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The Multiverse


A pristine air/spaceport with shops and lots to see and buy.
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Granpaix Portespace

A pristine air/spaceport with shops and lots to see and buy.


Granpaix Portespace is a part of Granpaix.

Synthe Gridd materializes from the void.
Carmen Dellevon materializes from the void.

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Character Portrait: Carmen Dellevon Character Portrait: Synthe Gridd
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The sleek private space shuttle painted with giant headphones docked in the private section of Granpaix Portespate - otherwise known as the Granpaix Spaceport. The entire bay was built from carved stone blocks in gleaming white. Columns stretched to the ceiling in the corners of the antechamber leading out of the rounded bay. It was quiet in here aside from the whirrs and clanks of the settling ship.

The label had requested discretion. Synthe was happy to see there wasn't a small party of delegates to greet them. Just an officer in the pale green uniform of the Granpaix law enforcement standing discreetly by the exit.

"Is it just me, or is the gravity more than it was last time?" Synthe commented to her companion. Her lime green jumpsuit was a stark contrast to the person who followed her's was. They looked ready to go diving under the sea.

"Nah, you just hate it here," They responded, giving Synthe a soft elbow in the side.

"Fair," Synthe shrugged back, "A sunrise set to kickoff the tour isn't exactly my favorite, but tradition is tradition."

The two completed their trip down the ramp. Guess it was time to check into...where were they put up again?

Synthe Gridd has left the area, heading east towards Paix Main.

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Character Portrait: Carmen Dellevon
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Carmen Dellevon waited until the workers and drones had left, the ship unloaded with the owner's things they needed for whyever they were here.

Where were they? Granpaix. Carmen had cursed Sol and all the celestial bodies beyond when she realized they were not, in fact, going very far at all. She was trying to escape this solar system, not go deeper into it!

She freshened up in the bathroom and looked through what she guessed was the closet of one of the ship's staff. It had four uniforms and two leisure outfits. None of them were dresses. Cursing again, she changed into one of the leisure outfits. It was baby pink and cozy - not at all her first choice.

Carmen cracked open the door and listened for people. Nobody. With her old clothes under her arm, Carmen padded her way off the ship in sneakers that were half a size too small. Well, that would have to be the first stop. Ditch these pink pants, this pink sweater-thing, and these awful shoes!

There was nobody left guarding the interior of the private bay. Thank goodness.
The person guarding the outside of the bay didn't take notice to another occupant departing at this time. They figured a crew member left something behind, or something. It was above their pay grade to care.

Carmen melted into the crowd and went to luggage received. There were a ton of bins there for all the unwanted and forgotten stuff. She tossed her cloak and dress into one bin, her shoes into another.

Ok, now where to find new shoes? Carmen followed the crowd headed out to Paix Main.

Carmen Dellevon has left the area, heading east towards Paix Main.

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Character Portrait: Shinigami Daku
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A rather small, bland, and inconspicuous gray shuttle made its way slowly, until it dock, landing amidst other vessels, it groaned as its engines eventually sputtered and whined until fading to silence. After a brief moment of silence the door opened and a single figure emerged, draped in a black hooded coat that obscured much of its form aside from the eyes. The figure took one heavy step after another, down the staircase, until his feet touched the floor. There was no fanfare for this figure, he was designated a big game hunter, and that was pretty well the truth... he is a hunter.

Whoever he was before no longer mattered, a Shinigami serves their next life to do as the Don Kurogane directs and nothing more. Today was peculiar, however, he was to retrieve, not kill, a rare if never before being a thing, but the orders cannot be in error... they were from the Don himself.

Shinigami rule #1, the Don's Will is absolute. You are his blade.
Shinigami rule #2, the Don's Will cannot be contested. Cut down those that stand its way.
Shinigami rule #3, failure to carry out the Don's Will is death.
Shinigami rule #4, upon death, leave no corpse behind.

1 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Shinigami Daku
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As he was setting off his scouting drones, Daku was interrupted by alarms going off. He tapped the side of his head to get the transmission, reading off a report of a stolen Gundam... and that is where the closest thing he could feel to annoyance had started to set it. A Gundam? He looked up and tracked the trail it left behind and, with a growl he turned around, ran back to the dock, shoving various visitors out of the way and hurriedly entering his vessel. He repeats in his mind that he was ordered to bring her back alive, as thoughts of evisceration dance in his mind. With a hurried rush, he starts the engines and takes off.

Shinigami Daku has left the area, heading up towards Terra.
Synthe Gridd has arrived, coming from Paix Main.
Synthe Gridd has left the area, heading up towards Terra.