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The Multiverse


Parliament of the United Aschen Empire


Executive Seats:

Emperor: Isambard Prince
Imperial Viceroy: Cleo Randolph

Seats: 12

Current Members;

Aerilon: Sire Alexander Donnel

Aquaria: Sire Arien Dresel

Canceron: Siress Robin Wenutu

Caprica: Siress Cheryl Rosalind

Gemenon: Siress Sarah Porter

Leonis: Sire Safiya Sanne

Libran: Sire Marcus Preston

Picon: Siress Asha Janik

Sagittaron: Sire Tom Zarek

Scorpia: Sire Eladio Puasha

Tauron: Sire Antony Poukalos

Virgon: Sire Marshall Bagot

Current Deliberation: Imperial Expansion

Peacekeeping efforts on Terra will continue.

Quorum acts passed into law;
QR 102.3 COG Authorization Act

Quorum acts rejected;
QR 232 Terran Immigration Act

Laws Vetoed by president;

Pardons Given;
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Parliament Building

Parliament of the Aschen Confederation, the foremost legislative body.


Parliament Building is a part of Victory Square.

1 Characters Here

The Horned King Baphomet [1] The embodiment of brutality and savagery - the Horned King, Prince of Beasts, and Demon Lord of Minotaurs

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Octavia Capori materializes from the void.
Octavia Capori has left the area, heading southwest into Victory Square.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: The Horned King Baphomet
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A fiendish titan wandered between the frayed bonds of reality. Baphomet, the Horned King, prowled through the Ethereal Plane and watched the aschen diplomats and tiny mortal secretaries scurry about in their dismal lives. He towered above the puny creatures like an elephant standing over a human child, and if he had been walking amidst the Prime Material then the earth would shake at his passing.

But though the demon lord walked among the mortals, he was not truly there - not really. The Prince of Beasts was trapped between the realms. He was naught but a shifting shadow to the mortals, the only evidence of his presence being a general sense of unease - an unexplainable irritableness.

Baphomet clenched the neck of his glaive, Heartcleaver, and snarled. Ash and smoke poured out of his nostrils as the tips of his gnarled horns scraped the ceiling of the shifting and translucent parliament building.

“This place sickens me…” Baphomet growled through clenched razor-sharp teeth. “This pinnacle of civilization - this crown of weakness. Such an opportunity to reveal true strength to these dustlings, to educate them in the folly of their fragile restraint, and yet I am trapped here. If I could merely whisper to these mortals, reveal to them the truth of my greatness and the blurry facade that is their orderly society - then I could give them a chance to really cut loose.”