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The Multiverse


More information about the Empire can be found on the group page:

The Geographical Makeup of the Erutin Empire

The Erutin society is divided into geographic rings of settlement about the center district. Each ring, except for the first two, is then divided into ten sectors. As planets in each sector advance, a new census of the planets is taken the the sectors are redistricted to reflect their levels of development. The closer to the center a ring is, the higher the level of development experienced.

The relative layers of development also tend to follow along poverty lines. The outer most sectors are far below the poverty lines, while sector one consists largely of the sprawling estates of the most affluent families in the Erutin Empire.

The Sectors

Ring 1, Sectors 1

The most affluent of the sectors, the denizens of this sector are either hyper rich or work for the hyper rich in a service industry position. Much of the revenue from this sector is passive revenue, from investments that the people here have made. These are the movers and shakers of the Erutin economy, those who expect their opinion to be heard when they speak.

These planets often include sprawling estates, many of which might include forests, for light game hunting. Small, affluent resorts exist on some planets. For the most part, planets in this sector are pleasure planets or leisure planets, if they don’t contain the homes and estates of the super rich.

Ring 2, Sectors 2-10

Ring 2 contains the noveau rich, the affluent who either worked their way up from the upper middle class to the rich, or more likely, inherited their parents money and status. These people are movers and shakers, patrons of art and music, but less important than those in sector 1. Sectors 2-10 may contain business parks for these people to run their companies from, and contain a heavy service industry.

Planets in this sector often have sprawling megalopolises and only the minimal green area needed to maintain atmospheric and planetary integrity. Parks tend to be small and exclusively for those who can purchase membership.

Ring 3, Sectors 11-20

Strictly upper middle class, people in these sectors are mostly to be engineer, businessmen, or from other well paying jobs. Some factories will be in these sectors, but this is not common. Otherwise, Ring 3 contains a mix of leisure resort planet, business and service industry. Many of the best universities are in Ring 3.

Planets in this sector are a healthy mix of greenery, city, and industry. Population tends to be closely concentrated around business districts. There is usually an excess of greenery in the area for the denizens of the planets to enjoy while vacationing, or wanting to get away from city life.

Ring 4, Sectors 21-30

Many of the people in this ring are firmly in the middle class. Ring 4 contains some of the best medical universities, and is a research intensive ring for the most part. It is the most class-mixed of rings, with service sectors forming a large base for the large middle class to live off of. Factories are common here.

Planets in this sector tend to be relatively pleasant. Public parks and public libraries are common here. Planets tend to have a larger than needed amount of greenery. Businesses and the poor congregate in cities, but middle class workers tend to live in suburbs. Some rural agriculture still exists for basic foods.

Ring 5, Sectors 31-40

Upper lower class, the economy on these planet is dependent largely on stripping planets of their useful natural resources. Mining is a very common way of life here, and where mine aren’t, large agriculture plantations are. Agricultural planets tend to be the site of experimental techniques in this Ring. Despite this, mining is still the preferred form of work on these planets.

Many of the families on these planets do not have excess capital for vacation times, or many ‘basic’ forms of entertainment. The atmospheres in these planets tend to be clogged with the aerial byproducts of mining and refinement. While all basic needs may be met, families and persons in these sectors may not be able to afford excessive entertainment devices, such as console gaming platforms, and many only have public entertainment, such as public TV. Few from here attend universities.

Ring 6, Sectors 41-50

Consisting of more farms than mines, Ring 6 provides the majority of the Erutin’s food sources. This marks it as the beginning of the less developed planets. While often mostly, if not fully tamed, these planets remain teetering at the edge of what is considered civilized Erutin society.

Largely agricultural in nature, these planets feature large swaths of forest and natural areas. Often, the atmosphere remains planet, however denisons aren’t often able to take advantage of the natural wonders due to their need to work. Child labor is employed here. Children may not be able to finish their secondary education due to the need of their work on the farm.

Ring 7, Sectors 51-60

The beginning of ‘uncivilized’ Erutin society, Ring 7 often has the largest concentrations of subdued alien races, many of which are rapidly shrinking in population size. The sectors in this ring often include recently conquered worlds that have been properly ‘colonized’ by the Erutin people. That is, they have been fully integrated into Erutin infrastructure. Economy here largely consists of a military presence and the service industries consistent with this. Planets here may still be in the process of being fully categorized for their natural resources, including those of the natives.

Education systems tend to be piecemeal here. Children often travel long distances, so that they need not be in contact with any lesser species. The planets tend to be in much the same shape as when first taken over, if not severely damaged by war.

Ring 8, Sectors 61-70

Bearing a heavy military presence, planets in this ring are not yet fully categorized. Despite this, colonization is well underway and infrastructure is the name of the game here. Settlements here largely consist of subsistence farming, and the beginnings of service industries geared for the soldiers.

Planets in these sectors have scars of war clearly visible. Students in the sector rarely finish their full primary and secondary education, as construction work doesn’t necessarily require the full education spectrum. Planets tend to be left as they were found, with small Erutin civilian settlements, but large military ones.

Ring 9, Sectors 71-80

Bearing a heavy military presence, planets in this rings are not yet fully categorized. Colonization is often just beginning here, and conflict with the natives is common. Native sentients here are not yet subdued, and often give trouble to the Erutin who have come to conquer them.

Planets remain largely in their natural state here, if they have no sentients already on there. Settlements are small, and dotted with first wave colonists. Children are rare and often tutored at home. On planets with natives, conflict with the natives is very common.

Ring 10, Sectors 81-90

Planets in this sector have little economic value. Often, they are in the beginning stages of colonization and exploration of the planets. Many scientific research stations are in this area, as part of the effort to categorize the native flora and fauna and resources of the planets found. Militarization is medium, focused more on keeping territory than suppressing the natives.

Science stations tend to be space based. Planets without natives are untouched except for initial planetside explorers and very small settlements. The settlements tend to be widely spaced, and dependent on space travel to get needed supplies. Any students are tutored via distance learning.

Ring 11, Sectors 91-100

The true Frontier of the Erutin Empire, settlements here are very sparse, except along the border with the former Hegemony of Aligned Systems. There, a buildup and business and pleasure locations has occurred, along with a military presence along the outer edges of this ring. Here is where First Contact most often occurs. There is little active economic value in these sectors, except for those against the Hegemony border.

Planets may or may not have settlements, and many are still being discovered. Most have not had even the beginnings of exploration begin. Families are very rare, except in the most populated places, such as along the border. These planets show signs of rapid settlement expansion to cope with the new alliance with the Hegemony.

Ring 12, the former Hegemony of Aligned Systems
Unlike much of the Erutin Empire, the Hegemony of Aligned Systems lies outside the usual ring system, having once been it’s own empire, equal in size and might to the Erutin. Ring 12, then is a mishmash of industrial and pleasure planets, agricultural and business planets. It has a heavy military presence but high economic value in general.

Most of the planets have large cities on them, the former Heg occasionally not even keeping enough greenery to satisfy keeping the air of the planet relatively clean to breath. Presence of biological erutin is rare, given the xenophobic nature of the populace, but increasing as the rights of population of the scatterrans go down steadily.
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Erutin Imperial Space

Home of the Erutin Empire, travel in and out of the empire is carefully monitored. Legal travel only occurs along specified space lanes, and most visitors will be confined to planets in the outer ring of the empire.


Erutin Imperial Space is a part of Intergalactic Space.

1 Places in Erutin Imperial Space: