the knuckle of his index finger to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Halfdan the Black, Erik the Red, Floki's wife Helga, Thodhilda and the others hurried up to the peak of the mountain where Hrafn-Floki was standing, gazing with wide eyes.

He walked over to where the beam of sunlight was shining and stood in the golden light. He started fumbling with the sunstone in his pouch pocket again, waving his other hand and coaxing everybody else to hurry up and join him. The small band of Vikings quickly walked over and stood in the middle of the lit circle with him. All in all, seven Vikings stood together in a tight group as Floki told them all to pull out their blueish green crystals and hold them up to the light. As they did this, Floki pulled out his transparent clear sunstone and held it out in front of them so that the light from the sun would bend, transversing through the sunstone and forming a prism, shooting different hues of rainbow colored light beams to the other stones in everyone's hands. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet beams of light projected over the Viking's seven faces, and suddenly all of the archways lit up as the many different portals became activated. Floki's plan was beginning to work as it started to get windy, and the gateways started to spin and twist with bright blinding white swirls of shimmering light.

A vortex began to form in the middle of the clouds where the sunlight was emanating from, and soon it started to tunnel down around Floki and his Viking explorers until it touched the mountain top, directly in the center around the ring of glowing archways, creating a dark flowing curtain around them. The wind was intense as the powerful vortex spun counterclockwise, slowly distorting the time and space around the gateways. But while it started to look dark and gloomy outside the vortex, inside it was glowing with bright colorful lights so powerfully intense that the Vikings were forced to close their eyes and cover their faces to stop from going blind. Only Floki managed to keep his eyes open, for he could not seem to pull his attention away from such intense power and absolute beauty. It was like a merry-go-round that he had never seen before, proof that the old gods were indeed a very real force and presence in their daily lives. He simply had to watch it all transpire.

The vortex got stronger and stronger, becoming faster and faster before the spinning white lights inside each gate started to get sucked inward towards the spinning vacuum. There was lightning and thunder, booming and crackling electricity, and for a moment it seemed as if the Vikings had been standing in the very center of a super dangerous nuclear reactor. And then suddenly, without warning, it just stopped. The lightning and thunder ceased, the winds dispersed, the lights started to fade and the vortex slowly disappeared, retreating back into the sky from which it came. The Crystal Nexus returned to its original normal deactivated state, and everything went silent.

Floki and his Vikings were gone...

They had disappeared entirely without a trace.

Erik Thorvaldsson ascends towards Gaia.