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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: TomCruisader

Forken a life a hedonism and false gods, he embraced the one true god.

Character Portrait: The Iron Hands

The flesh is weak!

Character Portrait: Mada 'Alexis' Mykrul

I'm less a scout than a disseminator of information.

Character Portrait: Niall "Crisp" Palmer

Crisp is a Royal British Commandos trooper, being part of the Designated Marksman's division. He is 26 and was born in Smethic, England.

Character Portrait: NC7- Alpha

humanoid robot with a specialised A.I,

Character Portrait: Gunnac Umbercaller

Not many have the good fortune to die for the Emperor more than once.

Character Portrait: Odette Bellerose

Character Portrait: Sukuna Gojo

Is that really all you've got? Frankly, I hate winning points when it's too easy.

Character Portrait: Catherine Firilicus

Duel Revolver weilding hafl-elf

Character Portrait: Darkella

"It's sweet that my subjects treat me like a goddess, not like they have the choice."

Character Portrait: Feria, The Forbidden Blade

An Immortal Sword that can shapeshift into a human-like form

Character Portrait: Finny Lee

"Oh, me? Uh, I like meat and can do a triple aerial backflip followed by a handstand split twirl. Does that help?"

Character Portrait: Sir Alan Shakes

Once dead, now reforged in the Light

Character Portrait: Vanessa Le

A former intelligence agent for the Chinese special forces turned freelancer.

Character Portrait: Richard Leon


Character Portrait: Sharlene Johnson

Character Portrait: Rhaego Bes'bavar

"After the Clone Wars the Galaxy was divided into two halves; Rebels, and Imperials. This Marked an era known as the Galactic Civil War."

Character Portrait: Melanie Swiss

Music makes my heart beat.

Character Portrait: Sinoku

I'll ease your pain in the most humane way I know...

Character Portrait: Necros

A villainous, armored, armored master of shadows from the same universe as Daunte Peters.

Character Portrait: Terra Ray


Character Portrait: Isabella "Izzy" Clarton

An older sister without siblings who joined a Biker Gang to get away from the memories, the parents, and the depression.

Character Portrait: Risia Ocecier

"How much can I go through"

Character Portrait: Touyo Akanno

"Hold your tongue, before I take it."

Character Portrait: Kaitlyn Matthews

Character Portrait: Maelon

Character Portrait: Charlotte Carter

Always in the background.

Character Portrait: Fyrn Syvix

A very blunt, and straightforward elf. She may be edgy at times, but will always be sarcastic.

Character Portrait: Drah'g

Character Portrait: Dennis Riley

A former Delta Force soldier and werewolf, working with the Invictus as a covert operative.

Character Portrait: Eve'ris Mortœi

Character Portrait: Chip

Chip as in chipper. She is enthusiasm in abundance.

Character Portrait: Isiah Garronde

Character Portrait: Nurse Kris

Savin lives by daylight...Partying hard by moonlight...

Character Portrait: John Watson-James

"No, I'm not Sherlock Holmes' sidekick..."

Character Portrait: Darren Samson

Twenty-three is an awkward age. Puberty is long gone, and really you should have a job, but not this young man. He still busks and hopes to 'make it big'...

Character Portrait: Shattered Glass

Character Portrait: Stryfe

The current leader of the Invictus, known for her prowess as a tactician.

Character Portrait: Tae'keth Amandei Na'aishesh

Keth as he should be called casually in his people's grammar, is one of the Anchai'rae, a race from the Agris cluster. Ordinarily, Keth would have a Pair name along with his Self name of Keth, but that title was stripped from him when his brother died.

Character Portrait: Tristan Hellionsworth

Long, dark locks cascade over a beautifully pale, androgynous face. Enter Tristan Hellionsworth..

Character Portrait: Virin Kreschov

At a glance you wouldn't be able to see the battle scars left by his years with the Russian Air Force. He is, now, rarely seen outside of his lab-coat.

Character Portrait: Aka

12 year old witch in training. She has a black kitten named Daisuke. She just picked up a new freind, a dragon that she named Hiro

Character Portrait: Vethe

Character Portrait: Kanashiwa Tomoe

/ic Sexy hot awesome pretty

Character Portrait: Genghis Mike de Leonheart

Character Portrait: Alexi Colton Wolfe