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Lumiose City is a dazzling metropolis of art and artifice, located in the very heart of the Kalos region. Museums, restaurants, movies, stores and other sights--There are very few things you can't find in Lumiose. As with most of the Kalos region, Lumiose is not a center for technology and pales greatly compared to say Unova. Most famously is Prism Tower, monument and the city's gym all in one.

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Lumiose City

A seaside city in Kalos, which guards the secret to incredible power.


Lumiose City is a part of Kalos.

1 Places in Lumiose City:

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DIN-06 Serena [56] Model DIN-06, "Kalos General" Serena, is an experimental android created to emulate a legendary trainer of the same name.
DIN-05.2 White [56] Model DIN-05.2, "Unova General Two" White, is an experimental android created to emulate a legendary trainer of the same name. She was never completed.
Belana (Lugia) [53] This Pokemon is no Joke
Gobfang Rotskab [50] "You'ze need sumfin blown up? I'z da right ork fer da job." *Deceased*
Terrance Verton [43] "Blow me or I'll blow you up."
Gutgor Rotgul [16] "We is da Orks and we is da best Orks!"
Trooper Marcus Salazar [14] "'Serve the Emperor,' they said. 'Rest assured the Emperor's holy work will be waiting for you,' they said. What a crock."
Trooper Ostdarva Fandiv [14] "What is the strongest weapon of mankind? The god-machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus? No! The Astartes Legions? No! The tank? The lasgun? The fist? Not at all! Courage and courage alone stands above them all!"
Trooper Charley Sweepers [14] "Give me a gun and a google-eyed alien to shoot at, and I'll die a happy man."
Earl Knight [13] The leader of the Ethereal Scholars, a man that is quite difficult to find.

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Several more Trainers would surround the crash site, all pondering about what had occurred. Among them, one Trainer cleared them aside to make a path for himself. He was still dressed in his chef's outfit, his blond hair also impeccable, but he approached firsthand.

Out of the way, all of you. Keep a safe distance from the impact point.

The man brandished a Poke Ball and sent out a Starmie that proceeded to help create a patrol space, ensuring that the crowd was kept a distance away. Around this time, a woman arrived with a camera crew in tow as well. Her pink hair was in twin braids, and her orange glasses were peculiar in style.

And would you look at that! We're live on the scene of an incredible impact in the center of Lumiose City! We'll take you in for a closer look at the mysterious situation!

Somehow, she seemed to have some sass, or bite, to her tone. Nonetheless, she smiled as she saw the Starmie, and the man to whom it belonged. Once off mic and camera, she approached him.

Siebold! How nice of you to make it here. You work hard.

The man adjusted his outfit and nodded, serious as ever.

Yes, Malva. Some of us enjoy what we do. Now, regarding this situation, I've sent someone to speak to Clemont. Rachel is also en route.

Malva nodded.

Wonderful, Siebold! I'll see if I can get an interview with that man tending to the impact zone.

Malva would go with her camera crew to get a closer look as she approached Jakob.

Sir, we'll ask you to back a bit away from the... person who fell here! Oh my goodness! Well, I suppose I should ask you what you saw. Care to tell everyone at home what you witnessed as we get medical personnel on the scene?

In the shadows, a pair of gleaming eyes observed the situation, avoiding Siebold's Starmie, and it's careful patrol as medical crews began to arrive.


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#, as written by Awinita
Fortunately for Khima, who couldnt even hope to reply toi Jakobs question, he'd covered her with his trenchcoat nicely. Even then her hair did the rest. Khima herself was in shock, and soon the scent of motor oil could be scented by pretty much everything, but it was a certain type of motor oil in question. extremely expensive military grade motor oil was in this womans bloodstream. Stuff that only starships and starfighters could use without burning out their energy cores.

Two other women at the edge of the city were hampered briefly before one of them managed to translate rthe words of the guard into basic to at least communicate with the guy that they wanted to go to the city to the impact zone where their sister was. It took a bit of doing but eventually they got through and headed into the city, using Khimas smoke trail as their compass they soon arrived at the plaza

"Khima is in there ?" Jadwa asked pointing to the sudden throng of people surrounding a obliterated fountain plaza

"I think so, wait, you smell that ?" Aliyah replied, the black dressed woman and green dressed woman took a strong snifgf "Khima might be injured, if I am smelling her last oil bath frokm this far... "

Jadwa smirked "Relax Green Leader, relax, I smell something tinny too nearby, like a Droid or something, maybe they could help Khima ?" Aliyah traded looks briefly with Jadwa's manner of thinking, of course Jadwa was worried about their sister. Shye too smelled the droidlike smell.. Finally Aliyah nodded and allowed Jadwa to try and contact the tinny smell, in this case Jakob vy wireless, of course trust Jadwa to forget entirely that her comms were fucked to begin with it only gave Jakob some garbled feedback with the question, though trusting he had inrternal comm scrubbing ability he could easily make it out "Hi, Green 3 here, is Green 9 OK?"


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In truth, the android paused for only a moment. Something whirred behind his “eyes” as he performed a quick read of the woman's face in front of him. “No response… conscious, but no recognition. In shock?” It was then that the android flung the trenchcoat around the woman, regardless of consent.

Immediately after that action, his motion tracker pinged, indicating someone was approaching. Multiple blips, to be specific, led by a person calling after him. The first thing Jakob noticed was the tell-tale signature of an approaching news camera.

“Are you local law enforcement?” Jakob asked the lady who approached with a metal-toned voice, clear and concise, like a soldier. He did not speak unkindly, but he did stand between the news crew and the mysterious woman as if he didn't trust them. The android wasn’t as familiar with Ruulan uniforms, but Malva didn’t appear to be dressed like a police officer. “If not, I must recommend you maintain your distance in case of foreign contamination.” Jakob held up a hand, but kept his distance from the reporter. After all, the machine woman who came crashing down came crashing down from space. Who knew what microbes latched on during space travel amongst the dust and stars? Jakob, being a machine, was not susceptible to such microbes, but he wasn't entirely knowledgable of the typical Ruulan immune system.

“As far as I can tell, this woman has an advanced cybernetic physiology. It would explain how she could survive a crash landing from space.” Jakob added in response to the news woman’s question. “Anything outside of that, I cannot say with certainty at this time. I will need to perform a full diagnostic.”

When the medics proper arrive, Jakob would not hesitate to inform them of his analysis. However, it was at that point where he started picking up some sort of static on unencrypted COMM channels. The android glanced around, unable to find the source. The audio was heavily garbled, likely due to a combination of factors, but especially the presence of so many radios within downtown Luminose.


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"What the hell? That wasn't an ordinary explosion...that felt more like an impact. Best stay back and let them handle this until things start exploding..." A man looked down from his luxurious hotel window at the commotion...and got the best view in the house in more ways than one.

"Guess I'd better get dressed anyway. All the years I've been doing this, whenever something falls down from space, it's either bad in itself or it releases something that is. And holy shit, that redhead...I'd love to get HER number sometime." Grunting, a young, well muscled Terran man started putting on his advanced suit of armor. Far more refined than the Expansion Suit, built for the rigors of defending Wing City and all the horrors that that implied. This was the Andee suit. And he was a TETRS agent, codename Vandal. Any threat to Ruula was a threat to Terra by proxy due to the existence of a rumored portal. There had to be one...otherwise, how the hell did he get here? And thus was the explosives expert roused into action.

"Good thing about getting to take my suit out here...I get my full arsenal, not just the mini boomers I carry with me for emergencies like that last time."


6 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jakob Character Portrait: Terrance Verton Character Portrait: Green Squadron Character Portrait: Ahriman Character Portrait: Siebold Character Portrait: Malva
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It was here, suddenly, that a large figure stepped out of the shadows. In a full reveal, a large and imposing fox-like creature stepped into the open, dark in color, and clearly blended together with all sorts of mechanical parts. Having caught the attention of some trainers on the skirts of the scene, the creature stepped forward, slowly but surely making its way past the crowd.

Noticing it, the Starmie flew low and proceeded to block its path before being swatted aside with a swipe of claws delivered with great speed, the Starmie itself flying into a trainer standing nearby as both he and the Starmie crashed into the outer wall of a building nearby, a cafe. way. Get out of my way! I have unfinished business with you all.

As some of the other trainers in the are began stepping aside, Siebold and Malva both dropped what they were doing, even before they could respond to Jakob, and both retrieved Poke Balls.

Well our business here isn't finished. Now your rude interruption makes me so mad, I could just burn you up! Though if you really want to interfere here, you are welcome to battle us!

As my colleague has stated, we cannot allow you to continue unimpeded into this area. Stand back now before we must move you ourselves.

The fox-like creature smirked. The metallic croak in its already low and evil voice only made it scarier somehow.

I will not be leaving here without a trophy of my efforts. Anything less would not be worth this trip! I will see all of you torn apart! I cannot stand idly by and watch more of you go about your sick and pathetic lives! I'll be taking the girl since I lack for proper entertainment these days, and it is clear all of you feel she is important to a large degree. What suffering it will cause then if I take her from you all!

The fox-like creature seemed ready to make a run for Khima.

Nicolette Porter has arrived, coming from Cerulean City.
Nicolette Porter has left the area, heading up into Shalour City.
Nicolette Porter has arrived, coming from Shalour City.
Nicolette Porter has left the area, heading west into Cerulean City.
Kasumi Ambroise descends into Unova.
Leanne (Leavanny) materializes from the void.
In a cacophony of obliteration, everything to the west vanishes.
Leanne (Leavanny) vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.