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Narita is the capital of the Shintenchi Shogunate, and home to the central administration of the Taiyou living on Terra.

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Narita is a massive, towering city on the eastern coast of the Shintenchi Continent, home to the capital of the Sato/Shintenchi Shogunate. This typical Taiyou city stands as a symbol of Taiyou development on this previously remote continent.
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Narita is the capital of the Shintenchi Shogunate, and home to the central administration of the Taiyou living on Terra.


Narita is a part of Shintenchi Shogunate.

1 Places in Narita:

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Shiro Ki Savage [48] Ki is what the Empathian's call the Chaos of Life. Also known as the Holder of Life its self.
"Russian" [42] "Bounty hunter extraordinaire, technological genius, and hero of wars. All in my own words"
Cybra Savage [40] Cy is a no holds bar kind of woman. She will fight to the death to honor her vow to serve and protect. She never gives up and she never rolls over.
Shin Khan [38] Master Martial Artist and Leader of the Black Lotus Syndicate
Takara Sato [23] Minor shogun in the Milky Way
Shintenchi Shogunate Global Military Forces [14] The backbone of the Shintenchi Shogunate's Military
The 49ers [8] The Warriors of the Black Lotus Syndicate
Jasmine Khan [8] The Adoptive Daughter of Shin Khan
Zedai Xari Aklen R'Alek [0] Passionate, curious, mildly confused, and apathetic alien stranded on a planet she does not belong to.

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Ifrit Atundai vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.


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Inside Narita's main reception bay, there was a flurry of activity as two Taiyou Yamato class battleships touched down outside in the water. Of course everything was going according to plan, as Takara Sato, and the recently freed Keiko Takayama stood side by side on a warm, sunny day.

"Everything is in place." The Shogun reassured the Empress Dowager as the Yamato battleships touched down, causing a large wave of water to splash up, and a deafening boom to follow.

Eventually the ships reached port, while the Shogunate's Military watched on, making sure everything was going to progress without a hitch, Jet Tengu darted overhead, casting a reassuring roar for the Shogun.

She had already ensured the military would be on high alert so they could receive the second wife of the Emperor.