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The Multiverse


Island off the southwest coast of Ellaria, crescent shaped with lots of exposed rocks.
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Kuror Isle

Island off the southwest coast of Ellaria, crescent shaped with lots of exposed rocks.


Kuror Isle is a part of Ellaria.

2 Characters Here

Orleon Templeton [2] The Notar from the fabled Barony of Rivermoon
Garleunatri [2] Elven Scholar

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Garleunatri has arrived, coming from Turor Isle.
Orleon Templeton materializes from the void.


2 Characters Present

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1.00 INK

#, as written by Valdus
The mists, embracing, evaporated where his body shifted and finally rested in dimensional space. The spell, a hunter arcanum, intent on finding sources of high magic or rare powerful artifacts, pushed him to this place- whatever place it could be. Yes, it was a useful cartouche, but not very predictable.

Reality grew more and more distinct, outlining a place of high activity, off to one side of it all. The traveler waved his arms to rid himself of the mists and drew in where the caltrop landed him.

Blast it was a marketplace.

Taken far away from his native Rivermoon, Orleon wondered why the series of symbols that made the spell took him to this place, a place of very public exchange before dozens of people. A mystery within a mystery.

Oreon Templeton walked forth, eyeing the spices and wares of the various merchants and kiosks. All under a massive canopy, the market pushed out in all directions. Soon the Notar, a sorcerer of the Notari language, moved through tightly passing customers and merchants.

Attempting to eye for objects radiating magic, Orleon glanced over the stalls intent on finding something, anything, that could either be that it, or point him to that it.

It was truly a mystery, and he found himself enjoying that oddity. He looked over and around, his bald head shining in the noon day sun, his robes wrapped about his body, fluttered.

The sheets and canopies fluttered and his vision, drawn by magic, was drawn to one individual, an anomoly, for he had always been drawn to only objects.


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Garleunatri Character Portrait: Orleon Templeton
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Garleunatri smiled briefly as she pocketed the small, dyed satchel. It was slipped away before the indigo could stain her hands. The dark and deep of her pockets were of no bother, and for the first time that day the elf was glad she had dressed in her black skirts. Black was impractical in this climate. She had realized that all too late.

Now, to find where that little rat-scal had scampered off to!

Scanning the crowds, Garleunatri clicked her tongue. She refocused her ears and gazed off through the market.
No, the little creature hadn't gone left.
She panned her vision right, into a large canopy boasting wonderful rugs.
No, the qote new better than to go into a store without her.
Looking back to the left, her eyes slid right over the man who wasn't there before.
So where did-

Wait a minute. Garleunatri sought out his eyes with her own.

So where did he come from?