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On Target Gun Range and Store

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a part of The Multiverse, by Remæus.

A gun range and store used by master and apprentice alike.

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On a semi arid plane there sits the main compound about 8,000 sq ft, inside it is split into three main parts.

The first is the storefront, which hosts a variety of firearms and other assorted weapons optics, targets, and of course, ammunition. The second is a machining area which hosts enough tools to make just about any firearm or alike weapon, with some deep space tech out of their reach, but not by much. The last but not least is the classroom, which is an amphitheatre styled room which can seat up to 110 humanoid occupants.

The basement is off limits to most folk as it is actually the owner, Isaac Schofield's home.

Out the back sits a 5 km long shooting range filled with scrap and other steel targets. Some are marked with large signs in Common, stating the range and target size. Also strewn about are flags, each flag has a set of three smaller flags on it, red, blue and white. There are also several abandoned buildings throughout, marred by bulletholes.

To the south, there lies a sparse forest like area containing a single guard post.
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On Target Gun Range and Store

A gun range and store used by master and apprentice alike.


On Target Gun Range and Store is a part of The Barrens.

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Issac Schofield MV [109] I don't do much anymore. To much effort.
Asaca [61] Pretahuman Vampire Hunter; Older sister of Miray
Gerrit Land [28] "Sometimes you can't take it anymore, or at least I couldn't."
Asanj Nouravii [26] A courtesies government agent from a distant star.
The Tallarn Desert Raiders [25] The Tallarn Desert Raiders is the name of the Militarum Regimentum of the Astra Militarum raised from the Desert World of Tallarn whose soldiers are highly skilled at desert and mobile armoured warfare.
Nathaniel Edison [17] Greenhorn Mercenary (WIP)
Cristopher Moyara [15] "I got a Bullet here with your name on it!"
Dustin Hopkirk [6] An arms dealer with a not exactly sane view on life
Genienne Foiroute [1] Venomsquad
The Taco Lord [0] "A vampire once asked what I thought I tasted like. I said 'Fresh Cheese'."

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Whispering Crossbow

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Belt of Bloodstone

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STK-1911 0.45 ACP

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Acid Bubble Rifle

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Shipwright's Wrench

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