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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: Jacklynn

A soldier girl devoted and determined to serve her own own people

Character Portrait: Darth Arack: The Dark God

The Ruler Of The Dark Sith Order.

Character Portrait: Elizabeth el

She was raped and fakes a smile and is scared of men

Character Portrait: Jonare

A man who has never had to defend, till now.

Character Portrait: AAA Dumpster Rental Of Union City

Garbage Dump Service, Dumpster Rental Service

Character Portrait: Lisa DragonFury

A bold girl with an adventurous spirit and a kind heart

Character Portrait: Aiden Draw

Pan, female, BNHA quirk: Aim, idk-

Character Portrait: Deminimi

An op Demon!!

Character Portrait: dubnugget

im a daboof

Character Portrait: Tr0sT

Character Portrait: Ruby Jackson

She Is A Kind Caring Person Unless You Hurt Her Friends. Then You Will Wish You Was Never Born...

Character Portrait: Tim Wilson

Founder of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions.

Character Portrait: Kylie Welsh

Character Portrait: Kylie Lodge

Character Portrait: Kaylee Lodge

Character Portrait: Pandora Stone

Character Portrait: javier

Character Portrait: Theo Zang

Theo was born in Michigan where his father was "lost" while scuba diving he now lives in Main.

Character Portrait: AKIRUKI YAKURI

Character Portrait: AKIUTIS AKOEO

Character Portrait: Luna Knight

Sassy, Sarcastic, rude, loyal, insensitive

Character Portrait: Haz Caldon

A young smuggler known as "The Hare" due to his appearance and skillset. Despite his two prosthetic legs he still takes on almost any work, especially those with high risk..

Character Portrait: Roman Reings

El mejor luchador de WWE

Character Portrait: Tasu Kagunoe

Character Portrait: Mitch Agile

A kid displaced from home, in search of a place to settle and friends to make.

Character Portrait: Neoma

Neoma looks mostly like a human girl, except for her large, pale brown wings and her wide amber eyes, like those of an owl. She's also skilled at hunting, archery, and flying, and quite intellegent. She's very quiet and observant, and has a good memory.

Character Portrait: Kujo

Character Portrait: Balkane Shu

A young apprentice elf wizard in search of the fountain of life.

Character Portrait: moon mist

nick name is:storm,echo or moon mist

Character Portrait: Abramo Ricci

| Male | Spin User | Human | 26 |

Character Portrait: Ukiko Hohki

A tough but kind yokai with demon horns.

Character Portrait: Sebastian Otea

"My faith in humanity is like a candle in the wind, one second it's lit, the next.... well you know the rest.' -Sebastian

Character Portrait: Toga Himiko

Spit personality, insane

Character Portrait: Bloodshed

Character Portrait: Slendea

Slenderman's daughter

Character Portrait: pitzajot

Somos los mejores cerrajeros que podrás encontrar

Character Portrait: XxDarkAngelxX

I'm a hybrid warrior

Character Portrait: Jerrard "Jared" Harbor

Character Portrait: Tim/Masky

Tim has DID and his other personality is Masky

Character Portrait: Dillan

Im really friendly

Character Portrait: Bloody Crystal

she is just like bloody painter since she is his twin sister and her crush is Eyeless Jack

Character Portrait: Hope of Genesis

A woman with no memories, lost and terrified. She's looking for answers, but has no clues.

Character Portrait: Beautrix

Wildass demon lady! Likes eating fast food and Pepsi, does not much fear the future at all

Character Portrait: Corii

A robot without a past.

Character Portrait: Iessi Uoduoyh

This character holds the power of an infinite number of dragons. They are all located in his arms. They turn into gauntlets on command.

Character Portrait: Lunabell

Half wolf, nice, single, innocent bean, will help anyone, very selfless, and loves to eat and sleep!

Character Portrait: Jace Vark

What can be said about him other than he's a bounty hunter lookin' for trouble.

Character Portrait: Silveris Nine

Made of water and uses telekinesis.

Character Portrait: Dawn Gorgaly

WereWolf Demon Vampire Creature

Character Portrait: Nikos Stavropoulos

A CRF Officer having one hell of a first day

Character Portrait: Azzaam al-Rahim

Caliph of the Haamid Caliphate

Character Portrait: Akita Ardain

A demon lady with a love for traveling.

Character Portrait: Sariel Kyrrus

"I don't regret a moment of it. 10,000 brothers marching across barren plains as they unleashed volleys of fury upon our enemy? Not for all the glory and riches in the galaxy would I trade the memories of those wars."

Character Portrait: Wynona Vesper

This Space Unicorn doesn't quite deliver rainbows all around the world but she is still magical none the less!