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The Multiverse


New Eve Island is the largest island among the Darknight Isles, and is mostly occupied by the large scale castle and surrounding town belonging to the Crown-Princess of the New Ruulan Empire.


Like the rest of the Isles, New Eve Island is largely temperate in climate and well balanced in terrain diversity, though much of it is hidden by the massive castle that now occupies the majority of the island. A town is also built around the castle itself, making full use of what little space remained. Despite this, some natural terrain remains, including beaches and a small forest.

Due to the effects of the Shadow Diamond, the weather is permanently marred with a shadowy aura that looms over the entire island, making flying and sailing relatively difficult without special equipment or certain powers. The shadowy aura that hangs above New Eve Island is especially oppressive compared to the other islands in the archipelago.

Known Inhabitants

As with the rest of the Darknight Isles, New Eve Island is home to a wide variety of Pokemon, as well as some Humans. Most now live squarely under the New Ruulan Empire's banner, and the majority of those serve the Crown-Princess dutifully either as staff or subject.

Most of the Pokemon and Humans living on New Eve Island are immune to the weather through a method some might find disagreeable.
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New Eve Island

New Eve Island is the largest island among the Darknight Isles, and is mostly occupied by the large scale castle and surrounding town belonging to the Crown-Princess of the New Ruulan Empire.


New Eve Island is a part of Darknight Isles.

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Aerys Leurent [11] A smug young Trainer who is friendly and amicable with most, despite her aims and her allegiance.
Ryan Lake Mercantile [1] The sole survivor of a wealthy Ruulan family who died of suspicious causes. Unusually precocious and manipulative for a child.

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"Draconike" appears from nothing, through a wrinkle in spacetime.
Aerys Leurent exits "Draconike".
Ryan Lake Mercantile exits "Draconike".


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Hmm. Robots, huh? I see. Indeedee, write that dow-wait. Robots?

The man leaned forward as if to get a better look at the two, all while the Indeedee waited patiently to write down the information.

No shit? Robots? Well, it seems you aren't telling lies. Indeedee, write down that they are robots. One's mute, and the other can speak.

The creature climbed on a stool and wrote more things on the whiteboard before duplicating them on a sheet of paper.

Right, well then, robots, tell me what you're doing out here. Not many Trainers show up on the doorsteps to Castulgard Town without identification and an excuse for it. I'll give you the benefit of a doubt and assume you're unrelated to the United Pokemon League.

The man seemed to be semi-serious.


Melaine's Castle : Throne Room


An upset voice rang throughout the room. It seemed its source was the sylph-like Pokemon seated upon a display throne. She looked upon the messenger boy genuflecting before her, his head almost to the floor. Beside him, a Dartrix was bowing as well.

You tell me we lost with four full regiments of Bataille?! Castelia City remains under United Pokemon League control?!

Y-Yes, Crown-Princess! Most of the Bataille regiments escaped intact, albeit, defeated. Commandants Mikhayu and Marcosha sounded the retreat when we were engaged upon by a new weapon type that was capable of piercing even your well-crafted armor designs.

The man shook with fear, trying to hold his composure as he delivered what was bad news to the ruler before him. However, before any further remarks could be made, one of the many Vitrines within the Throne Room lit up, the crystals comprising the platform glowing to signify someone had a turn to speak. Standing up from her chair on the Vitrine, a younger woman with twin-tailed hair and a sleek bodysuit began speaking.

Hmph! Yeah, yeah. We've got a copy of the weapon too, thanks to quick thinking from one of the Bataille members. I was handed the item and the relevant information when they arrived back. It's a real piece of work. I never knew the United Pokemon League had such items. I'll be handing it to the craftsmen once we've done some preliminary research into it.

After she finished speaking, she took her seat as the crystals stopped glowing. The Vitrine slowly floated back into its designated spot.

Very well. I commend you for your quick turnaround, Chef du Renseignement. It seems this was not a total loss, though I must demonstrate concern that the United Pokemon League forces were far stronger than was briefed on prior to the invasion.

Looking down at the messenger, Melaine nodded.

Do not be afraid. You've done no wrong. Your job was performed admirably, as you have brought the message clear to us. You are dismissed to return to your duties.

The man stood and thanked Melaine profusely before hastily leaving with the Dartrix not far behind him. At this, another of the Vitrines lit up as it floated out of its spot to elevate the speaker. The man sitting in this chair stood and began speaking. His uniform was showy and almost majestic; as if he was a sorcerer of some kind in command of vast magical powers.

I must apologize, Crown-Princess. Allow me to humbly request your forgiveness in this matter; my research into the nature of their forces was clearly not sufficient enough to enable a successful engagement on our behalf.

His robes flowed as he elegantly genuflected in genuine remorse.

Indeed. As Conseiller en Stratégie, you should've known better. I expect only the best of those who serve me, and all of them must continue to prove their worth to the New Ruulan Empire daily. That being said, it was not a full loss. We retrieved a valuable object with which we can assess countermeasures for future engagements, and it is an object we shall give full attention to. No doubt it will prove of suitable assistance.

You are too kind, Crown-Princess.

Unfortunately, it was still a mistake that could have cost us dearly. Overlooking their potential was very careless of you. Underestimating a foe such as them... I cannot fully overlook such an error. There will be a punishment, and that punishment is this: Knowing how much you enjoy your pursuit of literature, you will personally be forbidden access to the Shadow Archival, for purposes outside of official work, for the period of the next three days. This order will be carried out under strict observation. I will know of any breach in this order, upon which a far more severe penalty may be given.

A merciful response, Crown-Princess. Understood. I shall not disappoint you again.

At this, the man's Vitrine dimmed again as it returned to its spot. Following this, a portal opened up within the room, from which a Braixen emerged. It quickly genuflected before looking up at the Diancie. Emerging from the portal behind it then was a woman dressed almost as if a stage magician of some kind.

A grand showing from the youngest of the Shadow Sisters Three, Antumbra! She genuflects before the throne, and thus uproaring applause at her show!

She genuflected alongside the Braixen before standing again.
Forgive my sudden intrusion, Crown-Princess, but it seems there have been multiple assaults against one of our Shadow Crystals located in Unova. We, the Shadow Sisters Three, took a gander and found the one you called "Diamond" as being in the area along with other Trainers. Surely he didn't flip to become an enemy of ours! But perhaps he did?! Such a twist of the plot! We humbly request you to see to the matter yourself, Crown-Princess, to discern the truth with your own wise eyes!

Another genuflection. The Diancie focused her gaze on the woman.

I see. You think he may have gone and betrayed me. It would not surprise me if he did, but nonetheless, he is far stronger a foe than most of the other United Pokemon League types. Not to mention, if truly they possess strength beyond what we know, then I may be best served to visit myself to enforce the matter. Yes, this will work.

Following several voices chipping in to offer their takes, and spirited conversation that occurred, the Diancie silenced them all as she hovered off of her display throne.

Let it be known! I shall go in person to address the issue of this Crystal's assailants and the potential betrayal of a powerful individual. I shall bring my Commandant with me; Aerys Leurent! I also request that my Nonpareil, Riz Impératrice, join as well.

With a further word dismissing the Shadow Sister, and adjourning the court, the Diancie gathered her two compatriots and prepared for them to travel with her to the site of the Crystal. Aerys brandished the special Poke Ball belonging to the Diancie, and genuflected as she held it before her, allowing the Diancie to activate it herself, safely placing her inside the sphere. At this moment, Riz, the woman declared a Nonpareil, waved her staff to create a violet portal that the pair then stepped through. Once both had gone through, the portal vanished while the rest of the court left to return to their daily duties.


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Melaine's Castle : Ravissement (B2F)

A cold room; the poorest resting place following the swift trip to its encompassing building. Sisily found herself locked in this room now, alone with no one but her Glameow. At least two stories down from the ground floor, the small room bore a simple bed, a simple table, and a simple chair. A small chest resided at the foot of the bed, and a small restroom was attached to the far corner of the room, with the most basic of amenities.

There were no windows; the only way out of the room was a locked door that was fairly wide. The room's decor was a blend of gothic dark ages medieval architecture indicative of ancient Kalos, mixed with the crystalline custom designs that everything seemed to be themed on in Melaine's Domain. The room itself was clearly intended to be a dungeon cell of some sort, despite the basic provisions, and it was clear that its occupant was a prisoner in every aspect. The room was also small, though with a very tall ceiling that exceeded 12 feet. No doubt there was a purpose to the design choice.

Somewhere else on the floor, the sound of someone pleading and crying was heard as a door slid open, with the cries intensifying as the sound of chains launching forth and wrapping around someone rang out. With the sound of the chains firmly wrapping and locking around someone, there was the sound of discussion, which quickly devolved into yelling. Then there was the sound of a Pokemon being released, followed by a rushing sound of fire. When the sounds of fire ended, the sound of a Pokemon being recalled into its Poke Ball was heard, followed by the sound of someone muffling the individual who was crying.

Then the chains began dragging. Once the sound of chains had vanished, all was quiet once more.


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Character Portrait: Sisily Ynes
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#, as written by Ritnio
After she was escorted into her makeshift cell, Sisily has done nothing but huddle the corner, knees to chest. She was silently crying, both out of fear from what she just heard and from having her mask taken away. Not having it was unsettling enough to make her something of an emotional wreck for the time. Neko, her Glameow, tried to comfort her friend by rubbing against her before just sitting in front of Sisily.

"What are they doing, Neko? It sounded scary... I-I don't even have my mask to hide behind... I'm so afraid they'll take you away next... I'm so sorry I couldn't help you better. Now we're both going to die. Maybe I should have jumped off the bridge that time... I wouldn't have dragged you with me if I did. I'm s-so sorry Neko"

She began sniffling and grabbed her Glameow and began hugging it like a small child would a teddy bear. Neko would try her best to dry Sisily's tears by rubbing her face against Sisily's.

{"No, don't worry, Sissy, I could have ran away but I chose to come with you. You're an important friend to me and I wouldn't dare run to save myself. I know you can't understand me but I hope my feelings get through anyway. We'll be fine, we'll figure something out and keep moving on."}

As the Glameow spoke, all Sisily could hear was noises indicative of Neko's species. But a look in her eyes would give Sisily an understanding of what she was trying to say and responded with loosening the hug a bit.

"You want me to stay strong and hold out? For you... I'll do my best. But I'm still scared, please don't hold me to it, I might scream and try to run... I don't wanna die here..."

The pair would go silent as they awaited whatever fate was coming to them, be it horrible or beneficial.


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Character Portrait: Sisily Ynes
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It didn't take long. A sudden sound of a latch being undone was followed by the door opening, revealing a pair of Trainers. The male Trainer wore a diamond mail cuirass over a long-sleeved undershirt, along with pants, gauntlets, a barbute helmet, and boots with a super short heel. The female Trainer wore a diamond mail cuirass over a sleeved blouse, along with a miniskirt designed in emulation of a Mega Diancie's "dress", opera gloves, a morion helmet, and thigh-high heeled boots with a modest heel. Each cuirass radiated an ominous feel just by being in their presence. Additionally, each Trainer bore different weapons made of the same diamonds, with the male carrying a lance, while the female had paired battleaxes instead.

With them was a Pokemon that floated silently beside the pair. It looked like a cross between an anchor, and a ship's wheel, both held together by a mass of green seaweed. It was well over 12 feet tall, looming at over double the height of the Trainers present. The anchor was a rusted one that looked mottled with black spots. The seaweed hanging from it partially enveloped the curved bottom of the anchor in a zigzag pattern, leaving empty spaces that unsettlingly looked like sharpened teeth. The seaweed continued upward to cover the anchor's thin shank, as well as the spindle of the wheel. Five individual strands of seaweed freely trailed off the small hub in a star-shape pattern. The wheel was lavender on the outside and bore a yellow inner rim. It was also affixed to the back of the spindle, and thus, was able to rotate freely. Noticeably damaged, the wheel featured six spokes and four handles, all of which were yellow. There were also two lavender stubs where the other handles should have been. A simple compass, resembling an eye, was set into a yellow ring-shaped component on one side of the wheel; opposite an identical ring that was empty.

The female Trainer was the one who walked into the cell, followed closely by the large Pokemon.

Stay put, Trainer. Do not move until you are told to do so. We ask that you recall your Pokemon.

She then stepped aside to allow the Sea Creeper Pokemon space to unravel a chain that flew from its body, alongside the anchor, to wrap around Sisily. Locking around her, the large Pokemon began exerting a light amount of force that was intended to goad her into following it.

Now, Trainer. You will follow us, and you will do so quietly. Do not try to resist; your safety is assured only if you do as you are told.


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Character Portrait: Sisily Ynes
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#, as written by Ritnio
When the door opened and the people filed in, Sisily was interested in how they were dressed. However, when the anchor floated in, Sisily just went wide-eyed and hugged Neko tighter.

"Eeep! Scary.."

"Stay put, Trainer. Do not move until you are told to do so. We ask that you recall your Pokemon."

"This is it then I guess... Ok Neko.. I-I have to go on my own for a bit... I'll stay strong like you said ok? O-One way or another we'll talk and play together in peace again."

Sisily took out a beat-up looking pokeball and used it to recall the Glameow. She put the ball into her jacket and stood up. As she did, the chain would fly from the rusty anchor and wrap around her. Sisily was surprised and instinctively struggled but relaxed herself. If she just listens to them, maybe they'll let her go. They had to right?

"Now, Trainer. You will follow us, and you will do so quietly. Do not try to resist; your safety is assured only if you do as you are told."

"Yes, I'll go with you... J-Just don't hurt me, please!"