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The Multiverse



The Garden of Eden is in reality, no garden. The Garden Of Eden is a large stretch of land that takes over nearly half of the island. Mountaintops extend into heavily forested plots of land and sandy shores. This sacred ground belongs to no man. For that reason, The Sovereign Country Of Eden only extends so far from the center of the island. What border which separates the two is heavily guarded, separated by tall walls and armed men. Only one road escapes the City and dares to venture through the sacred land. Whether the heavy security is meant to keep people in, or keep things out, is unknown.
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Garden of Eden

The garden of God, it holds the Tree of Knowledge and The Tree of Life. The entrance to the garden is guarded by the angel Uriel.


Garden of Eden is a part of Heaven.

1 Places in Garden of Eden:

7 Characters Here

The Paragon [14] "We are Forerunners, Guardians of all that Exists...the Mantle of Responsibility is ours alone"
Ulaerius Sanguise [2] The Couldronmaster, Plaguebringer, and Malicious
Cinc Gracier (Cancer) [2] Founder of the ambitious society only known as Zodiac
Ryuunonne [2]
Swan the River King [1] "True hunger never fades"

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Swan the River King has arrived, coming from Temple of Eden.


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Character Portrait: Ryuunonne Character Portrait: The Paragon Character Portrait: drake windstorm Character Portrait: Cinc Gracier (Cancer) Character Portrait: Swan the River King Character Portrait: Ulaerius Sanguise
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#, as written by Sepokku
 “ Sorry Uriel, but you aint shit ”