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The Multiverse


The city of Eden is the epicenter of all habitation inside of Island. Its heavily guarded, and follows a strict monarchy. Its current Leader, Gabriel Taylor, has recently risen from the dead to lead Eden through a long awaited war. His presence, while causing comfort for some, causes great suspicion for others.

No weapons are allowed in the city, the closest thing being the soldiers who reside just outside of the city limits. A heavy military presence and the border and strict security protocols help enforce this policy.

(The center of the city, showcasing the town square and the legendary doorway)

The city is littered with houses and architecture reminiscent of the greeks. Fountains and public gardens are sprinkled through the small city. Deep within the center of the City lays a large set of carved marble doors. They're said to lead to the Temple of Eden, yet only the Hand's Of Eden dare enter the sacred pathway. As a result of the size of the city, very few houses exist within its limits. Citizens live in apartment buildings or above their places of work. Through aid from its various leaders, Eden has developed into quiet the extravagant city. The ancient, classical, center of the town is surrounded by highclass dining and alluring night life.

(An example of the more modernized parts of the city that surround its classical roots)
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Eden City

The city of Eden is the place where the majority of Eden's populace lives. It is heavily gated, protecting both its inhabitants and facilities.


Eden City is a part of Eden Isle.

4 Places in Eden City:

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Enzo Paris [30] He's that last puff of nicotine, that last drop of alchohol. He's a strawberry bathed in cyanide.
Daniel Fern [6] "Paging Dr. Pectorals, Paging Dr. Pectorals."
Violet Adonnenniel [6] I am not from this time or this place, yet this is my home. A creature of too many mixed bloods.
Kato Gordon [4] Don't let the dead bite.
Miss Multiverse [3] The Highly Acclaimed Miss Multiverse and World Renown Russian Super Model.
Aht [1] A little shaman, cute but dangerous
Bianca Autumn [0] Bianca is a rather clumsy, somewhat flighty young lady who makes her living as a pokemon researcher.
Mortikai [0]

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#, as written by WalterF
Aht wrapped her shawl tightly around herself, hurrying down the mostly empty streets. Why was it so cold in this city? It wasn't a very good place for the troupe to perform at all. Uncle Vanoss had better move them out as soon as they got the information they needed.

The young Satyros looked around. This place was so quiet and empty. What was up with that? There was only one man that she could see currently. He looked like he knew his way around the city. Maybe he could tell her why it was so empty. Thankfully her shawl was wind-proof and the fur on her legs kept her warm. Her face was freezing, though, and her ears felt like they were going to fall off. With a distinct clip-clop she approached the man. "Hello?"

Raphael E. McGregor has arrived, coming from Eden Isle.
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Raphael E. McGregor has arrived, coming from The Sovereign Country of Eden.
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Raphael E. McGregor has arrived, coming from Taylor's Bar.
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Cole Maibara materializes from the void.
Cole Maibara ascends towards Eden Isle.
Cole Maibara arrives, coming from Eden Isle.
Suddenly, a swirling vortex appears to the northeast. You can see something appear in that direction.
Raphael E. McGregor has arrived, coming from Munroe Auto Repair.
Raphael E. McGregor has left the area, heading northeast into Terra.
In a cacophony of obliteration, everything to the northeast vanishes.
Cole Maibara vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
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Renegade 581 has arrived, coming from The Sovereign Country of Eden.
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