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The Multiverse


Welcome to Wing City's Main Street !!!
Between the ancient architecture and the glittering glass, Wing City's oldest sector surrounds this hustling, bustling thoroughfare.

Peek through the shops & alleys to gather your wares, or just explore the city from the network of roads leading through here. Keep a watchful eye, as WCPD doesn't patrol this area perhaps as much as they should...
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Main Street

This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks in perfect condition.


Main Street is a part of Wing City.

7 Places in Main Street:

387 Characters Here

Avia L'arie [244] Sing like a songbird, strike like a hawk.
Midori Tanikawa [168] A 17 year old succubus looking for a mentor
Ben Myers [144] Werewolf, very shy around humans
Tora Butler [117] A prized combatant of Gadget.
Saldon [90] A rogue Lycan assassin. He is the last surviving member of the group knonw as Mugen and now he leads the new organization himself.
Neon Alchemy [86] A young woman who is struggling to become a famous singer.
Logan Lightburn [79] "My family is my life, if you touch them, i will kill you"
Arcturus Vega [69] A most unusual man with brown hair and sunglasses. He has a flashy..Almost English accent that you would expect of Royalty. His species is Midas (Natural gold transmutationites) and his hands are gloved in a special silk to prevent any accidents.
Garen Flosanimae [68] "The safety of ones soul is as delicate as a new spring bloom."
Faron Jasperson [66] ''....''

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Available Wares

STK-1911 0.45 ACP

69,855 remaining 1,428.57 bits Buy for 1,428.57 bits »

Simple Axe

4,199,984 remaining 0.48 bits Buy for 0.48 bits »

Paper Plate

36,999 remaining 0.27 bits Buy for 0.27 bits »


Night Shuck

Haze Drallen has left the area, heading north towards Main Street (Continued).
Haze Drallen has left the area, heading north towards Main Street (Continued).
Peter R. Sheffield has arrived, coming from Main Street 1.


388 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Robert Archer Character Portrait: Sidoh Character Portrait: Avia L'arie Character Portrait: Sam Adama Character Portrait: Faron Jasperson Character Portrait: Nox Alurane Character Portrait: Parson Lessard Character Portrait: Avaraen Character Portrait: Rin Attenborough Character Portrait: Dinaeus Character Portrait: Saldon Character Portrait: Sana

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As Peter continues down the street in his heavy armor, he glances around. He's searching for someone, even if it takes him forever to find them. All he knows is that they're somewhere in this city. In his momentary thought, his eyes pass over a few people, one of them being the very person he was looking for. They should recognize him easily enough, though, so maybe this mistake won't cost him anything. He turns on his radio, rapidly tuning through frequencies until he finds one, a simple music station. He listens as he advances further down the street.

In a little cafe, just the other side of the border...

Peter R. Sheffield has left the area, heading north towards Main Street (Continued).
Peter R. Sheffield has arrived, coming from Main Street (Continued).
Peter R. Sheffield has left the area, heading south towards Main Street 1.
Rosh Zenzara has arrived, coming from Main Street (Continued).
Rosh Zenzara vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.
Lewis Stockton has arrived, coming from Main Street (Continued).
Lewis Stockton has left the area, heading northeast towards Government Center.
"Night Shuck" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.
Eurydice Reverencia exits "Night Shuck".
Eurydice Reverencia has left the area, heading northeast towards Government Center.