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The Multiverse



Created in 19β–ˆβ–ˆ under orders of the O5 Council, Site-19 is used by The SCP Foundation to secure Safe- and Euclid-class anomalies.

During an attack by the GoI known as "Serpent's Hand" in 2013, the SD in charge of Site-19 was KIA. Eventually, after much debate, Dr. Alex Cypher was given the role of Site-19.

Site-19 was mostly destroyed during Terra's invasion from the Cybermen in 2015. However, with the help of Gadget (A Rogue Cyberman with Emotions) & The Doctor (A Time Lord), the Foundation eventually destroyed the Cyber-Fleet. During a final assault on the Command ship of the Fleet, The Doctor sacrficed himself to stop the Cybermen. Following the cleanup & memory wipes of 3/4's of Terra, the Foundation closed Site-19 and had all SCP's on-site moved to other locations.

MEMO TO ALL FOUNDATION PERSONNEL (Dated β–ˆβ–ˆ/β–ˆβ–ˆ/2023): Site-19 is to reopen. Anomaly's are appearing at a faster rate in the Multiverse than those on Terra. All other Site's on Terra are to be decommissioned & their SCP's to be moved to Site-19. SD Alex Cypher has returned to his role & will be greeting all Foundation personnel on arrival. Thank you. ~ The Administrator.

Site Personnel:

Site Director:

Site Security

Anomalous objects/creatures/humans contained at the facility:

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Site-19 is a location hidden deep underground and is used by the SCP Foundation to keep various SCP's there.


Site-19 is a part of Arteghia.

2 Places in Site-19:


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Character Portrait: Dr. Alex Cypher
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  1. My longest post ever. I've made a few references. The man who was talikng about Radio's was Albert C. Breach (My 1st Multiverse character) & Emily is SCP-040. I'm currently looking for someone to play as her.

    by Cypher7850

0.00 INK

The footsteps of a lone person echoed down the hallways of Site-19. It had been abandoned since 2015, when the Cybermen invaded Terra. But now it was to reopen. The Site Director in charge of Site-19 had been KIA in an attack by the "Serpent's Hand" in 2013. Eventually, Dr. Alex Cypher was picked for Site Director. But when the Cybermen invaded in 2015, part of Site-19 was destroyed and the Foundation closed off Site-19 for good. All SCP's on-site were moved to different locations and then, there was silence.

Site-19 had remained abandoned for 8 years. It was now 2023 & now it was reopening for operations. As the main facility for operations of the Foundation they needed to reopen. Anomaly's were popping up all across the Multiverse. And without Site-19, they would be screwed. Or worst. Almost all the remaining Sites left in Terra were shutdown and their SCP's were moved to Site-19. Some were Decommissioned (Meaning they were terminated), whilst others were frozen in stasis for when Site-19 would reopen.

3 Months ago:

Dr. Cypher was in self-exile in Wing City, drinking away his problems at Gambit's Bar. He'd seen people ramble nonsense, such as a man who talked about killing Radio's & "Business Roaches" to a camera. He then heard a voice from outside, calling him. He made his way outside, where he found two men waiting for him. The first was smoking a cigarette (The Administrator or "The Smoking Man" as Cypher called him) & the other was a member of Sierra One (The MTF that helped destroy the Cyber-Fleet).

Dr. Cypher. It's time. We need you back.
The Administrator said as Cypher scratched his head in confusion, wondering why the Foundation wanted him back.

You want me back? Why? I thought you didn't need me after Site-19 closed.
Cypher replied.

The Administrator sighed. He threw the cigarette to the ground and approached Cypher.
We've had to close almost all of the Sites on Terra. And since I've been declared MIA, I need you to help us. Anomaly's have cropped up everywhere in the Multiverse and only you can help us.
The Administrator replied.

The S-1 soldier got a bit impatience.
Sir, can't we just knock him out and take him with us? If this goes on, we'll be discovered.
The soldier asked.

Negative soldier. We need him awake for the journey to Site-19. Anyway, long story short, we need you to come back to Site-19. You with us?
The Administrator replied. He held his hand out for Cypher to shake.

Cypher reached out & shaked The Administrator's hand.
If you need me more then ever, I'm in. On one condition.
Cypher said.

Which is?
The Administrator asked.

I get to bring my daughter. I mean, when you spend 8 Years in Self-Exile & adopt a child, then you must be an idiot.
Cypher replied.

Sir, that's a big security risk. I mean, what if she told people about us?
The S-1 soldier replied.

We can work something like that out. But we should depart for now. Have you got your Portal Gun?
The Administrator asked.

Cypher replied, pulling his homemade Portal Gun out of his Jacket. Watching back-to-back episodes of Rick & Morty came in handy. He fired at a wall and the trio entered the Portal. They found themselves at Site-19. The darkness of the corridor's brought back good & bad memories for Cypher. Now it was good to be back.
Now what?
Cypher asked.

We've plans to renovate and expand the facility to accommodate a majority of the Subject's we've captured over the years. Don't disappoint us Cypher
The Administrator replied as he & the S-1 soldier glitched out. It was then that Cypher knew that they were lifelike Holograms.


Dr. Cypher looked up as the lights started to turn on. His daughter, Emily, was brought to Site-19, where she started to exhibit anomalous powers herself.
I just hope that Emily can control her powers. Other they might lock her away from me.
He thought as he approached elevator to Gate-A, the main entrance to Site-19. He knew that the world was strange, but nothing was more strange then working for The SCP Foundation.


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Photu Character Portrait: Dr. Alex Cypher
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  1. Forgot to say that this isn't where you enter. You enter via Gate-A.

    by Cypher7850
  2. possible wrong location

    by Cypher7850

0.00 INK

Departments came up in tandem with site-19 as operations started up there. Something needed to procure the various niggling details of operating such a location in secrecy. A short missive came from the recruitment arm earlier that week. As is the vague nature of passing information in the SCP foundation it danced tersely around specifics without naming them.


From: Foundation Recruitment
To: Dr Cypher

To further the new site an operative is provided from a former contractor. They will require quarters and are willing to take at least a small secure area with a comfy adult chair, wardrobe, and reading materials. The operative has technical and small-arms weapons training suitable for SCP field work. The quartermaster has been informed of appropriate munitions.


A woman with a heavy brown leather jacket and hat approaches the facility metal clinks proceeding her of throwing daggers and twin holsters for obvious hand-cannons sporting sandalwood handles in blue steel ready on at her waist. Mirror sequins on her hat flash at gate cameras as Photu fishes her badge from a coat pocket. She is paid fair for this duty which suited her interests quite well.

Sabnach has arrived, coming from Gate A.
In a cacophony of obliteration, everything to the up vanishes.
Sabnach vanishes into nothingness, but you get the feeling they are heading somewhere else.