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The Multiverse



The second island to make up the Alolan Region is Melemele Island. It is located in the northwestern portion of the region and is the second largest island in the region. Hala is the current Kahuna of this island and it's guardian is Tapu Koko. It is also said that the current champion of the Alola region also lives on Melemele island, somewhere on Route 1. There is only one captain on the island, named Ilima. There is also a professor by the name of Kukui who is rumired to lived on the southern part of the island, next to the beach.

Melemele island is a host to many wonders, both urban and rural. A great place to begin is in Hau'oli City, the largest city in the region. Hau'oli City is comprised of three parts: the beachfront, the shopping district, and the marina. The only notable feature on the beachfront is the Trainer's School where many young individuals come to learn more about Pokemon and how to become a trainer. The marina is standard, featuring a ferry transport to connect to the other islands and the other regions. The shopping district is full of activities to partake in, featuring a clothing store, a salon, a Malasada shop, a Police Station, a tourist bureau, City Hall, and a mall with Antiques, high value clothing, a move tutor, and the infamous Battle Buffet where one must literally fight for their fill.

ImageGoing east, one will find themselves walking on Route 1, a beautiful trail that is plentiful of life and leads to several locations. Diverting north off of this route will take you to Iki Town, a small community overlooking the grand city below it where the Kahuna of the island lives. Many festivals are held here. Going even further north will take you along the Mahalo Trail that leads to the Ruins of Conflict, an ancient location where Tapu Koko can be summoned. Going south off the route will take you past the illustrious Professor Kukui's laboratory to the Melemele Sea. Going right from there will take you into Ten Carat Hill, a small cave where some of the more rare Pokemon are said to live.

Following Route 1 all the way connects you to Route 3, a more rugged terrain that twists and turns around a cliff interface. A turnoff to the right takes you into Melemele Meadow, a pleasant field with yellow flowers blooming all around. This is where the Pom-Pom style Oricorio are said to thrive. If you are lucky, you can find a small hole that will take you into the Seaward Cave, a confusing tunnel with many twists and turns inside. However, they all lead downward and eventually open out into Kala'e Bay, one of the most photogenic spots in all of Alola. As a cliff-enclosed beach, this bay is a nice and relaxing place far away from anyone else.

Continuing along Route 3 takes you to Route 2, a very similar path structure to Route 1. Because of how flat and straight the route is, many consider this place to be a great spot for training and fighting other trainers. With a motel on the right and the Berry Fields and Hau'oli Cemetery on the left, not much else resides here. On he northernmost part of the route is the entrance to Verdant Cavern, where Ilima's Trial takes place. Following the route all the way south take you back to Hau'oli city once more.
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Melemele Island

The third island in the chain of islands making up the Alola region, this island is home to the largest city in the region and the location of the residence of the current champion


Melemele Island is a part of Alola.

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Pokemon Trainer Hau [36] "A-lo-la! The salty breeze sang to me and brought me here to you!"
Tungsten [14] You must choose your destiny before others choose it for you.
Zoltan Calamanero [12] A manipulative Malamar who will employ any method necessary to achieve his goals. Though an individual of sadistic tendencies, his public identity is one of a benevolent and charitable, if powerful, individual.
Lammy Flintelle [12] A novice Trainer who seeks to better herself as she journeys. Also the track star at her school. She adores her Pokemon, and dislikes anything she considers particularly unclean.
Ebba Seydel [7] "Please...Don't do anything to let...Them take control..."
Shiro Hope [7] "One day...I believe we can make the universe a better place!"
Hadriel [7] "Designated Name: Hadriel, Hello."
Kira Gale [6]
Sky (Skylar) [2] A young and carefree angel boy, innocent and childish and treats all his angelic duties as a game.
Skyla the Mistralton City Gym Leader [2] No matter how far away things are, a pilot's eyes can see them!

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"Hello! Me and my friends are from Terra. We are having a beach vacation!” Shiro replied to the stranger. "Shiro, perhaps we should not divulge our vacation plans to random strangers.” Hadriel looked to Shiro with a neutral expression.

"It’s fine! If we ask the locals we can get a better gist on our vacation plans! Trust your team leader!” Shiro exclaimed with energy as Hadriel simply looked over at Ebba who looked like she was hiding behind her.


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Character Portrait: Ebba Seydel Character Portrait: Hadriel Character Portrait: Shiro Hope Character Portrait: Kira Gale
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"Terra? Uh.. never heard of Terra..." Kira said.

Jinx tapped her foot and grumbled. Kira gave her a glare and she went back to silently grumping as Kira turned back to the visitors.

"Well... um... I hear the best beach on this island is uh... " Kira pointed behind her. "That way... "

"Kira's a weirdo don't like sand or something... " Jinx butted in.

"Shut it Jinx..." Kira growled.

Jinx just made a sound that was some kind of laugh as Kira looked back to the trio. "Well um... good luck.. i guess...uh have fun..."


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Character Portrait: Ebba Seydel Character Portrait: Hadriel Character Portrait: Shiro Hope Character Portrait: Kira Gale
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The grey haired woman smiled brightly as she nodded thankfully. ”Thank you so much! We were looking for a great beach to spend our vacation at! Working hard to the bone gets real tiring, and even we girls need to relax!” Shiro laughed heartily as her two friends looked at each other for a short bit.

”Thanks again for wishing us good fun! It was nice meeting you miss, I hope you also a great day as well.” The woman soon turned back to look at her two friends. ”Alright you two! Let’s get our swimsuits on! And let’s rock the beach! Especially you two! Hadriel you are going to experience swimming in the sun! Ebba! You are going to enjoy swimming for the first time compared to the snow! Leave it to me Shiro!” She announced to her fellows as she then turned around and marched forward.

For Ebba she still looked shy as she was hiding behind Hadriel, especially after Shiro brought some attention to the two of them. ”Our friend is new around these parts. But thank you. She may be a bit goofy but rest assured we are definitely here to simply have a day at the beach.” Hadriel gave a short nod as she began to follow the energetic grey haired woman before she vanished from sight. Ebba of course followed almost glued right next to her.


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#, as written by Ritnio
Sandra was just reaching the shores of Melemele when her phone started ringing. The special ringtone signaling it was James.

"Hey, Tuyo, land us over there, by that hotel. Take it slow, I got a call."

The Toucannon nods and slows its flight and starts to descend to the location. Sandra takes the call.

"Hello, Yellow~ What's up James? O-Oh? Got some stuff to tell me? Sure, I'm all ears. Just let me land and get a seat, alright?"

Tuyo does land eventually and Sandra hops off, putting him away in his ball before sitting down on a bench. She listens to James repeat the conversation, sort of, that was had at the Frontier.

"That's a uh.... lot of crap. Hey, can I have one of those fancy documents? You get a digital copy? Oh, one was already forwarded to Kukui? Sweet! I'll bust his door later. I need to go check on Lori. I think it's her day off, but she texted me about bringing Matt to Z-Force for an interview. I'll check there."

"You go check on Lori, alright? After that, I want you go to.. uh... Hala was it? Use him for a reference on where to go. You're a strong trainer so you should keep moving around there. Ok? Well, call me if something comes up, alright? See ya."

"Sure sure! Bye~"


"I'm pretty sure I can figure out what to do, but... Hmm.. Ku is likely sharing that info already with the Kahunas so I guess it would be best. Hala'll know what's up. First thing is first... Lori."

With this, she stands back up and stretches.

"That hang-out lobby thing was north of here, I think. Well, some cardio will do me good!"

Sandra takes off running. Eventually she does come to the doors of the Z-Force building. She walks right in and Binky pops out of its ball and floats next to her.

"Hey hey! Miss secretary! You got any tabs on Lori? I'm her older sister, Sandra. I need to know where she is and if she's safe. Some crap's a-brewing and it's moving this way."

Some misc sounds were heard from Binky as they looked around.