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The Multiverse


North Coast of Ellaria
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Ellarian Tartarean Coast

North Coast of Ellaria


Ellarian Tartarean Coast is a part of Ellaria.

3 Characters Here

Urakena [10] Beautiful sea dragon with bioluminescent edges
The Turqoise Dove [9] A messenger dove, that carries spoken messages.
Frendor Falcon-Wind [6] Journeyman Elf-Wizard, disciple of the Arch-Wizard Elvaron, affiliated to the Fellowship of Light

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Character Portrait: AUK-53 Character Portrait: Sinfrost
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Solaris sits for a moment, thinking. Quite strange, I'll say. Steel is unyielding, and water is quite the opposite. I suppose that's something to think about.

He looks down at the ocean below, staring at the waves that crash into each other closer to the beach, and stares farther out, at the stillness of the ocean.

I am... very unfamiliar with gods. I have known only mortals, although I can be considered such only by extension of the term. He pauses for another moment. It's quite startling to suddenly be thrusted into a new environment, although I am made to adapt quickly...

He adjusts slightly where he's sitting, and then continues speaking. From the way I hear you say it, it sounds like this planet is made of raw nature, the energy in it's most solid form. A spirit of this place. Gaia.

He fiddles with one of his hands for a moment, flexing the joints around the spike of the dragon's armored skin.

I've never had such a noble cause to fight for.

Sinfrost has left the area, heading north towards Tartarean High Seas.
AUK-53 has left the area, heading north towards Mjötviðr; The Realms.
AUK-53 has left the area, heading north towards Mjötviðr; The Realms.
AUK-53 vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.