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The Multiverse

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Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Character Portrait: Gayle Archenau

Character Portrait: Mei Fen

The mysterious partner of Dark Sky.

Character Portrait: Juri Han

She's not a woman... she's an untamed animal...

Character Portrait: Merrick Vadas

Burn it down.

Character Portrait: Frans Lefindlahar

"Come over here, just for a second, don't worry, biting isn't the worst I can do"

Character Portrait: Mose Withrow

"I realize something.......hiding is not the answer for me......"

Character Portrait: Agnimitra


Character Portrait: Skaarj Volantis

This alien wanders the Galaxy in an effort to study every single form of combat in the Multiverse, from Judo to Kickboxing.

Character Portrait: Marine

Very mysterious, and not very talkative. He talks when it counts.

Character Portrait: Elise Bordeaux

"Why do you play such games?" "Because they're... Fun..."

Character Portrait: Soman Marsh

Always searching for adventure

Character Portrait: Stocke Tori

The strong, silent type.

Character Portrait: Fetu

What is it that you want now?

Character Portrait: Jenny Rivers

A flashy woman, wearing all black leather, with rather revealing features, much to the annoyance of her father. She has a coy smile on her face, but a hidden blade on her wrist.

Character Portrait: Michael Rivers

This man walks with a hood over his face, obscuring him with shadows. A long coat covers his body, and straps close it till his waist.

Character Portrait: Robert Red

"Please, just call me Rob"

Character Portrait: Gin Ritsu

"I'm going to drive you to madness, just like all the other pathetic puppets" WIP

Character Portrait: Cain

Character Portrait: Rin Bailey

Quite the Investigator...

Character Portrait: Hayate Minamoto

Character Portrait: Zenya and Sylvina

"You think you're tough? You aren't man enough for me."

Character Portrait: The Burned Man

Joshua Graham is an excellent Demon Hunter, but over-using his powers cost him dearly.

Character Portrait: Darren "Silva" Mason

"Is it wrong to survive?" A wanted criminal with one of the highest bounties known, his greatest strength is his greatest weakness

Character Portrait: Takashida Hirotomo

Character Portrait: Cannoness Hiskrisa Goothsame

Character Portrait: Lira Emane

"With the power of hope in my heart, I shall punish you!"

Character Portrait: Telin Iffir

Character Portrait: Xyphos

A dragon's strength brought to physical form.

Character Portrait: Ronin

A wanderer who is comfortable in any setting. He is quiet, reserved, but terribly opinionated. He is willing to fight to the death for his beliefs. He is always cloaked in white, and he wears a hideous mask of a Japanese troll, an oni.

Character Portrait: Irrin

Character Portrait: Guerriero

"I'm still watching you."

Character Portrait: Salazar Philemon

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Character Portrait: Johnathan Benson

Part bird, part human, Johnathan Benson is the true warrior of the sky. With a fearless disposition, John is keen to take on nearly every challenge.

Character Portrait: Angeal H

Soldier First Class

Character Portrait: Genesis Rhapsodos

Constantly recites LOVELESS. A close friend to Angeal and Sephiroth.

Character Portrait: Estobany Delaruz

Estobany De'laruz

Character Portrait: Solomon Oleander

Artificial Crusnik. Eraser. Changed One.

Character Portrait: Iris the Goddess

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow

Character Portrait: Rekhyt

A djinni of medium strength.

Character Portrait: Suki

A lonley girl who just wants kindness and friendship

Character Portrait: Sifuri

Character Portrait: Calder Pinewind

"The law holds chaos at bay, and I bolster the law with every action and deed."

Character Portrait: Bloodfire

Lost spirit of the dark abyss she has reawakened with one purpose... to kill and recruit.

Character Portrait: Al'Thok Thor-rok

A berserker barbarian, hooked up on hallucinogenics.

Character Portrait: Valide Haltun, Alexandra the 4th

Never before had such bravery and grace become entangled within a single, mortal woman...

Character Portrait: Nessa Cirtos


Character Portrait: Vel

Character Portrait: Feydor

At a young age, a child ran from a life he loved, a life that was being destroyed because of him. He took on a new name, Feydor. At the age of 15, he wandered the world, hoping his past didn't catch up with him before he was ready for it.

Character Portrait: Bill Eastwind

drifter with no place to call home.

Character Portrait: Arriliam

When science collides with religion in an attempt to recreate God's own perfection in the form of flesh and steel.

Character Portrait: R I O N

Character Portrait: Seijuro Kanetsugu

Character Portrait: Garrett Bleeding Beard

A Pirate, Yar!

Character Portrait: Peter(Heroes: Past,Present, Future)

A hospice nurse with unlimimted potential turned into a fugitive bent to kill anyone in his path.