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The Multiverse


The Glendathu star system. It's home to a race of humans known as the Oberon, situated on the planet Klendath. The system is filled with orbiting rocks, and is rather dangerous to navigate without advanced shields or a ship that can take some damage. There's a large space station here, and some ships frequent it, travelling around the solar system. They aren't a galactic power yet, but they're working on it.
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The Glendathu star system.


Glendathu is a part of RA-619.

1 Places in Glendathu:

2 Characters Here

C.U. Strycker [23] A Colonial Union ship named after the war hero Strycker.
Grayson Mantz [5] War veteran, Now a bounty hunter/assassin

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The Mithril Voyager


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Character Portrait: Exogarden Forces Character Portrait: Maxus Sywell Character Portrait: C.U. Strycker Character Portrait: Grayson Mantz
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Suddenly, as if by divine intervention, one of the nearby stars detonates. As a G-Type, it was expected that it would flare up over the next few billion years, slowly expanding to engulf the nearby planetary bodies on its way to burnout and its final extinguishment phase, but this was an out of the ordinary occasion. In almost an instant, the plasma surrounding the fusion reaction collapsed inward, taking just over a minute to arrive at the star's neutron-rich center before reflecting back out in a cacophony of turbulent waves scattered across the entire spectrum. An immense gravitational wave blasts outward, detectable only by the most advanced of civilizations, but one that would summon immense interest in this bizarre, seemingly chance event.


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The automaton studied the polearm, HOMER’s blocky skull tilting just slightly. If the machine had a face, it would have been one twisted into surprise. “Now that is a weapon: I believe the exchange of gifts is integral for communication in this culture!”

Cooper looked at the weapon as well: one of the first things that the Oberon might have noticed about the Gardenites was their size, easily a head and a half taller. Though the Captain was “slim” even in comparison, that meant that the weapon offered was, to put it one way, the perfect size for Cooper. “Old made new, I like it,” He began, taking it in his hands and turning it over slightly this way and that.

Perhaps it was the strange uniform he wore, and the almost perfect stance he kept as he tested the weight of the weapon but only one thing was clear about the mysterious spaceman that had appeared out of the very bowels of the ship: him and his kind were made for war. The automaton, on the other hand, rose a three-pronged hand of its own up as a hologram burst to life of the Coalition sigil, called the suryasta, as the vessel’s quantum communications array reached thousands of lightyears to the planet of Bathe in the Charybdian Shores.

”What a wonderful gift! I’m sure an Interstellar Ranger will have plenty of use for a weapon like this, the Nations will most certainly be pleased!”


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"Time has passed."

The President, Maxus Sywell, addresses his country. From a space station 'heavily' protected by the entirety of the Colonial Union's fleet, he addresses his people, as well as those who had been kind to them, ICON.
"As we now see, we are but insignificant compared to the reach and span of these many higher powers. We have made mistakes along the way, namely in contacting few, which for a time we sat in fear of. In these recent times we have started to expand our reach peacefully, in hopes of spreading our minute influence across this vast Multiverse. 'We have nothing but time,' we told ourselves."

"Well. Time has passed, and we have nothing to show for it. A few outposts on nearby planets, hesitant exploration of others. We are still insignificantly established to these who have had so much more time than us."
"I address, today, not only those who we have been friendly with, but also those who we have lived in fear of for these past two years. Today, we strike out against our fear, although perhaps futilely, we are ready to challenge the ultimate opposition."
"I am declaring a holy war. May the Wind be at our backs, guiding us forward to this fearsome opponent, throwing the sands into their terrible visage. We will fight to the last able-bodied citizen. We will leave a lasting impression on these barbarians who have stolen, unlawfully, members of our peaceful expedition, and have likely killed or imprisoned them, never to be recovered."
"Today, we will pay back a thousandfold what they have taken from us in blood. I hereby mobilize our standing navy in an assault against these Imperials."
"May the Wind guide us."
The vast assortment of ships launch, firing themselves into the outer reach of Aschen space.