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The Multiverse


A forest enveloped in chilly air. Thick stands of trees turn the forest into a natural maze, posing a significant risk of getting lost. Despite this, many trainers hang out here for the most part. Deep in the forest is the Old Chateau, an eerie mansion having fallen into disrepair after it's owner abandoned it. Grass and bug pokemon are found everywhere except Old Chateau, where they seem to avoid as if death itself awaits them inside. Visitors to the chateau have reported seeing apparitions of ghostly beings that flee from their sight, and ghost pokemon haunt the inside. Portraits seem to watch you, and though electricity is long gone the appliances sometimes turn on to greet you. A dark feeling hangs heavy in the air, it's source never revealing itself.

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Eterna Forest

A forest enveloped in chilly air. Thick stands of trees turn the forest into a natural maze. Deep in the forest is the Old Chateau, an eerie mansion having fallen into disrepair after it's owner abandoned it.


Eterna Forest is a part of Sinnoh.

13 Characters Here

George(Infernape) [28] "How's it hangin'? Get it? Hangin', 'cause I'm a monkey? Eh, y'all are no fun."
Elisabeth Gautier [5] "Without eyes, I can see more than most can even with them."
Dusknoir [4] This feared Pokemon is said to travel to worlds unknown. Some even believe that it takes lost spirits along with it.
Diabolos Karamanero [3] A scheming Malamar that intends to show Humanity the error of it's ways through manipulation and villainy. However, his sense of loyalty towards one trainer impedes him from going further down the dark road.
Princess Dredear [2] A fancy Lilligant who thinks she's a literal Princess, her past is shrouded in mystery. Everyone loves her regardless.
Nazar Zoroark [2] Brother of Addanc, he mostly follows his brother around, as he has nothing better to do, shares many of his brother's ideals, and enjoys the idea of trolling Humans. He is the larger of the two.
Jessica Stark [2] Jessica Stark is a laid back country style pokemon trainer.
Addanc Zoroark [2] A Zoroark with a large hatred of Humans, he aims to show them exactly what his beef is with their methods through inflicting it upon them. He is the smaller of the two.
Spectra Mumargi [2] A mischievous ghost who likes to have fun. She more or less works with Team Flatter and Diabolos because she has nothing more interesting to do.

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Suddenly, a swirling vortex appears to the southwest.
Leanne (Leavanny) has left the area, heading southwest into ce6c81432c628b9c7b36c323758b3400.