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The Multiverse

East Lanterna Way

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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

The main road of economy and tourism of Verinotte, East Lanterna Way lead from Verinotte Square to the Eastern Gates. To the south is the Mint and Sage. The street is always lit by enchanted lanterns, and many an evening this street is alive with life.

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East Lanterna Way

East Lanterna Way leads from Verinotte Square to the Eastern Gates, passing dual floored houses and businesses alike. To the south is the Mint and Sage, rustic Bed and Breakfast suitable for travelers of any degree. The location is owned and operated by a resident of Verinotte Hollow, and promises the best hospitality on this side of Terra. Food for the guests is said to be above par.

Men, monsters, and dogs of all species cycle in and out from the north, bearing goods they bought at The Piata. Many boasted of treasure acquired at the Stones of Isis, a shop notorious for having items previously construed as unable to be found. This street is always lit by enchanted lanterns, in fact these lanterns are it's namesake. Due to the lanterns, and the Tower Alba peeking over the buildings to the east, crime on this side of the city is low. Forces Vankoryth can be found posted on every corner, as security more than a military presence.

An evening walking down East Lanterna Way is a walk down a way alive with life. When the shopping is over, the crowd from the Piata bustles into the lit street, music pouring from the houses and the Tavern at the square. It is at this time the cobble stones truly glisten with the footsteps of the people, the diverse crowd a melting pot of darkness. Many enjoy fine crafted cigars, others stroll from one end of town to the other. Either way, East Lanterna Way is somewhere to discuss the new wine from Therrier-Paix at Tauvyr Tavern, or perhaps the rumors of the Mayor secretly not existing at all. A town without a mayor?

In the early hours of the afternoon, you will find the occasional drunkard ambling from Tauvyr Tavern to the Mint and Sage. The Forces Vankoryth patrolling the streets normally don't bother non-rabble-rousers.

Every now and then, the roaring of a motorcycle could be heard pulling into the parking alley of the Gae Ceann Clubhouse. The leather-clad gang members are a frequent sight around East Lanterna Way.
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East Lanterna Way

The main road of economy and tourism of Verinotte, East Lanterna Way lead from Verinotte Square to the Eastern Gates. To the south is the Mint and Sage. The street is always lit by enchanted lanterns, and many an evening this street is alive with life.


East Lanterna Way is a part of Verinotte Hollow.

4 Places in East Lanterna Way:

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Leela Carroll [46] Isn't this a curious little thing?
Inside Epilogue Books [28] This is the shop floor of Philius Wolfinson's book shop.
Eliza Carroll [21] Daughter of Garrett Carroll, but unlike him in most ways except for her eccentric nature.
The Sweep [8] A loose anomaly that has proved difficult to contain.
Weratte 'Ironclad' Ngeli [5] The current Continuum Vivaz'q'w'xi, she rules with an iron fist when not being outlandish. She is rightly feared by those who know her well, for she shows when she's displeased.
Rebekka Seibicke [5] Werat'te's chosen Vivaz'q'w'pi, she takes everything seriously, and treats all orders from Werat'te as if her life depended on her success. One of few Humans to serve the Continuum, she will assume the mantle of Vivaz'q'w'xi when Werat'te moves on.
Continuum NPCs [5] Other less important Continuum individuals.
qwole [1] not much is know about him for he stays indoors mostly the only things know are hes 32 years old and he likes to grow plants
Damal Boro [1] Damal is a different kind of breeder, he was never used to rough-housing like his 4 brothers, but he was never as girly as his 4 sisters. He was the middle child, in all aspects of the concept

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Kethyr Naethus flipped up his hood and picked up the pace towards the Eastern Gate.

Kethyr Naethus has left the area, heading east into Verinotte Hollow Eastern Gate.
Lil' Valojelea vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
Esmerelda Bistreo materializes from the void.
Esmerelda Bistreo vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
Suddenly, a swirling vortex appears to the southeast. You can see something appear in that direction.
Daemala Tauvyr has arrived, coming from Verinotte Hollow Eastern Gate.
Daemala Tauvyr has left the area, heading west towards Verinotte Square.