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The Multiverse


A coastal area along the eastern shores of Aslund, featuring a number of prominent port cities and tourist destinations.
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Eastern Seaboard

A coastal area along the eastern shores of Aslund, featuring a number of prominent port cities and tourist destinations.


Eastern Seaboard is a part of Aslund.

8 Places in Eastern Seaboard:

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Michael Denofrio [73] Don't let his handsome figure and British accent fool you, there is far more to him than meets the eye, one can only approach him to discover his secrets.
Red Jade [4] A woman steps in, seemingly from nowhere. She dressed simply, yet somehow provocatively, her clothing various shades of red. Fire-red hair framed her pale-skinned face, and piercing green eyes watched her surroundings.
Linus [3] member of the Black Fang Know as the "Mad Dog"
Vidia [3] Read the description.
Marine Infantry Corps [3] The bread-and-butter of UCONs Military Apparatus, the Marine Infantry are a well-known and well-respected outfit in the Multiverse.
Nesrin [2] "What did you just say? Because I'm rather certain if you continue running that mouth like that I'm going to fucking break your face."
Victoria Prewett [2] a young woman who merges in the grey area between good and evil. She can help build cities or she can help make them crumble - depending on how you introduce yourself.
Ronin Crowley [2] If you hear his name, you think he is nice, but if you see him you are a bit intimidated as he always carries a large war-hammer. He is a large burly man with a little too much face and body hair, all of it red, with menacing dark green eyes.

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King Galadaius Eroque Tanno Asylia has left the area, heading south into Solinus Sea Coastline.
Arlin Soarge has arrived, coming from Collenham Mountains.
Arlin Soarge has left the area, heading west towards Wing City.
Selena has arrived, coming from Solinus Sea.
Selena has left the area, heading southwest towards Southern Grazing Lands.

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Mike Wolf stepped off of the small private airline VTOL passenger spacecraft resembling a white suped up futuristic model of a Cessna 208 Transformer caravan, standing between the two sexy stewardesses in their tight white aviation mini-dresses and black brimmed peaked service hats as he peered out over the vast spaceport with its many busy transit stations and tourist centers, looking over the futuristic airport to the magnificent city of tower buildings and skyscrapers which ascended into the background behind them. He lit a cigar using his embroidered silver torch flick-liter and put his black sporty UV-ray sunglasses on, adjusting his bright red long neck tie before running his fingers through his combed back slick black hair, receiving farewell from the smiling stewardesses who waved goodbye as he stepped down the automated mobile stairway docking platform on to the metallic landing strip, where a bright candy apple red convertible Chevy Corvette was already waiting for him with the driver side door wide open to reveal its full leather interior. A valet in a black suit held the door open for him and handed him the keys as he approached the fancy car.

"Mr. Wolfenstein, I presume. Here are the keys, sir, via your booking request. May I inquire sir as to what brings you here to Asteria City?" The valet asked in what sounded like a very proper African or British accent, closing the door behind Mike Wolf as he climbed into the vehicle. "Vacation cruise tickets," Michael answered, sticking the key into the ignition and firing up the engine. The car was an old classic, but it was in perfect mint condition and purred like a kitten as he bit down on his imported lit cigar. "An excellent place to relax and feel the breeze. Good day to you sir, enjoy your vacation" the dark skinned valet said with a smile as he stood by and watched Mr. Wolf drive away. Michael was heading to one of the fine white sandy beaches overlooking crystal clear aqua blue colored water, but he wasn't on vacation. He was actually going there on business to discuss a potential contract he had not yet heard the details about. But the payment plan perked his interest and he agreed to meet with the proprietor on the Eastern Seaboard as he left Asteria City and drove to the beach.

Jonathan was already there, feasting on crab legs while sipping on margaritas under the shade of one of the laid back but expensive tiki bars at the beach's luxury guest resort in the white powdery fine seashore sand when Michael casually approached him, catching the man's attention. "Mr. Laurence?" Mike asked. John could see that the man standing before him was obviously wealthy based just by his choice of clothing. He grabbed his cloth napkin and wiped his hands before standing up and greeting him with a handshake. "Ah yes, you must be Mr. Wolf, it's good to meet you finally. Please, please, have a seat. Have a drink, come, sit" Johnathan Laurence said as he invited Michael to sit with him, which indeed Michael did. The bartender asked him what kind of drink he wanted, and Mike Wolf ordered a margarita of his own before he and the proprietor started making casual conversation. They talked about travel, about life and its perks, a little about drinking, a little about playing golf or smoking cigars, before finally their conversation led up to business, and the reason for their private little social arrangement at the remote beach resort.

"$10-million dollars, that's the amount that Dr. Rizhiel is offering in exchange for the neutralization of John Wick, but he asked for you specifically," the proprietor started to mention. "Why me?" Mike asked curiously. "Why else?" the proprietor rebuttably answered, ordering two more margaritas for him and his guest. "That won't be easy... I'll think about it. But in the meantime, what else you got?" Mike inquired, causing the proprietor to look at him blankly with a more serious expression as he took a sip from his drink before putting his glass down and reaching into his white coat pocket. He pulled out a folded paper pamphlet and set it down on the table in front of Mr. Wolf, who glanced at it before pausing to look at Mr. Laurence, then picking it up and unfolding it to look at its contents. "$46-million dollars, Mr. Wolfenstein, half in advance, half once you have completed your assignment. That is of course, if you are still interested." Mr. Laurence said with a calm tone. Michael flipped through the pages of the pamphlet but he couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Where is this at?" he asked, confused.

"Bastion IV," John Laurence answered, re-liting his cigar before leaning back in his chair. Mike Wolf skimmed through the pages of the pamphlet some more before looking at Mr. Laurence with an expression of disbelief. He took a long moment to consider his answer. The contract was issued for a very dangerous, almost impossible assignment, but the payout was so tempting it was hard to resist. He started to imagine what he could do with fourty six million dollars. After a long and careful consideration, the two men shook hands and ended their meeting, finishing their margaritas and going their separate ways. Mike Wolf folded the papers and tucked them into his black coat pocket, walking back to his car before hopping in and driving away, heading back to the Asteria City airport. At roughly the same time, Mr. Laurence went back to his own luxury vehicle before starting his futuristic silver SUV and also leaving the scene, heading back towards Solinus City.