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The Multiverse



This little shop lacks any advertising to speak of, or even a shop sign, though there were clearly goods for sale inside. It was the gypsies that found them first requesting random products to see what the strange creatures sold. The enterprising folks asking to be stitched up met the black robed sort whom repaired them with little comment for a price. While they understood a pharmacy sold healing the human businesses also often sold other things. So bottles of juice and and dolls started to emerge from sales in the shop though no product ever hit their dock to resupply. Neither did such raw material ever leave the store. Though the several story building had apartments that once were they now lay uninhabited.

Administratum that sold products however always conferred with a large tome that appeared empty to the shoppers. Though many tried to figure out what the four pleasant mannered olive-skinned faces were reading there.

Jinhai manufactured a hollow skin for the Administratum to wear even feet and hands that felt real. Hollow simulacra though they were a curious void of scent to them. The 'shopkeeps' were always quiet about their nature and evaded direct questions. Still, as creatures of balance they always asked a fair price for what curious bottles of things and other trinkets they sold. Paying their taxes perfectly and to the penny. All products manufactured for the store according to what the creatures thought humankind needed and charged what the humans sold them for. Though some of their trinkets worked better than one might think as the tools they made were from creatures with no sense of ornamentation.
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Hollowed Goods

A shop with no sign, sellers with no names, products with no labels, inventory with no supplies. This shop a curiosity that arrived with no fanfare.


Hollowed Goods is a part of The Piata.

Shops Here

Available Wares

Candle of Truth

13 remaining 339,000.00 bits Buy for 339,000.00 bits »

Citrine Tangerine

92 remaining 40,000.00 bits Buy for 40,000.00 bits »

Crown of Quartz

95 remaining 20,000.00 bits Buy for 20,000.00 bits »

Earring of Hearing

196 remaining 20,000.00 bits Buy for 20,000.00 bits »

Diamond of Sight

992 remaining 2,090.00 bits Buy for 2,090.00 bits »

Shipwright's Wrench

31,966 remaining 843.75 bits Buy for 843.75 bits »

Koku Suave Oil

1,995 remaining 500.00 bits Buy for 500.00 bits »


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Character Portrait: Terun Veillon
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0.00 INK

Terun Villion grinned as he grabbed at the parcel, carefully wrapped. He had spent a pretty penny on the new object of his favor. It was a trinket by some standards, but to Terun it was a call back to his past. The shop wouldn't even let it be opened lest it be cursed- which added to it's allure. The boy, regardless of his actual age, was still a boy. Curiosity coursed through his dead veins.

He hurried out of Hollowed Goods. When he got back home, he would get to hear the music box once and for all.