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The Multiverse



Craggy, lush, and tall mountains roil like green sea waves here, stretching on farther than one can see. They serve as beautiful guardians, providing the realm with shelter from the Lowlands, and harbouring the many cities, and secret places within. Most of these are etched into the very stone, for no natives dare stray too far from their peaks. A dark, supernatural shroud of mist has long settled in the low vlleys, and it is not to be trifled with.

Legends do speak of a handful of smaller cities, and settlements that exist beneath the fog, but they all reek of magic, and exaggerations.

The transportation here is mainly airbone, with VTOLs being the most common. Planes, and helicopters exist as well to take on the role of taxi services to the more remote locations. Future City leads the way however, it's famed Grav-Line linking all major cities.
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Gonthar Highlands

Here lays the modernized, fast-paced, and mountainous nothern stretch of Gonthar Island. From the glimmer of Future City, to the ancient, lost jungles of Gelembria, the Highlands await.


Gonthar Highlands is a part of Gonthar.

1 Places in Gonthar Highlands:

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The Maccabian Janissaries [5] An elite Astra Militarum regiment united by their zealous faith in the God-Emperor and composed of the finest members of the Maccabian militia who follow in the footsteps of their great patron, the Imperial Saint Drusus.
Tolyl the Unbinder [2] Lesser of Myrkul's Vein, the weapon of wrath.

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The Immaterium was a place expansive and empty used by many as a place to skip quickly about the material world. Some immersed in it protecting from the horrors within with a Gellar field and others long ago built sealed channels through it to protect from incursion. A young race, the Tau, could do little more than dive into the layer for a time before being shot back to the surface. Computers carefully managing the path through the Immaterium to prolong their dive and push through reality. One in such a dive noticed an oncoming area of ease through the endless warp deflecting ever so slightly toward the area. The channel of slight but growing stability the computer determined to slow their inexorable ejection into normal space. However, a third option remained, and the light behind them in that tunnel approached quicker than they were able to see in the endless dark.

The light approaching within that tunnel was Tolyl the Unbinder, a titan serving an immensity of a psionic collective, with a dragon's face as wide as a battle barge and four times its length. Its helmet and reactive armor on its own enough to repel attacks of warp fauna its body and will shaped the immaterium ahead of it. The transection engine was a thing that quieted the rage of the immaterium then steamrolled trough as the engine of war raced from place to place to go about his duties. When the slight blip of a transport ship's envelope appeared in the short horizon Tolyl noticed it though a discerning eye sensed no humankind upon it. The train continued choosing to ignore the unspecting bug its sensors screaming paranoia about a quieting immaterium the force racing upon them now deflecting its course.

Tolyl crossed the short span of the Tau's awareness into the dark in moments having no psykers among them to see very far. An ignorant eye paying no attention to the ship pounding into its massive helmet reflecting away from the Immaterium. There were already a line of corpses of warp fauna shredded in its wake their engine's envelope keeping the Tau ship alive even though at the impact point the sheer momentum imparted by an immaterium strike liquified the minds of those too close to that side of the outer hull. No more attention paid to it than the other creatures thrown to the immaterium in shards of ash and salt their immortal substance ground down into psimass, annihilated unworthy obstacles.

The ship entered realspace above the highlands in a massive fiery flash as Tolyl's transection engine ejected the materially bound object back to whence it came. A blue flash led to a orange fireball that lit up the night sky and much of the highlands. The shockwave hitting moments later just ahead of a ship trailing immolated metal and plasma. At a sharp angle to one of the cliffs it hit hard to the rocky substance compacting and melting a channel straight down as it skidded its violated engine envelope away. Perhaps the transport might have survived if not for another pilot meeting an unfortunate train of wrath. A thunderhawk pilot with little time to dodge and less room flying through the channel.

The two ships impacted with a scream of armor heading straight down the angled cliff face. Shrapnel and suffering entered both ships as they seared across a heavy forested floor then came to rest. Crews as mangled as the two ships now were.

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Titus' fist smashed into the cheap fabriwood desk in front of him. The faux-mahogany vinear shattering almost as badly as his little finger. Not that the Lieutenant cared, or even noticed through all the rage. An entire contingent of Astartes, and a blessed Thunderhawk wiped clean off the face of the Materium by an errant xenos vessel. And now of all times!

The Guardsmen proceeded to flip the cheap furniture, watching it splinter against the rock walls of his cave-base. What did it matter, the Tech Priest was probably going to lobotomize him for his failure anyway.

"How the hell am I supposed to evac a fucking island, and save a hero of the Imperium when it's raining thronedamned TAU!" Taking a deep breath, and attempting to compose himself Lt. Titus smoothed out the wrinkles of his greatcoat with his good hand. It was unlike him, or any of the stalwart Maccabians, to succumb to any emotion - let alone anger - like that, but the recent stress of his command had been mounting. The Adeptus Mechanicus had all too recently hijacked their mission, and driven them into the misty vallies. Vox barely worked down here, men went missing, things scratched at the cavern walls all night. It was worse than a Forge World.

Lord Commissar Ciaphas Cain sending out a planet-wide evacuation orders thanks to his vainglorious coup attempt on the mainland was just the last straw.

With grit teeth Titus scooped his now battered Lasgun up from the ground, slung it over his shoulder, and stomped out of his "private abode." A Privage was waiting at the cave mouth, snapping a quick salute, and braved adressing the disgruntled officer.

"Sir Titus! I couldn't help overhearing your...Displeasure.." Titus grunted in response, shooting the man a glare that suggested he speak quickly, or submit himself to a Commissar. "A second Thunderhawk, Josephus' Spear, is primed, and airborne already. The Iron Hands are undaunted."

"Good, and of course they are lad. Those men lose a limb, and take it as a challenge. ETA?"

The Private nodded, jogging to keep up with the Officer who had yet to break his stride. "Fifteen, assuming we don't get another Tau care package, heh."

"Keep the gallows shit to yourself, private." Snapped the Lt. Finally stopping just to turn, and make eye contact. "We just lost ten of the Emperor's finest. Don't cheapen it." Titus had very little use for the small Cadian contingent assigned to the 50th Maccabian. They had the fighting skill, and the know-how to keep up, but not the respect to fit in.

"Y-yes sir..A-about that, actually..." The two resumed their brisk pace, the younger man trailing just behind. With a lot less enthusiasm. "Maybe we haven't."

"If you're about to suggest heresy, don't. Go throw yourself off the nearest cliff instead, and save me the bloody lasround."

"N-no, sir! I was stationed over in Wing City, sir. Met a guy, Otto Hanning, one of the poor sods the Jinhai 'patched up..'"

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Among the Janissaries were a few sanctioned psykers never too far from a force projection or base. Most regiments needed them to fight the worst enemies of the Imperium. This particular one press-ganged by the Lt. to go get the attention of some of the Emperor's new allies to save their troops. While normally he'd be indignant of the task the information the guards imparted interested him. Creatures of the mind returned fallen guard in Wing City to life. A great many of them with no sign of corruption or chaos in them. One in particular gaining a rather feral resistance to death or Immaterium with a growing tale among the guardsmen spreading by reassignment. These Jinhai had forged a guard in image of Saint Darsus the man apparently rising back into life from even an immolated husk. Holy power wrought in the name the God-Emperor coursing through their faceless bodies recast a broken frame in His image. As told by dubious accounts untainted and incorruptible he stood back up after the wrath of a chaos sorcerer. Returning to holy service the black corruption of the Immaterium burning away from his frame under the light of the God-Emperor.

While the mundanes were certainly exaggerating there was no question in them that this Otto, melted flesh nearly to bone simply walked out of a bunker. Cooked meat and armor clearly resurrecting on his frame. Probably nearly shot until his armor grew back if the damage were true. A source of mental power close to the Emperor of absent the impurity of the immaterium? Praise Him and pass the ammo. Though he wondered what the Inquisition thought of the God-Emperor's new ally.

At the site of the wreckage he got a first hand view of the carnage. Whatever hit the Tau ship he could still feel the impact which had demolished the tau souls inside. Periodically they had to dodge falling hunks of ash in the shape of demons Though none living had been found despite troops moving from impact to impact putting out fires arising in the mist. Whatever they had met in the Immaterium was a friend to neither Tau nor the creatures of the warp. The unfortunate thunderhawk was just in the wrong place.

They set down and the psyker's senses balked. The whole area reeked of a blank as if something bunt the warp out of it but other than a faint tinnitus didn't seem to have any effect on his mental state. If anything he felt abnormally calm as unease turned to empty placidity but not his power.

So he did as the men asked while pushed toward the wreckage and reached out toward Wing City in search of the creatures. The city was ablaze with small choral sounds moving about the undercroft of the city. Perhaps the Jinhai? The telepath was drawn instead by a great flare of psychic power in some strangely disused building on a distant street. As he approached and called out to what he thought was Jinhai did the great hand of what he thought the God-Emperor drag him across time and space to somewhere altogether different than the Immaterium. Rather than a blasted place of negative emotion this was just placid grass in all directions a giant black column extending upward from a mountain. Angled spires in all direction with hooded creatures much like Mechanicus working in all directions reaping grass. An empty city growing around the mountain itself.

In a halting voice before finding his footing the Psyker entreatied, "Emperor? H-Holy Emperor, We humbly petition for your servitors Jinhai to send aid. A great many necessary soldiers have fallen in an enemy vessel. Those that can be saved we ask for them to return to service as with the Imperial Guard you've risen in Wing City."

The sky opened with clouds evading a four-flared maw the black column a mountain wide opened contact rattling the foundation of his psyche, "We are known as Myrkul's Vein. Eternal in service to the Living Emperor of Mankind. Your request is heard... and granted. In order to receive a psychoportation you must first be purged of all Chaos."

He swallowed his awe in seeing the golden light of the Emperor somewhere within the massive creature that said in its massive monotone, "Prepare, it is the Living Emperor's will that his servants be clean."

The psyker felt this Myrkul enter his mind and defenses without contest. Bits of corruption built over service and exposure to the Immaterium scurrying in his mind now desperate for a place to escape. Myrkul gave it none as blue poured through his whole being every part of his life flashing through his eyes as Myrkul scoured every memory. In the dark and forgotten places of his mind the Chaos energy was violently eaten by worms of the overbeing no less than it deserved by a servant of the God-Emperor.

Elated by the purging of chaos by his Emperor's hand the slack-jawed Psyker eyed warily by Imperial-guard turned to a willful scowl. Ground smoking as if smouldering under the fires once more the psyker raised an nearly unintelligible howl in high gothic as the land underneath him exploded in expressions of pure order. Stone and metal reformed straight or obelisks with hymns to the God-Emperor shaped by his subconscious. Grass quivered and grew back in steel fronds waving in time with a waning burst of light. The Janissaries retreating with haste to cover at the onslaught waiting for word from their superiors. Smouldering land ceased as the psyker recovered with a shaking deflated weakness though his mind clearer of whispers in the dark than ever had it been.

He raised a hand kneeling to earth in front of a hymnal bearing stone, "The God-Emperor's new willful throne, Myrkul's Vein, has answered your plea. In purifying me of Chaos it now sends aid."

It felt like lighting striking as creatures raced through him pounding into reality toting large cognizance vaults. Several dozen Jinhai, faceless expressions of a fallen Emperor, looking about with four spark eyes to converge on the Lieutenant in silent question of what must be done. The Psyker breathing haggard and twitching as the strikes abated and the full complement arrived.

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The intense light display was as alarming as it was awe inspiring. Within moments each, and every Guard had their lasgun leveled at the psyker's skull, primed to reduce the poor sod to little more than a pile of soot. None of the layman were able to tell the difference between the abrupt cleansing, and a daemonic surge. Although both were likely grounds for execution, the grim background of all the ashen warpspawn falling around them didn't help much either. It was only Titus' steadily raised hand that stayed a swift volley.

If the Mechanicus didn't execute him, the Inquisition would at this rate.

His mouth was halfway open, the order to hold fast forever caught in his throat as the cadre of Jinhai sprang out their Psyker. Lt. Titus visibly jolted at their sudden appearance, retreating back a few steps, and readying his own rifle. Just in case. After all he's learned all too quickly that this Emperor-forsaken "Terra" was the land of bullshit, things trying to kill you, and heresy.

"Do we uh, do we shoot whatever the hell these are, sir?" Came a trembling voice from behind him, the uncertainty oozed rookie.

Titus, maintaining eye contact with as many of the blue sparks as he could. A difficult task considering there were sixteen of them. Still, they weren't showing any signs of aggression, and the psyker did claim assistance was on the way. Among other things. "No, at ease men. I think." His tone was everything but confident. "I think this is our 'assistance,' and knowing our luck.."

The twenty odd Guardsmen lowered their weapons, adopting a universally uncomfortable demeanour.

Their Lt. however attempted to roll with it as best he could. The knowledge of his inevitable execution as a heretic probably helped. "You..There..Robe..Guys. Tech Priests? Whatever you are," he gestured at the twisted heap of Imperial, and Tau wreckage. "Can you, uh..'Fix' this? I have a Valkyrie to board, and I'd like to have my vanguard breathing again."

"Or uh, walking, and shooting at least."

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They didn't introduce themselves in specific and spoke in turn among the group. The set with cognizance vaults quietly turned around to collate themselves pouring together into a writhing dune. Then stood up a sixteen many nearly 4.5m tall. Its large gloved hands taking the now small geode canisters in hand and moving to the wreckage. It hefted large chunks of wreckage after deforming closer to inspect them.

One four-many looked directly at the rookie spark-eyes drifting the dusty voice ever placid, "Do not shoot servitors. Jinhai currently contain delicate tools. Remanifesting them is inconvenient."

Another taller eight-many replied to Titus directly as two merged together for more complex abstractions, "We are Jinhai. Manifestation servitors of Myrkul's Vein, overbeing under the will of the Living Emperor. Tech priests sustain the Living Emperor's machine spirits. We repair the spirits of humankind under the Living Emperor. We will rekindle the Thunderhawk with currently known structures."

Another looked toward the Psyker as the eight-many left to begin manufacturing stone platforms with human-shaped recesses, "The Immaterium has been temporarily suppressed in this locality centered on the tainted humankind. The envelope will diminish as the humankind inevitably re-attunes with the Immaterium. Ensure security of the tainted humankind while work is ongoing. Resources are arriving."

One knelt as they dispersed to wreckage, as much as a thing can without bones, hands held wide focusing on a small firefly of light. The psychoportation mote flared as an administratum flared in from a collection of white cloth scraps carrying a bundle of sixteen meter-long rods. Each rod with deployable legs and a twist-pull activation from Gunnac's small munitorum at Wing City. Built by a techmarine it had the ornate gold common to the imperium its Sides labeled with Gunnac's name, seal of mechanicus at its top, and the imperial eagle along its length. The hollow white robe floated with little effort under load up to Titus.

As much their banal voices allowed the Administratum listed contents genially, "Adminstratum munitorum provides Twelve psyport manifestation homers localized to Wing City Imperium asset repository due to ongoing conflict. Contents - Four Hyperios missile platform, four twin linked assault cannon tarantula sentry, two 'potentia' Regenerative charged Munitorum arrays, Genesis psychoportation homer, Wen servitor transfiguration carapace. Are their any further requisitions while unbound highmass conduits are possible?"

Meanwhile, the Jinhai consider how to implement their task. A small group of four many stand among the wreckage as others acquire bodies and quantify the amount of sapience lost in the wreckage. They did not recognize the type of ship but could compose a functional servitor as requested. There were parts missing from many humankind as the dune-faced servitors drifted into rent holes to inspect equipment. The eight-many in particular brought a single mostly-intact guard to placate them with stasis in a gentle brush of its hand. As compatible organs and limbs arrived the eight many adjusted concordance of the humankind vessel then affixed the donor parts. Bloody rents in the bodies pulling together as a dusty tornado at its fingertips draws wounds together then fuses it shut. The tau were not so lucky the discordant bodies sorted but segmented away from the rest of the Imperium's own though a problem soon became evident.

One held up two legs, "These two pieces are not from compatible humankind the blue is very low potential though observed entangled sparks are very intercompatible with each other."

Another noted, "The sparks are tightly impressed and cannot be easily removed from their bonded surfaces as the thrones of mankind are destroyed. They cannot be rekindled."

"Impressed sparks on the mass are observed to recover from aether hysteresis likely induced by mass psychometric impact. Further degradation of the gestalt state by exposure to tainted aether has been arrested." Said another mistaking the souls starting to mingle from Tolyl's smashing of their immortal beings into metal for a diminished form of a collective psyker intellect inherent to the ship.

The sixteen-many distributed its own manifold for the puzzle pieces unknowingly perpetuating a misunderstanding and sparking new stable design among the Jinhai, "Humankind vessel concordance can be reimaged into a high-coherency aether core. Redundant humankind artifact can be repurposed for a core reliquary. Compatible regulating entities for interfacing with weapons and engineering systems have been found. The other humankind observed are ideal for autonomic and engineering functions. Presumed fully segmented from executive rights to provide aether-hardened executive support to humankind while not diminishing requested combat readiness."

A single four-many sealed their common fate and damned the Tau to servitude though perhaps saving them all from the warp, "A concordance is reached. Adaptations to specialize the nonconformant humankind will be implemented as necessary."

Work went quickly flashes of sparks and manifestation flares as the Jinhai bent metal to shape reconnecting metal hull and forging brushed grey metal sinew out of translucent billets of raw ferroplasm. As they moved equipment to build or bent it open discovered guard remainders were extracted from the Thunderhawk. Intact bodies, or at least the heads, instead carried lifeless to the eight-many instead. Repaired with the intact substance of their brethren plenty enough in spare parts but those not smashed against the hull or immolated are shortly exhausted. At the end five Astartes in smooth refurbished armor lay in the human-shaped depressions covered in a fine ectoplasmic hoar. As Adolefactus completed rekindling the anchored spirit to its throne they took breaths once more, or perhaps yelled in continuation of their last thought, the hoar flashes from them in lucent steam with the rekindling of life. Most fall from their slabs after putting eyes on Titus then after drunken stumbling for a moment rejoin to their brethren away from the Xenos now ignoring them dematerializing the slabs they left.

Smashed bodies and nearby spirits now lacking a suitable throne of mankind to sustain them received a different fate. As did all the Tau and after purification the remainders of any tainted humankind onboard. A huge ferroplasm sphere took shape as Jinhai carefully oriented and manifested the aether core to integrate. Bones cleansed and marked with words of the Living Emperor affixed in patterns to offer a place for the spirits within the core to anchor. Other work spaces appeared from harvested boulders exploding in shrapnel as green beams from the Jinhai reorganized them. Similar turning of meaty human sinew to ferroplasm leg cording then weaving together for a new cord of the legs. The largest a torso work plate where internal ferroplasm spars and compartments took shape showing it easily standing among reaver-class titan as the legs and arms took shape too.

Unlike Mechanicus they had less compulsion to avoid Xeno technology however had slowly gained an understanding of how the 'machine spirit' was to integrate with the components. Gunnac ensured they were taught. Synthetic thought it may be the nature of a mind's utilization of components they well understood if more in ritual nature than themselves. The Tau components were duly altered to service the machine spirit within the Thunderhawk. Layers of redundant aetheric feeding coils and shielding arrays assembled onto the aether core. Motilization and data networks housed in protected conduits capable of minor self-manifestation under the will of inner humankind bound to the Aether Core. Jinhai's own ferroplasmic structures and energy manifolds replacing the pseudo synaptic relays finding them less fit to protect or conduct human cognition while interfacing with a machine spirit. The Tau computer less familiar and found lacking in a machine spirit pattern was dismantled for its parts. The machine spirit connected to many extradimensional redundancies or compnents among the Titan's interior altering them according to the burgeoning collation of souls migrating to the aether core.

As the networks optical, transdimensional, and conductive were slaved to the machine spirit they rebooted the computer with enough of the souls now arrived. The Aether core quietly flared with blue light then a high soft lilting from inside a platoon's howl of loyalty from somewhere inside as a fusion core ignited. The husk of the new titan sprouting equipment under quiet leather gloves assembling or affixing parts darting over to them with a flare of ferroplasm or manifested mass. Legs arrived held by two eight-many weaving into the mass then emerged too-large engines from the flexible inner tangle. Ferroplasm cords and thunderhawk armor lined the leg though plates then shot out to cover the gaps of exposed leg in far heavier, and slower, armor as Jinhai tested the Aether core's ability to refit under design of the machine spirit. The arms doubly one arm covered in a specialized manifestation grid the other in a multimodal projector of weapons systems.

Marine minds in concordance perhaps now growing alert as various Thunderhawk weapons formed slowly in crossection behind a manifestation grid writ in large from the end of the barrel. As they finished printing each alit then quieted and demanifested in reverse. The Tau were there too though could neither control the machine spirit nor the aether core. After a moment a railgun appeared in a design odd for the Tau perturbed by the machine spirit's interpretation of its mechanics. Small manifestation plates alit in a storm of blue plates as an intelligence began to redesign the weapon from inside. The other arm connected now Jinhai dodged out of the way silvery threads pouring out of the arm's projector weaving and filling to form a gigantic storm shield. Small hexagonal void shields emerged in front of it the minds exploring their capabilities.

A Jinhai stood atop its head and looked at the central sensor array in their connection able to sense the humankind souls watching informing them, "Your bodies have been destroyed. Available Humankind souls have been reformed into a collated servitor fit to serve the Living Emperor. Unknown humankind patterns have been stripped of executive rights and made servitors to the Machine spirit. The dreadnought pattern was too small given available material and soul quantity. Vox hardware, sound emission, and a direct Myrkul access is installed please contact Humankind leader Titus by those means. Your internal troop capacity is approximately similar for living beings within the extradimensional transport manifold. Nonintelligent hardware can be demanifested separately and is limited by actual volume. All demanifested living matter will be aggressively destroyed without exception to protect against Chaos infestation. Myrkul provides a secondary Astronomican for Way access so warp travel is not required but possible."

As it finished its long-winded description the remaining horde of Jinhai had poured into three ten-many quietly looming around the body shaping to its armor Imperial iconography. The Imperial eagle in gold emblazoned onto the chest. The shield hovering in space rotated, decking a Jinhai whom just bent at the waist, to slam down on the ground to stand itself up.

Somewhere, a Vox communicator near Titus started beeping as the Jinhai quietly started packing and demanifesting remaining matter into now empty vaults for processing.

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Birds took off from the grown in peak of Mount Roros as a rumble emanated from deep in it's belly.