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This somewhat modest HQ is the official housing for the Kanto and Johto Pokemon League. Prospective trainers come here hoping to become champions, and regional government workers often operate out of here.

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Indigo Plateau

This somewhat modest HQ is the official housing for the Kanto and Johto Pokemon League. Prospective trainers come here hoping to become champions, and league workers operate out of here.


Indigo Plateau is a part of Johto.

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Yu Talon Tokomo [11] "Is it really wrong that I wanted to choose my own path?"
Nero Manilla [10] "It's over. Try paying attention next time."
Kamon Sapphire [4] A late-starting pokemon trainer with great potential, but a lot to learn.
Aizenbell Jubelius Lupin [0] A damned woman, a damned soul
Eleanor Glass [0] Ella is lean and tall, standing at 5'10". She has a long mane of dark hair and shining green eyes. She dresses practically, in leather armor, boots and a utility belt laden down with weapons, her bow and arrows slung over shoulder.

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Due to Surf's large area of effect, Lucky didn't have to live up to his nickname. Altaria soon found itself seeing double and washed up at Lance's feet, unable to continue battling. The interim champion was visibly shaken. "What...what are you...? Where do you get such incredible power?" Meanwhile, Titania had to turn to the side to hide a small smile born out of schadenfreude. She couldn't help but sympathize with the dragon master's troubles, but it was nice to see someone else be brought that low for a change.

Still, Lance wasn't close to being finished. He still had three monsters at full strength, while Winter had two of his four with injuries. "I will make you pay for your insolent treatment of such sacred beasts! I will not lose to someone who does not have his Pokemon's full trust! I choose you, Charizard!"

An orange-skinned, bipedal monster with fearsome claws spread its wings and let out a roar that was not so much heard as felt all around the golden chamber, stomping the floor a couple of times for good measure.

"Charizard! He must be put down, here and now! Hyper Beam!" This wasn't as desperate a gamble as it looked. Lance just wanted to get the ball rolling the other way, if only for a moment. Right now he had lost three straight while only inflicting minor injuries back. Brilliant energy began coalescing in the great beast's gaping maw, along with a couple of flaps to get airborne, before erupting in a surge of incredible power right towards Lucky. Due to the angle, Winter would be out of the danger zone--but just barely. This wasn't just at attempt to seize back momentum. This was a scare tactic.


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Winter raised a brow at Lance's visible awe and crossed his arms.

"It's not about power, y'know," Winter told him, staring him into his eyes directly with all meaning backing his tone, "It's about the bond. Our ability to connect with nature through our, our friends, are what lead us to victory. That's what I believe these battles are about. Bettering ourselves rather than being better than others. That's the kind of goal I wish to inspire in others, humans and Pokemon alike. That's the kind of goal I wish to spread across the Kanto and Johto region. That's the kind of goal I will lead with when I become champion!" He held out a clenched fist of determination, "And I will beat you with it!"

Lance sent out his Charizard and Winter was already thinking something was up. A Fire-Type against Lucky? He tried to rationalize his decision, eventually coming up with the idea that maybe this was Lance's starter at one point and maybe he wanted to test his resolve to Squirtle's. Not to mention this was the classic rivalry between starters of all time. Well, Lucky wasn't a Blastoise, nor was he ever going to be. But it was close enough...

Then Winter found himself taking a step back as the wind whipped around them, the Charizard charging up it's Hyper Beam. Wait, it knows WHAT?! He looked at Lucky with a worried expression on his face. Surely, this attack would knock him out in one shot.

But Lucky's face was hard set. He saw right through the scare tactic and, instead of trying to dodge the massive beam, ran straight at it. "Lucky!" Winter cried as the Squirtle jumped towards the Hyper Beam and was engulfed by it's harsh energy. The attack itself was blinding to watch and even Winter had to look away, as much as he didn't want to. When the light faded, Winter looked back towards the field, eyes quivering in worry at what he might find.

To his shock, Lucky was still standing. He was panting hard, one eye squeezed shut from bracing against the pain. Every part of him looked beat up as Winter could literally see steam rising from his body. He could see the Squirtle's arm twitch involuntarily on occasion, and he looked like even a Ratatta's Tackle could make him faint at this point.

But he was still standing!

"Lucky, come out! I can't let you take another hit! Not like that!" Winter pleaded. But Lucky turned his neck slightly, looking over his shoulder towards his best friend in the whole wide world. The wink he gave Winter said it all. Trust me.

Winter sighed nervously, "Alright...I'm trusting can move, right?" Through pain and grit, the Squirtle re-positioned himself from the defensive bracing position to an offensive one as a response to Winter's question.

"Okay then, Lucky! That attack took a lot out of the Charizard, so we get a couple free shots! You ready?" Another nod from the Squirtle, "Okay, use Hydro Pump!"

The Squirtle focused hard and let loose a mighty beam of his own that was made of water. It was a naturally powerful attack and it was specifically designed for taking out Charizards with superiority complexes...not that Winter would know if Lance's Charizard had one. In the Charizard's weakened state, it would be hard for it to dodge such a volume of water.

Winter knew he had to get another move in before Lance's Charizard was ready to fight back once more, so he went for it, 'Okay, now Surf!" The wave of water rose again, Lance's Charizard in it's line of sight. Lucky may not be the highest offensive contender in the fight, but two strong Water-Type strikes against a didn't have to be Professor Oak to know where this fight was going.


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"Lance, I hear you lose it one more time and I'm calling the match right now," Titania warned with a parental tone. "Yes, mother," Lance fired back, rolling his eyes like a beleaguered teenager. It was weird to see the roles reversed, to anyone watching. One more reason these battles tended to take place out of the public eye. Didn't want an audience to throw off one or both of these battlers from performing at their best.

"Ch-Charizard, return..." Lance seemed a bit weak at the knees from getting so thoroughly destroyed by this teenager. "I can't take much more of this, kid, but I'm not through yet...Garchomp, let's go!"

A blue-skinned demon with orange and yellow accents hit the field, an engine of destruction just begging for someone to flip the ignition switch...and Lance's rage was clearly enough of a spark. A terrifying scream, an unspoken promise of agony, was his message to Lucky.

"Garchomp! Use Earthquake!" Not even stomping the ground, just bellowing to the skies and channeling its power to make the ground shake beneath Winter's and Lucky's feet. The aftershock even knocked the Metal Mistress out of her chair, to say nothing of what it was probably doing to that poor Squirtle.


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Did it really have to be overkill?

Winter felt the ground shake beneath his own feet as the Garchomp showed an accurate representation of what Lance must feel like doing right now. He wobbled a bit, but held his feet apart and steadied himself. However, he wasn't worried about his own health. He was worried about Lucky's.

When the dust settled and the ground stopped throwing a temper tantrum, Lucky was knocked out. That was obvious considering what he had endured. And once more, he didn't exactly have a PokeBall to keep him in. "Lucky..." he murmured as he walked out onto the field to collect his fallen Pokemon.

He wanted his Squirtle, his best friend in the whole wide world, to deal the finishing blow and claim the title for himself while Winter earned his at the same time. That was Winter's plan. After all, he deserved to do it, given everything they've been through together. Three years of bonding was a lot. Now, that plan was trashed. But he knew Lucky had done it for a reason. He didn't know that's what Winter wanted him to do. He was just thinking tactically as he always did.

And as he gathered the beat-up Squirtle in his arms and walked back to his side of the field, Winter saw his tactics. The pieces started to fit together, one by one, forming the big picture from here on out. Now he knew what he had to do and how to win. It would take everything they had, but he would make sure he was the victor in the end.

For Lucky's sake...

"Rest easy, buddy," he whispered in Lucky's ear as he set him down, "I'll be sure to win this battle for us. You did great."

Finally turning to face Lance once more, something else was there...a glint in his eye Lance would not expect given his lighthearted nature going into the fight. An edge of steel. Winter was ready to fight for it all, taking down Lance and earning his title. It was his destiny.

Fetching the PokeBall he needed, he stared down at it, running through what he needed to do over and over in his head, the layout Lucky had left for him. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and taking in the atmosphere. It was time.

His eyes shot open, blazing with anger, vengeance, intelligence, and a cold calculating sense of intelligence all wrapped up in a steely stare. His arm shot forward, releasing the PokeBall, "Rio! Let's go!" His voice was charged.

Out popped the Aerodactyl, a mean, toothy snarl plastered permanently on his face as he hovered with his purple wings. He stared down Garchomp, likely unnerving it despite their similar size.

"Hit it with a Dragon Claw!" Winter commanded. The edge of fun and enjoyment was gone in his voice, leaving behind a strong and bold voice...the voice of a leader.

Rio obeyed, shooting off like a dart towards the Garchomp, it's claws shooting out of it's phalanges as it swiped at Lance's Pokemon.


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"Yes. YES. That's it! Hit me with everything you've got! Only those who are strong enough to win get to make the rules!" Lance was loving this transformation, his taunts and attacks turning Winter into a lean, mean fighting machine. Titania's retirement had caused quite a stir, and the Indigo League was the laughing stock of the nation for not naming a true successor in a timely manner. Lance had been trusted with acting in her stead until such time as someone conquered the League...but this boy still wanted more. As Rio tore into Garchomp with insane speed, all it got was a cold, menacing stare right back. He was ready to give as good as he got. "Garchomp! Hit it with Outrage!"

The fire in the Dragon Master's soul seemed to become manifest, and hot flames of anger seemed to lick across his companion's flesh, whipping it into a savage frenzy before taking off vertically like a jet and slamming into the Aerodactyl at maximum force, even bringing claws and teeth to bear. "You know that a Pokémon battle is tantamount to war! And war can be described as many things, but one of them has never been pretty!"

As for the woman off to the side, even she could appreciate how this trial had forged and hardened Winter in the right way, in a way she never got to experience. Not all ingots were of high enough quality to be made into swords, after all. And while her steel was left shattered in disgrace against an implacable foe, this boy--no, this MAN--would slice right through the challenges ahead.


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Winter felt the massive hit Rio took from his side of the field. Outrage was a pretty powerful attack, he knew. It was likely that the Outrage was going to last for a bit as well. But he knew that initial Dragon Claw did an extreme amount of damage. He calculated another shot like that and his Garchomp would be done for, leaving only one more Pokemon for him to fight. And knowing Lance, it was likely going to be Dragonite. After all, he saved his best for last.

"Rio! Hit him with another Dragon Claw from behind!"

The power and ferocity of Garchomp could not be denied, but the speed and agility of Rio had yet to be matched as he easily got behind Lance's Pokemon and swiped it, the blow likely KOing it on the moment of impact. Meanwhile, Winter narrowed his eyes at Lance, an intense look hidden there.

"War? You think that's what these battles are? You think that's what I wage against you now?" his lip curled up into a sneer, "Buddy, I'm just getting my game face on. If I were to wage war, you would've lost already. In fact, you've already lost. Why? Because my bond with my friends are stronger than your infantry in your battalion. So why don't you recall your beaten soldier and hit me with the tank you've been hiding in that shiny red orb there?" He pointed at the Pokeball he had yet to unleash, "Seems like you've got no other option at this point."


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Titania just groaned and put her head into her hands. The rest of this match was academic to her. Lance just snorted and looked to the side at the ex-Champion, really buying into his role, before turning back to the attitude-adjusted Winter.

"All right! I thought this would never happen! You've pushed me to the brink! Go, Dragonite!" Lance's strongest and most loyal companion hit the field before taking off, ready to dish the hurt to this uppity Aerodactyl in a duel of flying-types. "Teach him the meaning of true power! Hyper Beam!"

Again, that incredible energy being concentrated into one massive blast, this time strafing its head to keep up with the nimble fossil. This one had a few tricks it wasn't afraid to deploy if necessary.


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Winter heard the groan and he turned towards the retired champion as she buried her face in her hands. At that moment, something snapped in his head.

He was on his way. The sun was bright and cheerful, reflecting Winter's mood that day. It was the day he started out on his journey, they day he turned ten. He had just waved good-bye to Celadon City, his hometown. His parents hadn't wanted him to go, but they knew he had to find his own way and make his own choices and so they let him. And despite their differences in opinions, his parents were at the front of that crowd who waved him off on his journey.

Walking along the Route 7 roadway, he couldn't help but stare at his new buddy by his side. Lucky was trotting along as he usually did, occasionally looking up to stare at his new trainer's face. They both were excited more than they were nervous. This was the start of their new life together...a new journey to partake in. Together, they would triumph over anyone who dared to step in their way! They would be the Champions!

As they walked, Winter started to talk to him, "I guess we should get to know each other a bit more. What's your favorite color?"


"Blue, huh?" Winter rubbed his chin in thought, "What shade?"

"Squir, squir!"

Winter laughed, "That's my favorite too!" He in fact had no idea if Lucky's favorite color was blue or green or red or even dandelion yellow. He just found in comforting to talk with his new friend. He figured he'd work on communication later.

Lucky rose a brow in partial confusion, partial amusement. It appeared he knew what Winter was trying to do and seemed appreciative for the silly gesture.

"Hey wait!"

Winter recognized the sound of the voice immediately. Turning around in confusion, she saw the bouncing curls of one of his best friends running towards him. He laughed and waved to her, "Hey Amy! You came to see me off?"

She stopped in front of him, out of breath. But she did manage to make out her words, "!"

Winter tilted his head in confusion, "Battle? But you don't have a Pokemon yet."

" I," she managed a grin as she held up a shiny red orb of her own. Winter's jaw dropped.

"Oh man, that's awesome!" Winter pumped his fist in the air, "But how? Why?"

"I did a little bartering," she said coyly as she twirled her hair within her fingers, "Long story short, I have to mow our lawn until I can go out and start my adventure. But, I got my Pokemon early!" she held the Pokeball in front of her like it was a trophy she had won, "And now you can have your first duel against me, just like you always wanted!"

Winter turned to Lucky, "How about it? You want to go up against Amy's Pokemon?"

The glimmer of challenge in Lucky's determined stare back told him everything he needed to know...yes he did.

"Alright, I guess you're my first real Pokemon Battle!" Winter smiled as Lucky stepped forward, "By the way, which Pokemon did you get?" He had a feeling he already knew.

She made a sideways glance at him before answering, "I think you know at this point. Go Bonnie!" The Bulbasaur came out of the Pokeball and hit the ground in an arched stance. She was ready to fight.

"Bonnie, use Tackle!" she pointed and giggled, "This is gonna be fun!"

The strike slammed into Lucky, causing it to stagger back, but not much. Winter smiled innocently, his eyes revealing much more than his mouth did.

"Alright, Lucky, let's do this! Hit it with a Tail Whip!"

Lucky shot forward, it's tail whacking hard against Bonnie's side. Amy crossed her arms.

"Oh, not going to do any damage, I see? Fine, I guess I'll have to do that myself. Another Tackle Bonnie!"

Neither of them had really battled up to this point, so it was a lot of back and forth between the two.



"Tail Whip!"


Eventually, it was clear that both Pokemon fought hard. Both had their lashing dished out from their respective opposing sides and both were panting. But they were grinning. Lucky made the next call.

"Tackle, let's go!"

But the Squirtle didn't tackle. Instead, it opened up it's mouth and shot a stream of water to smash into Bonnie. Amy's eyes widened as the impact washed Bonnie next to her feet, knocked out from the blow.

"She...she fainted..." Amy recalled her Pokemon and stared at the orb, "I lost..."

Concerned, Winter ran over to her, putting his arm around her, "I-I'm sorry! I didn't know he was gonna use that move! I didn't even know he knew how to do it!"

But she wasn't crying. She wasn't even sad. She stared up at him and beamed.

"It's okay! You won fair and square!" And then she hugged him.

Winter wasn't sure how to react. How do you talk to someone you just defeated? Lucky approached and extended a hand for Amy to shake.

Laughing, she accepted it, "You fought very well, Lucky! You too Winter!"

"B-but..." Winter stammered, puzzled by her reaction, "Aren't you angry that I beat you? I mean your Pokemon!"

"Oh don't sweat it!" she replied cheerfully, "I can always take her to the PokeCenter to heal her up. Besides, I know she'd feel the same way. She'd be grateful she got the opportunity to fight, even if it was a loss on her end. Just like I was grateful I got the opportunity to fight you!"

Winter still didn't feel right, "But...a battle-"

"Is supposed to determine who is better?" she finished the thought for him, "Wrong. A battle is supposed to help you make new friends and bond with your current ones." she gestured to Lucky, "Your Squirtle had bonded with you a little bit more by fighting me just like my Bulbasaur has with me by fighting you. And both Lucky and Bonnie like each other more now that they know each other a bit better. Also, you and I are more close than ever!"

Her smile cut straight through Winter, filling his heart with a warm feeling as she went on, "Don't you see? That's why we take this journey. We make new friends, human and Pokemon alike. And we stick with them until the end." She wrapped her arms around Winter in one final hug, the tears spilling from her eyes, "I'll miss you, y'know."

Winter sighed emotionally as he hugged back, "Yeah, I know."

"We'll still be friends, right? No matter what?"

"No matter what."

"No matter what..." he murmured under his breath as the wind erupting from the Hyper Beam dissipated, leaving the room stagnant once more. Somehow, Rio had survived the blast. That was the second Hyper Beam that Lance had used that failed at knocking out one of Winter's Pokemon. He continued to flap his wings in rhythm, eyeing the Dragonite like candy.

Two more free shots. Two more Dragon Claws ought to do it.

But Winter's steely gaze was gone, replaced by a wise and soft one that seemed to cut deeper. He knew what had to be done.

Rather than call out another move, Winter pulled out Rio's PokeBall and opened it.

"Rio! Return, buddy!"

The Aerodactyl was engulfed by the red light as he disappeared from the face of battle. Smiling kindly, Winter stepped forward, a sense of purpose in his stride and a resolution in his heart as he made his way onto the field.

"I'm calling the fight here," he told the Dragon Master, "You and I both know how that one would've ended, so why continue?" he continued to walk forward until he was standing face to face with Lance.

"I came here to prove myself capable of the title of champion. I think I have more than done that. But I don't think these battles should always end in a complete take down of one side. Sometimes, friendship is more important than that." He extended a hand for Lance to shake as he turned to Titania, a deep and powerful expression on his face, "And I'd rather make friends to align myself with than enemies I need to wipe out completely."

His gaze settled on Lance, "So, what say you, Lance, former Champion of the Kanto and Johto region? Do you still believe in war and power and might? Or can you settle for a resolution and a compromise?"


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"Get back, boy!" Lance rebuffed Winter gruffly, causing a start in the former Champion. "I never give up, no matter what. You must be the same? All you've done is give my Dragonite the time it needed to recover. You asked me for a battle, and I'm giving you one. And now that I'm on the ropes, you decide to show mercy?"

Finally, Titania spoke. "The boy is right. I've seen enough. Lance, recall your Dragonite." A strength and firmness in her voice was clear. The way she walked, a way she hadn't in years, made it clear what had to happen now.

"Winter. You have more than proved yourself worthy of becoming my successor. Lance, all these years have made your heart hard. Yes, being victorious is important, but that's not why we got into this. We wanted to get to know Pokémon better, to know each other better. And to be frank, I learned a lot from watching the both of you as well, and he's more than deserving. At the very least, more deserving than you. Swallow your pride while you still have it, Dragon Master." For a steel user, she sure could spit poison.

"As for you,'s time for you to take your place in history. Come with me to the final room, where we immortalize the Trainers that have stood above all the rest as League Champions, as well as your loyal partners that saw you through so many harsh battles. Through Will's determination. Koga's stalling and distractions. Bruno's brute strength. Karen's ingenuity. And certainly Lance's temper tantrums."

That last bit seemed to set him off, and he did the most un-Champion like thing of all...he jumped at Titania, who responded with a quick sucker punch right in the gut that sent the Blackthorn native hurtling back through the air and tumbling down the stairs onto the gilded floor below. Titania then turned back to Winter, shaking her head to get out of that dangerous mind-set. "Sorry you had to see that. He's always been a bit of a sore loser, but he's always managed to keep it under wraps until today. Now, shall we continue?"


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Winter's eyes resided on Titania with awe as she just about handled the Dragon Master like a...well, like a champion. It felt weird to him that she was the position he had to fill, given he had yet to see this side of her. It was almost as if she had restored her own faith and will somehow. This wasn't the same Titania he had met upon entering this room.

This was the Titania he had come to fight. And he was at least appreciative to see her in action.

And suddenly it was time. Time to set himself up as the Champion of the Kanto and Johto regions. Time to write his name on the same list as the Steel user in front of him and the Dragon Master beneath them. The moment felt so powerful...but it wasn't complete.

"Give me one moment," he told Titania as he turned back to his fallen partner, "There's someone I want to share this experience with me."

With quick haste, he made his way over to the position he had taken what seemed like hours ago. Lucky's eyes were closed, resting from the blows he had taken. Winter never thought he'd have to use this. He dug into his pocket and pulled out his emergency Reviver Seed, placing it into the Squirtle's mouth. After a couple of seconds, Lucky blinked awake. Slowly at first, then with a bit more effort, the Squirtle found his way to his feet, rubbing the back of his head.

"Sssssquir?" he asked groggily.

"Hey, buddy," Winter ruffled the Pokemon's head, "We did it. We are the Champions."

In that moment, the expression on Lucky's face went from confused to ecstatic as he started hopping around, whooping and cheering. Winter laughed at the sudden outburst of emotion as he crouched down to give Lucky a meaningful hug. There were tears in both of their eyes as they embraced each other.

"Told you we could do it," he chuckled through sobs as he perched lower to let Lucky climb onto his back, "You and me till the end."

It was in that moment that he realized Titania was still standing there, watching them. He laughed as he realized how unchampion-like he must've looked, "Haha, sorry. It's just...there's so much emotion in this moment. You hear stories about people taking this position in the most incredible of ways, but it's nothing compared to the experience."

He sighed as he looked around the room, the room he'd now and always remember as the room in which he claimed his title and started his reign. There was a grin permanently put on his face as he turned to face her, Lucky staring through his own gleaming eyes of excitement, "I'm ready now."


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    by Remæus
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    by NeverEndingFlip

0.25 INK

Winter sat in the Champion's chamber, more befuddled than ever before.

His brow was furrowed as he thought, trying to call upon all the wisdom he had gained in his lifetime. He was sixteen, but he certainly had been through a lot. Having started his Pokemon journey six years ago, his run-ins with baddies had seemed countless. A few Team Rocket associates, like everyone else, but also the usual challenges from other trainers, the bullies that he ran into for the first couple years until the gap between him and them was overwhelmingly vast, the folks in that lab. Even his modern day adventures since donning the title had been numerous and impressive: a challenge by the strange dark-type user, the fight against that shady gang of Pokemon outside Lavender Town, and his greatest accomplishment yet, dealing with the same foe that had struck down Titania so many years ago and coming to a peaceful resolution. In his two year tenure as Champion, he had long lived up to...maybe even surpassed his predecessor.

But this was something different entirely.

"Squir squir?" his greatest companion, Lucky, tugged on his leg. Maybe take a break? his eyes seemed to say.

Winter sighed as he lowered the note in his hand slightly, "I know buddy. But I've got to try and figure this out. I have a feeling the next few days are going to be rough and I need to be as prepared as I can be."

He patted the Squirtle on the head as he waddled off. He smiled at his friend before he glanced back towards the note...the note sent to him in secret. And when he'd discovered it sitting in his chair, he knew immediately who it belonged to, given that he was the only one who wrote notes.

Winter Sakkio,

I'm afraid things may be falling into disarray as I am writing you this letter. Given the circumstances, I want to think that things will be alright. But with each passing moment, it is looking less and less like that outcome will be ours. At least for the time being.

If the news hasn't reach you by now, then be warned. A powerful adversary has taken the throne and is now assumed the title of Grand Champion. As a single Pokemon, she has enough power to wipe our Unovan Champion's entire team with apparent ease. She is ruthless, cruel, and will stop at nothing to obtain absolute control over anything and everything. She has already dealt with her trainer in bloody fashion and I fear her rampage is merely beginning.

Winter, you must resist her advances at every turn you get. Do not trust her words or her intentions. She only wants the world in her control. Find The Iron Maiden and gather your Elite Four together as well as the strongest trainers you can find and prepare for an assault. You must do this without raising the suspicions of the queen and the assets she controls. Trust that other regions will be doing the same. You will know when it is time for us all to meet.

Do not reply to this letter. Do not try to reach out to me. Making contact would being unwanted attention to me and my plans. We are possibly the last spark the planet has. I hope you will help us save it.

P.S. : Do shred this letter.

The Indigo Champion sighed as he finally started ripping apart the note, tearing it into bits. Of course the news had already reached him, like it had to everyone. He had just gotten done watching Queen Melaine's speech and had the fight playing in the background. Every time he turned to look, he tried to analyze what she was doing, trying to spot some hole in her armor...some weakness to exploit. But so far, all he saw were advantages. He knew Status-effects were almost worthless, given the Magic Bounce he'd spotted earlier. But apart from the instant KO strikes, he didn't have an answer...yet.

He'd keep trying.

In the meantime, his instructions had already been passed out. The Elite Four were out, gathering the strongest trainers they'd fought against. The only one he had yet to make contact with was Titania. In his mind, he was debating her usability in this conflict. While he had trust the Iron Maiden was more than capable in this fight, there was still that question of her being mentally compromised by her shortcomings. The feeling hadn't been there initially during his starstruck moments with the former Champion, but it had built over time. And so remained the lingering thought pestering the back of his head...

If he called her, which Titania was he going to get?

Standing up, he walked the paper shreds over to the wastebasket by his desk and dumped them all in. Then, he glanced at his PokeDex and started scrolling through the contacts list, trying to find another person he could potentially get in touch with. Regardless of his thoughts or concerns, he may have to get her involved, he thought. This threat may be bigger than any concerns he may have over the health and well being of Titania Brightsmith.

Suddenly, a swirling vortex appears to the down. You can see something appear in that direction.
Leanne (Leavanny) has arrived, coming from Indigo Victory Road.
Leanne (Leavanny) has left the area, heading down into Indigo Victory Road.
Leanne (Leavanny) has arrived, coming from Indigo Victory Road.
In a cacophony of obliteration, everything to the south vanishes.
Leanne (Leavanny) has left the area, heading down into Indigo Victory Road.
Leanne (Leavanny) materializes from the void.
In a cacophony of obliteration, everything to the east vanishes.
In a cacophony of obliteration, everything to the west vanishes.
Leanne (Leavanny) vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
Leanne (Leavanny) materializes from the void.
Leanne (Leavanny) has left the area, heading down into Indigo Victory Road.
Leanne (Leavanny) materializes from the void.
Leanne (Leavanny) vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.