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The wide expanse between galaxies is a desolate swath of dark energy and orphaned stars known as Intergalactic Space. Nothing good can come of here.

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Surrounding and stretching between galaxies, there is a rarefied plasma that is organized in a cosmic filamentary structure known as the intergalactic medium. Orphaned stars and gaseous blobs meander their way through this maze of emptiness, making for a desolate wasteland of nothingness.

Intergalactic Space

The wide expanse between galaxies is a desolate swath of dark energy and orphaned stars known as Intergalactic Space. Nothing good can come of here.


Intergalactic Space is a part of Space.

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"Ha, less invasive. That's not something Asylians concern themselves with in terms of prisoners. When we do deign to take them, usually they're interrogated non stop by Arbiters in shifts until either all the information is extracted, or they expire." Halena shakes her head here, before brushing her hair with a brush that seems to have come from nowhere. "As far as the court is concerned, prisoners are merely a resource to be used as required."

After settling her hair, Halena smiles at Marlene. "I suppose in that regard, the Aschen are less barbaric than we are."

"Also, what rituals are these? Meditation I suppose?" Her curiosity was back in full force, and the frightening look of an knowledge hungry lore seeker famished for information was all that her eyes showed.

At this, Tolend did a very unexpected thing, and actively took a small step away From Halena. Apparently he was more than familiar with how dangerously thorough her hunger for knowledge could be, to the point that if clearly terrified him. It begged the question, if an otherwise unstoppable, indestructible, chaotic force of absolute destruction that could become a universe annihilating threat was terrified of this little girl.... Just what was she capable of?

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Marlene raised her eyebrow slightly, she had been up for days, since the initial attack on Molecay, and the stress was starting to wear on her physical form. Her thoughts were less organized, her mind was having trouble keeping it's laser focus on pertinent realities. A good night's sleep, and a moment to clear her mind was what she needed, yet this girl kept prying her with questions.

Halena was more a guest of Marlene's than a prisoner.

"Clear my mind, push the errant thoughts and voices into silence, and try to get some sleep." Marlene responded.

"Despite what the Asylians believe, prisoners in Aschen custody are given a few basic rights, depending on their classification. I'll have to let you read Confessor Kesslee's essay on prisoner treatment." Marlene said, starting down the hallway, gesturing for Tolend and Halena to follow, she appeared distracted, as she tried to scry more answers from the ether, as to what drove Halena to ask so many questions.

Marlene grasped at a fleeting answer, and plied the princess with a simple question.

"You want to ascend." Marlene said, almost at random.

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Halena's smile widened. "As someone who already knows what it means to constantly have the endless possibilities and potential timelines running through your mind, I'm sure you can understand how most Asylians are."

She turned and walked backwards besides Marlene as they passed through the halls of the ship. "You already know how distorted our perception of time is, how difficult it is for us to communicate with others because we literally have to wait for the soundwaves to reach our inner ear, and then we have to wait for them to be processed into electrochemical signals that our brains can process."

"Because of this, patience is one of the first things every Asylian learns. In the last seven hundred forty something of your years, our species developed the means to use psionics to communicate, allowing us to bypass one of the greatest difficulties our species has faced."

"Now imagine being one of the perhaps twelve hundred out of quadrillions of Asylians that do not have psionics, imagine being one of the people who has no choice but to communicate in an incredibly slow and frustratingly inefficient method. One of the unfortunate side effects our biological development has had on our culture is that technologies that are deemed beneficial are assimilated by all our people almost immediately. This means that very few people I met growing up were willing to utilize the method of communication that I was stuck with."

Her smile stretched out even wider now, but at this point it was very clearly not sincere and didn't reach her eyes. Precognition was not necessary to see the hidden pain in the child's eyes, far more real than anything from that performance for the camera's earlier.

"Now imagine being the most intelligent member of your kind, a fact admitted to you by all of the greatest minds of your people. Imagine all the hopes and expectations placed on you because of your potential, and yet you have to do all of this alone because of your inability to communicate on par with your fellows."

She shrugged then and righted herself so she was walking properly. "I'm not exactly lonely, certainly. Tolend is a very good, if taciturn, companion. But It is all but impossible to find anyone that I can actually talk to on an equal level, as a result the majority of my time is spent learning, studying, and otherwise gathering knowledge."

"As far as ascension goes, I have no idea what that is, and so of course I want to know everything about it."

Shadow Phoenix arrives from below.

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Marlene frowned slightly, before an idea crossed her mind. “Come with me.” She said, as she nodded to the men in the ship, and then she started down the hallway, leading Halena through a series of twisting cooridors, and hallways until they reached a sparsely decorated room. There was nothing in the room except a square shaped pit filled with black sand, inside the sand pit was a single candle.

Marlene moved to the sand pit, and slowly lowered herself into it, crossing her legs, and settling into the volcanic sand.

“Sit.” Marlene instructed.

The candle flared to life, it’s flame dancing in front of them.

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Halena sat down across from Marlene, smiling as usual. Her eyes took it everything in the room before sitting across from the other woman.

Her mind of course burned with an endless number of questions, but she had already examined and studied Marlene enough at this point to have come to a Conclusion, that the precognitive Psion had likely brought her here to fully explore Halena's own mental abilities. Likely this had something to do with this "Ascension" she had spoken of, and as Halena tilted her head, she came to another conclusion.

"So, this ritual we'll be performing, I trust you have some form of masking or dampening field in place to prevent it being felt outside of this vessel? Something similiar to your Plank field effect. Random jumps are all well and good, but even I'm not fully aware of what capabilities the full arsenal of the Asylian military has. They could very well have some method of long range scanning that would pick up significant Psionic readings. It would make sense, and if a large psionic surge is detected, investigation will occur not long after."

She tilted her head the other way, her smile never leaving her face as she said "I very much would hate for this play date of ours to be brought to a short end."

At these words, Tolend took up residence at one corner of the room, and placed his hand against the wall. Within moments, his hand had fused to the wall, the flesh breaking apart and reforming to better connect. The most subtle of ripples occured, nearly imperceptible, visually, as the Guardian connected to every wall, the floor, and ceiling of this one particular room.

After he had finished, Halena stuck her tongue out slightly. "I do apologize, but while I'm sure you have your own methods, and they're certainly formidable, I'd rather ensure our privacy for my own peace of mind.

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"What we're doing, not even the most sophisticated, or sensitive Asylian instruments would be able to detect." Marlene said, raising her eyebrow as she watched the flame dance on the black sand before them. "But whatever puts your mind at ease, because this exercise will require just that."

She held her hands out to her side, resting the backs of her hand on her knees, palms up, fingers relaxed.

"Close your eyes, relax, and open your mind." Marlene instructed.

If Halena complied, she would find a strange tingling sensation wash over her entire body, before everything went white, it was as if she was physically in a plane of nothing but white as far as the eye could see, and the only thing that stood out was Marlene, who was wearing an entirely white outfit, and seemed to be glowing with an almost ethereal aura.

"Our physical bodies are still on the ship, but I've linked with your mind through a psychokinetic bridge." Marlene's lips didn't seem to move, and the words registered instantaneously, there was no processing lag that was a result of Asylian physiology.

Thousands of voices began to flit into the noise of the white 'realm' they were in, it could be described as people talking in a crowded room. It was the thoughts of the crew, but not their current thoughts, but past thoughts, future thoughts, and every possible thought that could move through their minds, it was all jammed together, like the static snow of a telvision.

The sensation of being punched in the gut rocked the realm, and Marlene's avatar rubbed her temples, White gave way to the errant energies of the warp, a maelstrom of overwhelming emotion from nearly an infinite angles, then visions. Reality itself collapsed, ten thousand times, in ten thousand ways, but then it didn't, hundreds of outcomes from a single event trillions of light years away flitted through like noise, but then it all stopped, there was white, and silence once more.

They would once again find themselves in the room, Marlene's eyes closed, but slowly opening.

"Lightning flashes, sparks shower; in one blink of an eye, you have missed seeing." Marlene's lips didn't move this time, being linked, she could speak directly to Halena telepathically, and Halena would likely quickly discover, the connection worked both ways.

Marlene cupped her hand over the candle, extinguishing the flame.

"The potential to master true understanding is in all of us, only through moments of clarity do I see it. Like you, I was not born with psionics, or a grasp of magic. The mind can be unlocked, through understanding the nature of all things. If you immediately know that the candlelight is fire; then the meal was cooked a long time ago."

Marlene smiled, and gazed to the candle between them.

"Take the first step."

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The connection between Halena and Marlene comes with a slight hiccup.

The moment their minds interconnect, Marlene would begin to hear a strange, haunting, but beautiful melody coming from the young girl. Her thoughts spark across a cosmic blanket of nebulous stars and streaks of emotion, filling the darkness of her mind with a light so profound that one who sees into it would seem to be looking into a jewel of infinite depth. There are dark parts, with dull thoughts so shadowed they are unfathomable, and sparking flashes of errant emotion and thought that flare into existence and just as quickly vanish. And each and every one of these thoughts was accompanied by a note, and those notes made up the song that represented Halena's being, her psyche and her personality. It was a sad song, a horribly beautiful tragedy.

There is no quieting or calming such a storm, but after a few moments, Halena is able to maintain the connection by apparently detaching herself from her own mind. The ability to compartmentalize and partition off parts of herself in such a way is frighteningly reminiscent of an AI, to the point that the fragment that she separates in order to properly participate in this communion between them isn't even aware of the separation between it and the rest of her mind.

Once in this realm of emptiness, even that fragment of her mind became as active as a celestial storm. It quickly became apparent that the girls mind was ravenous for knowledge and information, and began to devour the "voices" as they came, scanning them, investigating them, pouring over every single syllable with such scrutiny it would make the owners of those thoughts blush as though they were naked in public.

The static snow was information as clear as daylight to her mind as she began filtering through it at a truly terrifying speed. But the moment Marlene spoke to her, with that connection clear to her mind, without the delay, without having to wait for the older woman to catch up, Halena's concentration broke and her emotions flooded out of her. anger was there, but overshadowed by relief, sadness, and joy. Halena's face changed, no longer a smile, no longer a mask. The girl broke down and cried as, for the first time in her life she was able to reach out and touch someone, to connect with them, to feel them and have them feel her.

It was a short lived miracle, as the shockwave that hit the realm struck her as well, and she instinctively began analyzing it and Marlene's words that followed.

Take the first step Halena tumbled over those words with a speed that even her own people would have great difficulty in following.

She glanced down at the candle, it ignited once more, and burned merrily. Halena turned and looked right back at Marlene, a true, honest and sincere smile on her face, showing the child she really was. "I did it!" She said in excitement.

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Fortunately, the precognitive nature of Marlene's mind allowed her to anticipate some of the hiccups, and buffer her mind to protect itself against the incoming onslaught of data. Marlene's mind processed it quickly, by buffering it out, and focusing her own thoughts. Marlene also managed to keep her own consciousness relatively isolated, while focusing on the mental 'White room' that she tried to keep them in.

But the sadness was overwhelming, the woman sensed a lot of pain, a lot of sadness in the Princess's mind, and it had a profound, and intimate effect on her own psyche.

Halena let her into her mind, and Halena took the first step towards the path to enlightenment, so now it was time for Marlene to open up to the other, to let her own mind cascade fourth.

Marlene smiled, and telepathically spoke.

"There's more, I'm going to let you in." She wanted to see if Halena could truly comprehend the steps she was about to take, but she knew that she would be completely opening her own mind to the child before her, Aschen state secrets, everything. It didn't matter, the Asylians could wipe the Aschen out, and so she took a gamble.

Marlene closed her eyes, and opened her mind to Halena. The Child would be bombarded with a sensation of pure agony, but it wasn't her own, the agony she felt was that of Marlene, the agony of being separated from ascension, but there was more, there was thousands of years worth of memories.

Marlene's childhood was the most traumatic, memories of the Aschen Confederation invading her homeworld of Yellowstone, memories of Aschen soldiers moving through the streets, door to door, dragging people out, the memories were clear, and they were vivid.

Yellowstone gave way to the lush, verdant green of Langara, and the emotions of sadness, and hatred followed. Hatred for a man that was a father figure, a man that visited unspeakable evil that left the child scarred, there was pain, a great deal of agonizing pain.

The memories were like a maelstrom, some were significant events in Marlene's life, like her first kiss. Others were the minutia of her day to day interactions on Langara.

Marlene was standing in front of a strange man in a black suit.

"Do you solemnly swear to protect and defend the interests of the Aschen Confederation of Planets, as an Agent of the Langaran Defense Agency, with every fiber of your being?"

"I do."

The Chaos of memories shifted, a memory of Marlene standing in a large room overlooking a console, and a massive device of some kind.

"They call it the Potentia, Project Shimshon, a device that, if activated will wash clean all life from this galaxy. If our society falls, we'll take this galaxy with it.."

Marlene looked down in the memory, taking a small, yet technical looking crystal into her hand, She worked quickly to suppress it, but the memory had already flowed fourth.

Another memory followed, they were in a bar of some kind, arguing passionately over someone, the woman in Marlene's mind was named Ari, they were arguing over a Randin Kaye before Ari stabbed Marlene in the chest, searing pain followed, followed by more emotions of agony, and then calm, as Marlene gazed upon a being enrobed in a brilliant white light, another ascended being.

"The success or failure of your deeds, does not add up to the sum of your life. Your spirit cannot be weighed. Judge yourself by the intentions of your actions, and by the strength with which you faced the challenges that have stood in your way. The Universe is vast and we are so small. There is really only one thing we can ever truly control... whether we are good or evil."

There was a warm light, the feeling of peace, an absolute, and overwhelming flood of knowledge, and understanding that was now being shared freely with the child. Marlene's own ascension, as she shed her physical body was a unique sensation, as she lay there on the bar floor, dying.

The white realm returned, Marlene having stemmed the flow from her own mind. Physically, the blonde was holding her head, exhaustion had begun to set in, as she relived the last few thousand years in her mind, her fragile psyche overwhelmed. One thing Halena would learn, was a hair's breadth kept Marlene from true insanity.

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Starved for knowledge as Halena seemed to be, the surge of memories was like a fountain of the freshest water to a man in the desert. Her mind absorbed the details at such a prodigious rate that the girl almost out processed the memories as they came in. The series of events that Halena absorbed, the pain and emotion suffered, made no effect on her expression. Halena accepted it as she seemed to accept everything that came forward.

But once it was done, Halena had a look on her face that she had not had since Marlene had met her. It was a serious expression of Dire intent. "The Potentia.... You need to ensure that all hands responsible for it are pulled to the deepest and most defended location on your core world and ensure they NEVER see combat with any Asylian. Anyone who knows of it, the best thing to do would be to ensure they become incapable of coherent thought."

"That thing is a greater threat to this entire universe than you could possibly imagine. Particularly if the wrong individuals among the Asylian court get a hold of the information."

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"As you know." Marlene said, rubbing her temples. "The Potentia is our best kept secret, no one knows it's true purpose other than those who wield the keys." Marlene explained, she didn't have to explain that, Halena knew everything she knew, in her gambit, Marlene had handed her knowledge to this girl she barely knew, the fate of the Aschen Empire was in Halena's hands. The consequences were dire, but the Potentia could only be used with all five keys, and Halena was the only person that Marlene knew of, who knew the identities of the other four key carriers.

"The Enemy vessel that struck Cryo has retreated." EVE reported. "I've triangulated their location with the subspace transponder affixed to their craft."

"I hope the knowledge I have shared, is sufficient for you to save my people." Marlene added, and while her mouth uttered the words, so did her mind, with their two minds bridged, verbal lag was eliminated, thoughts transmitted instantaneously.

Marlene looked to the wall, furrowing her brow.

"I sense that, even if we're to stop the Asylian war machine, it won't end there." Taking a breath, she turned back to face Halena. "I have to put together a reconnaissance operation, scout out the area the Asylian ship jumped to, and formulate a possible counterattack strategy. Admiral Thauce must be eliminated with all prejudice."

Taking a breath, Marlene looked at Tolend, they were done here, so he could release his meld with the ship. "EVE, prepare a jump to the Cryo system, I must commune with Agarran, and plan a course of action."

EVE's form flickered into view, and the AI nodded.

"Jump in one millicenton, Synchronized."

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Halena shook her head. "You do not understand what it is you have. You could very well have just doomed your entire race, the entirety of the universe, by sharing that information, even with me!"

The Girl stood and began pacing in the room, an act that, with what Marlene now knew of Asylian biology, was in and of itself a sign of how agitated she was.

"Admiral Ilia Thauce suffers from a mindset that she must protect Asylia with absolute precision and perfection. Even a slight defeat would be enough to send her careening over the edge to insanity. And now I know of something that, should she gain even an INKLING of, would result in the absolute worst case scenario, of this entire universe being shredded down to it's last atom."

"You have to alert the guardians of the remaining Key bearers, they MUST be found and then removed from the Aschen empire, in whatever manner is most permanent. And while I realize it would be asking a bit much that they be atomized and their ashes scattered across the solar winds, similarly significant action must be taken!"

Her pacing continued even as her thoughts and words shot like bolts of lightning to Marlene. "And eliminating Ilia is no small task. There's a reason she's so highly regarded amongst all of her subordinates, and even by others among Asylian nobility. The woman has put to shame the greatest warriors our kind has produced. She is single handedly the most powerful and innovative psychic mind ever encountered."

She stopped suddenly. "If she's pulled back, she's likely to have retreated to Baleon Orta, and if that's the case, you CANNOT send any of your ships there, unless your doing so to eliminate unwanted individuals from your civilization. Anyone you send I can garuntee will be killed, and the ships captured."

"Your vessels are neither equipped nor your personnel prepared for what you will find in Asylian Space."

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"I'm not concerned about sharing this information with you, I've seen multiple possibilities stem from this, we've either doomed my people, or saved them. If the Asylian attack comes to pass as planned, the Aschen will no doubt fall, but so too will the rest of the galaxy be wiped clean of all life."

Marlene frowned, narrowing her eyes. "The Potentia could be used to cleanse the galaxy, and reshape it to how the Asylians see fit." She frowned even deeper. "This must not come to pass."

Marlene reached to a small chain around her neck, and pulled it forward, a strange, technical yet crystalline object could be seen hanging from the chain. "Those who bear the keys are some of our highest ranking people, the fact they carry the keys at all is a closely guarded secret." Marlene said, putting the key back into her shirt.

"Even if they managed to get four keys, and knowledge of the Potentia, it would be useless to them. No, I fear that Illia may come across one of the sister arrays, and learn of it's existence through those means."

Marlene paced too, as the strange disorienting sensation of FTL washed over them.

The Scylla winked out of existence, for destinations unknown.

"Long Night of Solace" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.
Long Night of Solace departs, heading northwest.
Meteor has arrived, coming from The Onyx Galaxy.
Meteor has left the area, heading in into The Averus Galaxy.
Meteor has arrived, coming from The Averus Galaxy.
Meteor descends into Cybran National Space.