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The Multiverse


The Scarlet Devil Mansion's garden is situated at the front gate and encircles the mansion grounds. Its most luxurious parts are the backyard of the Mansion where most of the rare and exotic plants are located. Hong Meiling guards the gates of the mansion from intruders, though she often fails against the likes of Marisa Kirisame.

The garden contains the Pool of Nyx, where a strange a strange inconsistency in space time can take you somewhere else. More spefically, another Pool of Nyx on the planet of Terra. This is the only way to arrive there in Gensokyo.

Pool of Nyx
The pool of Nyx, the strange,
cold area which borders the
line of the Cursed Wood's south.
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Scarlet Devil Mansion Gardens

The Scarlet Devil Mansion's luxurious garden.


Scarlet Devil Mansion Gardens is a part of Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Arwen Montague has arrived, coming from Scarlet Devil Mansion.

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#, as written by Remæus
Arwen Montague inhaled the cool night air, taking in the smell of the notorious gardens. She wondered what foul creature had emitted the howl in the forest beyond, and her mind flitted to the stories her father had told her of the lands outside of the village.

Alas, father... I wish you could see me now.
she opined, thinking of the strange adventurer who'd given her a new lease on life. She wandered further into the garden, admiring the exquisite, mystical flora all around her.

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Character Portrait: Arwen Montague
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#, as written by Remæus
Arwen Montague felt the last of the sky be overcast by a dark shadow, so she looked upward to see what the weather had in store.

But, to her surprise, this was no cloud — instead, looming over the mansion was a massive ship of some sort. Was it a ship? She wasn't sure, but it loomed ominously overhead and she wasn't prepared to find out. She turned from the gardens and sprinted back into the mansion to warn the others.

Arwen Montague has left the area, heading north into Scarlet Devil Mansion.
K'gara has arrived, coming from Scarlet Devil Mansion.
K'gara has left the area, heading out into Pool of Nyx.