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The Multiverse


A decrepit graveyard long overtaken by the surrounding forest. Headstones are barely visible through the thick underbrush and ivy that has reclaimed this area. A number of mausoleums have withstood the test of time against the encroaching forest, and save for an overgrowth of ivy and briar thorns, they remain largely intact.
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Decrepit Graveyard

A decrepit graveyard long overtaken by the surrounding forest.


Decrepit Graveyard is a part of Dark Grove.

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Khay T'Uun [16] Khay T'Uun. Slave to the Greater Powers, Master of her own Domain- Entity of Chaos.
Zombie Queen [15] Flesh... Blood... Brains.
Jenny Uskglass [10] A small, Pale skinned child with hair as black as midnight, and eyes like those of a raven. Her overly wide, toothy grin is horribly unsettling, as is her unblinking stare.
Mourning [9]

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Mourning sighed, a birth day. Birth days were celebrations sometimes, and sometimes they were the same day as a different kind of celebration. The kind that had eyes wet in a different sort of way, and not from smiles.

The cloaked figure realized they didn't bring any presents. That was something that was done, at parties, for birth days. Presents. No matter, an easy fix.

From within their cloak, Mourning drew a glass vial. It swirled with a silvery liquid, one that changed to an inky black where it caught the light and glittered where it should have hosted shadows. Mourning turned it over in their hand. Inside, a tiny flower bloomed in dark smoke and wilted into a skull, before blooming back and wilting again, and again, and again, so quick that a blink would count it a missed sight and the memory would host it as hallucination.