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The Multiverse


The council of the court where magical crimes, on magical or nonmagical beings are tried and punished operates from here. An imposing building, there is a hint of something otherworldly about it.

They are the judge, jury, and executioners for all magical beings.
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Mythical Crimes Council

The council is judge, jury, and executioner for all magical beings who break the laws.


Mythical Crimes Council is a part of MCU Headquarters.

3 Characters Here

Kasimir Klein [16] Senior Councilmember
Wisely Haderach [0] Gunslinger, dim, lawful good

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Character Portrait: June Blackwelder Character Portrait: Kasimir Klein
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"Bronson is going to be a problem for some time to come, yes... and for her problem to be undone requires leaving it alone or using equally as great if not greater magic. Something that is difficult to come by, which is why I suspect he exploited the veil." June agreed. While she could fix the problem of Molly quite easily herself, she thought that for awhile it would be best to let the other sit and stew. This would be good for her and teach her to not rely so much on only herself.

"I hate to say this, but Dumitrescu will be recovered before Bronson is ever able to be fielded... and that means we're going to have to place her with Rahal.. or whatever he's calling himself these days. While I have confidence in the mage's abilities while sober.. I just pray to whatever gods are listening that he can be sober enough to be of service." She added, knowing she was right that this was a situation that would be undesirable at best, and disastrous at worst. From what she'd been able to tell of their interactions, neither was terribly honest with the other when it came to their jobs or abilities; and instead spent the majority of their time circling one another like cats.

But then again, that seemed to come with the territory of the respective courts they'd been raised in. Trust wasn't a thing that was freely given, if at all; and respect was certainly an entirely different thing that wasn't tied to trust. The rules of the vampires and fae made June's head hurt, it was worse than some of the crazy things the gods had come up with so long ago.

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Character Portrait: June Blackwelder Character Portrait: Kasimir Klein
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"I think he goes by Ty." It was hard to say. The man considered it. "I'll contact him, and make sure he knows to remain sober. He'll have to find a different way to grieve." He understood, as well as he could.He had lost much over the centuries he lived. But the mage was going too far. It would stop now, if Kasimir had to enforce it himself.

He sighed and considered the pairing. "With luck, the two will be able to work together. I would suggest help, if we have anyone good at support." It would have to only be support as well. He considered it all. "...and something has to be done about Bronson. She's a child now, like it or not." Though she hadn't been. It was a legal mess, again.

Bronson may be powerful, but she was also a powerful headache in so many ways.

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