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The Multiverse


Molecay was the site of the first battle of the infamous Great War of Magellan, and is home to a treasure trove of pre-vorlix Aschen technology, and one of the more populated worlds in the Aschen Empire. Molecay is considered the second Aschen Home world.
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Molecay is a well known Aschen world, with fiercely independent attitudes and a desire for freedom.


Molecay is a part of The Aschen Core.

8 Characters Here

The Hessian [17] "The Hessian? He's an urban legend to scare our enemies."
Sorata Tyrel [16] Field Technician and medic for the Molecay Federal Army
Acastus [16] Commander in the Molecay Federal Army
Cathenna Demopolous [9] A news streamer who wants to hit it bigtime and live stream from the frontlines as a War Reporter.
Ruby Abram [9] "It's all gotta pay off somebody, otherwise I'm two feet in a grave."
Lissac Feratun [4] The world rock filled with many a jewel. I seek to extract those jewels.
'Cursed One' [4] Forever to doomed to walk the amongst the Shadow, (Work in Progress)

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4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman Character Portrait: Jacqueline "Blue Switch" Character Portrait: Sorata Tyrel Character Portrait: Acastus
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0.00 INK

Despite how foolish the situation was, there was something Blue was getting out of it that didn't have anything to do with Red. She got to kill Rebels. No, Jacqueline Nightingale wasn't an Aschen native loyalist or a sympathizer but instead she just liked to pull at strings and watch her victims dance before she discarded them. And now it was all going to reach it's climax. She stacked up on the door, her electronic sensor not detecting anything more than a sudden spike and drop into nothing. "Shit." She murmured and hastily kicked the door in. The only person present was Red. It was a sudden lapse in focus, seeing him. Rather than clear the rest of the building, she allowed herself to be distracted by him.

"Hey you idiot!", she yelled as she charged on over to him. "Were you trying to get captured back there or you not as good as your name lets on?" Composing herself, Jacqueline attempted to hide the concern in her previous statements from Red. "If someone is going to break you Red, its going to be me." Her voice was the only thing anyone could use to interpret her words but Red could probably feel that creepy wide grin of hers that adorned her face from ear to ear through her blueish hue of her helmet's visor. "Now gather whatever shit you have. The people on this planet are too easy...Newborns put up more fight than they do and the attempts to keep this place hidden were lackluster...Your really pathetic to have been captured by them Red."

With that Blue paced towards the door, turning her back to Red. "Maybe Lochlynn will rank me above you after this whole thing, wouldn't that be great?"


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman Character Portrait: Jacqueline "Blue Switch" Character Portrait: Sorata Tyrel Character Portrait: Acastus
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0.00 INK

"You absolute fucking moron."

Those were Red's first, and only words for a moment. He sat rigidly still on the couch, his voice wracked with a seething rage. It took every inch of his training, his self control, not to simply pick up the plasma-magnum on the table in front of him, and end his "colleague". Her entrance was annoying, the Rebels fleeing hadn't phased him, he'd stayed stoic through it all, but her last sentence was simply too much.

He wasn't an idiot, he had his motion sensors, along with EMF trackers, trained on Sora. He knew she was still there, because he actually had situational awareness, he actually had a brain.

"Never mention that name," he growled the statement, pulling himself off the couch slowly. "Never mention it anywhere, any time. How many times was that drilled into your hollow little skull?" He shouted now, the magnum in his hand. "ESPECIALLY on a hostile planet! On a job! And with a goddamn witness in the next room!" The magnum went off, the plasma bolt screeching through the kitchen counter directly next to Sora.

It was just to get the woman's attention, to rattle her, and just to make it clear to Blue how easily she could be next.

"Get our here, doctor. I need this woman checked for brain damage, or obvious signs of insanity."


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Marlene Angel Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman Character Portrait: Jacqueline "Blue Switch" Character Portrait: Sorata Tyrel
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0.00 INK

The bright red bolt of light cracked from the magnum, careening into the kitchen and impacting the cupboard behind Sora with a crack, sending a shower of hot splintered wood, molten stone, and metal out in all directions. She flinched slightly, but didn't move until Red called her in.

She slowly stood up, nervously pulling her hair back behind her ears, making a grimace and tentatively moving into the next room, eyes on Blue first, and then Red with the particle magnum.

"That got the neighborhood's attention." She said quietly.

Coming out, steps slow and deliberate, she stood adjacent to Blue and Red, her arms akimbo. "Look, I'm just a field medic, not a psychologist, but firing weapons recklessly is going to get us caught. We're not safe here anymore." Sora said, moving quickly to the window. Someone undoubtedly heard Red fire the particle magnum, and the CPF were on the way.

"There's an escape tunnel, It links with the sewers." Sora said aloud.

Somewhere, in the periphery, Blue was being watched closely, her words carefully considered as they passed through Red's ears. Deep blue eyes flitted across a flickering holographic display as the words 'Lochlyn' crossed her mind. Marlene would have to dig up more information on this Lochlyn.

She now knew that Red had an accomplice, which brought a slight grin to the IIA Agent's face as she keyed up the Datalink.

Marlene sat comfortably within the Reverence S parked in high orbit over Molecay City, just above the looming Reverence II. "I must know more about this mystery accomplice... tag and bag them both." She wanted to reach out to Sora, but she knew doing so would compromise her.

Slowly, she reached out to the receiver situated beside her station, picking it up and speaking. "Commander, prepare the ship for a Starside intercept.. and ready my Combat skin."


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Marlene Angel Character Portrait: Tim "Red Switch" Yeoman Character Portrait: Jacqueline "Blue Switch" Character Portrait: Sorata Tyrel
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  1. Sora is the medic, Marlene is up on a ship in orbit, quite safe from Blue.

    by barney_fife
  2. Marlene is actually watching -through- Red, may be the source of the confusion

    by barney_fife

0.00 INK

Blue admitted that was a mistake, saying his name aloud when she hadn't cleared the building. However that mistake was made, but there was a very clear solution. The electronic scanner pinged and just like that Marlene had a rifle trained on her skull. Blue's visor became transparent, revealing the demonic look on her face. A grin from ear to ear and a madness in her eyes with a hint of joy. Joy because she was doing what she loved most, taking advantage of the powerless.

"If I see one more electronic signature spike from you 'medic'... I'll sculpt your head into a rose with a dull knife...Why is she still alive anyway Red? We don't need her filthy sewer tunnel. With how shitty these rebels run infosec, the whole planet probably knows about it. We're better off shooting our way out... it'll be like a first date for us!".

Blue suddenly burst into laughter. "You know, I shouldn't even have to ask your permission to kill her. She's the witness! Or did you grow attached to this new toy?".


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Character Portrait: Cathenna Demopolous Character Portrait: Ruby Abram
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0.00 INK

Molecay was a funny place. All around the glimmering might of the Aschen rose as high as the eye could see. Fancy skyscrapers, flying cars, soldiers. It was the future wrapped up with a pretty bow, but if you knew where to look, it had another side. A hidden side

An underside.

Ruby knew it well, and made her way through the sparkling city with ease. Deep back in a corner of Molecay sat The Confessor's Inn. It was a jarring little building, nestled in between massive, shiny buildings sat its shabby wooden frame. The neon light didn't even work anymore.

It looked like it should be condemed, but the once famous singer pushed past the swinging wood doors. There was no ambiance, and barely any clintel, but the bartender nodded when he saw her, pulling out a glass.

Ruby Abram sat at the bar, unmoving. She'd been waiting for two hours, and she was not pleased. Or overly sober. She glanced around the bar, smirking. She was so out of place here. The partiality shaved head helped, but the silk black, and orange lab jacket stood out. It always did.

Nobody cared here though.

She ordered another drink, starting to get pissy as she checked her wrist-mounted holo-screen. Twenty more minutes, and she' d bail.

"Where the hell is this 'streamer'..?"


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Cathenna Demopolous Character Portrait: Ruby Abram
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0.00 INK

When Cathenna was what one would call a hick. Her story was one of an Aschen redneck who had big city dreams but lived in well...hickville. Of course, when she was old enough, she went to pursue her dreams and went to Molecay to do just that, only to be surprised. Such places like Molecay seemed so grand from afar but the inner working of the city was nothing like what the stories she heard about them were like. The people were villainous in comparison to the kindness of the people back home and everyone was so distant from one another. Still, she couldn't let her parents tell her "I told you so." So she endured. She did whatever work she could get to save up and she had to learn a few things of her own, like how technology worked. Over the 4 years she had been on Molecay, she learned a lot and accomplished a lot but she was still so far from her dream...still a step closer was still better than nothing right?

Despite the time she had spent here, Cathenna still didn't know her way around every single street. Especially the underside of the cityscape... However this kind of thing she had to master and fast if she as going to be a big time streamer...getting lost and arriving late to the event she wanted to stream could easily ruin her. Fortunately, her getting lost live on stream and her charismatic charm, actually kept the viewers entertained in a comedic way... Most of them were laughing at her and she kept that going. Views were views.
She arrived a little late...very late actually but she hoped that this "Ruby" was still there. The live chat projected in front of her right eye however was very doubtful.

"Hey you guys can't be so negative.", Cathenna said aloud, the microphones catching her voice and the ambience of her surroundings perfectly. To be honest, she wasn't as confident as she looked about being in this bar. She stood out like a sore thumb and did Ruby. The chat saw her before Cathenna did.

"Good eye chat, guess yall_ I mean you guys saved me. Thanks a ton!".


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Character Portrait: Cathenna Demopolous Character Portrait: Ruby Abram
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0.00 INK

Ruby had been expecting a reporter, so when Cathenna walked in she almost overlooked the woman. Almost. She stuck out even more than Ruby did, and the holo-screen up told her she was a streamer. A goddamn streamer. Some no life net nerd looking in the wrong place for a big break. Her annoyance shot up, her agent said "reporter", not a nobody. But then again, she was sort of a nobody now.

But she was so damn out of place, it had to be the right lady. Besides, she was kinda cute. Wouldn't hurt to be nice for a second or two.

"Ehyou!" She called, watching the list streamer. "Over here."


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Cathenna Demopolous Character Portrait: Ruby Abram
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0.00 INK

"Ehyou!" She called, watching the list streamer. "Over here."

Wow so that's Ruby?
Dude what the fuck is she wearing?
Dirt-eater garb.
^Fuck the guy above me, asshole.
Yeah Ruby is still cool, I don't care what anyone says.
It doesn't matter what you say, her sales say she sucks.
She'll pick back up!
Omg my little sister loves Ruby, I should link her this stream.
Wow your gonna get to drink with my dream girl...S
I actually liked her last song
You were the only one
Why are you guys all here to see this dirt eating plebian
Why the fuck are you here being such an ass if you don't want to see Taurons? Plenty of other streams guy.
Yea, ya cuck!

On the walk over, she gave herself an little pep talk as she closed in and sat down with Ruby. The chat started to pick up but fortunately, a friend had helped her install some software to counteract not being able to keep up with the chat's pace. "Hi, I'm Cathenna, I'm the News Streamer your agent set up an interview with. Sorry for being late, I've never really been on this side of ton. Oh we're live right now with 20,000 other viewers right here on Molecay. Anything you would like to say to them before we begin?". Cathenna's tone was unexpectedly professional and there was no hint of an accent despite her upbringing. It was something she had worked on because it brought unwanted discrimination and attention.

Cathenna? Isn't that a Tauron name?
Cool! We need more Tauron streamers! DOMINATE THE NET!
Guys Cathenna is Tauron but she is one of those hicks...didn't you catch the accent earlier?
Now way!


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Cathenna Demopolous Character Portrait: Ruby Abram
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0.00 INK

The lass had guts, Ruby have her that. Her hazey gray eyes looked the streamer up, and down. She didn't look like she lived in a basement, but you never knew these days. Hell, she wished she could afford a basement.

"Twenty thousand, eh?" She lifted her beer mug. "You must be digging deep for a story, haven't you heard?" She locked eyes with the streamer. "I'm all washed up."

Pained Screaming* NOOOOOOO!
Say it aint so Ruby, say it aint so.
Trash recognizes it's dead.
So am I the only one who saw Ruby eye up our Cathy?
Wait what?
Dude rewind the stream!

 At this point Cathenna was more focused on the conversation than the chat, if she had seen that comment she would have turned red from ear to ear. "Well considering the population jumped 5,000 when I walked in, it seems like your fans are in my streaming audience. Some of them even liked your last song. I understand that you have gone in a new direction with your recent songs, their not like your usual stuff why is that?".
 Yeah Ruby, why you stop making good music?
 Dude are you a fan or not?
 Yea, fans in the chat or gtfo!
 I really don't get why people don't like the new sound, pretty lit imo
 fuck your imo.
 ^random aggression?
 Seriously though. i love the new sound.
 ^Terran Spotted, call the Marines!

An eyebrow raised. Five thousand? She used to draw fifty without effort. As professional as this woman wanted to be, it didn't seem like she knew her interview-y too well. The once popular rapper sat back, sipping at her beer with her eyes narrowed at Cathenna.

If someone paid attention, they just might notice the glances Ruby stole of her neckline.

"New direction? That's new, my manager keeps referring to it as suicide," She took a swig. "When he's nice." Still, she considered the question for a second, fighting back her buzz. "I don't know. I took a trip to Terra a few years ago, you know?"

Those filthy Terrans fucked up our Ruby
No wonder her music died...

 Cathenna's eye caught the comments. Anything Terran related was extremely unpopular anywhere, unless it was anti Terran. The long and violent relationship that the Aschen Empire had with the Terrans was mostly to blame but it wasn't as if the Aschen's weren't doing a twice a day carpet bomb schedule on their main cities still to this day...
  "Are you saying that your last song was inspired by what you saw on Terra? "
   The bartender asked if Cathenna would like a drink, the bar logo on his shirt coming perfectly into view in the stream's cam.
   "No thank you.".
   "What in particular were you trying to express? I know Terra is pretty...troubled at the moment. What inspired you while you were there?"
   Inspired? More like took your talent.
   NOO you got to Cathenna
   Yea you hit your 20 k milestone!
   Yeah, Drunk stream!
   Chant it guys!
   If you wanna see a Drunk Hick just go to their province, they litter the streets like rats
   they don't have streets, idiot.
   ^Why are there so many racists on tonight?
   No...they really don't have streets.
   Someone get the bar name! If go maybe we can meet Ruby!
   1 step ahead, Omw right now
   Dude you can't stalk our Ruby
   Not here for her
   Cathenna was already Drunk on stream, accidentally but still. She has to do something else.
The "artist" was a bit taken aback. Usually interviews were just bullshit attempts to find out who she was banging, but this streamer was trying. Hard. It was almost cute.

Or maybe she was a little drunk, speaking of. "Helic, two sunrises." She mused about her chances of getting Cathenna to drink the other. Why not try, right? Of course, she'd have to play nice first.

"It was supposed to be about a lot of things," Ruby sighed in earnest. "But fuck, even I didn't like it. It was one big disaster. Kinda matched Terra, really." About then Helic pushed the shots towards her.

"You're in stream, right?" Her eyes glinted with mischief. "New rule. You want an answer, you drink." She pushed the other shot over.

Dude, for every shot she drinks, someone buy Ruby's shit her for helping us
No way this little thing will do it.
Guy you ever try out drinking a country redneck? Those guys will out drink you in your sleep
Yeah, you'll drink alcohol, their drinking diesel
who the fuck uses diesel anymore?

Cathenna rolled her eyes at the chat. "Hey chat...keep it half tame please? It's not like I can't see you."

With that the chat suddenly died and erupted yet again, Cathenna giggling at the comments as someone actually made her laugh.

"Oh sorry...That still doesn't really answer my question though does it? What motivated you while you were there?".

 Wow, Cathena isn't even phased.
 She's not gonna drink thats why.
 I'll buy you breakfest if you drink with Ruby.
  Another eye roll and Cathenna hand went for the glass. She didn't even know what was in it but she went to drink if it were water. Cathenna only sipped the drink.
  Boo! Technicality!
  Yeah that's prett bull Cathy
  She drank it tho,
  Like a bi_*This user has been banned for excessive swearing*
  Damn...the ban bots are actually working?

 With a sigh, she chugged the rest of the drink. Unphased by it, despite the disgusting taste, she looked Ruby in the eyes and smiled. "So...A deal's a deal right!".
 See? Didn't even tear up and she chugged it.
 ^Your impressed because your a caprican. You guys can't hold your drinks let alone your balls.

Ruby was impressed, and her smug grin showed it. This might be easier than she thought, so she reached over and grabbed her Sunrise, a sixty percent grain drink mixed with Tal'ador Red, a particularly nasty mix designed for maximum drunkness.

She ripped her chair back, holding Cathenna's gaze as she slammed the shot. "Fair is fair.." She paused for a moment, chewing her lower lip. "Well, if I had to pick, like, one thing..' She seemed reluctant, but not unwilling.

"I was staying in Wing City, yeah?" As she spoke she seemed to gain a little energy, slowly growing animated. "And there's this place there, yeah? It's just known as The Abandoned Slums.." She took a swig of her beer, staring into it.

"It's part of this massive market, but no one uses it, except the homeless. It's kind of like..A survivor's camp, for every war they've had..." Ruby clammed up a little. "I got to walk through this part, these ruins.."

Slowly she lifted her head to meet the streamer's eyes, a sort of hollowed glaze coating her own.

"Well this part was from when The Aschen had "liberated" Terra.." She returned her eyes to her drink. "It was..Rough.." As if by reflex she turned to Helic and ordered two more.

"Next question?"

Guys I think Ruby is a lightweight
She was probably drinking since before Cathy got there
Yea Cathy did get lost...sooo
Plus she is dead, only thing for musicians to do when they are at the bottom is to drink or die.

 What Ruby said about Wing City really tickled Cathena's fancy. Not that she liked the idea of a war torn city but those were the kind of places that she wanted to go to and stream from, maybe even talk to the locals if they would let her. Ruby didn't know it but she had made Cathenna jealous. She sort of was hoping that Ruby would stop drinking so much...or that she wouldn't keep making her drink. Least not while on the stream.
 "So you were trying to express what you saw there... the broken spirit of Terra and the toll the war had taken on them."
  Terrans never had spirit.
  Actually wing city was beautiful at one point.
  Yea look up pictures of what it looked like before the invasion.
  I was kinda hoping after the fighting I could take my fiance there for the wedding ceremony, the gardens die for.
  Yall are all sympathizers.
  Or maybe we just can admire beauty when we see it. Just cause Wing city was nice, doesn't mean we were wrong for invading.
You know this kinda makes me like Ruby's song more
Yea it's maybe not her best work (its the worse really) but when you add that makes sense.
Sense doesn't pay bills guys.

Cathena's chat started picking up pace again and the stream counter started rising. Part of her cursed at that and the other half was happy. More views, more pay...but that meant she had to keep drinking too...she was already in a part of town she was unfamiliar with...unarmed. Things could go bad...but she needed this.

 "Wow that really got the chat talking. Lets keep exploring that. So were certain lyrics in your song directly referencing what you saw? Maybe even some conversations you had with the natives?".
  Cathena's hand was already grasping the drink, waiting to see if Ruby would answer before she would raise it and drink. Upon seeing the hesitation Cathena kinda frowned...more like pouted and down the drink. 
"I really shouldn't be drinking on stream, ya kno." Her accent slipped."...Yeah know?" She tried to cover for herself horribly..

Hick alert!
Lol that was kinda cute, kinda awkward.
I'll subscribe to this stream if Cathy can make Ruby fall over.
Yea, drink her into the dirt! 
No way, Ruby's been drinking since the dawn of time.
Yeah especially when she was big and she could afford to buy drinks...
Wait who the hell is paying for those drinks?

This was coming dangerously close to fun, she thought while slamming down her second shot. This girl had the markings of a real trip to her. Or the booze was starting to kick in.

Ruby's occasional lecherous glances might've been an indication.

She didn't really want to explain her trip, but she noticed that it caught Cathenna's attention. Why not? She picked her beer mug back up, sloshing it around. "Well.."

The memories flooded back, she could even small the rubble.

Ruby's eyes glazed a little as she spoke. "I found this like.. I don't know, apartment," she took a tiny sip. "I dunno, it was small, smashed up, but like..The door, yeah? Was still on its hinges." She paused, opting for a gulp.

"Just this giant wooden splinter across the doorway. Crooked as fuck, but like.." She glanced at Cathenna, and might've snuk a peek at her legs. "But it was still a fucking door. You could see, you know? What it looked like, that someone lived there.."

She trailed off for a moment, her voice withering to a whisper. As if by telepathy Helic walked up, grabbed the mug right out of Ruby's hands, and refilled it. She didn't seem to notice.

With a sigh she ran her long fingers through her fauxhawk. "So you know, being a dumbass, I want in."

Helic quite literally placed the mug back in her hand, getting a grunted "Thanks." In response. Ruby quickly took a swig. "Not it was all busted up, and rotten, but.." She kind of awkwardly drew the layout in the air. "Books on the coffee table, T.V smashed on the floor. Everything was preserved.."

This time she drained half her mug. Helic chuckled a little, "That's your sixth, Rubes." She ignored him.

"I explored it. Found the back bedroom.." Her shoulders slumped. "There was uh.." She just gazed into her beer. "Skeleton on the floor. It was a woman, all jacked up, and broken.."

Ruby finished off her drink, and ordered two more shots. 

"Disruptor hole in her skull."

Holy fucking shit guys...I think Ruby is a terran sympathizer.
^Fuck you.
Idk how i feel about that. Killing a woman in her own home.
NO way man that's some Terran propaganda. No way she was just some woman

 While a small debate and flame war started in the chat, Cathena followed her every word. Ruby was suddenly becoming cooler and cooler in her mind, living out her dream.

"That's pretty...Grim. I could definately see why you'd want to put that into a song and express those emotions and that environment, it just seems like it would be impactful."

 Cathena took a look at her cup and drank up. Like nothing, it went down the hatch. "Why do you think that, having all this good inspiration, your song wasn't as impactful as what you saw?"
  Why is cathy streaming? She could be sitting down reading me the morning weather tomorrow.
  You watch the waether news fam? 
  Yes. I'm that old fashioned. Besides the news people are pretty damn good looking
  Who is going to hire her, she probably came straight from the province and they don't have news stations at the province. 
  Yeah they live off the land over there. If your not filthy rich or in a major city, bye bye electricity.

Ruby blinked. "Well, you just go straight asking a gal for her soul, don't you?" She giggled a little, a surprisingly girlish sound, the alcohol kicking in. "What next, my measurements?"

Helic snorted.

Still, not one to back away from her own challenge, Ruby slammed her shot. If anyone bothered to look I a sunrise, realize it was about eighty-five percent alcoholic, and call an ambulance.

And maybe a liver donar.

This one hit home, and Ruby slumped back a bit, trying to hold her seat.

Helic snorted again.

"Well.." Ruby had to speak slowly to be coherent. "Like..As an artist, a singer, a painter. It's like, you're job to share your pain." She wobbled a bit, but scooped up her beer anyway, sipping. She was in this to win.

"Cause like..Everybody has pain. Errybody. And we all think it's like..Special, unique, nobody understands.." She was starting to get a little loud, a flicker of old passion stirring. "And that's true! But everyone's pain kinda.."

She threw her head back, draining her mug, and nearly falling back. Helic caught her.

"And as an artist, wait..Wait. yeah. That pain kinda...overlaps. For everybody. Aschen, Terran.." She hunched over the bar. "And as artists it's out job..Shit though it be, to show that."

Her head hit the bar, but she didn't give up.

"But sometimes..We don't have the tools, the words to do a thing justice. How many Aschen women..Died..Like in wars.."

Ruby moaned. "Fuck, i thought I was get you reaallyy drunk, and take you home.."

Helic shook his head, wiping the bar around her. "Mhmn," he grunted. "You know, when you do that, you're supposed to sneak water." He picked her head up, wiping the rest of the bar. "Not drink like a fish."

He set her head back down just as she was with a nod.

 Cathena thought that she had gotten a peak into the woman before her. A window into the mind of an artist. The chat had actually increased another 8 k people and was slowly climbing. Even her software was having problems keeping the chat smooth enough for her to gauge at with her naked eye. A stupid smile made it's way up her face, the kind she wouldn't make unless...Her cheeks were starting to turn red. The drinks were catching up with her. It seemed like that was her flaw, she could drink in rapid succession easily but once her body started to process it... It was a slow descent into hell...least for her anyway.
  The drinks either made her bold or maybe that was just that...the alcohol talking. No doubt what fans were in the stream were going to be mad that it was Cathy who was the target of their idol when they had been fantasizing about it from the start. 
  Cathena laughed. She wasn't sure why but she did. There was a different feel to her now, the front of a professional news lady that she was putting up was gone. "I think that's really cool, Ruby. Your here doing what I want to do in a different way...the whole express'n and showing everyone the real world, the things they wouldn't normally see...not the getting me drunk to get in my pants thing..."
   Cathenna sighed and finished her drink. "I never even listened to any of your songs, you were right when you said I was desperate for something...I asked...begged your agent for this... but it doesn't change. Everyone on this planet is trying to fuck me." Her accent was coming out with every word and when she played this back to herself later, surely she'd slam her head into her desk in embarassment.
   Still the chat counter kept going up. Seems like Aschens like lesbomancy. With a sigh she tapped on the side of her projector, ending the stream. "Need help getting home, featherweight?".

There was no response. After about three awkward minutes of Ruby not even seeking to breath, Helic nudged her. A drunken hand shot up to swat somewhat near him. With a sigh he turned to Cathenna.

"She would be most delighted."


 Spacing out for a moment, Cathenna got up and grabbed Ruby, helping her stand up. She slung her shoulder around her neck and continue on to ask the bartender. "An clue where
 this one here lives? I'm kinda not familiar with these part of the city...not trying to get lost or worse...".

Helic just shrugged, picking up their glasses. "Should be a room key in her pocket, as usual. Girl's smart enough to write the address on 'em.." The gruff older man stomped over to his register, and punched it.

Surprisingly the drawer opened, and he pulled out some bills.

"Here," he grunted a little sourly. "For the cab. Believe me, she'll owe me." He stopped to think for a second, then chuckled. "Good luck."

 A simple. "Mhmm." Was all she said at being told she kept her key and adress on her. This sorta thing must have happened a lot. It kinda surprised her that she was getting money from the register and not puttinng money in it. Just who was this bartender to her anyway?
 "Thanks." She told him as she grabbed the money and started going for the exit.

"I liked sitting better." Mumbled Ruby as she was dragged about, far to out of it to be of use.

It took some time but Cathenna was able to drag Ruby somewhere that a cab could get to. The wait was relatively short, the craft relying on software and sophisticated reliable sensors to navigate with customer comfort and satisfaction in mind.  However given that one of the customers could scarcely stand...that wasn't the Taxi Drone's fault was it?

 The door opened automatically and Cathenna took her sweet time getting Ruby inside before letting herself in, otherwise she could have dropped her or have her hit herself on the door as they went in. Not doing manual farm labor for a few years really took it out of her, physically but this much she could do.
  Reaching into her pocket, Cathenna pulled out an electronic pad with Ruby's address inside in a notepad like app. "Seriously, no password?" Was all she could say to which the Drone replied. 
   "I'm sorry. We cannot find this location via global positioning satellites...Please try again or state a different location in our city wide registry."
    Sometimes even sophisticated inventions to make life easier for the Aschen citzen..were simply not. Relaying the address to the Taxi Drone's computer, their night together seemed to be coming to a close soon enough.


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Finding herself outside of her comfort zone once more, Toamna walked down the strange city streets of this foreign territory she had come upon. It was vast and city-like, similar to Heion near her homeworld...yet, it was clearly different in architecture and struck her as a culture she had not yet discovered. She grimaced, examining her surroundings cautiously...

She was glad she was in semi-appropriate clothing, looking like a teenager in rather bland clothing - her gray sweater and skirt being a style of dress she adopted due to her interest in Heion. The strangest things about her were her hair and eyes - white hair, red eyes. However, they could also very easily pass off as not being her natural colors.

Toamna let out a small sigh, rubbing a hand through her hand and whining. "Ugh...I'm definitely lost now. Should have never taken the gate to here!"


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On a street lined with propaganda posters, all of them regarding a telltale, and omnipresent 'Big Brother' that may or may not be watching, several cameras swiveled on their positions, focusing on the teenage girl that was walking down the streets of Molecay.

The people paid her little mind, as they all went about their business, but something was watching, and it was watching carefully.

A businessman regarded the girl for a second, but quickly went about his business. His face was a match in facial recognition systems, which EVE parsed through in real time.

The girl, however, was not.

The cameras focused...


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Sighing and rubbing the back of her head after a bit of investigation. This location made her slightly uneasy, her sixth senses telling her she was being watched, even though she was sure nobody was truly paying her any mind. People, in fact, seemed to make an effort not to look her way.

"Hm...though...maybe this could be fun? Exploring a new place." Toamna wasn't too sure and her tone reflected that. She was somewhat glad she wasn't a magic user, places like Heion were typically skeptical about magic users, especially when they have technology.


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With a signature so minimal it could be construed as background noise in the vastness of space, a ship slipped into orbit over Molecay. It's bridge was a blur of activity, though little enough registered as it's stealth systems were running in full process. With all the various systems in place, all EM, Heat, Radiation, and other visible signals were masked and dispersed to match the noise of the surrounding void. As it stood, the Mjolnir class Strike Carrier "Unglauss" wasn't going to be seen by anything except the naked Eye, and even then only if the one seeing it could distinguish it's all black exterior from the black of open space.

The Bridge, nevertheless, remained a storm of activity as the crew moved to simultaneously prep for combat operations, planetary infiltration, signal monitoring and a host of other duties, so many that it was unlikely they would be able to succeed. Even so, they would push themselves to exhaustion, because nothing less would satisfy the Admiral.

Ilia Thauce was many things, but one she wasn't was lax. Neither she nor any of her crew would relax this close to enemy territory until they had achieved their goal and made their way out.


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How the vessel managed to penetrate the Planck Packs that surrounded Molecay remained a mystery to those whom were charged to defend it. However, as it slipped into orbit, invisible LIDAR beams were broken, broadcast as a grid from thousands of individual sattelites in geosynchronous orbit over the planet, which meant the Provincial Defense force, and the local detatchment of the Imperial Navy were alerted to the ship's presence.

"Alert, we have a break in the LIDAR Grid sector four-dash-seven without signal confirmation." EVE broadcast to the Vigiles class Fast Attack cruiser closest to the break in the grid.

Commander Clea Soban was watching the displays carefully, as the three-dimensional hologram highlighted the break in the LIDAR Grid over the Molecay city of Tiir. She looked up to the hologram of EVE for a brief moment.

Ever since the terrorist attacks carried out by the Switches, security on Molecay had been rapidly increased. Not only were there randomly rotating patrols in orbit, but a LIDAR Detection grid was installed to detect even the slightest anomalies passing into orbit. This sophisticated detection grid was capable of detecting even the smallest speck of dust as it passed through, and a sophisticated AI Bank rooted out false positives, before forwarding the data to EVE.

On the surface, Molecay was under a state of martial law, Block-by-block military checkpoints with genetic verification had become the norm, this rooted out almost anyone who wasn't on the central registry in a matter of time. Mandatory curfews where those out after dark were summarily executed meant the streets of Molecay's cities were ghost towns after dark.

The Rebellion for all intents and purposes existed only in people's hearts, and as controlled opposition. Those who spoke of the rebellion were sent to labor camps for thought-crime, and re-educated.

Traffic too, and from the planet had been almost entirely relegated to the Military.

Commander Soban lowered herself into her command chair as she narrowed her eyes, a black speck coming up against the bright backdrop of Molecay.

"Magnify." She instructed.

The display magnified the black speck as it moved into orbit, Reinforcements were at least ten minutes out, so this would be a one-on-one fight, and the Vigiles class while not the heaviest of hitters, was nimble, and packed it's own punch.

"All hands Action stations!" Commander Soban called out, as EVE's voice chimed into her ear.

"Attempting to analyze unknown object." EVE Chimed in.

Soban turned to the Helm officers. "Full military thrust, we need to intercept that object before it breaches the perimeter!"

"Commander!" Lieutenant Tyrel called out from Tactical. "We have positive weapons lock!"

Nabaal nodded. "Excellent, give word to the forward batteries, make ready and fire!"

The Ifriit moved swiftly towards the Unglauss from a Langrangian point between Molecay and one of the massive Watchtowers in orbit, but was still roughly two minutes out.

It opened fire, sending about a dozen brilliant streaks of green searing towards the other unknown entity. The Aschen here were under strict orders to engage, and destroy any unidentified objects, be they an asteroid, or a stealth ship.

Even wayward civilian ships found themselves prosecuted under Molecay's strict No-Fly order.


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"Admiral we have positive weapon locks from the enemy fleet. They've found us" The call came from the bridge.

"Go for protocol F17 with Reno Baseline. Engage" Ilia's voice was cool and calm as she gave the order. It was carried out with just the same degree of calm as her voice denoted.

As the Aschen fire made way towards the Unglauss, the vessel suddenly vanished from it's position, only to reappear several kilometers towards one side. the transition occurred just before the attack made contact. Immediately after, Several vessels appeared suddenly in the same space, a total of Five vessels, with a remarkable similarity to the Unglauss. They mirrored it's movements as they turned to broadside against the Ifriit. As soon as they had, a battery cannons fired in a simultaneous volley, unleashing a salvo of near a hundred ton slugs of solid tungsten that traveled at speeds exceeding 300 kilometers per second.

A short pause after the salvo was launched, the Unglauss dispersed a orbs that floated a shortway from it before bursting and filling the space with Kalinger drones. The drones, once released into space, began scanning and reading for signals. In this manner the probes locked onto the Lidar beams, and once they were tacked to it, they began flooding the system with constant feedback. The end result would be a whiteout of false positives.

The Unglauss was clearly visible now to the Ifriit, heat and EM readings were no longer being masked by the Asylian vessel, which meant the ship was clearly detectable. Why then the Lidar field was being targeted for jamming would be curious to any tactician.

Once the maneuver was complete, Ilia issued more orders. "Prepare drop ships, full battalion. get our agents on the ground. Once we have confirmation, we're pulling out."


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The Ifriit's shields flared against the incoming ordinance, but the slugs had been stripped of their kinetic energy as they struck the brilliant white barrier that protected the Ifriit. This was evident in the brilliant white flash from each impact, the Aschen ship was still approaching, appearing to sustain no damage from the incoming volley.

"Shields are holding, no damage." The Helm officer reported, as Commander Soban grit her teeth.

"Sir, EVE is reporting the LIDAR grid is being attacked." The Helm officer reported once more. With the sudden influx of junk data, the AI Banks rapidly began to sift through it, using the LIDAR as a data conduit, they began to mount their own Denial-of-service style attack against the drones, while the original function of the LIDAR system remained intact.

"Fire tricobalt missiles." Commander Soban instructed.

The Ifriit continued on it's intercept course, launching a pair of missiles towards the now five identical ships. These missiles broke up into hundreds of smaller warheads once they cleared the launch bays, with roughly several dozen independently targeted warheads. careening towards each ship, detonating in a chorus of spatial tears that would aim to consume the entire formation, and it's Kalinger drones in the destructive eddies of subspace.

The Ifriit was closing in rapidly, as Commander waited to see the blinding report of the detonation of her Tricobalt missiles.


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"Admiral, enemy's have launched missiles. Looks like some sort of wide bore attack" The bridge called out.

"engage Phase pulse" Ilia responded.

As the barrage of missiles made their approach, there was a flash of blue white light, and as it faded, the missiles were no where to be found.

"containment achieved, Superlative layer holding at eighty two percent. Shall we redirect?" A crewman at the console asked.

"Affirmative." Ilia smiled. From the nose of the vessel, a second flash of the light erupted, and from their the missiles that had been streaking towards the Unglauss were now rapidly rushing towards the Ifriit.

following this, the Unglauss once more vanished, along with the five other vessels, only to reappear once more, this time above and to the right of their original position. The five vessels then began shifting, as the Unglauss turned upside down to direct Missile bays at the Ifriit. From these launched a Salvo of their own Missiles.

Ion driven and using onboard phase fields, the Garrick Penetrators were designed as their name suggested, to penetrate defenses. They lacked significant damage capability, but they were designed to punch through armor, and with the phase field they were intangible until a certain distance from their target.

The Kalinger Drones acknowledged a counteraction from the Lidar array, and then responded by tracing the signals and locating the Ai bank on the planet. Once that was done, a full forward direct assault on the software defenses began. Simultanously, the feedback into the lidar array itself was redoubled. An AI of EVE's class would easily be able to handle such an assault, but the AI Bank would find itself having to make a choice. Either devote resources to defending itself, allowing the Drones to flood the LIDAR system with false readings, or melt down from the overheat. The first option would maintain integrity of the array, but would prevent it from being relied upon until the Kalinger Drones were destroyed. The second option would severely hamper and damage the Array, forcing the Aschen to spend more resources to maintain security over the planet to prevent unauthorized ships from entering.

Either way, Ilia would achieve her goals in that regard. The Ifriit itself was the primary threat to her mission, though if F17 had been carried out as necessary, then dropships were already en route. All she had to do was Keep the Ifriit busy until they made landing, and the agents scattered.

"Report" The Admiral barked out.

"Squads Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie have began planetary entry, Squad Delta is still en route." A crewmate responded to her, offering Magus Slate to her. Ilia looked it over, verifying the readings of the individual squad members, then nodded. "Very well. Once we've confirmation on Alpha and Bravo, we begin preparing for Extradition. Have the Shockpoint on Standby."


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As the missiles came out from the strange countermeasure that had been deployed against them, each on-board targeting AI recognized the friendlies before them.

Each warhead turned end over end, and once again began to sail back towards the formation of enemy ships, their rear plasmic pulse drives engaging, each Tricobalt warhead was once again on course, careening towards the group of ships, while a handful of them moved to the formation of Kalinger drones, to detonate their lethal payload, and tear a hole into the fabric of space, drawing everything around the eddies into the abyss.

"Keep up the pressure!" Commander Soban called out.

"Bring us two seven three carom one nine two!" She shouted, grasping her chair as the Aschen ship banked hard to the right.

The Turbodisruptor batteries of the Ifriit opened fire as the Unglauss turned to deploy it's own missiles. A withering salvo of several hundred brilliant turbodisruptor bolts fired from about a dozen batteries mounted on the upper decks of the Ifrit, just in time for EVE to report that the Ifriit's sensors picked up several drop pods. A testament to the fidelity of the Wide-spectrum scanners of the Fast-Attack cruiser.

"Execute tactical jump." Clea ordered.

Almost a split second before the missiles impacted the Ifriit, she winked out of existence with a flash of light, and reappeared roughly thirty kilometers away from the formation of ships, firing it's weapon batteries in all directions, five fields of fire erupted fourth from the Ifriit, as each 'Ship' be it real or fake, was targeted for a withering barrage from danger-close range.

Immediately below the entering drop pods, and positioned precisely to interrupt their trajectories, a Reverence II winked into existence from seemingly nowhere. The Reverence II 'Far Sight Lost'

Admiral Ceres Genna was the first to arrive on station, stone faced, and watching the display, she brought up targeting data as her hand gracefully manipulated the display.

Dorsal weapon batteries swiveled to life, acquiring each drop pod as it descended, using high-fidelity visual targeting systems, and wide-spectrum targeting data that detected even the slightest anomaly, they confirmed positive weapons lock, and began to open fire, sending precisely calculated turbodisruptor bolts sailing up towards the descending landers.

"Admiral, I've calculated landing trajectories, and I've notified the local Provincial Militia, as well as the Imperial Defense Garrison to be on station." EVE Chimed in

The Reverence II began to open fire, sending up a thick soup of flak, and turbodisruptor fire at the descending drop pods, if they were going to make it to the surface, they were going to take losses in doing so.

Of course they weren't going to reach the surface, the positioning of the Far Sight Lost ensured as much. The Pods would either have to make a serious course correction, or collide with the Reverence II below them.

The AI Banks of the Lidar Grid opted to choose option C, defending itself from the assault, and maintaining the Lidar grid itself. The AI Systems on the planet were networked to the wider Computational grid of the entire Aschen Empire, which meant the resources of Billions of AI banks scattered throughout the Empire were directed to redouble on the assault. It was a minor annoyance, but the redoubling left the drones vulnerable to the intruder program that slipped in from the last Aschen counter-assault.

The Intruder program was specifically designed to infiltrate, and subjugate computer defenses, as well as avoid detection. One by one the drones would start to either behave erratically, or be forced to direct it's assault on their fellow drones, propagating the intruder program through the network.

The curious thing was the Aschen ships were jumping, even though the Planck field was active, however, EVE was sending commands to the watchtower immediately prior to jump, which meant a brief split-second shut-down of the field to facilitate the jumping of the Aschen ships.


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The Drones assault on the AI Banks was not digital in nature. At least twenty seven percent of the banks would suffer meltdowns as surface temperatures on the planet where the banks were located were increasing at rates resultant from directed laser emissions coming from the drones themselves. the Microwave emissions were noticeable and apparent, but unless the Aschen had the shielding to protect the banks from a localized heat wave upwards of five hundred kelvin, they would lose those banks. The Drones themselves shut off shortly after unleashing the emissions, their batteries drained by the attempt. Shortly thereafter the Lidar Array would be cleaned, revealing that of the five ships, only one was actually real. The Others were merely Holographic Projections, which immediately vanished as they were no longer needed.

Of course when the missiles came out of the superlative layer of the Phase Shield, they would lose all engine functionality, as the missiles themselves would have been completely drained of power. This would render them incapable of redirecting themselves, let alone identifying IFF.

The Ifriits relocation was the smartest move the ship could have made, as it ensured both their own missiles, made into little more than flying rocks and space debris at this point, and the Unglauss' own missed the mark. The disruptor fire struck the hull of the Unglauss, breaching the armor in several locations. Bulkheads to those locations were sealed in preparation for further fire. However...

"Checkmate" Ilia said with a smile, turning to her Magus Slate as a slurry of information poured into it. Observational wards had succeeded, and the transmissions of EVE towards the Planck Fields and the towers that sustained them had been recorded. With this information, Asylia would be able to Pin point the exact locations of those towers on any Aschen planet, and ensure their destruction. "Radiation profile scanned and secured. We've achieved our primary goal. Report on the Dropships"

Her Aid stepped forward "Charlie and Delta are taking heavy losses from enemy flak. A larger warship has just jumped in. They no longer have the numbers to achieve their mission. Alpha and Bravo however have successfully landed and dispersed. The Aschen will no doubt hunt for them ma'am."

"And I'm sure after awhile they'll find them, but by the time they do they'll have done what they were made to do." Ilia said, turning to the Reverence class warship. "We've all we need. Engage Shockpoint and take us to the Rendezvous."

She smiled then and said "Also open a channel to the Aschen forces."

Her Aid hesitated a moment before nodding. "yes Ma'am"

Once the channel was open, Video and Audio feeds showing Admiral Ilia's face would be sent to two Aschen Vessels. "This is Admiral Ilia Thauce of the Kingdom of Asylia. I send you this message to congratulate you on your efforts to disrupt our mission in your territory. It was valiant. Futile, but Valiant. As per our Custom, to respect your significant efforts, I will commend the names of your ships to the King, so he may distribute a notice informing all Asylian Forces of your significance. It will be an honor to face you properly, and finally, in the future."

With her speech done, Ilia gestured to her Aid, who cut the feed. Shortly after, another crewmate called out "Phase field is at half power, Superlative layer holding at sixty five percent. Shock Point Drive is charged at thirty six percent. Jump in Seven Cycles."


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The physical hardware that the AI Banks themselves were located in, was a bath of liquid helium that kept it at a frigid temperature of about four degrees kelvin. Which was about negative two-hundred and seventy degrees centigrade. These facilities were shielded from orbital attacks in vast underground complexes. The surface would likely dissipate the thermal energy being directed against it, while thick plascrete slabs dissipated the rest of the heat.

The AI Banks finished their work, highlighting the real Unglauss the moment the four other disappeared, and EVE had chimed into the Commander's ear.

"Close-in scans are detecting magical energies, Tactical recommendation: Disable magical systems to potentially render the vessel vulnerable." EVE reported, and Commander Soban grinned.

"Right, Recalibrate our shields for Anti-mana, and disperse charge! Bring us two nine seven carom one six eight, full military thrust, Starboard damage control teams, prepare for impact!"

While the Admiral was gloating to the Aschen Commander, the Aschen Commander simply called out.


In one synchronous move, the Ifriit launched itself full thrust towards the Asylian ship, jerking roughly to the starboard side on a fast collision course towards the other ship, while Illia was making her speech.

As the words "I will commend the names of your ships to the king." Came over the comms, the Ifriit would slam into the port side of the Unglauss, jagged angular armored plating would shove against whatever materials the Asylians constructed their vessel out of.

An instant following, the Aschen ship's shields flared angrily, a pulse of Anti-mana energy flared outwards in all directions in a split second after contact.

The impact rocked Commander Soban, and nearly tossed her from her command chair, but she had braced for it.

"Jump!" She called out, and as the two hulls were still in contact, the Aschen ship jumped, sending a spatial shockwave that would threaten to tear the Unglauss in two.

The Ifriit would wink back into existence on the starboard side, exposing her port turbodisruptor emplacements. Unleashing a sustained, and withering broadside that would not stop until the Unglauss either engaged it's shockpoint drives, or was destroyed.


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    by Fishbucket

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"Ma'am the Ifriit is moving towards us at high speed." The Admirals Aid said as a whisper into Ilia's Ear as she made her speech.

After finishing her speech, the Ifriit made physical contact with the Unglauss. "Admiral, the enemy ship is using an Anti-mana field in their shield, their attempting to disrupt our systems. Buffers are Engaged at 72% effectiveness."

"Very good. Is the-" Admiral Thauce got out before another crewmember spoke up "Enemy ship is jumping!"

"Emergency Dilation now!" The Admiral called out, an order that was followed immediately.

Throughout the ship, and subsequently throughout the Ifriit as well due to their physical contact, time had dilated and slowed. Asylians unique Neurology enabled them to perceive this dilation and take advantage of it. As a result, Seconds stretched into hours, granting Ilia the time needed to properly assess the situation. The Bufferfield was still intact, the Anti-mana being held off, and so she reached out to give out further orders in the time that was bought through Telepathy. "Attention. The enemy vessel is attempting to make a warp jump while in physical contact with the Unglauss. The spatial Shockwave will be severe, full brace for impact will be necessary."

"If it were me, I'd make a return jump afterwards to fire a salvo, to finish us off. Whoever is in charge of that ship is not to be underestimated. Follow them with the PCT, and when they come back in, sacrifice whatevers left of the Superlative Layer to block their attack. After that I want us gone.

Asylians Neurology may provide them an ability to perceive the time dilation normally, meaning they could experience the seconds as they stretched into hours, though most other creatures would experience the time normally. However, physically they could not move any faster than normal. The stretch only gave them a significantly longer time to observe and plan, which was used to coordinate their efforts.

As a result, the Ifriit's jump took several hour long seconds for the crew of the Unglauss who, even as their were jostled and jumbled by the effect, had braced for it enough to maintain their positions. Telepathic communications, Facilitated by two coms controllers who relayed the thoughts of the other crew men to her while Ilia's orders were sent directly to them, As Ilia had been born with the gift of magic, were a flurry.

Damage throughout the ship, all external sectors depressurizing, Port side Weapons systems are gone, core systems suffering no significant trauma

Sublative Layer in position, enemy bombardment contained

Shockpoint drive active

Launch now Ilia commanded her troops, who's actions in real time came without any seconds to spare. The Unglauss was sheathed in an intense Electromagnetic lensing field, and once the field fully enclosed the vessel, rapidly accelerated from nothing to speeds so extreme that it seemed to Vanish. Inside of 2 seconds the ship had disappeared, but for the Asylians on board who were still Dilating the experience, those two seconds were two hours in which they waited as gunfire blasted into one side of them.

When it was finally over, and the crew relaxed from the Dilation effects, Ilia rubbed at her temples. Dilation transitions gave her headaches, but she could not help but smile. "So... Ifriit and Far Sight Lost. Two to the roster of High level Targets. I wonder which wolf will try for them first. Heh. Hehehe"


On the surface of Molecay, dropships and drop pods, both damaged and otherwise, made reckless landfall in spite of flak fire and a host of other problems. Once they did, they unleashed hundreds of fully armed and armored individuals who immediately began to make use of their weapons by firing them at anything and everything around them.

These drop ships and pods came down mostly in the most populated, and suburban, areas that could be found. Those on board were not soldiers, but criminals granted a chance at Amnesty and freedom, all they had to do was fight and kill their way off of the planet, and they'd be free men.

Of course not one of them had been told they were landing on an Aschen planet, but it didn't matter in any case, all they knew is that they were free, and fully armed to protect that newfound freedom. They would fight and kill and slaughter anyone and everyone they could reach. men, women, children, armed or otherwise these Criminals would kill, steal cars, and use those cars to try to get to a ship that they could take off world, leaving as much destruction in their wake as they could.

Freedom was incentive enough for these men, but of additional incentive were the bombs implanted in the solar plexus. Charges large enough to take out a city block in each of them, set to timers of an hour, that started ticking down after they landed. The soldiers scattered away from each other as much as possible, because they had been graced by the warden who picked them with the knowledge that the bombs would also go off if their hearts stopped. To that end, scattering ensured the best chance of survival, as anyone who was too close to someone else that got killed, would be caught in the blast.

Of course, that was the whole point of the Reno Baseline, these men were death row convicts, doomed to horrible deaths anyway. So why not make those deaths serve the kingdom in the best way men like this could.


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On the surface, the convicts would find open streets, and few people. As the moment the festivities had begun, the call to shelter in place had gone out. Most of the homes in Molecay were equipped with shelters of some kind, a holdover from the intense bombardment the planet was subject to during the great war of magellan.

It would be a pitched battle, implanted explosives rocking the city of Tiir, while the convicts faced off with the local provincial Militia, and the deployed chapter of the Adepts of War, which were set to arrive via drop pods launched from the Far Sight Lost.

Admiral Genna's directive was clear, opening a channel to the Profound Solitude II, she began to transmit an urgent message.

"Chairman, this is Admiral Genna, Reporting from the Molecay System. We were just attacked by a ship belonging to an entity calling themselves the Kingdom of Asylia. We've sustained no losses, but there's widespread destruction on the planet's surface from suicide agents. I'm transmitting full spectrum scans, battle data, and point extrapolations, as well as diagnostic data from all Watchtower installations in system, and planet-side Planck Inhibitors." The Admiral reported.

Once the transmission linked up, Chairman Inviere turned to face the Admiral.

"I want a full detail transmitted to my desk within the hour." The Chairman ordered. "And I'll call the Emperor."

"I want to know how they managed to circumvent our Planck Packs. Possibly an inside job? Localized Null zone?" The Chairman replied.

Genna shrugged. "EVE is running a full spectral, and spatial analysis of their exit jump now, we should have full data shortly."

Inviere nodded.

"Keep me informed."

And then she terminated the link.


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Molecay Orbit

With the battle having come to an end, now was the time to pick up the pieces, which meant a single Hera class fleet tender was positioning itself where the brief, but intense engagement between the Ifriit and the Unglauss had taken place. It’s objective was to round up the errant Kalinger drones for study, as well as any kind of debris that could be found, which would be placed in storage, and shipped to the materials sciences people back on Langara, where the hull composition could be analyzed, and a weakness deciphered.

Using a gravity tether, the Hera class moved slowly, pulling debris, and anything else caught within the gravity tether closer, drawing them into a large cargo hold situated on the underside of the vessel.

The Ifriit was slowly positioning itself while EVE was analyzing the data extrapolated from the battle.

“First draft has been tendered.” EVE reported. “I detected both gravitons, chronitons, and a temporal residue that indicates some form of temporal manipulation, this occurred immediately prior to impact with your vessel.” EVE reported. “Graviton spike was detected immediately prior to egress, indicating that their exit jump was not facilitated by spatial alteration, but by physical acceleration. I detected similar methods of transit during our engagement.” EVE added, while Soban quietly digested the information.

“Transmit your findings to Fleet, I’m sure the Chairman will be eager to see your initial report.”

Unnamed Reverence II arrives, as if on queue.
"Far Sight Lost" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.