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The Multiverse


A watery, mediterranean world of azure waves and silky beaches, Hadriatica has long been a lighting station and trade port of the Local Region. Islands dot the great ocean and make up a broad percentage of land, save for Hadriatica’s band of central archipelagos where much of the population lives. A sparse but robust industrialized and populated world, Hadriatica's remoteness in the Local Region is a imposing feature of this planet.

While Hadriatica's picturesque vistas and scenery captured many an artist and tourist throughout the years, the beauty should not mask the planet's treacherous landscape, as bountiful as the world can be it has been a struggle against the very world itself for the settlers and colonists that make this Hadriatica their home. From the beaches at the fringes of the great Thelassyno sea to the highest peaks of the Aeotufaira mountains deep in Hadriatica’s landmass, wild nature still dominates much of the planet and often rings the settlements distributed across the islands and archipelagos.

For many of the world’s half a billion people, the sea is a provider as both a livelihood and source of food for those smart enough to brave the unforgiving seas. While demographically composed of several various races from several human nations, some the oldest being the Gardenite Myrenonian that fished the seas and raised goats and sheep in the hills, the treacherous landscape has forced the population to adapt everything from cuisine and hygiene to the cultures, tolerances and norms they once brought from their original worlds.

For the more ‘cosmopolitan’ however, several larger cities and settlements bring the facade of distant civilization such as in the capital of Nethe or the bustling, economic lynchpin of Rhodes Town.


Karditugigantai - The central landmass where most of the population finds themselves, the capital of Nethe is nestled against the natural harbors of the rugged land. With picturesque beaches and landscapes, the interior of Karditugigantai is a wild and mountainous terrain however.

Boloto Harbor - A swampy, massive inland lagoon that has long been a haven for smugglers and contraband. Along these waterways thousands have eked out a living with the riverbanks, avoiding the wild nature that still looms across the deeper lagoon.

Aetoufaira Mountains - The Aetoufaira run the spine of Karditugigantai, and have long been a source of metal and riches from the planet like the oceans.

Krystallo Beach - An enormous, sprawling breach running nearly the length of Karditugigantai, Hadriatica’s largest landmass, a ribbon of settlements and small ports dot the stretch.

Rhodes Town - The bustling port of Rhodes Town is the heartbeat of Hadriatica’s enormous merchant fleet, spending days and months out at sea to return to Rhodes with their holds bristling with fish.There is also a power company utilizing Hadriatica’s bountiful undersea reserves to power electrification across the continent, and Rhodes’ entertainment and market districts are renowned for their diversity.

The Thelassyno Sea - The enormous, almost all encompassing sea that reaches nearly every point of Hadriatica by some way, it is both the lifeblood of the millions who live upon the world and also the birthplace of some of its greatest dangers. Weather can be extreme and deadly deep within the ocean, and even threaten land itself. Across the Thelassyno are dotted thousands of islands and landmasses of various sizes, sometimes even turning the sea fresh from their mere presence.

Nethe - The capital city and shining cultural heart of Hadriatica, Nethe has been a city growing for centuries, carved from the rugged stone that makes up Krystallo’s charming beaches and shores.

Districts of Nethe -
Diadrovythes - The Sinking Paths are an old district of Nethe from the very first days of colonization, now having dropped several meters in elevation over the years and subsequently on the path to being claimed by the Thelassyno Sea entirely.

Neagora - The economic and business heart of Hadriatica, and also where several embassies and foreign buildings are accommodated. While skyscrapers look out across the endless ocean, a bustling city life and tourist crowd go through the beaches and shores of the Neagora district while millions toil in the offices above.

Rolofolia - A large government and defense complex, the old fortress constructed when Hadriatica was first settled had since been developed into a large complex where much of the government and small military on Hadriatica formally barracked.
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A watery, remote world deep in the Local Region.


Hadriatica is a part of The Milky Way.

Morgan La Fay has arrived, coming from Lakonia Minor.
Suddenly, this area begins to warp and melt—everything here begins to twist and turn, and finally evaporate... before taking shape as something completely new: Hadriatica
Sovereignty here has been granted to AzricanRepublic!
Morgan La Fay has left the area, heading west towards Lakonia Minor.


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Nethe, capital city of Hadriatica

A dark haired man in a short coat stood on the corner of an empty road in the stretch of developments between some of Nethe’s business and residential districts. Small two and three story buildings stretched up and down the road he stood on, as a bright yellow taxi trundled up to the curb. At the driver’s seat sat an olive skinned man, Tauronese by his thin appearance and sharp features.

“Yannis my friend, what have they done to your beautiful city.” The man said as he opened the back door and dropped himself into the back of the taxi. The Tauronese driver gave a sharp click of his tongue, a thud from the engine covering the short curses he muttered as the taxi rolled into the street.

“Mister Black, your predictions were uncanny - it’s good to see you again, though. I appreciate the warning.” Yannis said quietly as he began to drive, hardly giving a look towards a pickup with armed men standing in the back as it rushed down the street in the opposite lane.

“Oh, I took statistics in junior college. I take it your wife and child are safe?” The man asked from the back seat, taking a momentary glance at a watch on his wrist as the taxi drove on.

“Yes, an employee of mine was a marine - from your Apparatus - and offered to help Eleonara and Fevi. He is a nice man, the marine, only wants to work.” Yannis offered, talking rather closely with the customer that had just hopped into his taxi. “Though I do have a problem - not so much a problem, as a concern. I have a friend in New Oceania,”

Before Yannis continued, the man in the back spoke, hanging his head just slightly as he watched through the window. As the taxi passed through a cross street, he saw down the road a pair of armored vehicles parked and blocking off the street. “Your friends in the customs house? I don’t think there’s much I can do for all of them, buddy.”

“Not all of the house staff were working when the embassy was stormed - there’s a Gemonese restaurant just in the district where he called me from. The loud men in jackets you warned about are causing quite a ruckus.”

“I think things might be getting quite loud soon, you’ll want to keep this junker away from the highways Yannis.” He replied from the back, leaning forward and taking the pistol from the waistband of his pants and soon checking the slide with a muffled rack of steel. "I don't think I've got enough to tip the waiter if we're eating out tonight but I can get an app - your folks do hummus balls, Yannis?"

"They are Gemonese - I am from Tauron, our food is better."

The city scrolled by from the window of the taxi, the vehicle trundling along the empty ways and passing a burned out car with a deft weave as it traversed the street. In the back seat, the man quietly withdrew the tablet from his coat, setting it down beside him on the seat.

“Yannis, you’re ready to make a welcome for some real bad guys I wouldn’t mind seeing get a bullet as well, no?” He said bluntly, taking a small magazine from a bag in the foot space of the seat before him.

“Mister Black, I hope they will at least pay for the bullets we are about to use - you were right about this Federate, they sit and talk while the spacers still pick at the planets. Fortunately we have guns, yeah?”

The man in the back seat only had a smile as he held his hand against the tablet until there was a soft chime. “I’m glad to hear that Yannis, I’ll be lookin’ out for ya’ brother.” He said dryly, his other hand then patting the seat. As the taxi turned, the tell tale rattle of rifle fire was less of a din than a rain of sound up the road. Ahead, a cafe building straddled the neck of an intersection, the burning wreck of a truck and sandbag positions turning the roundabout into a mire of wreckage and dirt. Just before the scene the taxi reached a hasty barricade of trucks and sandbags with an armed man promptly drawing a hand up into the sky.

“What was the last Demokratis unit you fought with, Mister Black?” Yannis asked, glancing up into the rear view mirror as he came to a stop before the rifleman. A hand went slapping down onto the hood of the taxi as the soldier stepped a distance away from the car.

“You guys are still hunting the Sentinel?” The man in the back responded, taking the tablet in his hand and then slowly drew it out his window. With the rifle raised, the soldier began to approach - and the man remained still, only giving a slow nod out the window. “What makes you think I’d find him here, Yannis?”

As the soldier snapped the tablet from his hand, a man with a pistol strapped on his chest stepped into the road. There was a short whistle from him, making a fist in the air as he pointed at the car.

“We’ve lived amongst you Gardenites long enough to learn your tells - these OPA are no friends of either of us, frater.” Yannis said, drawing the window down with a nod towards the trunk. The man in the back only let out a chuckle as the officer with the pistol approached the car.

“Is that you Castaway? Hiding in a fucking taxi?”

“Captain Petrescu! Am I out of uniform for the club here?” He then shouted from the back of the taxi, his other hand dropping a magazine from up his sleeve onto the asphalt outside the car. As the soldier took the tablet, the Aschen officer waved the gunmen off the car.

“At least the Federate tries to send a taxi at last, let alone a letter!”

There were a few muffled chuckles amidst the rattle of rifle fire as Castaway pulled up the bag under his seat inside the taxi. Drawing a zipper open he took a key and then tossed it onto the dash before Yannis, and then a Fokus device.

“You don’t want ‘em in your neighborhood, huh Cap’n?” Castaway soon shouted out the window, opening the door and stepping from the taxi. “How many did they shoot before you managed to get your people out?”

“Two hundred, prick! Where the fuck are the marines?” The captain shouted, waving a hand back towards the burning street and city. “The battalion is retreating like the Apparatus directed - but there’s a company defending the armory encasement in the Rolofolia.”

“Getting a brigade of marines takes time, prick.” Castaway shut the door of the taxi with a thud, adjusting the cuff of his jacket while a distasteful frown crossed his face. “And you and I both know those barracks are built for a one way gunfight. We've got enough problems to worry about on the next street over. How many guns we got?” He remarked, giving a short whistle over to the soldiers and mercenaries gathering with their weapons at the ready. Meanwhile, the captain stood beside Castaway, leaning in just slightly as he spoke to the agent.

“They seized the starport and then landed straight in the government district, I don’t know what state the rest of the brigade is in but we at least got the battalion’s armor out of the Rolofolia before the OPA closed it off.”


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The Highways had been dangerous since the takeover, with warring bands of armed warlords fighting to carve their own slice out of each city block, Nethe was a complete warzone since the fall of the embassy, and that had Tyrus concerned as he clenched the steering wheel of the two and a half ton cargo truck that was told to "Find a taxi."

"We're fighting a three-front insurgency, Cowen." Tyrus commented while shifting lanes to avoid a broken down sports car that was riddled with bullet holes.

"It doesn't matter, Tyrus, they want us to follow that Taxi, it's our only lead, and I hope Azem, and Tito didn't just lead us into an ambush, these OPA bastards are crafty, and they're not bumbling buffoons like the Imperials." Cowen remarked, as the truck shuddered slightly, it's oversized wheels catching a pothole.

Cowen shrugged, and checked the slide on his Vega .42, a dated semiautomatic pistol chambered in the old Kobol caliber, while Tyrus checked his old M33 Betelgeuse.

"These weapons are older than dirt, Cowen." Tyrus remarked, while Ante peered into the window through the cab. "But they are easy, disruptors have no punch, these old guns carved a path for our people, Tyrus." He commented, checking the magazine on his own MP-3 Sirius SMG, chambered in 9.5x22mm Sagittarian.

“Two hundred, prick! Where the fuck are the marines?” Tyrus heard the captain in the now stopped taxi shout in front of him as he brought the battered cargo truck to a stop at the checkpoint. Tyrus quickly opened the door, taking care to keep his hands away from his weapon as he called out to greet them.

"No Marines, but I've got twenty men eager to get some Libertas." He called out, a common callsign for Molecay rebels that they used to identify each other. "And it's a long walk to the embassy." He shouted, while Azem jumped out from the back of the truck, his thick Tauron accent mottling his words.

"Got enough guns for small army, good stuff, not that lite brite shit." Azem remarked.

"Administrator Kalfas said we could link up with some like minded individuals, I'm Squad Leader Tyrus, third Independance Brigade, of the Free Molukai People!" Tyrus called out. "I'm looking for Castaway!"


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There was a roaring shout from the barricades, a company of men and women chanting ’Libertas!’ in unison, while the man in the short coat only shrugged to the captain. “That armored battalion is going to roll out the easiest route through the city, Petrescu! That’s down Oceania Row! We open it street by street, get them rolling through and catch a ride on the way out - easy peasy Gemonesy, Cap!”

As the new militants approached, the man in the short coat held his hands up to his chest, gripping at the light ballistic rig strapped to his chest beneath the coat. The captain waved at the men as they disembarked the taxi, but quickly turned his attention back to the agent, though giving a brief wave of his hand to the approaching allies.

“If you or your fucking Scatterran dogs betray us I and the rest of these men here will take our worlds down upon you!”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way, Captain Petrescu! They want to kill me too!” The agent barked back, the rattle of a heavy gun booming down the street. Nearby the barricade, a hasty firing position had been established to support a 47mm stanchion cannon.

“This is Badel, this is Badel - I am firing on the enemy!”

The man in the short coat waved a hand over at Tyrus, his rifle hanging by the sling at his waist. “The marines won’t be here in time to save Nethe, gentlemen, but we can save enough of that DCF brigade for when they do arrive - “ He stopped for a moment, looking over at Tyrus before he continued. “Right now, we have enough firepower to take out a fucking eye while they’ve got their rifles elsewhere though, boys. I think there’s someone in there we’d all like to have a nice, civil conversation with, if I can get my hands on him before he punches his card. You gentlemen want some answers, or am I just ringing the desk by myself today?” The man remarked, holding a small holo-projector in the palm of his hand that displayed a 3D imaging of Oceani’s Embassy Row.

In the metaphorical heart of Nethe, Embassy Row was a stretch of buildings that flowered out in a half circle around the Imperial Customs Building and the ornate, picturesque parkland of New Langara Park that flanked one side of Embassy Row. The agent draped one hand on the stock of his short barrel rifle, as the other held a finger to one of the holographic structures. “Gunmen staged their assault on the Customs House from here, at the Cosmora Colonial Hotel, at 0850 local time - we could have host-nation security personnel still alive, so you need to watch your targets.” In another window, a bodycam stream of heavily armed men in dark paramilitary attire rushing the security checkpoint played.

“These, are the Black Legionaries, a spacer muscle group from across the Veil that’s decided to take their business intergalactic. They can speak your language, and will try to convince you you’re better off fighting with them than the Exogarden - “ As the clip ran through, in silence, the security officer was frantically surrendering his weapon before a barrel was pointed directly into the camera. “If there are any of you who are willing to put a paycheck over the lives of your countrymen, you’re either leaving now or you’re in front of me when we cross this barricade.”


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Tyrus checked his weapon one more time, before he gestured to the rest of his militants to check their gear. Each one of them moved back to the box truck they emerged from to grab some supplies they had looted from an Imperial Armory, they hastily donned kanvium vests over their muted uniforms, the Imperial black contrasting with the muted greens and browns of their Rebel uniforms.

"No one's gonna convince us shit, every one of us are in it got the cause, not money, were what's left of a proud sovereign military, not some two bit mercenaries out playing weekend soldier." Cowen remarked as he spat on the ground.

"I've got a bullet for each one of those damn Gritidiim." He added, pulling out a three barrel shotgun from the box truck, and loading it with high velocity buckshot, finally racking the pump with a 'clack-clack'.

"Captain, my men will follow your lead." Tyrus said as his words were briefly broken up by the sound of distant disruptor fire. "I've gotten word of Imperial fast response teams pinned down all over the city, they're dead, but hopefully we can loot their shit."

Quickly, Tyrus turned to his men.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty, because tonight we're gonna dine in hell!" He cried out as the remaining Moluk militants shouted in unison, raising their weapons Into the air before forming back up.

Tyrus offered a nod.

"Everyone's on board, let's do this.'