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The Multiverse


Ruula is a terrestrial planet that can support any race that depends on oxygen or water to survive. It's capital is Castelia City. It's federal government is The UPL

It is home to a race of pseudo-humans that form powerful bonds with the local wildlife, creatures referred to as "Pokemon". These creatures possess an exceedingly wide array of powers, and no other species seems to be able to bond with them. It's worth noting that wild pokemon are often pretty hostile towards anything that doesn't somehow emulate the soul bound they share with the native pseudo-humans.

Despite the incredibly powerful, emotional bond these natives form with pokemon they seem to frequently engage in combat for sport, both against other people's pokemon and against wild pokemon. The locals are united either under the banner of the Pokemon Nation or the Ranger Nation, the latter of which being a great deal smaller and weaker. The Ranger Nation was also defeated by the Pokemon Nation in a war a long time ago. The Pokemon Nation is currently divided into six regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos. Each region has it's own sub-government referred to as the Pokemon League and each league is overseen by it's champion. The champion is typically the strongest trainer in a region willing to take on the role and it is custom for the champion to offer their position to any who defeat them in honorable, league endorsed combat, even if the challenger in question is a child. This custom evolved from the belief that strength in battle is directly tied to a trainer's strength of mind and character; ergo, the greatest battler is believed to be the greatest leader.

The inhabitants of this world sometimes worship a pokemon of legend referred to as Arceus as their god.

Pokemon Nation Factions

  • The Hand of Arceus, operating almost entirely from the shadows, has a knack for kidnapping young pokemon trainers out of the blue. Their motives are a mystery, but reports from past incidents reveal that they have tried to break and turn these young trainers into soldiers, perhaps intending to take over Ruula. Children that are kidnapped are almost never recovered.
  • Team Rocket controls the black market and holds a stranglehold on Ruula's economy. They sell, steal, and exchange everything from information to Pokemon themselves. This includes illegal business, such as the trade of bootleg technology and even slaves. Every couple of weeks a bust is made and a bunch of rockets are arrested, but it never seems to stop them. The rockets also have a rather strong grip on politics.
  • Neo Team Plasma Neo Team Plasma is a notable pokemon rights movement founded by Ex-Team Plasma members that publicly advocates for the fair treatment of pokemon. Right now they advocate 'pokeball'less trainers', a style of pokemon training that does not use pokeballs. Team Rocket, which often treats pokemon as tools or commodities, has made sure they do not become too powerful.
  • The United Pokemon League is the sum of all 4 Pokemon Leagues (Kanto and Johto sharing the same league) and is the legit government of the Pokemon Nation. It controls the military and the federal laws, courts, and jobs. Each region's individual league controls the police force and other such more regional affairs. They stand, or at least try to, for all that is lawful and good.
  • The Ethereal Scholars are yet another group operating from the shadows. They are a secretive group holding exceedingly traditional values that take the pursuit of knowledge very seriously. They tend to look down on outsiders, but are otherwise mostly docile. Rumors of strange rituals however cause worried mothers to sometimes advise their children to avoid them. Scholars tend to congregate in libraries and at places of historical and mystical significance. There, they discuss ideas, theories, and knowledge gathered to share with the group. They will cease discussion if approached by outsiders, and refuse to share any further information.
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Ruula is a terrestrial planet. It is home to a race of pseudo-humans that form powerful bonds with the local wildlife, creatures referred to as Pokemon.


Ruula is a part of The Andromeda Galaxy.

11 Places in Ruula:

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General Williams [61] "Victory always comes at a cost."
SEC 3rd Taskforce [61] Naval and Marine Taskforce
Sullen Marines [61] A detachment of the Sullen Marines, All Veterans with powered Armor.
Kilum Vontaru [52] Zar Representative in the SEC
Huck Waldo [51] "Sinners, the lot of you."
~Eevee~ [51] I ran away from my old trainers
AISaNMA [51] Artificially Intelligent Security and Network Maintenance Apparatus
sakura [51] off naruto shippuden
Pebble [51] A very small Dwebble
Artemisia [51] The woman who preaches of the light, where the world perfection.

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You notice Myrkul's Vein Concretion appear on the ground.
Myrkul's Vein boards "Warp Concretion".


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Character Portrait: Myrkul's Vein
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Myrkul's Vein had already considered this place as it existed within the archives of the Imperium. That was not what drew it here but the sense of something that shared much with the warp. Genesis among many things muddied its senses and now outside of it had a greater sense of potentialities in its range. As the planetoid-sized obelisk emerges from Immaterium surfaces in a great wave of distorted space far above high orbit. No lights on the black angular obelisk but for the glint of the ship-sized gold Imperial Aquila on the cyst's leading edge. The circular patterns of psionic locomotors quiet as Myrkul stitches the planes back together to quiet the roil of stretched space. Soon another concretion emerges as it pulls the stitches taut. Though this time the draining star shoots off as some tailless metal comet this particular dark satellite too hungry for the sun's light to burn. It would stabilize on its own and Myrkul did not think it would impact the planet this time.

What seemed humankind on the planet were not so, so far as it had seen, their souls oddly incomplete. While it did not care overmuch for the things not true humankind, doing its best to ensure not overtly striking the planet with a concretion was within its purview. Clairvoyant fireflies emerged seeking the tainted space that had drawn its notice. Strange purple isles below with some corruptible influence. Though it did not think this corruption the work of daemonkind to its reckoning. Its wariness turned to curiosity instead. The Imperials within the inner walls of the windowless shell about its body ignorant of both the creatures movements and its interest. The creatures were too hostile for any sort of servitors to bother with the non-humankind on this world. Still. Fireflies of sensory pinpoints dodge angry mouths along the water as more clairvoyant sensors dart toward the Darknight Isles.

Other than its emergence the huge obelisk of a creature did nothing. A long angular obelisk hovering in the distant black of space. Neither did it take any steps to hide itself other than the inherent lack of detail and light in its nature.

Myrkul's Vein exits "Warp Concretion".
You notice Myrkul's Vein Concretion appear on the ground.


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Character Portrait: Myrkul's Vein Character Portrait: Kilum Vontaru Character Portrait: General Williams Character Portrait: Huck Waldo Character Portrait: Sullen Marines Character Portrait: AISaNMA Character Portrait: SEC 3rd Taskforce Character Portrait: Artemisia Character Portrait: Pebble Character Portrait: Glaceon Character Portrait: ♡Eevee♡ Character Portrait: ~Eevee~

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Satisfied that the curious purple area was not part of the warp the great ship removed its small fireflies of clairvoyant awareness from the surface of Ruula. It had no ill will to the not-humans there but neither did it feel an obligation. They did not satisfy the Dicta with such incomplete souls.

Myrkul's Vein boards "Warp Concretion".
"Warp Concretion" engages its warp drive, vanishing before your eyes.


12 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kilum Vontaru Character Portrait: General Williams Character Portrait: Huck Waldo Character Portrait: Sullen Marines Character Portrait: AISaNMA Character Portrait: SEC 3rd Taskforce Character Portrait: Artemisia Character Portrait: Pebble Character Portrait: Glaceon Character Portrait: ♡Eevee♡ Character Portrait: ~Eevee~ Character Portrait: sakura
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Glaceon glaceon

Shinya descends into Wing City Spaceport.
Shinya arrives, coming from Wing City Spaceport.
Shinya descends into Unova.