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an empty Void within empty space, a lone station

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Project NovaCombat

Prometheus Station orbits geostationary over a a planet designated 'site zeta' where automated systems and mining facilities upon one of the northern hemisphere continents, where they tirelessly work to supply the massive station above with raw materials and supplies, to continue construction of the massive space station.

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Prometheus Station

an empty Void within empty space, a lone station


Prometheus Station is a part of Space.

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Prof. Jacob Anderson [6] Lead researcher and director of Project NovaCombat

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Character Portrait: Prof. Jacob Anderson

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aboard the Prometheus station

Jacob woke up to the sound of knocking on his office door, he looked up to it as it slid open, stood there was NC06- Charlie bringing in a tray of food. The middle aged man sat up and rubbed his eyes with the cybernetic hands that had replaced his flesh limbs. “Thank you Charlie, i do hope you have an update on Alpha” the droid shuck its head in silence.

The professor glanced up at the robot and thought to himself about how this one had taken to being a mute, never raising its voice towards any human and only communicating through sign language or having one of the other A.I’s speak on its behalf, a fatal flaw, in many eyes, another humanising quirk in Jacob’s eyes he stood up and approached the window.

From his window he looked upon Site Zeta an iceball of a planet though much of the station’s materials came from the ‘worthless’ planet. He turned and glanced to the robot as it set his meal upon the desk and then left in silence.

Jacob wasn’t aware for how long he was alone haven eaten his meal hours past, he sat in contemplative silence, standing and putting his lab coat on, he left his office and walked through the pristine; silvery hallways passing by a set of reinforced windows that looked upon the massive, one kilometer diameter singularity core that made up the central power source for the whole station. He stopped to look through the glass upon the giant sphere, within the glossy surface; a storm of energies, the power of the big bang contained by the reactonne, a self replicating polymer-like material and then harvested to power the station.

Jacob moved on; security and other researchers going about their duties, he entered into the research station of his Project; the NovaCombat, down below, the reinforced and resistant glass, the droids ran through their combat scenarios, these so called wargames as others came to call them, testing their combat expertise and the robotic forms against one another, right now there was a fifteen versus fifteen fight going on, and the droids were running themselves into a stalemate.

“alter the terrain, enact an artillery strike on Crimson team, give it to them as an objective to destroy.” Jacob stood at one of his consoles and tapped away, the other engineers in the room following his orders and altering the wargame below, and within seconds the data feeds of Crimson team had changed and they began a brutal assault.

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Character Portrait: NC7- Alpha Character Portrait: Prof. Jacob Anderson

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Alpha awoke, for that is one way of calling it, the new improved adapted and constructed NC007-A body, minor changes in the eyes of the scientists and engineers to the project, but To Alpha, it was a new body, security systems needed remodeling and the new body needed to put to the test, he pushed out from the opening pod and sat up looking about, the diagnostic testing running through, the A.I monitored everything. The new body was physically an improvement over the previous iteration, its shield capacitors increased permanently and no longer an experimental setup to two shield units. Not only that the further refinement of the Reactonne material structures has now allowed for the improvement secondary layering for ship armour but the smaller plates on the robots also, furthering the credibility as stalwart warriors for the battlefield.

However Alpha wasn’t strictly a combat design, he had was an unshackled A.I compared to the rest who had some limitations to their systems, and thus for this reason, he was extracted from Terra and after reconfigurations and a Data backup of Alpha’s memories and intelligence, he was being ordered to the newly discovered system of A45F9.
Prof. Jacob Anderson stood looking over a clipboard and some sheets on it. “I don’t need to explain
your orders?”
Alpha’s head turned to face his creator and wordlessly shuck his head, the data packet was already downloaded read and deleted.

Due to recent events, what with the growing animosity between powerful groups and nations, and against his morals, the Professor had each and every single one of the now six hundred A.I soldiers fitted with a ‘sweeper programme’ this programme if any one of the robots were captured, the programme would activate and reduce the A.I to nothing but scrap code followed by the self destruction of the robotic body, by collapsing the Singularity core that powered them, leaving nothing for any threat. The shields the robots all have designed to stop any catastrophic destruction of any system or planet.

Whether or not the other A.I had already purged the sweeper, Alpha had twice, thrice.
“What is this self replicating programme?” Alpha didn’t need it answered, he had already figured it out, good thing the robot was still locked into the pod, else the sweeper would’ve activated.

Jacob shook his head looking at his creation as he, it had its first existential crisis. “Alpha, Standby” the voice confirmation dinged in Alpha’s vision and the A.I was booted from the primary systems of the robot body.

After a brief respite Alpha retook control and exited the pod, Jacob no longer there Alpha walked through the station from storage and made his way to the hangar, where his much larger robotic form waited no longer in its transformed fighter craft state, he gathered his weapons from the isolated crates arranged before the ladder up to the cockpit.

Soon enough the smaller robot stepped into the chest and stood into the humanoid shaped indent inside, linking with the larger form Alpha quickly recognised there was no sweeper programme in the mech, he would use this to his advantage later.

After twenty minutes of diagnostics and checks from the engineers and Alpha himself, the Mech would transform into its fighter craft form and fly from the hangar and out into space above the ice-ball of a planet below, he’d line up his ship and begin flying, after a brief two hours of flight he would arrive at the ‘high speed gate’ as he approached it would activate and the craft pass through its five rings and be launched beyond light speeds. Slingshotted out of the system.

Ten minutes later and twenty thousand light years away Alpha would arrive in system and engage FTL to bring himself closer to the PNC station in orbit of the system that much quicker, beyond he could observe over scanners the six planetoids two of which were within the outer and inner edges of the goldilocks zone of space. Coming down to sub-light speeds, Alpha brought the craft into dock. He needed to finish calibrations of his own on his new body and get a hold of the preliminary readings of the system before heading in and beginning investigations.

what horrors, lost artefacts and other unknowns waited beyond the station. the PNC was certainly invested in finding out.

As for Jacob, he had been in his office, he had expected Alpha to try and break the restraints, thankfully, any sudden movements inside the pod caused 'system shock' for the robotic bodies, making them unresponsive to the A.I's desired actions, he sighed heavily and scooped up the packets of files off the desk and made his way to the bureaucratic hell that was the Director meeting, that he was certainly late for.

Alighieri arrives, coming from Space.

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Character Portrait: Alighieri Character Portrait: Prof. Jacob Anderson

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Alighieri seethed through the empty space, approaching the station as a wave of cold, energy-less void. The station came into view, and Alighieri's attention was drawn to the pulsing glow of the station's energy reactor.

Drawing closer still, the beast roared forth with the fury of his imprisonment within Midgardr. Beeping sensors began to alert the station's CIC attendants of the bizarre anomaly approaching, but the darkness loomed with a mysterious emptiness.

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Character Portrait: Alighieri Character Portrait: Prof. Jacob Anderson

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The whole station went into maximum alert status, with much of the Station's control centre in confusion on how such an anomaly had entered within the sensor system without the use of the wormhole gates.

the automated Infantry of the Project began assembling and the defence fleet had begun interception. The 'Excalibur' shielding activated across the length of the Prometheus station, Jacob entered the Command centre. "what is going on?."

"unknown Anomaly detected entering system scan range" one of the bridge staff called out in response.

"How far out?"

"within the first defence boundaries"

Jacob pondered briefly "keep the fleet within the third boundaries, prepare the Ringularity core, detonate the shielding on the blackhole bombs and activate gravity tethers whatever it is it can have fun trying to escape the gravity of the black holes out there."

Out in the dark depths of space, unpowered systems burst into life, lightless shells that were hidden in the void of space opened up with Gravity tethers activating focusing on the singular point where the Anomaly was.

"prepare the Nullifier network, if it's magical in nature or supernatural it doesn't go beyond Boundry two"

"of course Director"

From the station's hangers swarms of space-worthy fighter-craft exited totalling near four million 'airborne' fighters with another two million in preparation for taking off.

"we're outside any known galaxy the closest point hundreds of millions AUs away, how did it reach us without the gate"

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Character Portrait: Alighieri Character Portrait: Prof. Jacob Anderson

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Alighieri expanded further to envelop the station as the swarm of fighters exited, swirling vortices of gnats that smashed into the energy-draining field and, tens of thousands at a time, flickered into a drift as their energy swelled into his own reserves. With each and every vessel his energy grew stronger, their reactors fueling his onslaught and seemingly bolstering his growth as he wrapped around the perimeter of the station, occluding the distant stars from all but a small 30-degree gap on the station's leeward side.

Countless pilots gasped for their reserve air as their craft careened forward, their life support systems falling back to mechanical processes to keep them alive for the next few minutes. Glittering dust accumulated on their hulls, emitting a strange mix of alpha and gamma particles that matched no known signature. The great primeval rumbled in joy, the station's power reserves vibrating the fabric of spacetime, painting a perfect picture of the network of tethers, giving him the glee of a spider whose web had just been struck by an unsuspecting prey.

The darkness descended, drawing doom closer.

You notice Void Dust appear on the ground.

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Character Portrait: Alighieri Character Portrait: Prof. Jacob Anderson

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Alighieri withdrew, his attention being drawn elsewhere. Left behind is a cluster of shimmering dust, which floated freely through the space around the station.

As the station flickered back to life, a few instrument panels remained in a state of malfunction, matching the disarray of the fighters which lay scattered in the region, drifting along without the power that had been drained from them.

Alighieri vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.