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The Multiverse


The space between Heaven and Hell. Some claim waiting here is the greatest misery.
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You've not been sorted yet, but soon you'll find yourself before the pearly gates or beneath a pile of steaming stones.


Purgatory is a part of Hel; Realm of the Dead.

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Sashimi [50] "Sentekas pay good, not too good but enough for cheapskate."
Rau Volpe [50] "There is always someone in the background.......but be careful...."
Nagisa Melora Rose Aoi [50] Queen of hell, fox demony thing, and magic/sword user
Matilda Zakon [50] "There's great days where you just arrest a few thieves...."
Agarak Skinn [50] Son of the fallen warrior, Narruk of the Oasis.
Envios Shine [50] Cunning man with great intelligence
Demigrem Demiarch [50] In the darkest of life, there is still light...
Clarissa Silverwood [50] Warrior who is talented with swords and ice magic.

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Bian Linh Vu heard the great horn and became more curious about that than her circumstance. Last, she had been watching a news cast. Now, she supposed she was dead. How did she die? No clue. She faintly remembered a fast smash and a horn blaring. Oh.

She watched as a couple others wandered deeper into wherever they were. She decided to follow.

Bian Linh Vu has left the area, heading down towards Hell.
Samus Macron has arrived, coming from Hell.