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The homeworld and capital of the Taiyou Empire, Niihama is a polluted, sprawling world where the eastern hemisphere is covered entirely by a densely packed, massive multi-layered city.

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Niihama, Capital of the ever expanding Taiyou Empire, homeworld of the prideful and honorable Taiyou Civilization...



Planetary Statistics

Year (Earth Days): 347
Avg Day Temp ° C: 30
Avg Night Temp ° C: 25
Surface Gravity (m/s2): 8.87
Habitable?: Yes
Ring System: No
Development Level: Ecumenopolis
Moons: No
Current Population: 75 Billion
Annual Population growth: 5 Billion

70% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen, 3% Carbon Dioxide, 2% Argon, 4% Krypton, 1% trace gases (Methane, Helium, etc.).

Pollution Level: Hazardous
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The homeworld and capital of the Taiyou Empire, Niihama is a polluted, sprawling world where the eastern hemisphere is covered entirely by a densely packed, massive multi-layered city.


Niihama is a part of Taiyou Space.

2 Places in Niihama:

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Molly Lightning [43] Independent, Brave and Caring
Jacob Farris [43] During a desperate escape from some employers who want him dead, Jacob Farris is tossed into the multiverse with only his backpack and his wits to keep him alive.
Kendra Shaw [36] Empress dowager of the Taiyou Empire
Joe Mailrath [31] "I hope I find my family and friends again, and that we'll be safe..."
Jakira Fixess [28] Call me Jaki, or Kira, it doesn't really matter!
Sharon Fixess [28] Mother of Jakira Fixess
Rosemary(Rosie) Ana Carson [24] Rosemary, often called Rosie or Ro for short has lived a rougher life. She was orphaned at an early age and was raised by her older brotherstubborn, though, witty but can also be kind and sweet and very eccentric.
Jimmy Maudal [21] One criminal, Eg: "Gimmie your money."
Einar Falls [19] Deceased

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Once everything had been loaded into the truck, and the truck sealed, Director Miyagi offered a reassuring nod to Director Aramaki. The truck’s engine groaned in protest, and it’s driveline gears churned, propelling the vehicle forward, and out of the crater. Black, sooty smoke billowed fourth from the exhaust pipe, and the truck churned forward.

One of the Yunboro pilots gave the thumbs up, and the pair of Yunboros followed the truck out of the crater, even though everything was going smoothly, no expense could be spared, and security would remain tight all the way to the space elevator.

The main road to Yukikaze had already been closed off in preparation for the truck’s departure. This would minimize the chance that traffic, or anything else would cause a problem with the truck’s transit. Once on the highway, the truck moved forward, now escorted by two Tsunami tanks, which moved swiftly alongside the cargo truck.

So far, so good.