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The Shintenchi Shogunate

Capital: Narita

Current Head of State: Her Honorable Shogun Takara Sato

Predominant Ethnicity: Taiyou

Major Cities: Tanabe, Yoshiro, Narita
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Shintenchi Shogunate

The Sato Shogunate is the name for the sovereign nation based out of Shintenchi, comprised of predominately ethnic Taiyou.


Shintenchi Shogunate is a part of Shintenchi.

5 Places in Shintenchi Shogunate:

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Carina Heskin [0] Daughter of Kare Niklaas Heskin. She is a A healer. Her family has roamed mountain regions of Terra for generations.
Azreal Aramazd [0] A perpetual being of celestial lineage, Azreal is the bringer of truth. Creator, Destoryer, the giver of life, the scion of death. Azreal is the shadow that lurks at your heels, the cold steel embeded in your heart, and your courier to the gate.

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Meteor materializes from the void.
Meteor has left the area, heading down into Port Narita.