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Pi'alla Avenue is one of the more popular areas of the Commons. It attracts a lot of business, housing several small shops, grocery stores, restaurants and kiosks, as well as a movie theater. While not especially bustling with tourists, locals of the Commons know that Pi'alla Avenue has an assortment of good stores to shop at.
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Pi'alla Avenue

This stretch of road exists in the Commons; characterized by small shops and alleyways.


Pi'alla Avenue is a part of The Commons.

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Bowser Koopa [1] Evil Koopa Emperor
Elarim [0] Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here.

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#, as written by Faithy
Mataiya decided that it would be best to wait until night to infiltrate his home, so after waking around noon, the redhead decided to shower and then just watch some television and lounge around in the room. She already had a plan in her head and knew what the stakes were if she happened to fail. Sighing as it finally grew dark again, she slid to her feet and headed over to her stuff, still stark naked. The air conditioner kicked up and the cool air felt fantastic to her flesh. Wrinkling up her nose, she pulled out a pair of black pants, a black shirt and matching hoodie and of course black gloves and a mask. Slipping on a black bra and thong to keep with the theme, she pulled on her clothing, finishing the outfit with a black pair of shoes. Nodding in satisfaction, she slid the mask into the pocket of her hoodie before walking out of the Paper Lantern.

“Mmmkay, here we go…” Once outside, she began to walk in the direction that the map had told her to gone. Earlier in the day, aside from watching trash TV, she memorized the map that would take her to Gorga’s place and then back to the paper lantern. As she grew closer to the residence, she tugged the hood up over her red hair, waiting until actually slinking into the shadows near a window to slip on the mask.

Testing the window, she was grateful that it was unlocked and gently slid it open. Her bottom lip soon found its way between her teeth as she listened closely for footsteps. When no one came, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was an alarm system. Picking up a stick, she waved it inside of the window frame and against the floor. It wasn’t until she was completely sure that it was safe that she finally climbed through the window. Glancing around, she cautiously moved across the floor, keeping vigilant for any pets that might happen to be around. She wasn’t sure where the gem was going to be, but figured it couldn’t be that difficult to find. Too bad she couldn’t just burn down the joint since that would help her find it quicker. It was easy for her to move throughout the different rooms without making a sound and though her shoulders remained tense, she was a limber as a gymnast.

Where is that stupid jewel?

Slinking into the den, she finally spotted a safe and grinned widely while crouching down in front of it. Since she didn’t have the combination and wasn’t about to waste time trying to figure it out, Matayia placed her hand on the front, letting her special ability help her out. Most safes were fire resistant, but her flames weren’t like normal ones. After what had to be ten minutes or so, she finally created a hole big enough to slip her hand into the safe. Digging around, she snatched the gem and slid it into her pocket for safe keeping. Zipping the pocket on her hoodie, she slid back to her feet and turned around.

Was that footsteps? Moving cautiously towards the doorway, she spotted the male that had to be Gorga moving into the kitchen in order to get something out of the fridge or so she supposed. Sliding into the shadows, she made her way towards the window that had been her entrance, Mataiya couldn’t help but hold her breath in the process. Diving out of the window and rolling behind a bush seconds before he came into the living room, she swore under her breath and listened to him questioning why the window was open before he slammed it shut.

“…phew…” Climbing to her feet, she pulled off the mask and lowered her hood once she was a few blocks from Hos’s house. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to go back to the Garden, so Mataiya decided to head to the Paper Lantern and send word to Kenji that stage one was complete.


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"Ah, here we are," said Sara. They arrived at a small eatery on Pi'alli Avenue. This street wasn't completely empty but also wasn't flooded with tourists - thank God.
The trio walked in. A gleeful waitress greeted them, took them to their seats at a small booth on the right side, near the front, gave them menus, and left.
"I'm thinking of the steak," declared Ara after a few minutes.
"Have you ever had steak before? I never saw cows on your farm," asked Sara.
Ara was quiet a moment, and then said, "Well, I'm pretty sure they're, like, some sorta fancy-shmancy kind of mutton, right?"
Sara sighed. "Steak comes from cows, not sheep."
"Whatever. I'm still getting the steak."
"Well, fine. I will be getting..."
The two girls blabbed on, but Abraxas was distracted when someone tapped on his shoulder. He turned to see a young woman of perhaps 20 with short, dark hair, lilac eyes, lots of white foundation and a black leather biker jacket. "Hey," she said, "just warning you, you might want to duck soon."
On impulse, Abraxas ducked his head under the table, waiting for some projectile to fly over it. Nothing did.
"Not yet, you moron!" whispered the girl. "Come back up, I've got to ask you something."
Abraxas slowly came back up and met her eyes. They were like steel, almost without emotion, except her could see a bit of annoyance and curiosity in them. "Who are you?" he asked.
"Unimportant," she replied coolly. "What is important is that your friend over there could have chosen a better place."
Abraxas turned to look at Sara, who was deep in argument with Ara about how mutton was cooked. "What do you mean?"
"I mean, really? Comes to a place she's never been before and chooses the most expensive restaurant around? The only plausible reason why she'd do that would be that she had enough money to not have to worry about any large prices - which I already know she does not."
Abraxas was stunned. "Wha- how do you kn-"
"Whatever," she said, cutting him off. "It's not important. What is important is that in about a minute, a man will fire a pistol at you and a couple other patrons, and you'll dodge because of what I told you. Then he'll demand payment, but when they do he'll keep shooting people. One of your friends over there - the sandy-haired one who doesn't know what a sirloin is - is gonna get shot, and die before she even hit 18."
"What?! That'ssss horrible! Issss there any way I can sssstop that from happening?!"
"Well, you would have had enough time to catch the guy pulling out his gun and stop him before it all happened, if not for the fact I'd just wasted your time by telling you all that." She flashed him a gruesome smile that sent shivers down his spine. "Also, duck."
At that moment, a shot rang out, and Abraxas immediately ducked. The bullet zipped over his head and into the wall.
A man with an unruly beard stood up and started shooting around chaotically with his pistol. One of the bullets flew straight towards Ara's head.
Without thinking, Abraxas tackled Ara out of her chair and onto the ground. The bullet passed where her head had been. The man cocked his pistol and pointed it to the sky, shouting, "Bring out yer valuables, ur these folks here are gonna-"
He was cut off as Abraxas pulled out his bow lightning fast, notching an arrow, and firing it into the man's throat. He gurgled on his own blood for a few seconds, then fell to the floor, dead, the pistol landing nearby.
Abraxas turned triumphantly back to the other girl, to prove her wrong in what she'd said.
But she was gone.


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Sabnach has arrived, coming from The Commons.
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