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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: Luna Eclipse Neko

A child with the powers of the moon in her, but she can't control them very well yet.

Character Portrait: Blade Shadow of Wonderland

An immortal born from the shadows of wonderland... she is the owner of the Vorpal Blade and the Cheshire Cat.

Character Portrait: Al-ice

Don't think about the splash I will create..

Character Portrait: Daze

A homeless teen whom is known for being reckless and being extremely hostile to others.

Character Portrait: Furuya Haruma

Heya! I am Furuya just call me Ruya or Ya if my name is to hard to remember! Got any soda around here?

Character Portrait: The Corruption Arises

Oh this shall be fun!

Character Portrait: Caleb Blanc

Huh my past? It was average.

Character Portrait: Sissori Fontaine

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

Character Portrait: Lefty

His belly growls as she sat before Wing City Hotel.

Character Portrait: Ipecac

Character Portrait: Tailabar

Tailabar, the massive orc cavalryman riding a camel!

Character Portrait: Fenrir Obernacht

Research and development for technology of the Uryu clan.

Character Portrait: Mariella Lopez

An newly instilled TIB Agent.

Character Portrait: Irish

A selfserving efficient man

Character Portrait: Graradin

An egimatic professional killer.

Character Portrait: Malghalara Marwat

Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Mutalistan. A Parliament level position.

Character Portrait: Maj. Alexei Borodin

Alexei Borodin; Major; Seventh Combat Medics

Character Portrait: Izunama Morashi

Taiyou assassin, master of disguise, never trust what you see.

Character Portrait: Darren Morgath

EMSS's laid-back daredevil leader.

Character Portrait: Emily Glaze

Character Portrait: Micheal Jack Connors

Character Portrait: MisaMelody

smart silly wolf like

Character Portrait: Mohammed

islamic prophet

Character Portrait: HAWK

escaped spliced super soldier tranforms into a golden eagle at will

Character Portrait: Gallows "Souljier" Irving

A true warrior who has fought many battles and wars through-out all of history, time, and space.

Character Portrait: Nicolette Duvalle

A renegade French intelligence agent, and lover of Jonathan Hunter.

Character Portrait: Kisara Blue

A peasant girl from the sands of Ancient Egypt, she bears a powerful gift though some may call it a powerful curse. She is spiritually bonded with Seto Kiaba even though in his present life he has next to no memory or belief in any of it.

Character Portrait: Clint Jameson

Texas Ranger

Character Portrait: Lord General Liam Korso

Lord General of the Rhone Empire's Armies

Character Portrait: Arseniy Tsyganov

A former special soldier for the Soviet Union, currently a fugitive from the Russian government.

Character Portrait: Yamin Noor Attayyib

The Hataf Senior Leader who serves as the Coordinator for the Mutalistani Branch of the terrorist organization. Intimidating despite his fairly short stature.

Character Portrait: Fatin Farah

"I do the work of God. If I die, then all glory be to Him. You can stop Hataf, but you cannot still the hand of God, not for one moment."

Character Portrait: Stacie

one of the youngest of her litter, Stacie sometimes gets bullied by her siblings, and has to fight the other puppies for even the tinest scrap of food.

Character Portrait: Code Name "Jack the Ripper"

Raiden, aka Jack the ripper, was once a child soldier, and one of the best. He has been called 'Jack the Ripper' along with the 'White Devil.'

Character Portrait: Carter Fleetham

Character Portrait: Viktor Sodoro

Notorious crime boss based in New York, who gave law enforcement the slip nearly ten years ago, and is reputed to command the Sodoro crime family.

Character Portrait: Maggie Johnson

Character Portrait: The Inferno

A descendent of a race of gifted transhumans that are known as the best gunmen and women in the multiverse. The Inferno is aspiring to become the best he can be: a Gunslinger.

Character Portrait: Eye Of Sorrow

Mysterious woman

Character Portrait: Shirley Prowell

Mama Shir, field reporter and information source.

Character Portrait: Jahan Iskander-Dannaoui

A Pakistani assassin for hire, who has no qualms about selling his services to criminals and terrorists. Essentially a ghost, Jahan is wanted in several countries for his crimes, though he has yet to be caught, happy to sell his deadly skills.

Character Portrait: Jaden Ren??

The complex person people won't get. But if you actually take the time, Jaden's not that complex.

Character Portrait: Gno Moa

Gno was the first Lizerian Spirit. He remains true to himself as he were alive, stubborn and irrational.

Character Portrait: Grace Lambert

Callsign: Soleil

Character Portrait: Infretaeil

She(it) has some of the characteristics of a vampire, but is far from one. A diseased, alternate-universe androgynous humanoid who herself assumes is the lone survivor and doesn't remember how she got here. Carnivorous, resembles a dragon-human crossbreed

Character Portrait: Michael Cole

A Detective who is an expert at his job

Character Portrait: Serge Vorgen

A trooper of the Imperial Guard, stranded on Terra. [quote]Oh great. Just what we needed, more dakka.[/quote]

Character Portrait: Geddes Volger

Absent-minded Elder Mage of the Higher Order. While able to factor out complex runic figures in his sleep, Geddes oftentimes forgets if he is coming or going. Thankfully his snarky pet raven Myko is there to keep him in line!

Character Portrait: Dyten Garland (Standard)

A rather tall, lean, tan skinned male with white, messy hair & dull blue eyes.

Character Portrait: Kain Bloodraven

Vampire/Werewolf powers are telekenisis and element control

Character Portrait: Ketsueki

Character Portrait: _Spheera_

An arctic white wolf far from her icy element and currently on the run from poachers.

Character Portrait: Assassin Nightingale

short silver hair, dressed in a gothic lolita dress, with thigh high black boots. Looks chipper, But is good at deception.

Character Portrait: Rowan Maccoy