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Gambit's Bar

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Originally a run-down shack of a dive, Gambit's Bar has grown over the years into one of Wing City's most popular attractions.

SinfulSoul holds sovereignty over Gambit's Bar, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Gambit's Bar has grown over the years from a tiny dive into a well-kept service with the hustle and bustle of a steady flow of patrons at all hours of the day. The bar interior is currently located within an extra-planar pocket dimension with entrances and access points located all across the Multiverse. Its most well known access point is that of Wing City.

A bar spanning the entire left wall carries every alcohol this side of the galaxy has to offer, and some expensive rarities that serve as attractions for the travelers passing through. There are booths and tables scattered throughout the bar and what music might be playing comes from an internal stereo system. The stage and DJ equipment had long been removed as Gambit’s always was considered a bar, not a club. The roof was also reworked to get rid of the unnecessary rafters, opening it up like it was meant to be. Since the bar was beneath the hotel, the rafters weren’t needed and were a little strange looking. Also removed was all of the self-ordering screens since there was plenty of staff to take not just drink orders, but food orders as well.

A series of nine floors is stacked above, outfitted with rooms and service to accommodate them, culminating in a rooftop vista of the weathered city surrounding the building. While the entire structure isn't entirely invincible, it had been reinforced by Trantor Industries' best technologies after repeated attempts (some successful, and some not so much) to upset Gambit's place of business, presumably as a vendetta against the cajun himself.

The Staff

Remy LeBeau – Played by SinfulSoul

Managers/Current Owners:
Gabrielle LeBeau – Played by Faithy
Renee LeBeau – Played by Faithy

Assistant Manager:
Harriet – Played by Disdain

Head of Security:
Jegun Lobos – Played by Lobos

Zaria Busto – Played by Moonscar
Norrington – Played by Patcharoo
Drew Callahan – Played by Architect
Zekil – Played by Zenia
Aiya – Played by Patcharoo
Dom – Played by ViceVersus

Note: If a PC bartender isn't available, the bar is assumed to be manned by NPC staff.


Gambit's Bar is a player operated business, with player controlled security. If you are going to engage in violence, you must allow time for the defending parties (the bar security players) to get online and respond.

As per the Multiverse rules: All actions must allow for the opportunity of the impacted characters to respond.

The impacted characters include the bar security on duty.

Gambit's Bar

Originally a run-down shack of a dive, Gambit's Bar has grown over the years into one of Wing City's most popular attractions.


Gambit's Bar is a part of The Gambit Building.

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