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Molecay was the site of the first battle of the infamous Great War of Magellan, and is home to a treasure trove of pre-vorlix Aschen technology, and one of the more populated worlds in the Aschen Empire. Molecay is considered the second Aschen Home world.
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Molecay is a well known Aschen world, with fiercely independent attitudes and a desire for freedom.


Molecay is a part of The Aschen Core.

8 Characters Here

The Hessian [17] "The Hessian? He's an urban legend to scare our enemies."
Sorata Tyrel [16] Field Technician and medic for the Molecay Federal Army
Acastus [16] Commander in the Molecay Federal Army
Cathenna Demopolous [9] A news streamer who wants to hit it bigtime and live stream from the frontlines as a War Reporter.
Ruby Abram [9] "It's all gotta pay off somebody, otherwise I'm two feet in a grave."
Lissac Feratun [4] The world rock filled with many a jewel. I seek to extract those jewels.
'Cursed One' [4] Forever to doomed to walk the amongst the Shadow, (Work in Progress)

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Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman
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Molecay. Another in a long chain of Aschen-hives, a little warlike world filled with a warlike people, too stupid to see the abuses they inflicted on others. Or even those they inflicted on themselves. Getting here was no small feat, it required everything. Security checks, clearances, being vetted, bribes and threats, and even the occasional use of a stealth suit, but The Red Switch had made it. Mostly if only because neither he, nor any of Lochlyn's forces had had much to do with the Aschen at this point.

To them he had probably been an average human, from some backwater named Corven 9.

Recovering his gear had been a bitch that had taken months. He'd been posing as a merchant, primarily luxuries, and Lochlyn's forces had been stashing his arms and armor in each shipment. Piece, by singular piece. One month all he got was a singular firing pin. That had pissed him off royal, even though he understood the need. From where he was now though, it all seemed worth it.

He was about a 150 feet straight up in the air, in the room of a hotel a half-mile away from the gates of a nearby Aschen Military outpost.

He held his Barrett M107A1 tightly as he laid there on the hotel floor, the stereo-system loud in the background. He could see everything from the floor-to-ceiling window, his heavily augmented holo-display scope offering flawless magnification, even at this range. He felt ready, so ready to hate this assignment over and done with. Lochlyn was waking up, was moving, slowly but steadily. The Aschen were a race of warmongering sadists who seemed to engage in genocide for fun.

They'd never stop, never relent. They were both a threat and a roadblock to Haley Lochlyn.

So the man did what he always did when he had a roadblock, he pressed the big red button. Red took a deep breath, practice and a bi-pod holding the rifle steady. Normally a shot like this wouldn't work, but he'd attached censors to the outside of his window that fed the Wind direction/speed into his HUD. His cross hairs came to rest on a man, 805m away, he was outside and alone, dressed in military garb.

Probably a young man, barely past twenty by the looks of it, but that didn't matter. The new world was coming, and people like these bastards had to be burnt to cinders for it happen.

BANG Despite the suppressor the sound echoed through the room. Hard to make a .50 caliber weapon too quite, but the music would likely cover it. The bullet went through the hole in the glass he'd cut out specifically for this purpose. The muzzle-flash refactors went off without a hitch. The shot was perfect. Red watch, breath still held as it found it's mark, dropping the Aschen man like it was nothing.

The mission was on.

He exhaled and swiveled, sights now on the oncoming patrol. Three officers. Deep breath. A moment to focus. 3..2..1..BANG, the man at the back of the patrol dropped in a spray of crimson. Red new he was almost out of time at this stage, firing even twice from the same position was suicide, but he'd been watching the patrols. One more. Deep breath, 3..2..1..BANG the second man in the patrol line fell, a mere moment apart from the third.

Who noticed, and was very displeased Red imagined.

He didn't waste time trying to fire again, or watching the last guard likely raising alarms from here to hell, he was already breaking down his rifle. It was more than time to move.

After all, he still had the whole base to take on.


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Character Portrait: Imperial Defense Force Character Portrait: Confederation Protection Force Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman
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0.00 INK

The first man went down before he even knew what hit him, the second guard quickly moved to take cover behind a supercrete jersey barrier at the front of the Molecay IDF Garrison post.

"Sniper!" He called out, putting a foot of supercrete between the base and the shooter, grabbing his radio. "Sniper! Coming from the skyline!" He called into his radio, a moment later the alarm began to sound.

The direction of the blood spatter on the supercrete wall behind the now dead soldier gave general direction to where the fire was coming from, but there were dozens of tall buildings in the city.

Alarms continued to klaxxon as hundreds of men in their various quonset huts geared up to respond, calls went out among the reinforced buildings to the local police, and the CPF.

Inside the command building, the Base commander was roused from his paperwork, pulled into a large war room with a three-dimensional holographic display of the base and the surrounding area.

He was shooting again, engaging a patrol that was outside of the main walls of the compound, being so far away meant the shooter likely didn't hear that the base had gone on alert, high resolution cameras and counter snipers were quickly coming closer to acquiring his position as he engaged the patrol, firing at them as they scrambled for cover.

By the time he was breaking his rifle down, the CPF was rapidly mobilizing to respond to the assault, the Aschen Empire's national police force were moving in via a large white and blue PCF Gunship, 150 meters in length, its engines screamed as it sailed through the skyline.


Inside the command room, the massive holographic interface was highlighting several buildings of interest, roughly three blocks in every direction the highlighted area signaled a zone of containment, with a blue highlighted section covering a lock-down zone.

"Casualty count is four, sir." The Tactical officer reported, tossing the paper down.

Gritting his teeth, the Base commander nodded. "I want a level one lockdown of the entire city and surrounding area, nothing in or out. I want roadblocks on every road, and the spaceport shut down, if anyone tries to leave, I'm authorizing lethal force." He ordered.

"And gods damnit where are my Condors! We'll need thermals to find this bastard!"

Gesturing to the highlighted Zone 1 as they were calling it, the Commander turned to his Tactical officer once more. "Everyone in this zone of interest gets interrogated first, those who are suspicious will be turned over to IIA Custody for further interrogation."


As Red finished packing up his rifle, the power to the hotel suddenly went out, nearby buildings also seemed to have their power cut as lights went out one by one, only emergency illumination was left.

Phone calls went out as well, as the automated Emergency notification system was broadcast on all television screens. The response time was roughly four minutes, from the initial shot, to the interruption of broadcast channels.

"This is the Molecay Civil Defense Notification System... As a result of a Terrorist attack in Progress, the Molecay Imperial Authority has ordered a level one lockdown on all commercial and residential areas within this zone; the following is to be strictly adhered. If you are outside; you are immediately advised to report to your homes. If you are inside a residential or commercial structure, you are informed that leaving your designated location is strictly forbidden, and you will be summarily executed pursuant to Penal Code section two chapter seven. You are advised to shelter in place until otherwise instructed by a Central Protection Force Officer, or Molecay Government official."

This meant Red would have to take the stairs down, and once he reached the hotel lobby, the Manager was seen at the front doors.

"Everyone remain calm." He said. "We'll be cleared by the CPF Shortly." He said, as sirens echoed in the distance.

Roadblocks were being set up, as the entire section of road was shut down, those caught in the traffic were instructed by Civil Defense to remain in their vehicles, anyone out walking around was subject to summary execution.

Cop cars moved to block roads, while the massive Airfrigate began to land nearby at the base, CPF SWAT, and Tactical response began to move from under cover of the ship, while the Military were gearing up to move into the city.


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Character Portrait: Imperial Defense Force Character Portrait: Confederation Protection Force Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman Character Portrait: The Hessian
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#, as written by Saarai
"Gear up! I wanted you ready to deploy before the alarm went off!" Yates shouted as he stepped through the halls of his barracks.

He wasn't the man in charge, but he held rank on many of the IDF forces he was bunked with. He preferred to sleep among the grunts, he was one of them as far as they were concerned.

"I'm already geared up. What is your excuse?" He asked, walking confidently as he showed off the fact that he was already ready for combat.

He was a muscular man underneath his gear, a little older, with greying brown hair and a thick mustache, but he was still in great shape.

Yates made his way out of the barracks and began his journey to the command building. He wanted to get some information out of the base commander before he was deployed.

The last thing he wanted was to be sent in without any intel because the IIA needed to protect their secrets or were playing some sort of game.

"War room?" He asked a passing soldier as he stepped into the building, "That way." The soldier told him, head low as he continued on his way.

Yates watched him for a moment, there was something off about him. He didn't know what. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and continued on to the war room.

"Commander? A word?" He asked loudly as he approached the room, arms folded over his chest. He turned his head, catching sight of the soldier again watching from nearby. Either he was curious or he knew something about the attack.



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Character Portrait: Imperial Defense Force Character Portrait: Confederation Protection Force Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman Character Portrait: The Hessian
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Red didn't even bother going down the stairs, he knew the drill. Months of planning was about to pay off. The second his rifle was broken down and cased he dashed to the room three doors over, closing and locking the door behind him. He'd run a good scam here, renting a total of seven different rooms under seven different names, most on separate floors. He reached under the bed and pulled out a small backpack.

The orbital strike would be coming soon, too soon for his liking. It was time to run, and fast.

It wasn't that simple, though. He fished out the contents of the pack as quick as he could. It contained a battery system, common household Aschen stuff modified to work with his suit. It would sustain the stealth field for an hour, as well as jerry-rigged grav-locks for his boots thanks to his partner's ingenuity. The most important part though was a cyro-solution, resting in a syringe that billowed mist.

It's amazing the amount of things The Hessian could whip up with enough time and effort, especially since it all came from mundane parts.

The solution was one of those things, and possible the most important. It would flood Red's suit with an extremely cold solutions that would filter through the usual fluid-intake. It would keep his thermal presence null for an hour, give or take. Once fully ready and geared he activated his stealth field, and opened the window.

It was horrifying at first, but sort of fun in the end. He had to step out on what was basically a leap of faith, hoping the grav-lock would catch, that his foot would be able to hit the window just below his before he fell. It did. A hundred something feet was a long walk, especially straight down, but it wasn't about to stop him. The timer in his HUD told him how long he had to get out and get clear.

Barely enough.

He sprinted his way to the ground, and continued to run. He made sure to give any and all Aschen a wide birth, and kept his silenced handgun ready. It was a short walk to the linchpin of the plan. It was a house, maybe 200m away at most. It was a small unassuming thing, the family on vacation even, but it had a basement. One that Red had spent the last two months fortifying a corner of it with cheap metal scraps, and wood.

He had befriended the family under another disguise, this time as a rebel terrorist. They were sympathetic to the cause, and to the gold.

As he closed in on it he had to hold back the urge to swear. Two IDF soldiers were walking past the door, making far too much noise for his liking. Probably there to check on all residents, first wave of hunters for the terrorist. It wasn't even a tall house, what where these clueless morons doing? It didn't matter. He opened a secure comm channel to his partner, and ducked into an empty alley way.

"Need that delivery, now.", was all he spoke, a hushed, monotone-whisper, before closing the channel. They couldn't afford time, or getting got, or leaving a foot print, not yet. Hopefully the next stage of the plan would make what he was about to do a little less attention-grabbing.

He slipped out of the alley way, still cloaked and cooled, his silenced Glock19 in one hand, a combat knife in the other. He walked towards them slowly, crouched and carefully focusing on each of his breaths so as not to alert them. Normally he'd love to stop and eavesdrop for a few minutes, but there was no time. Still, he could listen a little while he continued to cautiously creep up on them.

"Open up, please. It's the IDF, we need to verify your safety and get you escorted ASAP.", the larger of the two men banged on the door as he barked his orders out.

Shit, that told Red they were reacting faster than he calculated. It became do-or-die time in an instant. He unleashed his assault on both officers simultaneously. A round from his silenced Glock hitting the large soldier just between the helmet and rest of the body armor, aimed directly at the spinal cord, and his knife entering into the other man in the same location.

All he had to do was slip inside, dragging the bodies with him, and he'd be free and fine.

It would take seconds at most, and he'd be in the laughable "bunker" he made, hopefully combined with his armor shielding him enough for the blast he didn't instantly die. Hopefully.

No other IDF's were near at the moment, his thermal scan confirmed it. He set to work, hoping an Aschen soldier didn't show up out of the blue.


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Character Portrait: Imperial Defense Force Character Portrait: Confederation Protection Force Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman Character Portrait: The Hessian
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0.00 INK

Unfortunately for Red, someone saw the soldiers go down.

No one would know who called it in, was it a nosey neighbor? Someone in a car? Someone saw the IDF Men go down, and they called it in. Either way things never went according to plan, especially among a population living in constant fear of rebellion and terrorism.

The Base Commander returned the salute from the soldier before he stepped aside. "What is it? Shouldn't you be at your post? We have a level one lock-down and the base is under attack." The Commander said flatly. "We'll discuss whatever concerns you have once the situation has resolved, now return to your post or enter yourself into correction." The Commander said, annoyed that this man was taking much valuable time from dealing with the situation.

There was a chirp and the Tactical officer picked up, a brief exchange and then he hung up.

"Sir." He said, pulling the commander away. "There's been another shooting, I've got the address marked down on the map. CPF is sending in Crisis Response, and I've got tac teams converging on the residence, they'll be on site in thirty microcentons."

Thirty seconds, and the screech of a Condor VTOL seemed to sound overhead, perhaps it was just another patrol, but the engines of the Condor VTOL were being used to drown out the sounds of CPF SWAT Personnel, and heavily armed IDF Marines disembarking from the back, they took up positions around the small house, securing the windows, the doors, and everything else.

Their thermal signatures were masked by strange anomalies, one moment they were there and another moment they weren't, their personal shields interfering with thermal imaging, like a pane of glass the transparent energy field was 'Opaque' to thermal imaging, making the gathering personnel difficult to see.

Two individuals clad in a T-65 Combat skin moved to the front of the door, tapping their helmets to ensure their visors were sealed, took up positions.

All of the SWAT commanders nodded, and sealed their own visors before popping canisters through the windows of the small house, the blood spatters of the killed soldiers marked the house as the one where Red was hiding.

Shattered glass signalled their arrival, canisters moving along the floor billowing a thick red smoke, the smoke was a substance the Aschen called 'Spice gas', a Capsaicin based irritant that caused a severe burning sensation in the eyes and respiratory tract, as well as clinging to clothing and causing a burning sensation on exposed skin.

The two Combat skin clad individuals engaged their personal cloak, a phase-shift device that placed them slightly out of phase, and imperceptible to even the most advanced of scanners.

The two men checked their Type 03 Disruptor PDWs, and fanned out in two directions.

"Confirmed IDF Bodies." One of them said, gesturing to the pile of dead soldiers in the corner.

"Check basement." The lead said. "I'll check kitchen and living quarters."

Moving up to the door of the basement, the Combat skin clad Spec ops wrapped his hands around the door, shields were calibrated and the suit itself was nearly impervious to most conventional small arms. The enhanced strength caused the doorknob to snap, and the door was slowly opened.

He adjusted his vision to a Infrared and Xray, which enhanced his own HUD and cut through the darkness of the basement.

It was only a matter of time before the jaws of Aschen oppression snapped shut on Red.


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Character Portrait: Imperial Defense Force Character Portrait: Confederation Protection Force Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman Character Portrait: The Hessian
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Saarai
"I know, but-..." Yates was cut off when the Commander was pulled away. He shook his head in frustration, stepping inside the war room. He opened his mouth to speak, but he opted not to. He could get in trouble if he pushed the issue. Now wasn't the time for that.

Instead Yates dug into one of the pouches on his gear, slipping out a puck shaped device. He sighed, pressing it against a wall as he made his way back out of the room.

There was a light on the top of it blinking green. It was subtle and probably wouldn't be noticed immediately with all the clutter and the base searching for the attackers.

He immediately caught sight of the soldier again in the hallway. What the hell was he doing? Yates was going to find out one way or the other why he was being shadowed.

"Hey!" Yates shouted, moving to confront the soldier. "Are you following me?" He asked, as he grew closer. The soldier didn't answer, "I'm asking you a question. Answer it." He demanded, but it didn't matter if the soldier was going to answer or not.

The green light on the device began blinking rapidly until it suddenly turned red. The blinking stopped with the red light.

And then suddenly it exploded outward with intense heat, flames igniting as the explosion expanded into the room. But, it wasn't your typical explosion. No, this one stopped. It paused, frozen in time for the longest of seconds.

Still it burned anyone caught in it.

And then it began to violently implode, bringing people, objects and anything else caught in it's blast together to create charred balls of viscera.

The same happened in Yates' barracks. And another. A motorpool. Vehicles leaving the base. They were dealing with more than a sniper. This was an real attack and they should have seen it coming.


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Character Portrait: Imperial Defense Force Character Portrait: Confederation Protection Force Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman Character Portrait: The Hessian
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0.00 INK


The Aschen's arrogance was so predictable you could actually factor it into a plan, and that's exactly what Red did. His entry into the building had been far too loud and flashy for his tastes, and being a man who always believed in six or seven backup plans, he'd set to work quick.

The moment he'd begun to drag the Aschen soldier's corpses is, he started plan H. Or some letter. He'd dipped into his pack for one of the last ingredients of his mission, six explosive charges, the same kind The Hessian was using. Mostly. They were powerful thermal-charges, with a secondary implosion, designed for devastation. Precision devastation. Whichever direction they were point was where the bulk of the explosion went, making them a tactical asset.

The first was placed onto of the first dead Aschen's chest, face up, with his partner's corpse placed overtop his to cover it. This charge was super-charged, the explosion would level most of the upper floor, the implosion destroying the rest. It had a 50m killzone on both detentions, maim and wound zones extended far out. There was another one, set with the same specs, on the back of the front door. This one faced forward, making the entire first floor kill-maim.

The other two were lesser, one thrown into the back room of the house, the other placed in the main room, just above the basement. These were more simple explosive charges, heavy enough to take out solid steel if need be, but not the end-all of a thermite. The Killzones for that were basically right on the other side of their respective walls. Nothing too serious.

Which was fine with Red, because that wasn't their job, escape was.

He got lucky, or maybe he was just good at his job. He was prepared for something to go wrong, and when he heard the VTOL, he was damn happy. They wouldn't need to send a VTOL patrol if they had men on the streets. They wouldn't risk it's value, or the lives of Aschen soldiers if they were about to orbital strike. Someone saw him, thank god. He'd laid in his little bunker in the basement, each hand gripping a detonator.

He heard the glass shatter, the hiss of the Spice Grenades, then the door being breached, and sealed off the audio from his helmet, effectively deaf. He took a deep breath, and counted to fifteen.

Welcome to plan Hellfire.

The first to go off were the two charges by the door, the over-loaded explosive turning both of the dead Aschen into a fine red mist, as the air all around ignited before a deafening crack. The one behind the door went off next. He pressed the other detonator after a two second count of the first, the modified C4 blew out with a bang a hair of a second before the secondary implosions went out. They would drag away all the rubble from the C4, which would leave a hole in the basements ceiling, and the walls between the living room and the street..Well. Gone.

He was going to walk right out, even if by some miracle all the IDF survived, he was fully hidden.

That's the best part of the explosives in Red's opinion. They didn't make a sound, and while the two implosion's blinked faintly, both were hidden. None of them were obvious right away. Perhaps an incredibly smart or lucky soldier caught the charges, or a charge. Maybe they even evacuated the house in time, though Red doubted it. It didn't matter. The two charges upfront provided a kill zone outside the front door for a solid 35m, maim beyond.

This was a blow that if the Aschen were clever, they would whether, but not walk away from unscathed.

Red climbed out of his joke of a "bunker", and engaged his grav-locks. He walked straight up the wall, through the hole of the ceiling, and into the war-torn street. Hopefully in the chaos he'd slip around everyone easily. If anybody was left.


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Character Portrait: The 6th Order
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0.00 INK

The black and gray ship traveled through light speed at a steady pace. Three men sat at the cockpit station; the pilot, the co-pilot, and the engineer. They drove a ship meant to be masked as an Aschen trade ship in case the plan went horribly wrong...and there were many ways it could go wrong.

The pilot, Richter, looked down to the display panel of his ship as his captain on the other side spoke with him.

"With your sacrifice, we'll put them in a state of disarray. They'll be weak." The captain spoke, his monotone voice was chilling, almost robotic. He wore the standard armor used in the 6th Order, save that the yellow sections were instead painted a deep maroon color to signify his rank.

Richter nodded his head, pulling out a small amulet from his shirt and taking a deep breath as he held it. The amulet was a strange circular design with many grooves in it, the grooves making out to be a letter of a long lost language. "For Harashaz!" He shouted, the copilot and their engineer cheering in tandem with Richter, roaring out for this 'Harashaz' figure.

"Aim for the tallest building." The captain said once more, lifting his head and saluting the men. "Your sacrifice will be honored and celebrated among our men. We shall forever remember you, Richter."

As the men shifted the lever to come out from light speed, they were just entering the planet's atmosphere. The goal was to get past any blockade which may be forming coming in at full force in light speed. If they crashed into a carrier above the planet, however, they could potentially destroy even more below. More bang for their buck. As the men came careening down towards the surface of the planet, Richter steered the vessel to aim it for the tallest building in their vicinity.

As his vessel flew faster, he closed his eyes. "For Harashaz."


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Character Portrait: Imperial Defense Force Character Portrait: Confederation Protection Force Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman Character Portrait: Erin Solis Character Portrait: The Hessian
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0.00 INK

The men in the Combat skins moved into the house, but both of their HUDs picked up the immediate buildup of energy that preceded an explosion. The charges by the door went off, the concussive wave and thermal shock moved outwards and washed over the energy shields of each Combat skin clad soldier.

Brilliant white light bathed their suits, and in an instant they were gone.

AI Assisted neural synaptic links configured with tight-net GPS Feedback from orbital assets allowed a precision short range teleportation facilitated by the blink packs in each of their suits.

Red's activation of the charges also gave his location, the signal from his detonators was highlighted as a brilliant green on the HUDs of the two Crisis Response.

What was next came the fine-tunining AI Assisted Visor system that picked up on the very biochemical energy potential in Red's body, overlaying it on a visual HUD and highlighting it along with filtering out the blinding flash of the explosives.

Both Combat skin clad soldiers blinked to opposite ends of the war torn streets; phase-shift camouflage activated while the men who surrounded the house quickly rolled back, diving for cover behind a small earth-reinforced concrete cinder block retaining wall.

Some didn't make it, as shrapnel caught them in their limbs, but they were pulled into cover by their comrades, tucked away behind a meter of solid retaining wall for the implosion charges they waited it out.

"Datalink confirms an implosive type device, not unlike those that went off back at the base a few moments ago." The Crisis response officer said into the comm link. "Whoever we're dealing with here is connected, definitely not your average rebel, professional." They said. Watching as the house finally came down in a plume of smoke, flame, and dust. The lead Crisis Response made a face, they weren't confident that the Combat skins would be able to withstand whatever maelstrom was going on inside.

The VTOL Continued to hover above the house as well, providing overwatch and datalink coordination with the Combat Skin's systems, amplifying it's own sensor systems.

The figure watched from cloak as the green shimmering highlight moved up the wall of the basement, a brief datalink signal went out, ringing in the comms of the CPF officers that survived the explosion. They were instructed to play dead.

The One Crisis Response officer, or rather Erin Solis watched the shimmering green highlight on her HUD, even as the shouts of panicked Aschen authorities filtered into her comms she shut them out.

Her eyes narrowed, watching as Red emerged to the Chaos outside, the bodies of CPF Officers strewn about from the explosions. Her eyes briefly darted to the shield meter - they were fully charged.

She looked up and around, briefly enhancing her Visor systems, and she licked her lips, bringing much needed moisture to dry, parched flesh.

Everything to her began to slow down, neural commands moved through the suit, and the Chrono Dilation systems activated, creating a localized time dilation field, where time was accelerated, everything to Erin was moving slow, while to the outside observer, if they could observe her despite the cloak, she would seem to be moving obscenely fast.

Erin had a clear advantage, but she didn't know if this individual had cover, additional shooters, more explosives. She tried to weigh the situation as the energy meter for the Chrono Dilation device slowly drained.

The Chrono Dilation was disengaged, and she looked up briefly to the VTOL. "I'm feeding you my tracking data, try not to kill him." She transmitted via Neural Net.

The sniper aboard the Condor VTOL nodded slightly, resting his Type 40 Beam rifle on a small resting point on the VTOL, with Erin's targeting data, the scope highlighted Red's form as he moved from the rubble.

"He's got some damn good cloak." The Sniper mumbled to himself, zooming in on the scope and acquiring the target, Erin and the VTOL's sensors worked in tandem and enhanced the bioelectrical energy allowing Red's entire nervous system to be highlighted, his beating heart, the simple contraction of his leg muscles as he walked.

With a twitch of a finger, the Beam rifle fired, aimed precisely at a point between the heart and the right lung, precise enough to drop him instantly, but not kill him unless he was left to die.

The searing pink beam of light burst fourth, aimed immediately where the scope was zeroed in. Unless there was some kind of miracle, the beam of energy would strike true, exactly where it had been placed.

The beam would likely enter through the back Ceramite plate, likely cutting through it with ease, liquefying the Ceramite and causing severe burns, the beam would move through the chest cavity, barely grazing the heart and right lung, before exiting the front chest cavity, liquefying the Ceramite there and leaving a white hot indentation in the pavement. The wound, if inflicted was likely excruciatingly painful, the rapid conversion of bodily fluids to steam causing further damage, if unsuccessful though, Erin was poised to move in with her own attack, her blink packs primed and ready to jump.


Inside the base, the Commander and the war room didn't stand a chance as Yates engaged the explosives, equipment and personnel alike were eviscerated as the building, the motor pool, and the other charges went up, adding to the confusion.

In an instant command was transferred, and the skies above the city began to darken, as the silhouette of a Reverence II began to loom overhead.

As it moved into position, her Commander noted an incoming vessel, the IFF Showed it was a Civilian trade vessel, however the strictures of the lockdown was clear.

The Reverence II's Commander looked up, and then turned to his Executive officer as alarms began to blare.

"Looks like we have an unidentified vessel; destroy it." He said, turning back to the console.

Dorsal flak batteries, rotary plasma cannons, and Turbodisruptor batteries spun to life, swiveling to acquire their targets they engaged, a steady stream of ordinance moving up towards the transport, a flak field so thick, it would likely be consumed.

Explosions erupted around the transport, while plasma bolts seared upwards towards it, sending up a maelstrom of anti-orbital fire from the massive Planetary Assault Carrier below.


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The blast of the plasma cannon beams and the other energy weapons hit, splitting the cargo vessel into two. The flames inside the vessel killed the inhabitants. Richter, his co-pilot, and the engineer. All were roasted alive by the flames of the vessel. The engineer's burnt body escaped the new hole in the ship as it split apart.

The rear half of the vessel partly disintegrated, having taken the brunt of the damage, however small pieces of the vessel around the size of washing machines rained down from the sky. The front of the vessel remained in one piece after the vehicle was not only disabled, but broken. It careened towards one of the Aschen buildings: if it was able to make contact, it'd only take out half of the building (which is less damage than it'd deal as a full ship), however any damage it could deal could potentially be catastrophic for those around.

All that was left was for gravity to take its toll.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Saarai
"Here!" Yates shouted, pinning the down soldier that was following him. "He's a traitor!" He screamed for any and all responding to hear. There was a decent amount of debris falling around him, the bomb causing damage to the building's structural integrity.

Maybe no one was coming, maybe the other explosions had made the IDF more cautious. Yates was distracted by his thoughts, long enough for the other soldier to break free and throw a hard punch at his face.

The two wrestled each other, both reaching for Yates' sidearm. And then three shots rang out, echoing through the building.

"He's there! I was following him!" The soldier shouted as he ran out of the building looking for anyone that was helpful, he covered his right eye with one hand as blood dripped from beneath his palm.

The soldier didn't waste time heading towards a truck loading up the dead, "I can help." He said, slipping an eyepatch from his pocket and carefully putting it on over his eye. "You should get medical attention." A soldier told him, "I'm fine. Nothing I can't handle."

"Make yourself useful, pack these in, I've got more."

The soldier nodded, doing as he was told. At least at first. It didn't take long for him to climb in with the bodies, hiding himself beneath any piece of dead flesh and charred bone he could find until he was gone.

It took a long time, but eventually the truck was moving and was leaving the base. That meant he wasn't seen, that was good. The only con was the fact that he couldn't see the outside world. He didn't want to get out and end up in the middle of a platoon in the city.

He had a better idea. A dumb idea, but better. The soldier carefully removed himself from the dead, glancing out to see the city passing him by. He drew the gun he had used to kill 'Yates', creeping up behind the truck's driver to fire a shot right into his neck.

The truck spiraled out control, eventually coming to crash into a few cars on the street. This was perfect.

The soldier was quick to take advantage, feigning a more serious injury and jumping out of the truck. "Get help!" He called out, opting to make his way into one of the buildings. An apartment complex, a soldier looking for help after a crash wasn't very suspicious.

Not yet, at least. It was time for the soldier to disappear.

He climbed the staircase up, waiting until he was about three stories up to stop. He headed into the apartment's third floor hallway, scanning the rooms as he passed them by. And then suddenly he threw his shoulder into a door, throwing it off it's hinges completely.

Inside were a couple, a man and a woman. "I'm sorry." He said to them, drawing a knife from his other pocket. It was slightly bloodied, it had probably cut him in the crash.

He descended on the couple quickly, barely unable to muffle the sounds they made.


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0.00 INK

A single flash of white hot pain was all Red felt. The beam split through his armor, his body, melting and boiling everything. A hair of a second after the impact he looked down, catching the tail end of the pink energy as it exited his chest. He didn't even have time to process it, really. The massive spike in internal temperature had nearly cooked his heart, and his body willing shut down. Truth be told it was amazing he stayed conscious long enough to feel the pain, let alone see the bolt.

He might be a human, but he wasn't The Red Switch for nothing.

His limp body toppled forward, colliding with the ground with a solid thud. How could he have known? They tried to plan for everything, but you can only factor so many things, so quickly. The IDF deployed full military hardware that was seemingly invincible within minutes. They prioritized one lone shooter over a base blowing up. Somehow, despite the entire laws of physics, they survived implosion detonations like it was nothing.

How could he have known?

He drifted off in to a sort of dream as his body lay dying. He was alone in a room, the lights were off, and everything felt wrong. He tried to move, but it felt like thick syrup kept him pinned, he tried to shout, but liquid filled his lungs. He was drowning, and started to feel like he was falling. It seemed like it went on forever, but eventually he felt his body impacting with something solid. Something metal. He could feel the heat in his body again, the pain from the blast. He looked up, scanning the darkness for something, anything.

What he saw startled him. A face, distant, and brightly illuminated. A face he knew better than any. Lochlyn's.

It spoke softly, almost caringly. It was hard to make out at first, but eventually Red pieced the words together.

"You know what to do."

With that everything went black, his consciousness fading too far to even dream anymore; because in reality as he lay there on Molecay, his heart stopped. Assuming the Aschen medics could patch him up, and wake him, they'd be in for one hell of a rough ride. They had no way of knowing it, not even from the scars he bared, but he'd been through worse than anything they could inflict on him. They'd get nothing, and all he had to do as wait for The Hessian.


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0.00 INK

Erin watched in silence as the sniper in the VTOL Took his shot, the searing white hot beam of particle beam energy coursed across the gap between the sniper and Red.

There was a slight crack, with the rapid expansion of air from the thermal energy of the beam as it superheated the air immediately around it.

Erin's face remained stone cold as Red fell forward, hitting the pavement with an audible thunk, it was at that moment she sent a mental command to her suit. It started with a hiss, and the visor split up into three sections, two retracting into either side of the helmet, and the third retracting into the top to expose her pale face, framed by wispy strands of dark hair.

Her eyes moved over to what was left of the house, blood and viscera covered the debris strewn about the foundation. Though the men tried for cover behind earthen retaining walls, the nature of the implosion meant there was no escape. The bodies were mangled and torn asunder.

Erin looked up, several armored SWAT vans were coming down the street, but her objective for now was accomplished. She managed to neutralize one of the insurgents.

Looking up to the VTOL, it was slowly beginning it's descent, Erin chimed back into the Reverence II that was now looming above the skyline.

"This is CPF Crisis Response, I've apprehended one of the insurgents." She said aloud as she slowly walked across the pavement towards where Red was laying.

"Hold back let me clear him of explosives." She said into the comm link as the VTOL slowly began to land, and she slowly started to walk towards where Red was down. Erin's footsteps were slow and methodical as she approached, the visor snapped shut, and the helmet of her combat skin pressurized.

Shields flared slightly, and a mental command signaled her Blink packs, which initiated their charging sequences.

Her mind considered many of the possibilities, who was this man?Was he a rebel insurgent? He seemed to plan for nearly everything the Empire threw at him, had the shooting of those IDF men not been reported, it was very likely whoever this man was would have never been found.

Erin slowly closed her fists, and then knelt on one knee beside Red, She let her hands run across him, checking for hidden weapons and explosives, while keeping her visor tuned with his life signs.

Tactile sensors on her suit's gloves fed sensory information directly back to her brain, and she moved to disarm him, any weapons, ammunition, and extra explosives were likely pulled from his body, and should he not resist, or the explosives not detonate, they would all be set aside out of reach.

Erin then moved to carefully attempt to roll him onto his back, attempting to undo the straps on the armored chestplate and remove it, if successful, it would be tossed back with the rest of his equipment, which would be confiscated and studied.

This would enable the medics to get access to his wound, if everything was deemed safe, Erin would hold up her hand, and one thumbs up.

She opted to stay close by however, as a trio of trauma medics moved from the back of the Condor VTOL and began to rush towards Red with medical supplies in hand, while Erin was carefully watching his vital signs.

Moving quickly, the Medics moved to inject a biofoam like substance into the chest cavity, this nanotechnology infused material would begin working quickly to repair and stabilize the tissues that were damaged.

The medics would also attempt to move him onto a stretcher, while hooking up IVs, which contained a nanite compound and a mild sedative, this nanite compound was designed to assist the body's natural healing processes.

If successful, the medics would load Red onto the stretcher, pick him up, strapping his arms and legs to the stretcher, before hauling him into the back of the VTOL. With the arrival of more reinforcements, Erin turned and ordered the gear be loaded into a crate, where it could be taken into one of the armored trucks, and shipped to wherever the IIA Deemed necessary.

Once everything was secure, and Erin was aboard the VTOL, it lifted off, Red would likely be stabilized for now, and treated further once in IIA Custody.

However the Molecay authorities were aware there was now more than one insurgent, with the bombings at the IDF Garrison facility, and the bombings in a nearby neighborhood, the jaws would eventually snap shut on the Hessian as well.

The wrecked truck didn't go long until it was reported to the Central Protection Force and Local Police, and while the Hessian was holed up in the apartment complex, several armored SWAT APCs, Local police cars, and MPs from the IDF garrison were en-route.

Every anomaly was checked, and a wrecked morgue truck was no exception.

They surrounded and locked down the neighborhood, as per procedure when a lockdown was initiated.

While everything was going down, someone, somewhere was going over the surveillance footage from the base immediately prior to the detonation of the implosive devices.

Inside an office aboard the Reverence II looming over the city, a set of eyes was quietly going over the surveillance footage from the base. Several different camera angles, plus the visuals from the tactical AI feed were being analyzed.

While the Hessian was hiding in the apartment complex, the IIA were getting involved, silently watching, going over, and analyzing the surveillance footage.


More first responders were dispatched to the site of the crash caused by the 6th order vessel, entire city blocks were demolished by the remnants of the starship, as the Reverence II was unable to destroy the entire vessel.

Smoke and flame plumed up from the crash site, sirens echoed through the cityscape.

Molecay City was slowly turning into a war zone.


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#, as written by Saarai
The Hessian glanced out of a window into the city, that ship crashing down complicated things. But, it also meant that the IDF and CPF were going to spread much more thin than if they were just dealing with him and Red. That made things easier, yet at the sane time harder.

He had changed out of the soldier garb, instead putting on a suit. It was mostly clean, only the blood from where'd grabbed it was present.

The Hessian made his way out of the room, glancing back at the couple he had killed. It was a gruesome scene, but he'd staged it took look like they had fought each other. Rebels trying to tie up loose ends, or maybe they had discovered the other wasn't who they said they were.

As long as the CPF felt they had closed the case, or at least part or it, worked for him. Leaving the uniform in a burning trashcan probably helped with that.

He headed back to the staircase. One floor up, the apartment right above the other room. He picked the lock and was quick to call down to the lobby and report the commotion.

No jaws were snapping down on him any time soon. The Hessian covered his trail like the consummate professional he was. And soon enough he would be off-planet.


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0.00 INK

Pain was the first thing Red noticed. A dull, but throbbing ache inside his chest, it was like an extreme bruise, but worse. The smell of singed flesh was stuck in his nose, his sense of time was missing. He reached a gloved hand up to his left breast, nanoweave material allowing him to feel the armor as if it was his bare hand tracing along it. He didn't know what he was looking for, but when his fingers trailed over two jagged lines, he pieced it together.

Disruptor shots. Two of them by the feel of it.

Instantly his mind began wracking through his memories, searching for any relevant data. He jumped to the last thing he remembered, walking out of the house cloaked, and then pain. Definitely a shot from an Aschen weapon, but one that should've killed him. His fingers traced along the rough ridges were the armor had been split apart, and then melted together, his mind swimming. That explained one of the gashes, but where did the other shot come from?

He was coming up blank, and it was letting panic take hold.

That was when his training kicked in, eyes instantly snapping open, but instead of seeing his environment, he only saw black. His helmet was off for some reason, totally shut down. He moved a little, the HUD starting back up thanks to his consciousness. "Strange..", he thought as boot sequences flashed in front of his eyes. "Being unconscious like that might kick in sleep mode, but no-" his thoughts stopped dead as the Clock feature loaded in.

Five hours. Somehow there was five hours between his last memory, and now. A complete black gap.

He shot up with a groan as his visor started giving him multi-spectrum feed. Quick glances showed he was in house, much like the one he demolished. It was pitch dark, and quick sweeps revealed he was alone. "None of this makes sense..", his voice cracked, and lips splintered, he was completely dehydrated. His suits life support functions must've been knocked out, but the only way that could happen was if...

He instinctively reached to his hip for his sidearm, but the holster was empty. His eyes darted around frantically for any kind of weapon he could find, but it was a waste of time. Nothing but furniture. A shiv at best. This was bad, as bad as bad could be. He'd been shot somehow, twice, and taken out of his suit. Somebody had patched him up, too. It painted a pretty quick, and pretty clear picture.

He'd been captured. He just didn't know how, or why exactly, or what they did to him.

None of that mattered this second, though. He pushed himself off the couch he'd been laying on, noticing there wasn't a spec of blood on it. He'd been patched up before he hit, probably dumped here long after the fact. Part of him wanted to reach out to his partner, but he was smarter than that. You don't release a dangerous captive for no reason. He had to assume they were watching, listening, waiting.

He just couldn't make it obvious he was aware of it.

He opened up a comm channel quickly, one that was "secure" on the outside, but he new every Aschen military scanner would pick it up in a few minutes.

"This is Switch Five, I repeat, this is Switch Five. Topside, and Greenlight, requesting all op parties respond." No doubt The Hessian would pick this message up, and being the genius he was he'd decode it in seconds. Right now he was still telling "them" he was alive, and trying to instill the notion that there was a lot of people working with him. "Be advised, Gorillas in Wing City.", hostiles would be on him shortly. "Need immediate evac visa-vi Dangerclose.", stay the hell away. "When can I expect the cavalry?", dear god Hessian, do not respond yourself. "I repeat, Dangerclose evac, mission is still a go.", MAYDAY.


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0.00 INK

The door to where Tim was being kept slowly creaked open, though he was right in the fact he wasn't where he remembered he was before he was shot, he also wasn't inside anything that resembled a cell.

The bed had just been changed, fresh linens. The interior of the room had a warm almost inviting feel, family portraits on the walls, the smell of freshly cooked food wafting through the interior. Soft candlelight bathed the interior of the room in a soft yellow glow. The power was still out, and it was nightfall.

The blistering white-blue light of a nearby searchlight briefly shone through the window, but as quickly as it came; it was gone.

The door opened completely to reveal an older man in a tattered dark, almost olive green uniform trimmed in a dark brown, a wheel cap adorned atop his head. The man was in uniform, but it was not the uniform of the Imperial Aschen Navy.

Clasped in his right hand was a plate, a grilled roast sandwich and a bottle of water sat upon it, the smell wafting through the inside of the room as the man stepped inside, gently closing the door behind him.

"Relax." The man said calmly. "You're safe here." He said calmly, peering out the window. "They've swept and cleared this house, they will not return but you need to stay put." The strange man said, setting the food on the nightstand.

"You gave them a hell of a show, though." He said, standing back up. "Rest up, take your time, regain your strength. The Empire won't find you here."


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0.00 INK

Red's visor spared the strange Aschen man his gaze, which was probably best. From the second the door had creaked the Earth soldier had gone into fight or flight, breaking off the leg of a small wooden chair, and keeping it gripped tight just in case. Perhaps a smarter soldier would've lunged the moment he came into view, but Red was patient, maybe even too patient for his own good.

It was quite the surprise when the man simply offered him food, and rest. Even remarking about the fight he put it.

He was a rebel, or one hell of a spy, although even Aschen spies wouldn't dare say something against the Empire. They'd probably combust if they tried. Once the man left Red made his way over to the tray, gingerly picking up the water bottle. You couldn't be too safe, especially after whatever happened to him. The fact he couldn't remember put his paranoia in overdrive. Using a sensory built into the wrist-CPU of his suit, he gave the water a quick scan.

No viruses, germs, or toxins. His throat ached for liquid, this was a true blessing.

He had the cap off, and was about to take his helmet off when memory hit him. He couldn't see the Aschen troops, either. He eyed the water for a moment with longing, then set it down. Chances are they had a million poisons, and bio-weapons his sensor just wasn't attuned for. He set it back down with a wince, thirst clawing at him. This let his attention shift to the second biggest problem he faced.

Could he trust the stranger?

No, of course not. Could he use him? Maybe, maybe not. Fifty-Fifty chance he was a shifty rebel scumbag, or a moronic IIA agent. Either way, there was about a 90% chance Red ended up dead. If only he had a weapon. He looked over at the room's window, debating what to do. He could escape, make for the streets, find one of the million utterly inept soldiers of this planet, and end them quick. He could secure a weapon, armor, and disguise that way. Or he could trust this smuggler had a plan that stretched behind dinner.

Neither option was appealing, but might as well start with the easier one.

He quickly set to work on the wooden leg he'd secured as a makeshift weapon, breaking it down further, and sharping it the rough wall as best he could. Within minutes he'd molded it into a tiny, semi-lethal shiv, easily concealed in a wrist-compartment of his suit. Anything less than a strike at a vital organ, or weak spot would be worthless, but it could still take down a fully armored Aschen IDF man, with enough patience and guile.

Feeling almost naked with just a sharp sliver of wood, Red walked out of the room, pushing the door open gingerly as he did so.

His chest still burned, his throat ached, and he was beginning to get a migraine, but he did his best to be "pleasant" as he searched for his "savior". He made it to the living room before he decided to just sit down on the couch, too tired to continue for the moment.

"Hey..Aschen...Guy..", he croaked out, unsure of where the man was, but hoping he'd hear. "Where are you..Who are you? And how can you be so sure this is a safe place?", his helmets audio tech was able to keep the scarring of his vocal chords at bay, but not the dryness of his voice. He sounded dreadful.


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0.00 INK

Acastus was sitting in a chair adjacent to the couch Red chose to sit in, as Red came into the living room, things became more apparent, there were scattered laptops on the kitchen table, a young rebel in civilian clothes making food for everyone, and a fairly attractive redhead in a similar uniform going over medical supplies, weapons, and a few other odds and ends sitting on a large fold out table at the living room's periphery.

"I'm not Aschen, none of us are." Acastus said, setting the maps down. "We're the last vestiges of a civilization conquered by the Aschen." He said, nodding to the redhead. "Sorata, tend to his wound." He said, and the woman nodded, grabbing some gauze and a can of BioFoam before approaching Red.

"We tried to patch you up as best we could, but a lot of your armor fused to your skin when you took the hit." She said, slowly approaching. "Let me see your wound, you don't want infection to set in." She said, while Acastus stood up. "I'm Commander Acastus, of the Molecay Federal Army, the Aschen call us rebels, but the truth is the Aschen never truly conquered us, the government in place is illegitimate." He said, while the young redhead kept her distance until given permission to approach.

"You were almost captured, but Sorata and her team managed to drive back the CPF forces, that's when they found you. You were unconscious and on the verge of death, she was able to save you, though." He said.

He was in one of the many rebel safe-houses that dotted the city, each safe-house had a specially designed command area, as well as people who ran the household under false names, Aschen citizens that could carefully evade the all seeing eye of the Imperial Regime.

Acastus was one of a dying breed of Molecay rebels, with a grandfather who fought in the Great War of Magellan, he despised the Aschen government and everything they stood for, Sora on the other hand, seemed to be an enigma, her story being that her family was executed for bring Arch-Traitors, she had been with Acastus for nearly five years.


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0.00 INK

Red listened in silence, his training taking over. Every word was internalized, committed to memory, and not believed. Everything in the immediate area that could constitute a weapon was cataloged by his visor, sonar sensors probed for escape routes. By the time they were trying to explain away his "rescue", Red had a fully functional 3D map of the house, and nearby street. It was a necessity, just in case.

Unfortunately for him, Escape would have to wait, and he would have to trust the ginger lady a bit.

She was right, infection would set in soon, his HUD already indicating his internal temperature was elevated. He stood up carefully, visor locked on Sorata as he disengaged the pressure locks on his torso-plate. He jerked the front piece off with a groan of pain, it was no easy task. It ripped parts of his skin around the wound wide open.

He raised a hand in case anyone was thinking about stepping in. "I got this," he wheezed, clearly in bad shape. "You wouldn't happen to have something non-narcotic to block the pain, would you?"

His voice never faltered as he ripped the back plate off, skin and all. It clattered to the floor, and grabbed the meshweave shirt's brim, yanking it over his head in one swift, but brutal motion. The skin ripped apart with enough intensity it made an audible noise. Both wounds were now wide open, and weeping from where the bits of material still fused to the surface where. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't elegant, but it would help.

There was no way to cut the stuff off, it was designed to soak up combat, his raw skin on the other hand.

He motioned for the red head to come over, producing his shiv as he did so. "In case you don't have a scalpel." He chuckled while hoping out she was bright, and trained enough to realize she'd have to cut out the fused metal, and weave on both sides of him. Otherwise it would become internally infected at any point.

This was a huge gamble, but he figured if they just wanted to put a round in his skull, they could've done it a lot easier when he was asleep.


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0.00 INK

Sora winced at the sound of tearing flesh, while Acastus remained as cold and stone faced as ever while Red removed the plates from his body.

While he undressed, Sora moved quickly to the kitchen table, reaching out and grasping a white briefcase with a red triangle emblazoned on the front. Standard issue medical kit that had been looted from the many Civil Defense armories that dotted the city.

Sora winced some more as she inspected his wound, and then she snapped on a pair of latex gloves, the faint smell filling the living room as she approached Red.

"Ladon, get me some ambrosia and a rag." She said, shaking her head slowly. "We have some painkillers, but there's a shortage of medicine because of the lockdown." She said, while the young rebel poured a tall glass of ambrosia, the sweet green licorice flavored liquid filling the glass. Ladon then handed it to Red, while Sora handed him a wadded up rag.

"Bite down after drinking the ambrosia." She said, making a face. "This isn't going to exactly be painless."

Moving around to Red's back, Sora eased him to sit down on the edge of the coffee table, so she could get better access to his back. "By the gods you took a beating." She said, grabbing a scalpel out of the medical kit, from there she began to set to work, slowly cutting away at the charred, necrotic flesh, as well as the pieces of embedded metal.

She worked slowly, her hands precise as she excised away the dead flesh, washing away the blood and dead skin with an antiseptic solution, that made the entire living room smell like a hospital.

Little by little, Sora excised the flesh, trying to take as little as possible, even so the sting of the scapel was evident, but she cut anyway. Once the back was finished, she moved to grab a small aerosol can.

"Alright this should help with the pain." Sora said, spraying the gel like content over the exposed wound, which produced first a cooling sensation, which quickly turned to a numbing sensation that dulled the pain. "This Biogel will accelerate the healing process." Sora said, moving around to the front, and slowly and agonizingly repeating the process.

With the Biogel applied, the wound cleaned up as best she could, Sora set to wrapping Red's torso in a large bandage, covering the entire torso with layers of gauze.

After everything was said and done, Sora grabbed a syringe filled with a vivid greenish-blue liquid, attatching a needle, she moved to grab Red's arm. "Nanomachines designed to seek out and destroy bacteria that, we've done away with antibiotics."


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0.00 INK

Pain was nothing new to Red, to any soldier. He waved away the Ambrosia, it was too fruity for his liking, and the rag as well. He didn't need it. He'd been through worse before he ended up on Hera Prime, and the things he got wrapped up in after that planet made this all a walk in the park.

If walks in the park involved agony, anyway.

He sat up, perfect posture, and back rigid as Sora set to work. He only made a sound once, the initial cut of the scalpel causing him to hiss in pain, but after that he went silent. He knew plenty of tricks to block out pain, to mentally flee the body, to shelter nerves, but he didn't bother. Not even a little this time. This was pain he wanted to feel, needed to feel. He was no masochist, but this was punishment for his failure, not to mention he couldn't dare to be impaired by even a single glass of wine.

Not on Molecay, and not around these strangers at least.

The second she was done with his back, every muscle in his body rippled, and he exhaled harshly. He hadn't even realized it, but he'd been holding his breath nearly the whole time. Explained why he felt a little dizzy, but it also worked. The second Sora moved in front of him he took another deep breath, his eyes locking onto the Medic's. His visor was a thick gray on the outside, you couldn't see into it, but it was probably fairly obvious just how intently he was watching the woman.

He didn't expect any trouble, but if she made one false move her hands would fly to her throat.

Lucky for them both, she didn't, and once the biogel hit his skin he exhaled once more. He offered up his arm hesitantly, knowing that once he made it back into friendly territory he'd have his blood scrubbed clean anyway. "Here's the part I don't get.." He spoke slowly, a little labored, but kept his gaze on the woman. "I was here for about a year. I networked with several resistance groups..", he shifted his hand ever so slightly, thumb grazing the re-hidden shank. "And not a single one ever mentioned your group. Your people never reached out, either."

The second the injection was done he sprung, moving inhumanly quickly he'd drawn the shiv and pressed it against Sora's jugular. Just enough to nick the skin, but if she even breathed wrong it could become fatal.

"And I know for a fact a couple of rebels with disruptor rifles didn't beat off the IDF, and if they somehow did, reinforcements swarm in minutes." He pressed the sharpened wood a little further, a bead of blood being drawn. "So. Anyone care to tell me the truth?"


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Sora was just finishing dressing Red's wounds, and the moment the antibiotic was administered and the needle withdrawn Red made his move.

Sora stifled years of IIA Training as Red moved the shiv to her neck, all part of the role she was to play. She played meekness, fear, while her mind calculated several different ways she could move out from this position, the tinge of pain moved across her face as the wood pressed against her neck.

As Red sprang to action, the rebels in the room moved in, withdrawing their weapons and pointing them, particle magnums, plasma rifles, and the occasional disruptor were moved and aligned, while Acastus slowly stood up, lighting a fumerello and flipping the ligher shut.

"You didn't know about us because you didn't need to know about us." He said, walking over towards Red. "You want the truth? The truth is you're going to listen very carefully." Acastus said coldly, grabbing an ancient looking particle magnum from it's holster, crudely rigged to accommodate Aschen fusion cells.

"The fact you're here at all is a liability to this organization, and the cause that millions have fought and died for." Acastus said coldly. "And the fact you're trying to kill the very woman that vouched for you because you haven't heard of us is absurd." Acastus said, moving around in a wide circle, smoke wafting through the room.

"We're the rabbit hole." Acastus said. "The resistance groups are fronts, shell groups that forward our ultimate agenda. Us? We operate in secrecy, because if knowledge of our existence became common, the Aschen Empire would glass this entire planet."

Acastus was now adjacent to Red's left, the particle magnum out. "You have two options, really. You can trust us, and we can work together to achieve our mutual goals. Or you can drive that piece of wood into Sora's neck." Acastus said, his voice low, gravely almost. "And we all know where that will lead. We can help eachother, but you have to trust us, just as we trusted you by revealing ourselves to someone for all we know is an Aschen spy." Acastus spat, moving closer.


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What was it with this planet? Even the rebels seemed to think they were tougher than anyone else to ever breath. It was really starting to strain Red's patience, and the idea of going on a homicidal rampage just to prove a point stuck out in his mind. He was circled, all with various plasma weapons, unarmed, and injured. Would he die if he attacked?


But even the most brutally unfavorable statistics provided by his HUD calculated him at at least a 96% chance of being able to take four rebels down before succumbing. Acastus talked a big game about secrecy, and sure acted like he knew what he was doing, but the man wasn't too smart. Not if he even hinted that Red could take the medic out, she should be worth her weight in gold.

Just what was their game?

Unfortunately for Red's pride, dying wasn't in the mission, so he retracted the little shiv, dropping it. He didn't feel bad for what he'd done, didn't feel guilty, or conflicted. It was his job after all. Still, he may have offered an apology if there weren't so many half-cocked rebels waiting to shoot him.

A raspy sigh echoed out of his helmet.

"You forgot option C." He rose, reaching for his meshweave shirt, and plates. "I walk out of here, and we never see each other again. Happy endings for everyone." He chuckled the last bit of the sentence, the narrow-sightedness of these people amusing him. "Truth is, I don't care about you, or your cause, and I don't feel I owe you." He turned to face Acastus now, his body language non-threatening. "You should've left me to die, but hey. I blew up a building for you, so I guess we're even. And I plan to kill a hell of a lot more Aschen on my way out. So."

Red just shrugged, then started to pull his shirt back on. "I guess we're all done here."


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It was too easy so naturally Blue thought it was a trap. Upon discovering the Rebels had possession of Red, she had dedicated her efforts to locate where exactly he was being kept. It was supposedly the best of kept secrets and maybe lesser beings would have had difficulty in succeeding. However, Blue wasn't the average person. There was evidence to suggest they had tried to keep her from gaining the information she sought but her paranoia wasn't unjustified. Sure it was a lockdown...sure the Aschen were on their toes about any rebel activity. Yet, someone was coming after the rebels and they were just letting her pick at their assets and strings, loosen up lips with money, with death, and with "favors". Were it the Nightingale Crime Family and not Rebels, a sniper would be trained on her right now just seconds from ending her or a car would pull up and drag her in and that would be the last time she was ever seen or worse, her father would have taken a more personally approach and made an appearance so he could "discuss" with the trespasser in question. Nothing happened, no one was after her. Either these Aschen Rebels were a bunch of amatuers or this was a trap she was walking towards.

Normally, Blue wasn't stupid enough to risk something so stupid, despite how much fun it would be to fight her way out. However these weren't normal circumstances for her. She wasn't on mission, this was her free time and this wasn't an order from her Master, it was something she had to do. It was Red afterall. That idiotic, flawed, and yet on the edge of perfection, Red. She had determined that was a weakness to her, a flaw in her own stride towards perfection. It was better for her to let whatever was going to happen to him happen but to prove her wrong she couldn't. The feelings she had for him were something she couldn't explain, she had never felt them before for anyone. Blue had never felt this for her father, her crime family, or her so called "friends". He was just another man she would try to tell herself, another toy for her to break on her path to ascension but...he wasn't. She didn't want to break him and she would lie and say it was because she wasn't done playing with him. In the end she concluded he could reach ascension as well if he would drop off those things that made him weak and that was why she cared for him, because he was like her. That was the source of these weak and illogical emotions. That was why she was walking towards what was certainly an ambush, for her fellow Ascended to be.

Her R6 begun to pick up electronic signatures, the beautiful thing about Aschen weapons was that many of them contained electronics in them. "Here we go" The grip on her Krinkrov tightened, as she approached the supposed location of the safehouse. "You have better not be grateful that I came for you, you little shit."


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Sora pulled away quickly, and Acastus gestured to the door. "There's your option C, try your luck, it makes no difference to us, but once you walk through that door, there's no turning back." He said flatly, his voice gravely.

Sora stood there in silence, before she backed away a few more paces, grabbing what was left of the medical kit, and moving into the kitchen to clean up.

Acastus watched the man closely, the nerve of him, biting the hand that feeds him. Either way the Rebel Commander decided that he was too much a liability, that decision was reinforced when Ladon tapped his wrist, a subtle signal that was relayed to the rest of the Rebels. Motion detectors outside of the house picked up on Blue's approach.

There were blinding white flashes, and the rebels disappeared one by one, blink packs scavenged from wherever they could find them pre-programmed to a special rendezvous location in the event a rebel safe-house was compromised.

Sora, being in the kitchen wasn't exactly privy to this subtle hand signal, with a grimace she saw the flashes, and immediately moved behind cover.

Red was now all alone, with Blue poised to kick down the door, and Sora in the kitchen, reaching for a kitchen knife and sliding it up her uniform sleeve. She waited in silence for what happened next.