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The Multiverse


This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks in perfect condition.
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Main Street (Continued)

This is Wing City's Main Street - the long expanse on which most of Wing City's attractions are situated. It is in pristine condition, with the sidewalks in perfect condition.


Main Street (Continued) is a part of Main Street.

110 Characters Here

Sir Esther Helen Evelyn [97] Don't get on the bad side of this white-clad brute.
S. "Violet" Fontaine [61] How you see people depends on their position in relation to your own.
Koehaera [47] Loves to sing and loves nature, but has a dark secret.
Vayden [47] Someone you don't wanna take lightly in battle. Many foes have claimed stronger then him and have fallen to his feet, he had a narrow eyed mask stronger then bone and powers hard to crack and a unique blade that was very lengthy
Anthony Silvero [45] A well off man who deals in business of varrying trades. He has a nice house and loves to work out and take walks around Wing City. Secretly, He is trying his hand at practicing to be a wizard like his father before him. He also loves cats.
Calvin Radi [41] "Please, just call me Cal."
Dormon Loset [40] He is a Knight of Death, The knight of Death. All will bow before him. Or at least they used to
Hunter Basset [38] "People never think to look beyond the cover, never think that someone is like that way for a reason, a painful and sometimes rough lesson, they just judge. It's called Ignorance."
Jamie Condrey [24] "I don't like killing zombies, so when i can, i avoid killing them"
Nikka [23] Release the hounds.

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Rosh Zenzara has left the area, heading south towards Main Street.

108 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Calvin Radi Character Portrait: Nikka Character Portrait: Helthas Sedra Character Portrait: Jack Reed Character Portrait: Koehaera Character Portrait: Daiku Character Portrait: Erin Character Portrait: Yamaxanadu, Shiki Eiki Character Portrait: Attello Hasting Character Portrait: Noeah Character Portrait: Sir Esther Helen Evelyn Character Portrait: Christopher Quickblink

...and 96 others.

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This is Lorbloo Nuurk, reporting LIVE from just outside Gambit's Bar. Nobody can tell how it happened, and nobody knows where anyone went, that fateful day every single person within Gambit's Bar disappeared into what seemed like thin air. Yes, even the staff! Magical beings, robo-types, and humanoids alike just gone. But, to where? Are they still alive?

More questions than answers have arisen from the scene, whether or not a crime has been performed has yet to be determined. The WCPD suspects foul play but have seemingly nobody to blame. Many have speculated that this disappearance will be tacked onto the charges accrued by Zosimos of the Vankoryth Detente, however they haven't been officially named or associated with the incident to any official degree. Others are pointing fingers at the Aschen, but that theory is easily debunked with the remembrance of the treaties. We've reached out to Detente and Aschen officials, neither of which have offered comment on the circumstance other than to claim dissociation.

Inside Gambit's Bar, the discovery of a strange black sparkly void dust has officials concerned. All persons permit access to Gambit's Bar have been advised to not touch the void dust. I repeat, do not touch the void dust. Eyewitness reports claim that prior to the disappearance, a strange red glow had occupied the windows of Gambit's Bar - others claim it was just a local brown out, and that the light was playing tricks on their eyes.

While investigations continue, the Intergalactic News Network will be stationed here to report on whatever- and whoever -is found to be complicit in this mass disappearance. Stay tuned!

Lewis Stockton has arrived, coming from Wing City Plaza.
Lewis Stockton has left the area, heading south towards Main Street.
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The Minutemen has arrived, coming from Main Street.
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