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The Multiverse


The Quorum of the United Aschen Empire

Quorum building as viewed from the sky

Seats: 600

Imperialist Party: 301 Seats
Nationalist Reformer Party: 114 Seats
National Socialist Aschen Worker's Party: 67 Seats
National Libertarian Party of the Aschen Confederation: 55 Seats
Nationalist Democratic Party: 48 Seats
Fascist Party of the Aschen State: 5 Seats

Quorum Majority: Imperialist Party

Current Legislation: QR 230.2 Trade Rules Legislative Update

Next Legislation: QR 302.4 National Defense Authorization

Legislation Passed;

Vote of No Confidence for Jarrod Kane
President Jarrod Kane and his Cabinet have been removed from office, Aschen Empire reinstated.

QR 102.3 COG Authorization Act;
The Aschen Government is authorized to establish and back a Terran Council of Governments.

QR 201.4 Defense Budget Review
Military Expenditure is increased to Cb2,343,645,332 For the Fiscal Yahren

QR 21.4 Healthcare Budget
Healthcare is increased 2.6%
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Quorum Building

The Quorum is the heart of the Aschen Government, home to the Quorum, the main legislative body of the Aschen Confederation.


Quorum Building is a part of Victory Square.

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Character Portrait: Sheila Nagala Character Portrait: Gina Inviere Character Portrait: Éclaire Hanley Character Portrait: Helene Chaska
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Characters Present

Character Portrait: Sheila Nagala Character Portrait: Gina Inviere Character Portrait: Éclaire Hanley Character Portrait: Helene Chaska
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Caprica City - Quorum Building
Office of the Minister of Defense

The sun was slowly beginning to set over the skyline of Caprica City. The cogs that were Imperial Aschen Government had been running smoothly, everything with it's purpose in this Empire of laws and order.

Minister Chaska, one of the few remnants of the former government was silently considering a large holographic projection of the Milky Way Galaxy, with several regions highlighted as being under control of the United Aschen Empire. There were several holographic screens surrounding her, a joint teleconference with some of the highest ranking military officials in the United Aschen Empire. All of them coming to discuss the fate of one newly discovered world; long before Parliament would decide the fate that lies ahead.

Prior to her return from Eterna, Admiral Hanley compiled a preliminary report and submitted it through the Datalink to be reviewed by her superiors. The report included the planet's coordinates, geography, topography, and an estimated technological level of the inhabiting civilization.

"Good Afternoon, Minister Chaska, Admiral Nagala, Chairman Inviere." Admiral Hanley reported. "I've come before you to discuss a recent discovery I made following a glitch in my Reverence's FTL Navigation matrix." She added, as Chaska went over the reports.

"This world appears to have no technological capabilities beyond it's own gravity well, and is in Pre-Contact stages of civilization." She said, zooming in on a lonely star system in the Scutum-Centaurus arm. "It would be an ideal candidate for conquest in the name of the Emperor."

"Segmentum Centauri." Chaska said, bringing up a large holographic representation of the Ris Solar system. "I would move to assemble a military force to seize this world for the benefit of the Empire." Chaska asked, as Nagala spoke up.

"I Disagree." Admiral Nagala said, voicing her opposition to invasion. "I'm skeptical that this won't be another Terra; if an invasion is assembled and executed. I think it would be an unwise move, strategically. Our forces are already spread fairly thin." She said. "We cannot risk expending what little resources we have for something that would yield little return" Nagala admitted, with Chairman Inviere nodding.

"With alien incursions in the Isirian Sector becoming a regular occurance." Inviere explained. "And reports from the Cosmora Archipelago that there's an Iramorbus outbreak. The Planetary Governor is concerned it will turn into a pandemic." She said, transmitting several reports across the datalink.

"We can't authorize an Invasion without the Emperor's Approval, either."

Chaska offered a nod. "I'll forward invasion plans to the Quorum." She said before she turned to Hanley. "Chairman Inviere, I want further investigation carried out before I bring up the discussion of an Invasion of this world to the Quorum. If you could, I'd like you to dispatch a stealth ship to investigate this new planet. Learn as much as we can about it." Chaska ordered, and Inviere offered a nod.

"I'll send Commander Torres on it, she's fairly diplomatic in the event contact is made. I don't want to alienate them if we decide to proceed with peaceful first contact. The Emperor will no doubt want to uplift them as a society." Inviere added.

"Conquest might not be a viable solution."


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Character Portrait: Yoko Kayabuki Character Portrait: Shimizu Takayama Character Portrait: Isambard Prince Character Portrait: Sire Thomas Zarek
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It was a relatively private meeting within the Imperial Throne room of the United Aschen Empire; a closed meeting between the representatives of two powerful military states.

The sun was dark, rain clouds rolling over the sea and the city, dropping heavy rain that battered on the windows of the Imperial Palace.

Isambard Prince stood there in silence, considering the treaty that sit before him. This was the first time in Aschen history that they were going to recognize the legitimacy of a foreign power willingly, though the circumstances offered them little choice.

It was a treaty that in reality was going to be mutually beneficial to both parties, the Aschen would share their technology with the Taiyou Empire, as well as provide them access to their research. They would construct an astral gate in an easily defensible position, to facilitate Taiyou travel between the galaxies. Additionally the Aschen would join the AXIS, and be the first Milky Way nation to do so.

In exchange the Taiyou would grant the Aschen military protection, in the form of ships, troops, and Materiel, though the Aschen commanders would not command their Taiyou counterparts.

All in all it was a large step towards unification of the Galaxy.

And perhaps the first steps towards the undoing of the Aschen Empire.

Isambard Prince took his pen, with Sire Zarek, and Prime Minister Kayabuki as witnesses, signed the document, with Shimizu following suit.

A news crew filled the room, and over the clack of camera shutters, the two Emperors shook hands.

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