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The Multiverse


The main inhabited planet of Glendathu, home to the capital Whiskey Colony and the New Klendathans, as well as the Old Klendathans. This planet is mostly barren, but is under Terraforming projects to create more hospitable areas to the colonists. This is also the base world for the operations of the UCF.

Surrounded by the CU orbital fleet.
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The main inhabited planet of Glendathu, and the home planet of the Oberon.


Klendath is a part of Glendathu.

8 Places in Klendath:

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Maxus Sywell has left the area, heading down towards Whiskey Colony.
Arrendal Mithras materializes from the void.
Arrendal Mithras vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.


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The desert planet.

It is not an isolated place, despite the desolate appearance from space.

Indeed, if you looked at the surface, you wouldn't see much. The species of man that lived there, the Oberon, were very seperated by the vast stretches of desert in between their colonies.

One might wonder how they had advanced up to this level of technology, considering the fact that metal was hard to get on this world and that most materials were as well.
The answer could likely be found in the pure, forceful determination of the Oberon to exist and adapt.

There were also theories as to how the Oberon got on the planet in the first place, as most of the life forms on Klendath lived under the sand, and almost none lived above it, and the Oberon were very clearly not made for this place. How did they evolve here? Most of the Oberon didn't believe in a higher power, but surely, that had to be a possibility, right? Tracing back their history as far as they can, it appears that they had always had the basic equipment needed to survive a desert planet. So perhaps they hadn't originated here.

There has always been a part of the mind that wants to know where it all comes from. Perhaps the expeditions would bring some answers. Perhaps they wouldn't. The answers would be soon determined.

As for now, the desert planet sat alone, silent save for the radio transmissions from ships above.


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Character Portrait: Maxus Sywell
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Klendath was by no means a great place to live, so the many residents of the otherwise barren planet made the best of what they had.

One of these methods of entertainment most often used by the people were competitions of skill, and one of the competitions played out on a small mesa just south of Oscar Colony, with several dozen competitors gathering with their tread bikes in preparation for a race. The reward wasn't much, but many people travelled to watch and participate, simply because of the fact that it was something to do.

The competitors all had their bikes in a line behind a wooden fence that would fall, in a fashion not dissimilar to dirt bike racing. The bikes were all heavily varied, with many seemingly made from scrap.

The crowd were gathered, with some sitting in chairs, although many more were simply sitting in the on the dirt. Since the sun was setting, they didn't need the usual tarp covers to protect them from the usual extreme heat, and there was a mixture of torches and electric lights to illuminate the track.
The track itself was a winding, bumpy, and uneven trail, bordered with an assortment of metal and wooden boxes, barrels, and markers.

The track was overseen by several Rangers, men and women in tan tunics with grey chevrons on the shoulders and chest. They were all carrying a weapon of some sort, with mostly short iron bars, although one or two had a pistol made of pipe.

One of the Rangers steps forward, and raises a hand with a small revolver in it. He counts down, and the racers all rev their engines, and on a single shot, start off down the track.