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Hearthwater Channel, the largest body of crystal clear fresh water found in all of the Alneh Sanctum, is home to the widest variety of wish, crustacean, reptile, and animal life as a whole. It is here that the race known as the Reshar...

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Stretching from the northern border of Alneh to just short of the southern border, Hearthwater Channel spans a solid twos day travel by boat at its largest parts, and at its smallest, you could swim across in minutes. The waters are deep, unbelievably so, for even at its shallowest, it falls short at barely four hundred feet.

The Channel itself used to be a large canyon, its origins unknown. But over time, water collect from rainfall, floods, and other forces of nature began to flood the crevice of the land, and plant life grew within. If one looked down at the Channel from a hawk's view, it would appear a green field, with kelp forest, trees, and water-grass fillings its watery void, growing from the walls of the canyon and in some cases, even from the bottom.

Home to a stunning variety of plants and animals, as well as serving as a major travel tool for all races that reside in Alneh, sentient or not, none live more naturally or more at peace here than the Reshar themselves. This strange combination of fish and plant, molded into a humanoid shape, are perhaps one of the oldest races in the entire world, older than Elves and Dwarves, at least in history, if not life span. While shorter lived than some races, almost on par with humans, they are no where near as advanced. Almost no social structure, they are nomadic, traveling the rivers in schools, equal rights and equal rewards. To each according to need, to each according to ability.

How they look is rather odd, and surprising. Green scaled humanoids with four eyes, two on each side of their oddly angular heads, and no visible mouths or noses, or even gills. Their arms and legs are webbed, supporting only three toes and fingers on each foot or hand respectively. Clothes mean little for them, because mating is the simple act of constructing pods for eggs and fertilization outside of the water. Thin, surprisingly durable bodies, living and absorbing air and light from both in and outside the water to survive, the communicate telepathically with those around them, knowing all and yet no languages at once.
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Hearthwater Channel

Hearthwater Channel, the largest body of crystal clear fresh water found in all of the Alneh Sanctum, is home to the widest variety of wish, crustacean, reptile, and animal life as a whole. It is here that the race known as the Reshar...


Hearthwater Channel is a part of The Groenbogs.

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The waters of the Hearthwater Channel, while appearing still, were undergoing extravagant change. Tartarea, the spirit of the sea chopping into the northern coast of Ellaria, had taken action against the threats to Lifegiver's Grotto. While the Alneh Sanctum proved slow to respond to the looming threat of Nightfall, the Bogmen prayed to the Gods for help. With each cloud-filled day and rain-filled night, with each distant strike of lightning, another had called for divine interference.

He couldn't do much, but the Lifegiver Grotto required protection.

From the west a great jotunn moved. The largest peak while standing, from here the great jotunn appeared as if one of the mountains had decided to come alive. It grew as it took a step closer, one great foot landing in the waters just north of the Hearthwater Channel.

Since the jotunn moved oh so slow, Tartarea was able to redirect the force of the landing of the step elsewhere with a great current as it descended through the waters. By the time the foot reached the bottom of the waters it was safely just beyond the mouth of the channel. Blocking it entirely, sure.

The waters in the channel surged up a few feet. Those unlucky enough to live near the water and prefer it dry suffered greatly. Many dwellings were forced underwater, and there was enough drownings to cause upset. The Alneh had not responded quick enough beyond the Razor Tiara to the giant in northern Ellaria. Despite the destruction, the Mother Tree remained unharmed. The Hearthwater Channel, while largely inconvenienced and semi-traumatized, had hopes to rebuild.

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A violet glimmer descent upon the waters of Hearthwater Channel for an entire day, before dissipating out north to sea.

Meteor has arrived, coming from The Groenbogs.
Meteor has left the area, heading west into The Groenbogs.
Frendor Falcon-Wind has arrived, coming from Ellarian Tartarean Coast.
Frendor Falcon-Wind has left the area, heading in towards Lifegiver Grotto.