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The Multiverse


This place is rather small for a military encampment, and is relatively uninhabited. A few soldiers hang around, waiting for reassignment to either space or anywhere but here.
This place is the primary protection for most of the colonies and various encampments, but is still rather understaffed, as most CDF soldiers are very spread apart.
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Military Encampment

If you're here, you probably shouldn't be.


Military Encampment is a part of Klendath.

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John Smit [3] Has the least original name, made for averageness.

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"UCFS Thunderstorm" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.
Maxus Sywell exits "UCFS Thunderstorm".
Suddenly, this area begins to warp and melt—everything here begins to twist and turn, and finally evaporate... before taking shape as something completely new: Military Encampment
Maxus Sywell boards "UCFS Thunderstorm".
"UCFS Thunderstorm" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.

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Character Portrait: Colonial Union Soldier. Character Portrait: John Smit
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A beep comes in on the radio of the encampment, much to the operator's surprise. "Urgent message. We have a group of roughly 20 armed bandits assaulting a mining shipment west of Echo colony. Need urgent response, they seem to be trying to hijack the convoy. Get out there fast."
The operator sits for a second, absorbing the message, and then pulls the mobilization alarm next to his station.
The order for the groups of Jackal and Sandworm, both groups of roughly 6 men, to mobilize ASAP is given out rapidly. Sergeant Smit was one of them, a soldier of middling experience, in charge of Jackal patrol, the leading influence on Klendath when it came to fast assaults to rival that of the Mobile Infantry.

The Duster pilots start up their vehicles, helicopter-like flight craft dependent on two jet engines, like a sort of dropship.

The groups have roughly four minutes to mobilize, likely a surprise, as activity has always been slow around this place.
The clock starts now.

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Character Portrait: Colonial Union Soldier. Character Portrait: John Smit
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John Smit as well as the rest of the marines began to arm themselves with helmets, goggles, and guns. Armed with MP-35s and JT4s Jackal and Sandworm load onto their two dusters and begin tracking the distress signal.

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Character Portrait: Colonial Union Soldier. Character Portrait: John Smit
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A gust of wind kicked up the dust around the encampment.