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The Multiverse


The Kazzei Plains, home to many basic things, grasslands as far as the eye can see with a ring of mountains towards the sunrise and water towards the sunset.... or the other way around those who live within these plains count the day in weird ways

Hidden among the hills of the Kazzei Plains is a ancient Force Temple that also housed an archive of a sort, an ancient Jedi Archive had been updated and kept up to date with current happenings in such an out of the way place. The Kazzei Plains Force Temple looks, like any other plains temple, like a part of its surroundings; unless one knows exactly what to look for, one will not find it.

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Numerous spires and technological advances are hidden among these hills and witrhin them. The Kazzei Plains temple is a massive underground complex with "balconies" with alternative night and day periods to match the surface world. There are nine landing pads for small vessels and shuttles, along with two larger open field "pads" for larger ships u to 20Km in length those such ships normally don't land on planets and only hover.

The Kazzei Plains Temple has a very strict no combat policy that both Sith and Jedi follow quite well; the natives of the kazzei Temple have no Force Signature and are known simply as The Observors who keep the Temple clean and help where they can to both orders.

The Kazzei Plains temple is numerous levels underground and also includes state of the art medical facilites, sleeping areas, recreational areas, and otherwise including council rooms

The Jedi Archives section of the Force Temple, first and seceond levels, eastern Hill section

The Sith Archives section of the Force Temple, first and second levels, Southern Hills section.

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Kazzei Plains

The vast, flat plains of Kazzei, filled with seemingly endless grassland and mountains in the distance. The Kazzei Plains is home to an ancient well designed Force Temple


Kazzei Plains is a part of Pavo.

2 Places in Kazzei Plains:

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Sadr Stardasher [42] "It's just...there are conflictions..."
Byron Irura [42] A inquisitor who seeks much from the world but finds very little from it that he needs.
Force Hounds [34] These three Force Hounds are overseen by Jedi Master Tuyer Siya
Magus Ariston [14] Everything organic we know of is simply machinery, in one form or another.
Lazureth, The Seer [13] The all seeing eye
Victor Bespalov [12] The Artic Thunder of an old Council Base Awakens for the first time. Let the mission begin.
Adou Gorr-Lora [12] The runt.
Ziziya Mapri [12] A mischievous malemni girl who still needs to grow into her wings.
Alexander Zakharov [11] There is no such thing as a plea of innocence in my court. A plea of innocence is guilty of wasting my time. Guilty.
Nimand [10] A horselord of a far off steppe, wandering far from home for the call of destiny.

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FazCab 1

Porg Transport


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Neither do I. I could say what brought me here but a strange feeling. Did something lead you here as well?


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Lee thought a brief moment then nodded. "Lee is trying to find someone important" She finally said. Meaning trying to find Ezra and got lead to that location. However dshe also had the weird speeder taxi for nearly plowing into her at the time. She produced a hologram of Ezra, now a nice looking young man, the last time she saw him before going to take down those stormtroopers guarding the TIE Defender. "Lee is trying to find this man. Lee followed her visions and was lead to here." She said

Simon Leazule has arrived, coming from Kazzei River.
Simon Leazule has arrived, coming from Pavonian Desert.
Simon Leazule ascends towards Pavo.
Simon Leazule has arrived, coming from Pavo Western Seaboard.
Simon Leazule has left the area, heading south into Kazzei River.
"Porg Transport" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.