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The Multiverse



Current Alignment: Capital of The United Aschen Empire

Current Government: United Aschen Empire

Langara is the capital of the Aschen Empire. The terrain of this geologically young world is fairly temperate, alpine climates at the higher latitudes, and tropical climates near the equator. Langara has an average temperature of 43.6 Degrees Fahrenheit, and has a 74% Nitrogen and 22.5 Percent Oxygen, the flora of this world is indistinguishable from that of Terra, and the world is not terribly alien in appearance.

Langara is the fourth planet in it's system, in the outer edge of the Sun's habitable zone.

Langara has seven continents and three oceans, and is home to the original twelve Aschen nations.

Langaran Continents.

Map of Langara

Alpheus - Predominately temperate climate with a varied geography, Alpheus is a lush mountainous continent and home to the Province of Caprica, and Caprica City itself.

Dromas - Dromas is a southern, predominately lush and warm climate with a large southern Savannah, Dromas is home to the lush flatlands of Aerilon to the north, and the arid, savannah like climate of Libran to the south.

Lamos - Lamos is a cool, lush continent to the north in Langara's eastern hemisphere. There is quite a bit of precipitation and every several years, Lamos is hit with powerful storms from the northern Tethys ocean. Lamos is home to the Province of Sagittaron, and it's Capital, Tawa, a coastal bay city.

Metis - Metis is a large southern continent in Langara's eastern hemisphere, characterized by a massive, expansive desert in the north western portion of the continent, and lush jungles and savannah to the south. The Provinces of Leonis, and Scorpia share Metis in the north and south respectively.

Tibertus - Tibertus is a large, lush and arid, Siberian continent with a cold unforgiving climate in the northern portions of the continent. However the western side of the continent is lush, and used for farming by the Tauron people. Tibertus is home to the Provinces of Tauron, Picon, and Canceron

Inachus - Inachus is a mountainous, heavily populated continent in the south eastern hemisphere of Langara. Inachus has climates ranging from temperate, to Arid, and is home to the provinces of Gemenon, part of Canceron, and Virgon.

Oceanus - A large collection of islands in the eastern side of Langara, and has a largely tropical climate, home to the Province of Aquaria.

Tethys Ocean - A Large, cold and unforgiving ocean in the eastern side of the Alpheus Continent, known for it's storms. (Terran Equivalent would be the Atlantic)

Aries Ocean - Large, somewhat warm ocean on the western side (Terran Pacific Equivalent)

Menoetius Ocean - Warm ocean in the southern Hemisphere, south of Inachus.

Enipeus Sea - A large body of water bordering the Tibertus, Inachus, and Metis Continents, likened to an Aschen Mediterranean.



Scorpion Fleet Shipyards
Pressurized Drydock Configuration
Length: 500km
Width: 450km
Depth: 300km

Capable of repair and construction of Reverence IIs

Langara's Defenses:
SuperMAC Orbital Defense Platforms - 402
Orbital Nuclear Missile Arrays - 300
Orbital Singularity Cannons - 150
Surface-Based Anti-Orbital Missile bases - 200
Surface-Based Anti-Orbital Guns - 500

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The capital of the Aschen Empire, Langara stands as one of the most fortified worlds in this galaxy.


Langara is a part of Pan'Chek.

11 Places in Langara:

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Imperial Defense Force [50] A Fleet dedicated to the defense of the Aschen Empire, and assigned to it's systems.
Omar Durrani [24] Omar Durrani was appointed and confirmed as Director of Central Intelligence in 2008 under President Maynard.
Kaus Borealis [12] A Promethean; the progeny of Man, evolved for perfect adaptation. A remnant of a great family which now lays in ruins.
Nikita Bodkin [7] Hobo
Julia Hagan [6] Daughter of Owner and CEO of Tech Con, Miles Hagan. Ruthless, Rich, and Righteous.
Long Range Vox-Cast [3] Communication.
Serenity Black [2] Emo girl
Illumious [1] They had such drama llamas, you'd think they'd allow the drama queen!~
Divithra [1] Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole body and soul can be a true master. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person.

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Long Night of Solace

The Cobalt Glaive 57641

Sukarma UNEIS

Far Sight Lost

Claire Vettel-Wilson has left the area, heading down towards Caprica City.
Morgan La Fay has arrived, coming from Caprica City Cosmodrome.
Morgan La Fay has left the area, heading down towards Caprica City.
"Esteem" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.
Tybalt Capori arrives, coming from Chios 1.
Tybalt Capori ascends towards Pan'Chek.
"Chios 1" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.
"Chios 1" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.
"Chios 1" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.
Chios 1 departs, heading down.