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New Midgard is a bustling city, alive with commerce and teeming with a grand population. It is a major attraction point on Ouroboros, providing the best economic opportunity and offering several attractions for tourists to visit. Altogether, it is a diamond in the rough of Ouroboros' typically unbearable locale.
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New Midgard

New Midgard, the capital city of Ouroboros and a major economic center for the Republic.


New Midgard is a part of Torrendel.

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Daisy Weldon [27] Smuggler Extraordinaire in her eyes... In reality she is not awful, but unfortunately she is rather clumsy.
Hex Corp unit 001 [22] A six person squad of hightly trained Mercs
The Renev [10] an advanced and ruthless shadow nation.
Crowthorne '5023 Svati Prime' [6] A platform for the advancement of science

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Character Portrait: Seth Libanori Character Portrait: Daisy Weldon Character Portrait: Hex Corp unit 001 Character Portrait: The Renev Character Portrait: Crowthorne '5023 Svati Prime'
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-New Midgard Flight Tower-

The collective eyes in the flight tower turned as an explosion ripped through the main generator building for the 11 block of landing pads. Warning bells began blaring as people hurried around to deal with the consequences.

"Sir, spacecraft from pad one one nine has taken off despite grounded order."

"We have casualties reported near the blast site."

"Confirmation from boarding team, civilian vessel 'Salvatore' caused the explosion after ignoring grounded order."

The officer in charge slammed his fist on the desk "Get me the air guard, we are considering this an act of terrorism."

-New Midgard Air Guard base Iodia-

A police vulture air to ground support craft took off as six  air guard interceptor gunships were prepping for launch as crews rushed to the ready. They would be in the air within minutes, the agile and heavily armed craft ready to deal with the terrorist threat that had been reported.

"Be advised, consider all unidentified aircraft suspect. Repeat, unidentified targets are to be grounded on contact, they may have allies. This is not a drill, lethal force approved on main target, lethal force after aggression approved on all unidentified targets."

Seth kept running with the Hex Corps as the response teams followed them through the alleys. He could hear a pulsing chop reached his ears from above. As he chanced a look up he could make out a ship above them with blue lights flashing. He pulled the com out of his pocket and flipped it to his ship channel "Please tell me you are flying my ship Daisy. If I every would love to see your face, this is the time."


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Character Portrait: Seth Libanori Character Portrait: Daisy Weldon Character Portrait: Hex Corp unit 001 Character Portrait: The Renev Character Portrait: Crowthorne '5023 Svati Prime'
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Data feeds, news reports, countless textual representations of public information from throughout the city, all these things flashed through Crowthorne's mind. All looking for her targets among pictures and descriptions. Then it came to her the security alert for which there was a nearby explosion. That security crafts were oncoming were momentarily beneath her notice. What led her with glee was the location of the explosion and the owner of the craft whom had just left it. The direct commitment to clear purpose led shiver of ecstasy through her body.

That they weren't caught meant they were at large. Where if one was in the coffin that escapes into clear lines of fire then the other must have been in recent pursuit with enforcement. That trek across the data streams brought her to chatter of Hex Corps enforcement team. Raw inspections of data statistics and voice modeling let her have several good probabilities of their content. All of which warmed her insides with the thought of two the two immolated targets. A telescopic view threw her eye upon her other quarry under a brightly flashing interloper who will burn! maim! kill!

A voice that wasn't Daisy's answered Seth's cry over communicator, hushed at first, could not be contained, "Is she? Has she? Was she? She was! SHE HAS! SHE IS! ᴷᶦˡˡ"

Though far above the vulture threatening Seth a golden eagle inflamed with anger. Her prey, her kill. Only she gets to bring glory to the Renev! The wings rocked backward and the armor writ with death threw itself down at the blinking interloper that approached her quarry. They didn't have to look for a target when it came to them with a gleaming blade that brought perfect fire. The barest touch released a gout of degenerative matter that peeled the reinforced windshield away by melting it into vapor. When an irresistible force met a movable object at great speed the frame itself buckled from the force of the explosion as the geist's legs forced the front of the craft to move out of the way. So too went his body as a pink hand reached out to his forehead. In a split second the pilot's helmet exploded at the neck joint in a shower of metal and blood. The cabin engulfed the copilot had barely the time to raise his hands as the head of his pilot rammed through his helmet. Trailing just behind a sword draining a moving tide of degenerate matter that set fire to anything that could burn.

Some explosions were heat and light others an inferno that set fire to its surroundings. The vulture went up in a thermobaric pulse of metal vapor in a blast wave of such sustained to easily able to obliterate any buildings too close. A miniature star of heat and light that cooked the eyes of the two wingmen immediately behind him. They careened out of control their intakes inhaling hot metal vapor mixed with degenerate matter. Sword held firmly forward she spun in place, untouched by flame and force, desperately evading the sudden explosion. Wings emerged once more to steady her hand to slam the gleaming sword away into its holster at her hip. Her hand raised straight a barrel slipped out of space inside her arm forming and connecting the nova cannon building a focus for barely contained wrath.

Already below the pressure wave had hit ground level igniting living trees and covering everything in liquid metal or shards. Anyone there without rebreathers would simply be wiped away by sudden searing pain as superheated air cooked their skin and lungs from inside. The nova cannon charged itself with a bolt full of that kind of pain a thin envelope imposing death onto the world. Things everything but the Geist could suffer. Bullets from return fire by the three remaining ships smashed into the pink surface and simply slipped like liquid away in a shower of shrapnel.

Her answer came in a blue swirl of hot matter that lanced out from the nova cannon in a hellish crackle of energy projectors. That small fist-sized teardrop tore a pinhole at the most stressed point of impact. Through the window a thin thread of degenerate matter carved a channel then poured into the cabin emptying its immense thermal load and pressure inside. The cabin for a moment glows white hot then the metal of the ship's frame just before another pressure wave detonated a ship shattering another compatriot into burning alive their armor now melted into their bodies with the window that was to protect them.

The third attempted to peel away but the Geist had no mercy. Another ovid fist of wrath projected from the barrel with a roar in a direct hit into hot engine. The resultant detonation inside its core pounded the vessel with an afterburner that rammed it into a building setting several floors alight. The building groaned as superstructure quickly raced toward the temperature where it would have no more strength to stand but the Geist had already pushed the impending destruction out of its mind. That which wasn't a target was unworthy of her notice. The nova cannon slipped back into her armor the thief of life that it was.

Her mind throbbing with the glory of war the wings blinked in and out as she swam through falling debris and dying bodies toward a group of soldiers following her quarry between burning buildings. The moment of impact and destruction did make her feel alive again in service. The targets were hers to destroy nothing would stand in her way. Wings pivoted her to land feet first into the street that buckled and shifted bulging as if clay desperately trying to move away. She didn't bother to extricate her hips from the alleyway the silence and ignorance of all obstacles target devoutly held in her mind.

The geist swam toward soldiers barely hearing rapports of weapons. A small twitch of her mind categorizing the angry meat and their weapons as tactically irrelevant but their pain deeply satisfying. Wings flared and rammed her hips forward through clay-like stone creating a gouge in the earth until reaching the first obstacle at the flank of a response team. The Geist's hands gripped his shoulders and pressed inward folding metal and man to touch shoulder blades. The creature inside the geist momentarily distracted by a brain with the honor to die for the Renev that still barely functioned to receive pain in the short moments of blood before death. She took the fading fire of life with her to the next smashing faceplate and most of a face free with one hand. The first saw its destroyed arms rammed into the mouth of the second breaking the reinforced collar around its neck and snapping the sternum as a second was forced inside. She left the second to asphyxiation or shock she didn't care which.

Just a moment in her mind wracked by long isolation blood overtook duty. Dismantling the ribcage of a third to pound sharp ribs through the chest of a fourth consumed her attention entirely. A fifth drew her ire by way weapons fire while she reveled. A dismissive draw of sword from sheath straight upward through the body imposed an apocalypse of plasma inside to immolate his body sizzling pulverized human meat to rain its way far down the alley toward seth. The blood just slipped away from pink armor like the stone was desperate to evade her touch. She was always immaculate for the Renev, always clean. The Geist turned back to the gurgling man uttering screams she that couldn't pay attention to. She stared at the movement of his mouth desperately wanting to hear the lamentation of the Renev's enemies after so very long. The meat needed to scream for her. She wanted to hear it. She wanted to hear it so very much.


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Character Portrait: Seth Libanori Character Portrait: Daisy Weldon Character Portrait: Hex Corp unit 001 Character Portrait: The Renev Character Portrait: Crowthorne '5023 Svati Prime'
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#, as written by Rulke
Sat in the pilot seat, Daisy was in her element, as she coordinated her hands to move smoothly through the air. The ships personal communication terminal issued Seth's voice, relieved surprisingly. Nonetheless, she had rather quickly got used to the way this bird flew. Then again that was hardly surprising. Further, it did seem to be made for a quick get away. This would provide ample opportunity. Now just to find somewhere to land and patch a message to Seth. Activating the scan, she occasionally modified her direction to avoid ships searching for her own. It was effortless, not like the actual movement of her body. No that is where Daisy usually found herself struggling to stay standing. Comparatively, with flying, it was like being a damn good swimmer but struggling with strenuous activity on land.

Patching through to Seth she announced, "Okay, boyo, found a disused motorway not far from your location. Best hot foot it to these and we best leave. NOW. I kinda rather brought down the whole of New Midgard on us." blushing, though he did not know, she added, "Be quick." breaking contact, she approached the area, and carefully landed, though kept the generator going and only deployed the flight ramp.

He best hurry, because the longer she was on the ground, more likely those ships would find her. And though Daisy was confident, she was not wholly confident she could out fly them forever.

Speaking to herself she sighed, "Hurry up, I owe you for everything, but if you don't move fast..." shaking her head she simply sat praying to no God, in particular, he was able to make his way here.